Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition


Finally the Deluxe Editon of Voulez-Vous has Out !

The package is identical as the previous Arrival and The Albums Deluxe Edition.

Only few contents is new but the quality of the DVD is great except for the Chiquitita at the UNICEF where the image is not as DVD quality.
In the CD the version of Dream World is the unedited version. Is 4 seconds more length and not begin with a fade in.
In the DVD the ABBA in Switzerland is 34 minutes length. The DVD contains rare footage from Swap Shop with Björn & Benny and two comercial for the Greatest Hits II Albums.
But nothing comercial for the Voulezs-Vous album !



01. As Good As New (3.24)
02. Voulez-Vous (5.09)
03. I Have A Dream (4.45)
04. Angeleyes (4.23)
05. The King Has Lost His Crown (3.35)
06. Does Your Mother Know (3.15)
07. If It Wasn’t For The Nights (5.11)
08. Chiquitita (5.27)
09. Lovers (
Live A Little Longer) (3.31)
10. Kisses Of Fire (3.23)

Bonus Tracks
11. Summer Night City (Full Length Version) (4.21)
12. Lovelight (3.48)
13. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (4.50)
14. Dream World (Full Length Version) (3.39)
15. Voulez-Vous (Extended Remix, 1979 US promo) (6.11)



DVD    (YouTube link are not from the DVD)
ABBA In Switzerland (Television Special, BBC) (34.19)

Songs Performed: 

02. Chiquitita (Music for UNICEF) (5.38)
03. I Have A Dream (extended promo live in Wembley) (6.48)
04. If It Wasn’t For The Nights (Mike Yarwood Christmas Show, BBC) (3.11)
05. Chiquitita (ABBA Snowtime, BBC) (5.17)
06. Björn & Benny Interview (Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, BBC) Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 (10.43)
07. Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Television Commercial I (0.15)
08. Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Television Commercial II (0.30)
09. International Sleeve Gallery (8.55)



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Comments from Carl Magnus Palm

Review from BBC

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Download the CD and the audio from alternates mix from the DVD Bonus


(My International Sleeve Gallery from my DVD ThorSven Deluxe Edition)

Missing Voulez-Vous Television Comerciales (not included in the DVD)

Deluxe Box Trailer