Mis ABBA Favotritos - Mes ABBA Favoris - My ABBA Favourites

ABBAGDL News ABBA news in spanish
ABBAgdl News


IceTheSite Ice, UK. News, information and much more.


Rafaels and Stefans pictures raffem.com. News, history, picture galleries, ABBA-related sites in Stockholm.


International ABBA Magazine - Intermezzo Regina, Germany. Magazine information, ABBA news, picture gallery, ABBA history, Stockholm guide. In English and German versions.


ABBA Mikory Blog



ABBA on TV A chronology of ABBA's television appearances and performances.


ABBA Annual Day by day history of ABBA events from 1970 to 1982.
ABBA Annual


ABBA for the record Collection of ABBA albums, singles and CDs from around the world.
ABBA for the record


ABBA Omnibus - Complete song titles list, comprehensive links, calendar of upcoming fan events, the who's who of ABBA.
ABBA Omnibus - Everything ABBA

The Official International ABBA Fan Club Fan club and magazine information.


Carl Magnus Palm.com Author of several acclaimed books on ABBA, CD and DVD liners notes. Includes background information on his many ABBA projects.



le blog abba.discographie.france Blog with French discography. In French.


ABBAsite - The Official Site