My name is Thor Sven Erik Liebstaedter. My family of German Jewish origin emigrated in The Netherlands before the second world war and this is where I was born on  August 19, 1963. When I was three, I moved to Belgium with my mother who went there for professional purposes.

In 2004, I followed my wife in Valencia, Spain, where she was born and I still live there. I discovered ABBA, on television, in 1976 with the song "Fernando". Because of their image and their music, I immediately found a connection between ABBA and me and this was what I missed in my family at that moment. But at school, kids were making fun of them and I remained isolated, still faithful to ABBA.

I'm still angry against my mother for not letting me go to their concert in Anvers in 1977 but fortunately, I could see them in 1979, in my hometown. This day became the most beautiful in my life until my daughter was born in 1990. Apart from discovering Agnetha, I realised that I was not the only ABBA fan in Belgium !



 My Concert

In 1981, I went to Stockholm for the first time, looking out for Agnetha's and Frida's pre-ABBA records. I was surprised to find out that even there, ABBA was not so well considered !

When I became 20, I made a tour of Europe by train, including a second stop to Sweden. That's how I went to see all the important places connected to ABBA and how I met Björn and Benny at the Polar studios.
The same year, I also met Frida, by chance, in Switzerland.

After the ABBA years, I followed without much interest the careers of Agnetha and Frida while "Chess" and "Kristina" went out without any notice from me. It is only in 1992, with the ABBA revival that I learned about the fan-club and then Internet. The same year, I built my first database on ABBA.

While studying Spanish and browsing on the Internet in 2004, I discovered the "Super Troupers" chat room and I learned that it was difficult to find the album of Agnetha in South America. From it, came the idea to create my first site, including a first album.

Today, I am married with two children and for a job, I am a consultant in Data processing. When I am not busy with any of these three things, I develop my hobby around my love for ABBA and thanks to my Internet site, I still get to know people and music connected to ABBA. My database is now in its fourth version, celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.



My Colection of Albums from ABBA Familly and The Albums Wanteds