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ABBAcadabra Musical - ABBAcadabra -The Musical Recording

Release Date: 2002
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Catalogue Number: [b4303d]
Language: English
Version: Live


ABBAcadabra MusicalSinger


1Play Something Better  {Live}    ad 0.55
2In The Classroom ... Once Upon A Time  {Live}    ad 2.06
3The Magic Word  {Live}    ad 2.02
4It'S Another World  {Live}    ad 3.55
5Battle Of The Brooms  {Instrumental Live}    ad 4.52
6I Am The Seeker  (ABBAcadabra Musical+B. A. ROBERTSON)  {Live}    ad 5.19
7I Can Pull Some Strings  {Live}    ad 5.07
8Going Going Gone  (ABBAcadabra Musical+Finola HUGHES+Sylvester MCCOY)  {Live}    ad 6.03
9The Escapade  {Instrumental Live}    ad 4.39
10Making Magic  {Live}    ad 3.05
11When Dreamers Close Their Eyes  (ABBAcadabra Musical+Finola HUGHES)  {Live}    ad 4.46
12Carabosse And The Beast  {Live}    ad 3.36
13Belonging  (ABBAcadabra Musical+B. A. ROBERTSON)  {Live}    ad 5.19
1Entracte  {Live}    ad 1.55
2Back Home Now  (ABBAcadabra Musical+Finola HUGHES+Sylvester MCCOY)  {Live}    ad 4.04
3Carabosse Super Show  (ABBAcadabra Musical+Michael PRAED+Finola HUGHES+Sylvester MCCOY)  {Live}    ad 8.38
4The Escapade  {Instrumental Live Reprise}    ad 5.28
5Think Of Something Fast  {Live}    ad 5.32
6Time  (ABBAcadabra Musical+B. A. ROBERTSON+Frida)  {Live}    ad 6.07
7Like An Image Passing By  (ABBAcadabra Musical+Elaine PAIGE)  {Live}    ad 8.09
8Thank You For The Magic  (ABBAcadabra Musical+Finola HUGHES+Sylvester MCCOY+Phil DANIELS)  {Live}    ad 3.49
9Finale  {Live}    ad 5.20

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