datABBAse - CD

Bootleg - Dreamworld (Bootleg)

Release Date: 1995
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Catalogue Number: A-2
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1Dream World  (ABBA)    ab 3.26
2On Top Of Old Smokey  (ABBA)  {Live Full Version}    ab 2.31
3Slipping Through My Fingers  (ABBA)  {Live Dick Cavett}    ab 4.08
4Me And I  (ABBA)  {Live Dick Cavett}    ab 4.03
5Fernando  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab 3.27
6Rock Me  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab 1.35
7Why Did It Have To Be Me?  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab 1.14
8Money, Money, Money  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab 1.12
9Waterloo  (ABBA)  {Live Flexi-Disc}    ab 1.40
10Just Like That  (ABBA)  {Edit Slow Version}    ab 4.34
11I Am The City  (ABBA)  {Live ?}    ab 3.39
12Hovas Vittne  (ABBA)  {Swedish}    ab 2.47
13Hole In Your Soul  (ABBA)  {Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5)}    ab 4.00
14Medley Prologue & Voulez-Vous  (ABBA)  {Live}    ab
    Gammal Fäbodpsalm  (ABBA)  {Instrumental Medley Live ABBA In Concert}    ab
    Voulez-Vous  (ABBA)  {Medley Live London (Tour 79-80)(November 5)}    ab
15Me And I  (ABBA)  {Live Dick Cavett}    ab 3.58
16Hole In Your Soul  (ABBA)  {Live ABBA In Concert}    ab 4.10
17Knowing Me, Knowing You  (ABBA)  {Live ABBA In Concert}    ab 4.24
18Summer Night City  (ABBA)  {Live ABBA In Concert}    ab 5.25
19Sång Till Görel  (ABBA+STIG)  {Swedish}    ab 3.41
20Just Like That  (ABBA)  {Remix Saxophone Court}    ab 4.26
21Two For The Price Of One  (ABBA)  {Edit Original Lyrics}    ab 3.25

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