datABBAse - CD

Bootleg - Scatola A Sorpresa N║11

Release Date: 2002
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1I Know Him So Well  (Cheryl BAKER)    ch 3.22
2Waterloo  (BANANARAMA)    ab 3.03
3I Won'T Let You Go  (FRIENDS)    ag 3.26
4Someone Else'S Story  (Maria MERCEDES)  {Demo}    ch 3.33
5Dancing Queen  (Brian MAY)  {Live}    ab 4.11
6I Know Him So Well  (STEPS)  {Live}    ch 4.38
7Heaven Help My Heart  (Maria MERCEDES)  {Demo}    ch 4.35
8La Barcarolle  (Filippa GIORDANO+FRIDA)  {French}    fr 2.55
9Fernando  (WIND)  {German Und Der Himmel War Zum Greifen Nah (Radio Edit)}    ab 3.43
10Someone Else'S Story  (Lea SALONGA)  {Live}    ch 5.07
11Another You, Another Me  (H & CLAIRE)    bb 4.16
12Raring  (BJÍRN)  {Swedish}    bj 4.34
13Thank ABBA For The Music  (STUDIO 99)    ab
    Take A Chance On Me  (STUDIO 99)  {Medley}    ab
    Dancing Queen  (STUDIO 99)  {Medley}    ab
    Mamma Mia  (STUDIO 99)  {Medley}    ab
    Thank You For The Music  (STUDIO 99)  {Medley}    ab
14I Know Him So Well  (STEPS)  {Wip Mix}    ch 7.01
15Ljuva Sextital  (Brita BORG)  {Swedish}    bs 3.27
16California Here I Come  (ABBA)  {Live Five Minute Saloon}    ab 0.59
17Dancing Queen  (Virginia WOLF)    ab 3.02
18Mamma Mia  (SHANIA & VALENTINA)    ab 3.18
19Una Bambola Inutile  (Orietta BERTI)  {Italians}    he 1.58
20The Winner Takes It All  (Martine MC CUTCHEON+Simon LEE)  {From 'Mamma Mia}    ab 4.49

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