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Pan Pipes - Panpipes For Lovers

Release Date: 2003
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official
Catalogue Number: [2a3f8f8][2895c93]
Language: Instrumental


Pan PipesSinger


1No Matter Who  {Panpipes For Lovers} 4.09
2My Heart Will Go On  {Panpipes For Lovers} 4.35
3Angels  {Panpipes For Lovers} 4.04
4Candle In The Wind  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.44
5How Do I Live  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.45
6Right Here Waiting  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.55
7I Believe I Can Fly  {Panpipes For Lovers} 4.47
8Against All Odds  {Panpipes For Lovers}    ba 2.56
9Love Is All Around  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.36
10Tears In Heaven  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.22
11How Deep Is Your Love  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.11
12Unchained Melody  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.25
13Can You Feel The Love Tonight  {Panpipes For Lovers}    rm 4.05
14Careless Whisper  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.57
15Always On My Mind  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.50
16Woman  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.06
17I'M Not In Love  {Panpipes For Lovers}    ab 2.59
18The Wind Beneath My Wings  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.18
19Hello  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.59
20Can'T Help Falling In Love  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.07
1I Don'T Want To Miss A Thing  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.32
2She'S The One  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.31
3If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.34
4How Do I Live  {Panpipes For Lovers Version 2} 3.34
5Two In A Million  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.17
6End Of The Line  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.21
7Parisienne Walkways  {Panpipes For Lovers} 5.15
8Perfect Moment  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.28
9Words  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.22
10Picture Of You  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.22
11Flying Without Wings  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.32
12Fool Again  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.28
13When You Say Nothing At All  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.31
14When A Man Loves A Woman  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.20
15I Want It That Way  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.26
16High  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.20
17Life Me Up  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.29
18When The Heartache Is Over  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.32
19Just Like Jesse James  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.32
20Still Got The Blues  {Panpipes For Lovers} 6.17
1Hey Jude  {Panpipes For Lovers} 4.17
2Don'T Let The Sun Go Down On Me  {Panpipes For Lovers} 2.44
3Close To You  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.51
4Dancing Queen  {Panpipes For Lovers}    ab 4.01
5The Way You Look Tonight  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.42
6Yesterday  {Panpipes For Lovers} 2.10
7Yesterday Once More  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.51
8Take A Chance On Me  {Panpipes For Lovers}    ab 3.22
9Let It Be  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.52
10I Guess That'S Why They Call It The Blues  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.00
11We'Ve Only Just Begin  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.10
12Lay All Your Love On Me  {Panpipes For Lovers}    ab 2.57
13The Long And Winding Road  {Panpipes For Lovers}    fr 3.43
14Goodbye Yellow Brick Road  {Panpipes For Lovers} 2.57
15Hurting Each Other  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.01
16S.O.S.  {Panpipes For Lovers}    ab 3.32
17Something  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.06
18Circle Of Life  {Panpipes For Lovers} 3.44
19Goodbye To Love  {Panpipes For Lovers} 4.05
20One Of Us  {Panpipes For Lovers}    ab 3.54

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