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A&F - After ABBA -Agnetha & Frida Videos

Release Date: 2004
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


Agnetha & FridaSinger


1Let It Shine  (AGNETHA)  {Videoclip}    ag 4.13
2The Last Time  (AGNETHA)  {Videoclip}    ag 4.07
3The Heat Is On  (AGNETHA)  {Videoclip}    ag 3.46
4Can'T Shake Loose  (AGNETHA)  {Videoclip}    ag 4.21
5The Way You Are  (AGNETHA+Ola HAKANSSON)  {Videoclips}    ag 4.07
6I Wasn'T The One (Who Said Goodbye)  (AGNETHA+Peter CETERA)  {Videoclip}    ag 3.08
7I Won'T Let You Go  (AGNETHA)  {Video A For Agnetha}    ag  
8One Way Love  (AGNETHA)  {Videoclips}    ag  
9Never Again  (Tomas LEDIN+AGNETHA)  {Videoclip}    tl 3.54
10Click Track  (AGNETHA)  {Video A For Agnetha}    ag  
11Även En Blomma  (FRIDA)  {Swedish Videoclip}    fr 3.34
12To Turn The Stone  (FRIDA)  {Videoclip}    fr 3.08
13As Long As I Have You  (FRIDA+RA TA TA)  {Videoclip}    fr 4.38
14Twist In The Dark  (FRIDA)  {Video Razzel}    fr 3.48
15Here We'Ll Stay  (FRIDA)  {Videoclip}    fr 4.03
16I See Red  (FRIDA)  {Videoclip}    fr 3.56
17Belle  (Daniel BALAVOINE+FRIDA)  {French Videoclip}    ab 2.54
18Shine  (FRIDA)  {Videoclip}    fr 3.39
19Ögonen  (FRIDA)  {Swedish Videoclip}    fr 2.42
20Sista Valsen Med Dig  (FRIDA)  {Swedish Videoclips}    fr 5.27
21I Know There'S Something Going On  (FRIDA)  {Videoclip}    fr 4.04
22Time  (ABBACADABRA MUSICAL+B. A. ROBERTSON+FRIDA)  {Videoclips}    ad 3.42

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