datABBAse - CD

Chess - Chess Moves Plus

Release Date: 2002
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Catalogue Number: [1637a5b] DJDC-801
Language: English




1I Know Him So Well  (Elaine PAIGE+Barbara DICKSON)  {Remix}    ch 5.54
2Heaven Help My Heart  (Judy KUHN)    ch 3.30
3The Arbiter  (Björn SKIFS)  {Edit Remixée}    ch 6.07
4One Night In Bangkok  (Robey POWDERWORKS)  {Ramshorn Mix}    ch 5.56
5I Know Him So Well  (NRG FAZE)  {Orchestral Dance Mix}    ch 4.48
6Anthem  (David CARROLL)    ch 3.18
7One Night In Bangkok  (CHESS+Murray HEAD)  {Extended 12" Remix}    ch 5.37
8Nobody'S Side  (Elaine PAIGE)  {Extended Mix}    ch 4.45
9I Know Him So Well  (NRG FAZE)  {Grandmaster Mix}    ch 5.45
10Pity The Child    ch 4.53
11One Night In Bangkok  (Robey POWDERWORKS)  {Extended}    ch 4.59
12Heaven Help My Heart  (Elaine PAIGE)  {Fairy Dust Mix}    ch 3.52
13Anthem  (CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Live Stockholm 84}    ch 3.15
1I Know Him So Well  (NRG FAZE)  {T Master Mix}    ch 6.27
2One Night In Bangkok  (Phillip CASANOFF)    ch 3.52
3I Know Him So Well  (Cissy HOUSTON+Whitney HOUSTON)    ch 4.31
4Nobody'S Side  (CHESS+Judy KUHN)  {Broadway Version}    ch 3.55
5The Arbiter  (CHESS+Björn SKIFS)  {Original Version}    ch 4.09
6Pity The Child  (CHESS+Murray HEAD)  {Original Version}    ch 5.30
7I Know Him So Well  (CHESS+Judy KUHN+Marcia MITZMAN)  {Broadway Version}    ch 4.17
8One Night In Bangkok  (Murray HEAD)  {Gratitude Mix}    ch 7.05
9I Know Him So Well  (STEPS)    ch 4.18
10Nobody'S Side  (CHESS+Judy KUHN)  {Broadway Version}    ch 3.48
11One Night In Bangkok  (CHESS+Murray HEAD+Anders GLENMARK)  {Original Version}    ch 5.00
12I Know Him So Well  (NRG FAZE)  {Black Box Mix}    ch 6.03
13I'M An A  (ABBA)  {Live Sydney (Tour 77)(March 3)}    ab 5.30
14Anthem  (Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Edit}    ch 3.02
15I Know Him So Well  (NRG FAZE)  {Black Box Mix}    ch 6.03

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