datABBAse - CD

ABBA - Secrets Demos And More

Release Date: 2005
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1Mamma Mia  {Instrumental Live}    ab 2.47
2Dancing Queen  {Demo Lost Verse}    ab 0.08
3Monsieur, Monsieur  {Demo Swedish Radio}    ab 1.38
4The Name Of The Game  {Demo Alternate Mix}    ab 4.40
5Lovers (Live A Little Longer)  {Instrumental Vocal Cut}    ab 3.26
6Lotties Schotties  (Benny)  {Instrumental Live Videogratis}    ab 2.00
7And The Wind Cries Mary  {Instrumental}    ab 2.45
8Sång Till Görel  (ABBA+Stig)  {Swedish}    ab 3.41
9Under My Sun  {Live Part 1}    ab 1.34
10Under My Sun  {Live Part 2}    ab 3.08
11Hovas Vittne  {Swedish}    ab 2.58
12Tiveds Hambo  {Instrumental}    ab 2.13
13When All Is Said And Done  {Instrumental}    ab 4.42
14Two For The Price Of One  {Demo}    ab 3.56
15Two For The Price Of One  {Demo Rare Snippet}    ab 0.40
16Slipping Through My Fingers  {Instrumental}    ab 3.50
17Aithio  (CARAMBA)  {Swedish}    ca 3.22
18Ja Må Hon Leva  {Swedish Live}    ab 1.06
19Every Good Man  (Agnetha)  {Live}    ch 2.05
20Nationalsång  {Instrumental Live Opus 10}    ab 3.28
21When The Waves Roll Out To Sea  (Benny+Anders ELJAS)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.24
22Just Like That  {Remix Sax}    ab 3.30
23Just Like That  {Original Slow Version}    ab 5.00
24Just Like That  {Na Na Na Version}    ab 4.56
25Tiveds Hambo  {Swedish Live Här Är Det Liv For Stig Anderson}    ab 2.20
26Shot Down In Action  (Frida)  {Live}    fr 1.30

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