datABBAse - DVD

_Bootleg - Rarities -Worldwide And European Highlights The

Release Date: 2005
Support: DVD (I do Not Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1Agnetha Fälskog At The Bbc Breakfast Time  (AGNETHA)  {Video}    ag  
2A For ABBA  (ABBA)  {Video}    ab 34.17
3Agnetha Fälskog Appareance By Top Of The Pop´S  (AGNETHA)  {Video}    ag  
4Money, Money, Money  (ABBA)  {Video ABBA-Dabba-Doo}    ab 3.09
5Why Did It Have To Be Me?  (ABBA)  {Video Live ABBA-Dabba-Doo}    ab 3.33
6Agnetha And Frida Interview  (AGNETHA)  {Video}    ag  
7Agnetha Fälskog At 3 Sat TV  (AGNETHA)  {Video}    ag  
8The Heat Is On  (AGNETHA)  {Videoclip}    ag 3.46
9Wrap Your Arms Around Me  (AGNETHA)  {Video Wetten Das}    ag  
10S.O.S.  (ABBA)  {Video Omkring Et Flyggel}    ab 3.31
11So Long  (ABBA)  {Video Omkring Et Flyggel}    ab 3.05
12Love Isn'T Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)  (ABBA)  {Video Edited From Sommerlørdag}    ab 0.49

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