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_Compilations Anglaises - Backspin -A Six Degrees 10 Year Anniversary...

Release Date: 06/2007
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


_Compilations AnglaisesSinger


1Spirits In The Material World  (Karsh KALE) 4.37
2Rock It  (DZIHAN & KAMIEN) 3.52
3Get Carter Theme  (Dub Orchestra The BOMBAY) 7.05
4Love Song  (NIYAZ) 4.48
5If 6 Was 9  (Rara AVIS) 5.58
6Four Sticks  (Midival PUNDITZ) 5.17
7Get Up Stand Up  (De Brujo OJOS) 3.50
8The Bed'S Too Big Without You  (Los MOCOSOS) 4.14
9The Day Before You Came  (The REAL TUESDAY WELD)    ab 5.14
10God Only Knows  (SHRIFT) 3.12
11Echoes  (BANCO DE GAIA) 8.45
12Julia  (MNO) 3.43

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