datABBAse - DVD

ABBA - ABBA In Nederland

Release Date: 03/2008
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer
Thorsven RecordsHouse Label


1Waterloo  {Video Toppop 74}    ab 2.34
2I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do  {Video Eddy-Go-Round Show (March 1975)}    ab 3.02
3Televizier Magazine  (A&F)  {Dutch Video}    aa 5.40
4Eddy Go Round Show  {Video}    ab
    Introduction  {Dutch Video Eddy Go Round}    ab
    Ring Ring  {Video Eddy Go Round}    ab
    Waterloo  {Video Eddy-Go-Round Show (June 1975)}    ab
    Tropical Loveland  {Video Eddy-Go-Round Special}    ab
    Rock Me  {Video Eddy-Go-Round Show (June 1975)}    ab
    S.O.S.  {Video Eddy-Go-Round Show}    ab
5S.O.S.  {Video Toppop}    ab 3.09
6ABBA Arriving In The Netherlands  {Dutch Video}    ab 0.48
7The Year Review  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Dutch Video}    ar
    Hit Krant Prijs  (Ad VISSER)  {Video Medley}    ab
    Greetings To Dutch Fans  {Video Toppop}    ab
    Year Review  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Video Toppop}    ar
    Dancing Queen  (_ABBA (TRIBUTE))  {Video Toppop Year Review}    ab
8ABBA Veronica Muziekspecial  {Dutch Video}    ab
    Introduction  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Dutch Video Medley}    ar
    De Premiere  {Video Medley}    ab
    De ABBA Film  {Dutch Video Medley}    ab
    Interview  {Video Veronika Sepcial}    ab
    Eagle  {Video Edited The Movie}    ab
    Jingle Bells  (B&B)  {Video Veronika Special}    bb
9Interview  {Video Toppop (1979)}    ab 0.31
10Goodbye To The 70'S  {Video}    ab 0.15
11Focus Project  (A&F)  {Video Promo}    aa 1.20
12Daar Vraag Je Me Wat  (Björn)  {Video}    bj 7.12
13A Van ABBA  {Video TV Commercial}    ab 0.30
14Mies Bouwman Interview  {Video}    ab 4.58
1525 Jaar Success In Nederland  {Video The ABBA Story}    ab 12.39
16In Holland  (Hootenanny Singers)  {Video}    ho
    Noordenwind, Zuidenwind  (Hootenanny Singers)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ho
    Darling  (Hootenanny Singers)  {Video Live Television}    bj
    La Mamma  (Hootenanny Singers)  {Spanish Video Live Television}    ho
    Si Per Sempre  (Hootenanny Singers)  {Video}    ho
    Gabriella  (Hootenanny Singers)  {Video Live Television}    ho
17Sunny Girl  (Hep Stars)  {(Videoclip 1)}    be 2.38
18Toppop  (Frida)  {Video}    fr
    Interview  (Frida)  {Video Toppop}    fr
    To Turn The Stone  (Frida)  {Video Toppop}    fr
19Mies Bouwman Interview  (Frida)  {Video}    fr
    Interview  (Frida)  {Video Mies Bouwman}    fr
    To Turn The Stone  (Frida)  {Video From Holland With Interview}    fr
20Anwb Gala  (Agnetha)  {Video}    ag
    Shame  (Agnetha)  {Video Anwb Gala}    ag
    Interview  (Agnetha)  {Video Anwb Gala}    ag
    The Heat Is On  (Agnetha)  {Video Anwb Gala}    ag
21Shine  (Frida)  {Video Countdown} 3.32
22Platen Gala  (Frida)  {Video}    fr
    Come To Me (I Am Woman)  (Frida)  {Video Platengala}    fr
    Shine  (Frida)  {Video Platengala}
23Just Like That  (GEMINI)  {Video Live}    ab 3.59
24Interview  (Björn)  {Video Bonnie En José In Zweden}    bj 1.11
25Interview  (Agnetha)  {Video TV Show Op Reis}    ag 11.13
26Interview  (Björn)  {Video Netwerk}    bj 10.16
27Interview  (Björn)  {Video Pulse}    bj 7.50
28Interview  (Björn)  {Video Rtl Boulevard}    bj 4.03
29Mike Aan Zee  (Frida)  {Video}    fr
    Come To Me (I Am Woman)  (Frida)  {Video Mike - Belgium}    fr
    Interview  (Frida)  {Video Mike Aan Zee Belgium}    fr
    Shine  (Frida)  {Video Mike Aan Zee}
30Mike Aan Zee  (Agnetha)  {Video}    ag
    One Way Love  (Agnetha)  {Video Mike Zee}    ag
    I Won'T Let You Go  (Agnetha)  {Video Mike Aan Zee}    ag
31Deze Is Voor Jou  (Mamma Mia)  {Video}    mm 4.35
32Happy Birthday  (B&B)  {Video}    bb 1.38
1ABBAcadabra  (ABBAcadabra Musical)  {Video (Extract)}    ad
    Wij Zijn Vrij  (ABBAcadabra Musical)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ad
    ABBAcadabra  (ABBAcadabra Musical)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ad
    Me Neus, Me Neus  (ABBAcadabra Musical)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ad
    Het Liedje Van Alladin  (ABBAcadabra Musical)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ad
    Spiegel  (ABBAcadabra Musical)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ad
    Bij Mij  (Bonnie SAINT CLAIRE+Benny NEYMAN)  {Dutch Video}    ab
2Ligt Dat Aan Jou Of Aan Mij  (BONNIE & JOSE)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ab 3.15
3De Flierefluiter  (BONNIE & JOSE)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ab 3.16
4Cassandra  (BONNIE & JOSE)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ab 2.57
5Herinnering  (BONNIE & JOSE)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ab 4.14
6'T Is Te Gek  (MINISTARS)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ab 3.36
720 Th Anniversary International ABBAday  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Video Medley}    ar
    Vannacht Slaap Ik Alleen  (Beatrice VAN DER POEL)  {Dutch Video}    ab
8Mamma Mia  (GARAGA BAND)  {Video Rehearsal}    ab
    Zwoele Zomer  (Dana WINNER)  {Dutch Video}    ab
9ABBA Medley  (NEW HARVEST SINGERS)  {Video}    ab
    ABBA Medley  (Dana WINNER)  {Video Live}    ab
    The Winner Takes It All  (Dana WINNER)  {Video Live 10 Jaar In Concert}    ab
10Put On Your White Sombrero  (Dana WINNER)  {Video Beautiful Life Concert}    ab 3.19
11Happy New Year  (Chantal JANZEN+Rene VAN KOOTEN)  {Video (Final Episode Of Avro'S Sterrenjacht 30-12-2004)}    ab 1.12
12Mamma Mia  (Brigitte NIJMAN+Laura VLASBLOM)  {Video}    ab 3.37
13In Holland  (BJORN AGAIN)  {Video} 5.39
14Sla Je Arm Om Me Heen  (Bonnie SAINT CLAIRE)  {Dutch Video Live Television}    ag 3.07
15I Know Him So Well  (Dana WINNER+Belle PEREZ)  {Video}    ch 4.15
16ABBAday 2006  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Video}    ar 56.11

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