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ABBA - Rowing On The Serpentine

Release Date: 2009
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer
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1Rowing On The Serpentine  (BAO)  {Live Hyde Park}    be 9.02
2Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Benny+Anne-Sofie VON OTTER)  {Live Ett År Senare En Kväll För Anna Lindh}    ab 4.59
3You Have To Be There  (Helen SJÖHOLM)    kr 5.45
4When All Is Said And Done  (Kylie MINOGUE+Benny)  {Live Hyde Park}    ab 3.51
5Story Of A Heart  (BAO)  {Edit}    bb 4.32
6After The Rain  (Anne-Sofie VON OTTER)    af 2.53
7Thank You For The Music  (Elaine PAIGE)  {Live}    ab 2.30
8Klinga Mina Klockor  (Benny)  {Swedish Edit}    bb 3.31
9I Walk With You, Mama  (Anne-Sofie VON OTTER)    be 3.29
10Thank You For The Music  (Benny)  {Instrumental The Movie DVD Menu}    ab 2.07
11Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer  (Benny)  {Instrumental}    af 1.14
12Fanfare Of The Ice Hockey World Championships '81  (B&B)  {Instrumental 0.33 Edit}    bb 0.35
13Red Christmas  (Benny)  {Instrumental Ring Tone}    be 0.38
142nd Best To None  (The RIVAL+Benny)    bb 3.11
15Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (Anne-Sofie VON OTTER+Elvis COSTELLO+Benny+Örjan HÖGBERG+Jonas LINDGREN+Mattias HELLDÉN)    ab 4.58
16Sommaren Du Fick  (BAO)  {Swedish}    bb 5.02
17Hjortingen / Inledningsvisa  (BAO)  {Instrumental Live}    os 5.19

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