datABBAse - LP

_Various - Popligan

Release Date: 02/1967
Support: LP (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Catalogue Number: FRH-5003
Language: English


_Compilations SuédoisesSinger
PopliganHouse Label


1Nobody  (SHANES)    ar  
2Stop, Think, Reconsider  (The LEE KINGS)  
3Stop That Train  (The STREAPLERS)  
4What A Fool I Was  (The SPOTNICKS)  
5For Janet  (MASCOTS)  {(Whom I Met)}  
6Like You Used To Do  (Hep Stars)    he 2.59
7Today'S The Day  (OLA & THE JANGLERS)  
8My Home Town  (TAGES)  
9Please, Hear My Symphony  (HOUNDS)  
10Lonesome Soul  (The CARETAKERS)  
11Lady Of Leisure  (SCIENCE POPTION)  
12Too Good To Be Real  (SLAM CREEPERS')  

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