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_Various - _Spotify Chess Covers

Release Date: 2021
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Compilation
Language: English


_Chess CoversSinger
Thorsven RecordsHouse Label


1I Know Him So Well  (Aimee BAILEY+Kelly GUERRERO)    ch  
2I Know Him So Well  (Aimee DAVIES+Daisy MITCHELL)    ch  
3Where I Want To Be  (Alan CUMMING)    ch  
4I Know Him So Well  (Alexandra YOUNG+Julia RAY)    ch  
5I Know Him So Well  (Angela CRAWLEY+Poppy HILL)    ch  
6Selection From Chess  (BANDA SINFËNICA LA ART═STICA BUĐOL+Astrid CRONE+Henrie ADAMS)    ch  
7I Know Him So Well  (BELLA VISTA)    ch  
8I Know Him So Well  (BELLAVISTA ORCHESTRA)    ch  
10One Night In Bangkok  (BON AEROSMITH)    ch  
11I Know Him So Well  (BRASS BAND KIRCHENMUSIK FL▄HLI+ROBE)  {Instrumental}    ch  
12One Night In Bangkok  (BROADWAY BAND)    ch  
13I Know Him So Well  (BROADWAY SESSION SINGERS)    ch  
14I Know Him So Well  (BT BAND)  {Instrumental Karaoke}    ch  
15I Know Him So Well  (Band Berner Oberland BRASS+James GOURLAY)  {Instrumental}    ch 7.16
16Medley I Know Him So Well & Anthem  (Band Berner Oberland BRASS+James GOURLAY)    ch  
17Anthem  (Band Berner Oberland BRASS)    ch  
18I Know Him So Well  (Band Berner Oberland BRASS)    ch  
19Anthem  (Ben CRAMER)    ch 2.47
21I Know Him So Well  (Bert WEEDON)    ch  
22One Night In Bangkok  (C21)    ch 3.20
23One Night In Bangkok  (CABBALLERO+Pit BAILAY)  {Remix}    ch  
24I Know Him So Well  (COR MEIBION+TALGARTH MALE VOICE CHOIR)  {Live}    ch  
25One Night In Bangkok  (COUNTDOWN SINGERS)    ch  
26I Know Him So Well  (Cheryl BAKER)    ch 3.22
27I Know Him So Well  (Cilla BLACK)    ch  
28I Know Him So Well  (DAVID FIRMAN & HIS ORCHESTRA)    ch  
29One Night In Bangkok  (DJ ANTOINE)  {Original Mix}    ch  
30One Night In Bangkok  (DJ RAM DAN)    ch  
31Anthem  (DOWLAIS MALE CHOIR)    ch  
32I Know Him So Well  (Dana WINNER+Belle PEREZ)  {Live}    ch  
33Anthem  (Darren WILLIAMS)    ch 2.55
34Anthem  (David CARROLL)    ch 3.18
35I Know Him So Well  (Dennis HAYWARD)  {Instrumental}    ch  
36I Know Him So Well  (Dirkjan RANZIJN)  {From The Musical Chess}    ch  
37I Know Him So Well  (Doug MONTGOMERY)    ch  
38I Know Him So Well  (Elaine PAIGE)  {Live Celebrating 40 Years On Stage}    ch  
39Someone Else'S Story  (Elaine PAIGE)  {Live Celebrating 40 Years On Stage}    ch 10.11
40I Know Him So Well  (Freddy GARDNER)    ch 4.44
41Anthem  (GARDEMUSIKKEN)  {Instrumental}    ch  
42I Know Him So Well  (GOVERNORS)    ch  
43Anthem  (GROOTKOREN PROJECT+Etty VAN DER MEI+Nan VAN GROENINGEN)  {Live Uit Musical Chess}    ch  
44I Know Him So Well  (George DAVIDSON)    ch  
45I Know Him So Well  (Grania RENIHAN+Helen HOBSON)    ch  
46Crilu' In Bangkok  (H.P. PROJECT)  {Italians}    ch 4.11
47I Know Him So Well  (HEART)    ch 4.14
48I Know Him So Well  (HEERESMUSIKKORPS 1 HANNOVER)  {Instrumental}    ch  
49I Know Him So Well  (Helen HOBSON)    ch  
50Anthem  (Henk POORT)    ch  
51Where I Want To Be  (Henk POORT)    ch  
52Chess  (Henrik BERGION+DA CAPO)    ch  
53Anthem  (Ingman & His Orchestra NICK)    ch  
54I Know Him So Well  (Janita CLAASSEN+Manuel ESCORCIO)    ch 3.55
55One Night In Bangkok  (Javier MARTINEZ)    ch  
56I Know Him So Well  (John ANTHONY)    ch 3.19
57Where I Want To Be  (John BARR)    ch  
58I Know Him So Well  (John WATSON)  {Alhambra Mix}    ch 3.15
59I Know Him So Well  (Johnny GUITAR KING)  {Instrumental}    ch 3.25
60One Night In Bangkok  (KARAOKE CHANNEL)    ch  
61I Know Him So Well  (Karen AKERS)    ch  
62One Night In Bangkok  (Karl RATZER)  {Instrumental From The Musical Chess}    ch  
63Where I Want To Be  (Kazutaka ISHII)  {Japanese}    ch  
64You And I  (Kazutaka ISHII)  {Japanese (Reprise)}    ch  
65Anthem  (Klaus FLORIAN VOGT+Gerrit PRIE▀NITZ)    ch  
66I Know Him So Well  (LONDON POPS ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ch 4.08
67Chess  (Leif DAHL)  {Instrumental}    ch  
68I Know Him So Well  (Linda FIELDS+Lisa LAGODA)    ch  
69Nobody'S Side  (Lisa RICHARD)    ch  
70Anthem  (MEDEVI BRUNNSORKESTER)  {Instrumental From Chess Arr For Band}    ch  
71I Know Him So Well  (MUSIC FACTORY KARAOKE)  {Karaoke}    ch 4.17
72I Know Him So Well  (MUSICAL ALL STAR CAST)    ch 4.16
73I Know Him So Well  (Matthew BROOKS)    ch  
74I Know Him So Well  (Melanie STACE+Petula CLARK)    ch 4.03
75I Know Him So Well  (Mitchell OAKES)    ch 3.52
76I Know Him So Well  (NEW SYNTETISER EXPERIENCE)  {Instrumental}    ch  
77Anthem  (NORTHERN BAND OF THE ROYAL SWEDISH+Torsten HANSSON)  {Instrumental From Chess Arr For Wind Ensemble}    ch  
78Anthem  (Nico MULLER)    ch  
79I Know Him So Well  (POP R & B DIVAS)    ch 4.21
81Anthem  (Pascal VOGT)  {From The Musicalchess}    ch  
82Pity The Child  (Pascal VOGT)  {From The Musicalchess}    ch  
83Anthem  (Petter BJ─LLÍ)  {From The Musical Chess}    ch  
84I Know Him So Well  (Petula CLARK)    ch 4.12
85I Know Him So Well  (RELAX STRINGS GROUP)    ch 4.28
86Anthem  (RICHARD)    ch  
87Where I Want To Be  (Rebecca SPENCER)    ch  
88I Know Him So Well  (Richard CLAYDERMAN)  {Instrumental}    ch 4.07
89Anthem  (Richard STARK)    ch  
90I Know Him So Well  (Roland CEDERMARK)    ch  
91Pity The Child  (Romdal Yngve GASOY)    ch  
92Heaven Help My Heart  (Ronnie PRICE)  {Instrumental}    ch  
93I Know Him So Well  (SOLOGITARRISTEN)  {Instrumental}    ch  
94One Night In Bangkok  (SPOONCAT!)    ch  
95Anthem  (STAFF BAND OF THE NORWEGIAN ARMY)  {Instrumental}    ch  
96I Know Him So Well  (STARSHINE ORCHESTRA)    ch 4.10
97One Night In Bangkok  (STINGRAY MUSIC KARAOKE)    ch  
98One Night In Bangkok  (STINGRAY MUSIC KARAOKE)  {Karaoke}    ch  
99I Know Him So Well  (STUDIO ALLSTARS)    ch 4.00
 Heaven Help My Heart  (STUDIO GROUP)    ch
1I Know Him So Well  (STUDIO GROUP)    ch 4.20
2Nobody'S Side  (Scott COULTER)    ch  
3Anthem  (Steve BALSAMO+Mario FRANGOULIS)    ch  
4Pity The Child  (Steve BLANCHARD)    ch  
5One Night In Bangkok  (Steve GIBSON)    ch  
6Anthem  (Swedish Army Band ROYAL+Mats JANHAGEN)  {Instrumental From Chess Arr For Wind Ensemble}    ch  
7I Know Him So Well  (TOP HITS GROUP)    ch 4.15
9I Know Him So Well  (The BAND OF THE BLUES & ROYALS)  {Instrumental}    ch 4.15
10Anthem  (The LONDON WIND ORCHESTRA)  {Chess}    ch  
11I Know Him So Well  (The LONDON WIND ORCHESTRA)  {Chess}    ch  
12I Know Him So Well  (The MOONLIGHT ORCHESTRA)    ch  
13One Night In Bangkok  (The MUSICAL ORCHESTRA)    ch  
14I Know Him So Well  (The NEW WORLD ORCHESTRA)  {Karaoke}    ch 4.08
15I Know Him So Well  (The ROYAL PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental}    ch  
16One Night In Bangkok  (The STAGE SINGERS ENSEMBLE)    ch  
17I Know Him So Well  (The TESCA SOUNDMACHINE)  {Instrumental}    ch 4.27
19One Night In Bangkok  (Vynyl SHAKERZ)  {Remix Vinylshakerz Screen Cut}    ch  
20One Night In Bangkok  (WORKOUT HEROES)    ch  
21One Night In Bangkok  (WORKOUT SOUNDTRACKS)    ch  
22One Night In Bangkok  (YOYO INTERNATIONAL ORCHESTRA)    ch  
23I Know Him So Well  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Karaoke Various Artists}    ch 3.54
24I Know Him So Well  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ch 4.11
25I Know Him So Well  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Version 2}    ch  
26I Know Him So Well  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Karaoke Omnibus Media}    ch 4.12
27One Night In Bangkok  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Version 2}    ch  
28One Night In Bangkok  (_ABBA (RELATED))    ch  
29One Night In Bangkok  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Essential Musical Colection}    ch  
30One Night In Bangkok  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {O Senkbeil, R Rossbach, A Bublitz}    ch  
31One Night In Bangkok  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {O Senkbeil, R Rossbach, A Bublitz}    ch  
32The Arbiter  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Extended Remix}    ch  
33The Arbiter  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Extended Remix 2}    ch  

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