datABBAse - CD

_Bootleg - Bjorn & Benny = Broadway

Release Date: 2010
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Unofficial)Singer


1You Have To Be There  (Alice SKINNER+Emily RIPLEY)  {Live}    kr 5.54
2Anthem  (Anthony WARLOW)    ch 3.05
3I Wonder (Departure)  (Brian De LORENZO)    ab 4.23
4Mamma Mia  (Christine PEDI LIZA)    ab 6.45
5Anthem  (Colm C.T. WILKINSON)    ch 3.32
6Pity The Child  (Colm C.T. WILKINSON)    ch 4.18
7One Night In Bangkok  (Elaine PAIGE)    ch 5.48
8I Know Him So Well  (Emily SKINNER+Alice SKINNER)    ch 3.58
9Anthem  (Ethan FREEMAN)  {From Chess}    ch 3.31
10Anthem  (Felix MARTIN)    ch 3.14
11Guldet Blev Till Sand  (Felix MARTIN)  {Swedish}    kr 4.25
12Where I Want To Be  (Frances RUFFELLE)    ch 3.57
13I Know Him So Well  (Gay VERSION)    ch 4.38
14Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (HOPE)  {X-Factor 2007}    ab 2.33
15I Know Him So Well  (Joanna AMPIL)    ch 3.51
16I Know Him So Well  (Jodie GILLIES)    ch 4.04
17Someone Else'S Story  (Lea SALONGA)  {Live}    ch 4.02
18Chiquitita  (Leona LEWIS)  {Live X-Factor}    ab 2.24
19Anthem  (Linda EDER)    ch 3.14
20Someone Else'S Story  (Michelle NICASTRO)  {From Chess}    ch 4.14
21Guldet Blev Till Sand  (Peter J÷BACK)  {Swedish Live}    kr 4.16
22De Zin Van M'N Leven  (Pia DOUWES)  {Dutch Live Musical Awards}    kr 3.33
23I Know Him So Well  (Sharon MCNIGHT)    ch 4.21
24Anthem  (Stig ROSSEN)  {Live}    ch 4.06
25Pity The Child  (Stig ROSSEN)  {Live This Is The Moment}    ch 5.41
26I Know Him So Well  (Susan EGAN)  {From 'Chess'}    ch 3.48

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