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_Various - Toppop DVD 4

Release Date: 2010
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


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1I'M Youre Boogie Man  (KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND)  {Video Live Toppop}  
2BelgiŽ  (GOEDE DOEL)  {Dutch Video Live Toppop}  
3Tell Me Your Plans  (The SHIRTS)  {Video Live Toppop}  
4Every Kinda People  (Robert PALMER)  {Video Live Toppop}  
5Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight  (EARTH & FIRE)  {Video Live Toppop} 2.56
6Save Your Kisses For Me  (BROTHERHOOD OF MAN)  {Video Live Toppop}  
7Hilversum 3  (Herman VAN VEEN)  {Video Live Toppop}  
8Time  (CULTURE CLUB)  {Video Live Toppop}  
9Tainted Love  (Cell SOFT)  {Video Live Toppop}  
10Ding A Dong  (TEACH IN)  {Video Live Toppop} 2.25
11Daddy Cool  (BONEY M)  {Video Live Toppop}  
12Fred Astaire  (The MO)  {Video Live Toppop}  
13Yes Sir, I Can Boogie  (BACCARA)  {Video Live Toppop} 4.29
14Down Down  (STATUS QUO)  {Video Live Toppop}  
15History  (MAI TAI)  {Video Live Toppop}  
16You Make Me Feel Like Dancing  (Leo SAYER)  {Video Live Toppop}  
17Starlight Dancer  (KAYAK)  {Video Live Toppop}  
18Matador  (Garland JEFFREYS)  {Video Live Toppop}  
19I'M Not In Love  (TEN CC)  {Video Live Toppop}    ab  
20Vaya Con Dios  (The CATS)  {Video Live Toppop}  
21Such A Shame  (TALK TALK)  {Video Live Toppop}  
22File  (Andrť VAN DUIN)  {Video Live Toppop}  
2399 Luftballons  (NENA)  {German Video Live Toppop}  
24Mama We'Re All Crazy Now  (SLADE)  {Video Live Toppop}  
25Mon Amour  (BZN)  {French Video Live Toppop}  

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