datABBAse - CD

Chess - Chess Auckland 1992

Release Date: 2001
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English
Version: Live




1Overture  {Live Auckland}    ch
2Merano  {Live Auckland}    ch
    Freddie'S Entrance  {Live Auckland}    ch
3Commic Newspapers  {Live Auckland}    ch
    Press Conference  {Live Auckland}    ch
4The Russian And Molokov  {Live Auckland}    ch
5Where I Want To Be  {Live Auckland}    ch
6U.S. Vs U.S.S.R.  {Live Auckland}    ch
7Arbiter'S Song  {Live Auckland}    ch
    Hymn To Chess  {Live Auckland}    ch
8Merchandisers  {Live Auckland}    ch
9Chess  {Live Auckland}    ch
    The Arbiter  {Live Auckland}    ch
10Florence And Molokov  {Live Auckland}    ch
11You Want To Lose Your Only Friend ?  {Live Auckland}    ch
12Terrace Duet  {Live Auckland}    ch
13Chess #2  {Live Auckland}    ch
    Florence Quits  {Live Auckland}    ch
14A Taste Of Pity  {Live (Con'T) Auckland}    ch
    Resigna  {Live Auckland}    ch
15Heaven Help My Heart  {Live Auckland}    ch
16Anatoly And The Press  {Live Auckland}    ch
    Anthem  {Live Auckland}    ch
1One Night In Bangkok  {Live Auckland}    ch
2One More Opponent  {Live Auckland}    ch
    You And I  {Live Auckland Reprise}    ch
3Interview  {Live Auckland}    ch
4Argument  {Live Auckland}    ch
    I Know Him So Well  {Live Auckland}    ch
5The Deal  {Live Auckland}    ch
6Pity The Child  {Live Auckland}    ch
7Talking Chess  {Live Auckland}    ch
8Endgame  {Live Auckland}    ch
9You And I  {Live Auckland}    ch
10Finale  {Live Auckland}    ch
11Nobody'S Side  {Live Auckland}    ch

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