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_Various - Best Discotec Hits 90 The

Release Date: 2007
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


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2Superfreak  (BEATFREAKZ)  {U Can'T Touch This By Mc Hammer} 3.32
3I Like To Move It `2007  (ZOO GANG+REEL TO REAL) 3.42
4Voyage, Voyage  (DESIRELESS)  {French Minimal Techno Mix} 3.46
5Boys  (SABRINA)  {Summertime Love Minimal Techno Mix} 4.00
6No Coke  (DR. ALBAN)  {Remix} 3.18
7Video Killed The Radio Star  (OUTWORK+BUGGLES) 3.11
8Words  (The 89ERS+David FRANCES JACKSON)  {Progressive Minimal Techno Mix}    he 3.19
9Super Trouper  (INTERPHACE+ABBA)    ab 3.17
10Teeny Weeny String Bikini  (GÜNTHER) 3.59
11What Is Love  (HADDAWAY)  {Remix} 6.06
12This Must Be A Dream  (BASIC ELEMENT)  {Punkstar Minimal Techno Remix} 3.31
13From Paris To Berlin  (DJ ALLIGATOR+MR PRESIDENT) 5.08
14Work  (TECHNOTRONIC)  {12''Mix} 6.43
15Paris By Night `2007  (Amanda LEAR) 3.08
16Pokito  (E-ROTIC)  {Radio Edit} 3.18
17Living On Video  (LAZARD+TRANS-X) 3.00
18Juliet  (MODERN TALKING)  {Jeo'S Remix} 5.01
19Stayin' Alive  (DISCO DEEJAYS+BEE GEES)  {Radio Mix} 3.40
20Eins, Zwei, Polizei  (MO-DO)  {Hard Trance Mix Extended} 5.40
21Self Control  (INFERNAL+Laura BRANIGAN)  {Main Mix} 3.14
22Ooops Up  (SNAP)  {Extended Mix} 5.17
23Heaven Is A Place On Earth  (SOUND INVADERS+Belinda CARLISLE) 3.24
24Tribal Dance  (TWO UNLIMITED) 3.49
25Sunshine Of Your Love  (The HOXTONS+CREAM) 4.57
1Man In The Mirror  (RYTHME FATAL+MJ JACKSON) 3.43
2Music In Me  (AANDC+Kiki DEE) 4.12
3Up 2 U  (BACCARA)  {Remix} 2.58
4Fade To Grey  (Steve STRANGE+VISAGE)  {Electroclash Ver.Sion} 5.29
5Mamma Mia  (Shana VANGUARDE+ABBA)  {Techno Trance Mix}    ab 2.42
6I Like To Move It  (DJ ALLIGATOR+REEL TO REAL)  {Propane Remix} 3.25
7Reach Out (I´Ll Be There)  (Gloria GAYNOR)    he 3.14
8L'Amour L'Amour  (DESIRELESS)  {French} 3.45
9Comanchero  (TUAREG+Raggio DI LUNA)  {Minimal Techno Mix} 3.45
10S.O.S.  (FILTERFUNK+The POLICE)  {General Mix} 3.29
11Wonderful Life  (ANTIBAZZ+BLACK) 3.21
12Night Fever  (DISCO DEEJAYS+BEE GEES) 3.38
13The Cult Of Noise  (INFERNAL+SNAP) 2.55
16Think About The Way  (Marco DE JONGE+ICE MC) 3.27
17Eins, Zwei, Polizei  (SWAT & REAL+MO-DO) 3.24
18Say Say Say  (HI TACK+MJ JACKSON) 6.01
19Shout  (MR RICKY & DANIELI+TEARS FOR FEARS)  {Radio Mix} 3.39
20It'S Miracle  (ICE MC)  {Mix} 3.25
21Angel Boy  (SABRINA)  {Control Mix} 5.27
22D.I.S.C.O.  (E-ROTIC)  {Lust For Life} 3.31
23Ready For The Victory  (MODERN TALKING)  {Kai Nikols Club Mix} 5.10
24Touch Me (I Want Your Body)  (GÜNTHER+Samantha FOX)  {DJ Alligator Mix} 6.07
25I Will Survive  (LAYTON & STONE+Gloria GAYNOR) 3.33
1Moving Too Fast  (SUPAFLY INC) 3.07
2S.O.S.  (TRANCING QUEEN+ABBA)    ab 3.55
3Careless Whisper  (SINKEE MINX+George MICHAEL) 2.43
4Catch Me  (Marsha RAVEN) 3.01
5Love To Love You Baby  (David VENDETTA+Kiki DEE) 3.25
6La Isla Bonita  (SQUEEZE UP+MADONNA) 2.54
7Daddy Cool  (VINYLSHAKERZ+BONEY M) 2.51
8Don'T Cry Tonight  (SCOTTY+SAVAGE) 3.01
9I Like To Move It  (MADAGASCAR 5+REEL TO REAL)  {Spaceworld Mix} 3.27
10Woman In Love  (Liz MC CLARNON+Barbra STREISAND) 3.56
11Don'T Let Go  (LMC+NEW RADICALS) 3.39
12(It Goes) Around My Heart  (SANDRA)  {DJ Sveshnikov Remix} 2.39
13S.O.S.  (FILTERFUNK+The POLICE)  {Edit Hi-Tack Radio Eeit} 3.18
14Self Control  (ROYAL GIGOLOS+Laura BRANIGAN) 2.35
15Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (TEAM X+ABBA)    ab 2.45
16Hands Up  (LEEVEE+OTTAWAN) 3.18
17Sunny  (BOOGIE PIMPS & ANTEK+BONEY M)  {Minimal Mix} 4.11
18Fantasy  (Lian ROSS)  {Vip Mc Mix} 3.38
19Fading Like A Flower  (DANCING DJS+ROXETTE)  {Harding Mix} 3.00
20Love Hangover & Don'T Leave Me This Way  (Diana ROSS+Thelma HOUSTON)  {7 Radio Mix} 4.19
21Take My Breath Away  (SODA CLUB+BERLIN) 3.09
22Woodpeckers From Space  (SPIRITED BEARS+VIDEOKIDS) 3.12
23Shooting Star  (MODERN TALKING) 4.09
24Love Sensation  (HI TACK+Loleatta HOLLOWAY) 3.01
25Cold As Ice  (BAD BOYS BLUE)  {Original Mix} 4.14
1Love, Sex And Sunshine  (MR PRESIDENT) 4.48
2Meteor Man  (Miki DINN+Dee D JACKSON) 5.26
3Love You More  (GROOVENUT+Kim WILDE) 2.59
4One Night In Bangkok  (VINYLSHAKERZ+Murray HEAD)  {Vinylshakerz Screen Cut}    ch 3.28
5Y.M.C.A.  (DJ TYSON+VILLAGE PEOPLE)  {Royal Gigolos Remix} 3.18
6Words  (YANOU+David FRANCES JACKSON)  {Dance Radio Mix}    he 3.35
7D.I.S.C.O.  (N-TRANCE) 4.19
9Touch Me  (Samantha FOX+FOX FORCE 5)  {(I Want Your Body)} 2.51
10Max Don'T Have Sex With Your Ex  (TWISTER+E-ROTIC) 3.08
11Flames Of Love  (FANCY+SABRINA) 3.52
12Fly Away  (MAGIC AFFAIR)  {La Serenissima Remix} 3.19
13Fading Like A Flower  (MYSTERIO+ROXETTE)  {Trance Mix} 3.45
14Maria Magdalena  (TWO 4 POP DYNAMIC 4Z & CODE Q+SANDRA)  {Magnetic Force Mix} 2.17
15Paradise  (E-TYPE)  {M12s Maximum Club Mix} 5.37
16Got To Get It  (CULTURE BEAT)  {Raw Deal Mix} 5.34
17The Final Countdown  (SKAM)  {Original Skammix} 5.03
18Kiss You All Over  (BAD BOYS BLUE)  {Original Mix} 4.12
19You Came  (Candy WARHOL+Kim WILDE) 3.36
20Move In My Direction  (The LOVEFREEKZ+BANANARAMA)  {Club Mix} 4.20
21Murphy'S Megamix  (UNLIMITED) 4.51
22Love Message Mix  (LOVE MESSAGE) 6.07
23Techno Medley  (TECHNOTRONIC) 8.31
24Living In Cyberspace  (BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR)  {Trans-X'S Living On Video Mix} 5.00
25Megamix  (RADIORAMA) 7.10

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