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Kikki Danielsson - Country Classics

Release Date: 1995
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Language: English


Kikki DanielssonSinger


1Cowboy Yoddle Song 2.09
2Så Håll Om Mig  {Swedish} 3.16
3Ljuset I Din Natt  {Swedish}  
4Om En Stund  {Swedish}  
5Nashville, Tennessee 3.05
6Långt Bortom Bergen  (Kikki DANIELSSON+ROOSARNA)  {Swedish} 3.06
7Ring Mig I Morgon  {Swedish}  
8Jag Ska Aldrig Lämna Dig  {Swedish} 2.50
9Som En Sol  {Swedish} 3.10
10En Cowboy Från Oklahoma  {Swedish} 2.47
11Någon Däruppe  {Swedish} 3.15
12Gyllene Tider  {Swedish} 2.50
13Vägen Hem Till Dej  {Swedish}  
14Det Finns Ingen Annan Än Du  {Swedish} 3.13
1Midnight Sunshine 2.35
2Don'T Slam The Door  {Hit} 2.59
3Fallin In Love, Fallin' Apart 3.28
4Get To The Church  (Kikki DANIELSSON+ROOSARNA) 3.29
5If I Ever Fall In Love Again 2.21
6Everyday People 3.15
7Just Like A Woman 4.08
8Totally In Love With You 2.54
9Somebody Else Will 3.15
10Undercover Lovers 2.53
11Texas (When I Die) 3.27
12Waltz In Love Tonight 3.32
13There'S A Guy Works Down The Chipchop Swears He'S Elvis  {Swedish} 3.13
14The Star 2.44
15Some Old California Memory  {Swedish} 3.01
16Babe In Arms 3.18
17Come On Over 3.37
18Wasn'T That Love 2.22
1Please Help Me  {I'M Falling} 2.59
2Diggy Diggy Lou  {Swedish} 2.27
3Storm Never Last 3.28
4Amazing Grace 5.14
5Fais Deaux Deaux  {Swedish} 3.17
6Forget Me Not 3.29
7Single Girl  {Swedish} 2.55
8Walk On By 2.34
9Stand By Your Man    ho 2.38
10Good Year For The Roses  (WIZEX+Kikki DANIELSSON) 3.07
11Listen To A Country Song 2.49
12You Don'T Have To Say You Love Me    st 3.16
13My Broken Souvenirs 3.44
14Please Change Your Mind  {Swedish}    af 3.03
15Nine To Five    ab 2.43
16Don'T Forget To Remember 3.22
17My Love  {Swedish} 2.55
18U.S. Of America 3.47

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