datABBAse - CD

_Various - More Than A Woman

Release Date: 2002
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


_Compilations AnglaisesSinger


1Oh Babe It Ain'T No Lie  (WHIP) 2.19
2Get Into The Groove  (Kid DAKOTA) 3.45
3Venus As A Boy  (COPARCK) 4.18
4Walk Like An Egyptian  (FROSTPARADE) 3.58
5Fernando  (CLUB DIANA)    ab 4.31
6Family Affair  (KING ME) 4.15
7Jolene  (SIN ROPAS) 5.46
8Rapture  (TELEFUNK) 4.51
9At Seventeen  (MIST) 4.08
10Send Me A Postcard  (BLIMEY!) 1.44
11Clouds Across The Moon  (DECEMBER BOYS) 3.46
12Sweet Love Fever  (Herman DUNE) 3.10
13Someone Loves You Honey  (Meindert TALMA) 3.30
14These Days  (DOMOTIC) 4.49
15Glory Box  (RASKOLNIKOV) 5.16
16Love Is A Battlefield  (PFAFF) 2.15
17Fast Car  (LAWN) 3.50
18Blauwe Schoen  (Jaap BOOTS) 2.28
19Doughnut Song  (Herman DUNE) 1.49

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