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The Hep Stars - Hep Stars Singles Discography

Release Date: 2013
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


The Hep StarsSinger
Thorsven RecordsHouse Label


1A Tribute To Buddy Holly    he 2.50
2Kana Kapila  {Swedish}    he 1.40
3Summertime Blues    he 1.51
4Farmer John    he 1.52
5Cadillac    he 2.38
6Bald Headed Woman    he 2.07
7No Response    be 1.35
8So Mystifying    he 2.47
9Should I    he 2.56
10Sunny Girl    ho 2.20
11Wedding    be 2.57
12I Natt Jag Drömde  {Swedish}    he 2.18
13Consolation    be 3.25
14Malaika    he 2.46
15Mot Okänt Land  {Swedish}    he 3.01
16She Will Love You    be 2.40
17Lady, Lady    be 1.50
18Christmas On My Mind    he 1.57
19It'S Been A Long Long Time    be 3.01
20Sagan Om Lilla Sofi  {Swedish}    be 3.04
21Let It Be Me    he 2.54
22Tända På Varann  {Swedish}    he 2.31
23Komm Little Thom  {German}    he 2.36
24Die Spieluhr  {German}    he 2.30
25Save Your Heart For Me    he 2.31
26Musty Dusty    he  
27Holiday For Clowns    he 2.15
28Speleman  {Swedish}    bb 3.49
29Speedy Gonzalez    he 2.26
30Groovy Summertime    he 2.32
31Carolina    he  
1Someday Someone  {Band Version}    be 2.42
2No Response  {Live}    be 1.32
3No Time    ho 2.43
4Sound Of Eve    be 3.09
5It'S Nice To Be Back    fr 2.33
6Är Det Inte Kärlek, Säg  {Swedish}    st 4.23
7Songs We Sang  {Swedish}    be 3.31
8Like You Used To Do    be 2.59
9Massa'S Mess    be 2.36
10Suddenly Tomorrow Is Today    be 3.00
11Sagan Om Lilla Sofi  {Swedish}    be 3.04
12Shake    he 2.02

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