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_Various - Shades Of Night - Musical Goes Rock

Release Date: 23/09/2011
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


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1Pinball Wizard  (Maik LOHSE) 3.03
2Nobody'S Side  (Maya HAKVOORT)  {From The Musical Chess}    ch 3.36
3Closer To Heaven  (Pamela FALCON+Paul KRIBBE) 4.36
4Any Fool Could See  (Pia DOUWES+Maik LOHSE)
    Oh Paris  (Pia DOUWES+Maik LOHSE)
5A Little Damage Done  (Andreas BIEBER) 3.52
6Farewell To A Sex Symbol  (Pamela FALCON) 5.42
7Heaven On Their Minds  (Paul KRIBBE) 4.34
8Kitsch  (Maik LOHSE) 2.52
9Corner Of The Sky  (Andreas BIEBER) 3.49
10New Hampshire Nights  (Pia DOUWES) 4.40
11The Shades Of Night Are Growing  (Maik LOHSE+Bernie BLANKS) 4.01
12Easy Terms  (Maya HAKVOORT) 3.50
13All Shall Be Well  (Paul KRIBBE+Pamela FALCON) 3.51
14The World Is Stone  (The VOICES) 3.57

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