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_Compilations Anglaises - Back 2 The Future 80'S

Release Date: 28/01/2003
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Catalogue Number: TPZ-2644
Language: English


_Compilations AnglaisesSinger
TopazHouse Label


1Safety Dance  (Charles FEELGOOD)  {80'S For The Ladies Mix} 3.43
3People Are People  (Dirty JUNKIES)  {Pete Lorimormix} 4.51
4Bizzarre Love Triangle  (Omar SANTANA) 5.34
5Big In Japan  (SPACEGIRL) 5.16
6Promises In The Dark  (Chris THE GREEK)  {Chris The Greek Mix} 4.05
7Jump  (CTGP) 2.00
8Everybody Wants You  (Kelly REVERB) 4.20
9Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic  (AC & THE KUNG FU CREW+Jackie POP) 4.10
10Cars  (DJ IRENE+George CENTENO)  {2003 Mix} 3.53
11I Know There'S Something Going On  (ORGANICA)    fr 3.49
12Axel F  (Rocky MAKI) 0.45
13Hold Me Now  (DJ VICIOUS VIC+LEAH) 4.05
14I.O.U  (DJ CER) 3.54
15West End Girls  (KYNGNOVA+VOYAGER)  {Live At The Imperial Raio Mix} 4.20
16Is This Love  (DJ X-DREAM+Sean TYAS+Jackie POP) 4.04
17Blister In The Sun  (Miss LISA) 4.31
18Don'T You Want Me  (MIJANGOS) 4.17
19Sun And Rainfall  (Mike ROBINSON+Frances ELIZEE) 3.57

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