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Malmo Brandkars Musikkar - Live In Malmö

Release Date: 1996
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official
Language: English
Version: Live


Malmo Brandkars MusikkarSinger


1Also Sprach Zarathustra  {Swedish Live} 1.25
2Anchors Aweigh  {Live} 2.59
3This Is The Moment  (MALMO BRANDKARS MUSIKKAR+Christopher WOLLTER)  {Live} 3.30
4You And I  (MALMO BRANDKARS MUSIKKAR+Christopher WOLLTER+Anki ALBERTSSON)  {Live}    ch 3.51
5Skomakare Anton  (MALMO BRANDKARS MUSIKKAR+Hasse ANDERSSON)  {Swedish Live} 3.01
6Send In The Clowns  (MALMO BRANDKARS MUSIKKAR+Marianne MÖRCK)  {Live}    fr 3.37
7Marsch Pannkaka  {Swedish Live}    ba 3.16
8Feeling Good  (MALMO BRANDKARS MUSIKKAR+Christopher WOLLTER)  {Live} 4.12
9Låt Kärleken Slå Rot  (MALMO BRANDKARS MUSIKKAR+Anki ALBERTSSON)  {Swedish Live}    aa 4.23
10Frälsningssoldaten  (MALMO BRANDKARS MUSIKKAR+Hasse ANDERSSON)  {Swedish Live} 3.45
11Love Me With All Your Heart  (MALMO BRANDKARS MUSIKKAR+Anki ALBERTSSON)  {Live}    ag 2.50
12You'Re The One That I Want  (MALMO BRANDKARS MUSIKKAR+Christopher WOLLTER+Anki ALBERTSSON)  {Live} 2.54
13Änglahund  (MALMO BRANDKARS MUSIKKAR+Hasse ANDERSSON)  {Swedish Live} 4.44
14Tribute To ABBA  (Mats PAULSON+MALMO BRANDKARS MUSIKKAR)  {Live}    ab 3.23

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