datABBAse - CD

David Bowie - Five Years 1969-1973

Release Date: 12/03/2015
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


David BowieSinger


1Space Oddity  {Remastered Version}  
2Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed  {Remastered Version}  
3Letter To Hermione  {Remastered Version}  
4Cygnet Committee  {Remastered Version}  
5Janine  {Remastered Version}  
6An Occasional Dream  {Remastered Version}  
7Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud  {Remastered Version}  
8God Knows I'M Good  {Remastered Version}  
9Memory Of A Free Festival  {Remastered Version}  
1The Width Of A Circle  {Remastered Version}  
2All The Madmen  {Remastered Version}  
3Black Country Rock  {Remastered Version}  
4After All  {Remastered Version}  
5Running Gun Blues  {Remastered Version}  
6Saviour Machine  {Remastered Version}  
7She Shook Me Cold  {Remastered Version}  
8The Man Who Sold The World  {Remastered Version}  
9The Supermen  {Remastered Version}  
1Changes  {Remastered Version}  
2Oh! You Pretty Things  {Remastered Version}  
3Eight Line Poem  {Remastered Version}  
4Life On Mars  {Remastered Version}    fr  
5Kooks  {Remastered Version}  
6Quicksand  {Remastered Version}  
7Fill Your Heart  {Remastered Version}  
8Andy Warhol  {Remastered Version}  
9Song For Bob Dylan  {Remastered Version}  
10Queen Bitch  {Remastered Version}  
11The Bewlay Brothers  {Remastered Version}  
1Five Years  {Remastered Version}  
2Soul Love  {Remastered Version}  
3Moonage Daydream  {Remastered Version}  
4Starman  {Remastered Version}  
5It Ain'T Easy  {Remastered Version}  
6Lady Stardust  {Remastered Version}  
7Star  {Remastered Version}  
8Hang On To Yourself  {Remastered Version}  
9Ziggy Stardust  {Remastered Version} 3.19
10Suffragette City  {Remastered Version}  
11Rock 'N Roll Suicide  {Remastered Version}  
1Five Years  {Remix}  
2Soul Love  {Remix}  
3Moonage Daydream  {Remix}  
4Starman  {Remix}  
5It Ain'T Easy  {Remix}  
6Lady Stardust  {Remix}  
7Star  {Remix}  
8Hang On To Yourself  {Remix}  
9Ziggy Stardust  {Remix}  
10Suffragette City  {Remix}  
11Rock 'N Roll Suicide  {Remix}  
1Introduction  {Live}  
2Hang On To Yourself  {Live}  
3Ziggy Stardust  {Live}  
4Changes  {Live}  
5The Supermen  {Live}  
6Life On Mars  {Live}    fr  
7Five Years  {Live}  
8Space Oddity  {Live}  
9Andy Warhol  {Live}  
10My Death  {Live}  
11The Width Of A Circle  {Live}  
12Queen Bitch  {Live}  
13Moonage Daydream  {Live}  
14John I'M Only Dancing  {Live}  
15Waiting For The Man  {Live}  
16The Jean Genie  {Live}  
17Suffragette City  {Live}  
18Rock 'N Roll Suicide  {Live}  
1Watch That Man  {Remastered Version}  
2Aladdin Sane  {Remastered Version}  
3Drive In Saturday  {Remastered Version}  
4Panic In Detroit  {Remastered Version}  
5Cracked Actor  {Remastered Version}  
6Time  {Remastered Version}  
7The Prettiest Star  {Remastered Version}  
8Let'S Spend The Night Together  {Remastered Version}  
9The Jean Genie  {Remastered Version}  
10Lady Grinning Soul  {Remastered Version}  
2Hang On To Yourself  {Live Stereo}  
3Ziggy Stardust  {Live Stereo}  
4Watch That Man  {Live Stereo}  
5Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud  {Live Stereo}  
6All The Young Dudes  {Live Stereo}  
7Oh! You Pretty Things  {Live Stereo}  
8Moonage Daydream  {Live Stereo}  
9Changes  {Live Stereo}  
10Space Oddity  {Live Stereo}  
11My Death  {Live Stereo}  
1Introduction  {Version 3}  
2Cracked Actor  {Live Stereo}  
3Time  {Live Stereo}  
4The Width Of A Circle  {Live Stereo}  
5Let'S Spend The Night Together  {Live Stereo}  
6Suffragette City  {Live Stereo}  
7White Light & White Heat  {Live Stereo} 4.01
8Farewell Speech  {Live Stereo}  
9Rock 'N Roll Suicide  {Live Stereo}  
1Rosalyn  {Remastered Version}  
2Here Comes The Night  {Remastered Version}  
3I Wish You Would  {Remastered Version}  
4See Emily Play  {Remastered Version}  
5Everything'S Alright  {Remastered Version}  
6I Can'T Explain  {Remastered Version}  
7Friday On My Mind  {Remastered Version}  
8Sorrow  {Remastered Version}  
9Don'T Bring Me Down  {Remastered Version}  
10Shapes Of Things  {Remastered Version}  
11Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere  {Remastered Version}  
12Where Have All The Good Times Gone  {Remastered Version}  

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