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_Various - Nr. 1 Hits Der 60er, 70er & 80er. Musik Für Unterw

Release Date: 2012
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


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1Mexican Girl  (The SCHLAGERFLOWERS) 3.30
2Don´T Let Me Be Misunderstood  (Stef EIKEMANN) 3.08
3You Ain'T Seen Nothing Yet  (Jörg KOLCZAK) 3.23
4Yes Sir, I Can Boogie  (The KISSCATS) 4.21
5Living Next Door To Alice  (The KISSLCATS) 3.35
6Mississippi  (TONIA & THE BEAT) 4.42
7Sunny  (The KISSCATS) 4.02
8Co-Co  (The PARTY PISTOLS) 1.00
9I Can Help  (The PARTY PISTOLS) 1.16
10S.O.S.  (Die SCHLAGER MASTERS)    ab 3.19
11Rose Garden  (The SCHLAGERFLOWERS) 1.37
12Moviestar  (The PARTY PISTOLS)    fr 3.10
13Ma Baker  (The KISSCATS) 4.34
14Beautiful Sunday  (Jörg KOLCZAK) 3.10
15Paloma Blanca  (Die SCHLAGER MASTERS) 3.37
16Waterloo  (The KISSLCATS)    ab 2.36
17Kung Fu Fighting  (Michael BEAVEN) 3.20
18Dancing Queen  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 3.49
19Rock Your Baby  (COVER MASTERS)    ab 3.13
20Super Trouper  (The HITSINGERS)    ab 4.14
21Lambada  (The HITSINGERS) 3.19
22I Wanna Dance With Somebody  (Anna KAAST) 4.37
23Sun Of Jamaica  (Stef EIKEMANN) 4.15
24Words  (Jörg KOLCZAK)    he 3.24
25It'S A Real Good Feeling  (The HITSINGERS) 3.44
26Come Back And Stay  (The SCHLAGERFLOWERS) 3.38
28Tainted Love  (The KISSLCATS) 2.40
29Maid Of Orleans  (The HITSINGERS) 4.06
30Take On Me  (Stef EIKEMANN) 3.38
31Sunshine Reggae  (PARTY SINGERS) 4.15
32Do You Really Want To Hurt Me ?  (DIE ORIGINAL KNALLER-BAND) 4.22
33In The Army Now  (The SCHLAGERFLOWERS) 3.50
34Maria Magdalena  (Anna KAAST) 4.03
35So You Win Again  (COVER MASTERS) 4.22
36Bette Davis Eyes  (Anna KAAST) 3.48
37I Just Called To Say I Love You  (Golo Frederic NANSEN) 4.23
38Fade To Grey  (Jörg KOCZAK) 3.23
39Relax  (The HITSINGERS) 3.51
40Venus  (The SCHLAGERFLOWERS) 3.35
41Pretty Woman  (The KISSCATS) 2.58
42Satisfaction  (The KISSCATS)    fr 2.56
43Wooly Bully  (The SCHLAGERFLOWERS) 2.21
44A Whiter Shade Of Pale  (The KISSLCATS) 3.51
45Judy In Disguise  (The SCHLAGERFLOWERS) 2.54
46Delilah  (The KISSCATS) 3.30
47Peppermint Twist  (The SCHLAGERFLOWERS) 2.05
48Hello Mary Lou  (The SCHLAGERFLOWERS)    st 2.12
49Massachusetts  (COVER MASTERS) 2.17
50Sugar Sugar  (The SCHLAGERFLOWERS) 2.50
52Puppet On A String  (Silvia SANTOLA) 2.22

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