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_Compilations Anglaises - Molly - Counting Down The Hits

Release Date: 21/10/2016
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


_Compilations AnglaisesSinger


1Mamma Mia  (ABBA)  {Remastered 1997}    ab 3.32
2My Sharona  (The KNACK) 4.00
4Send Me An Angel  (REAL LIFE)  
5Video Killed The Radio Star  (BUGGLES) 3.17
6It'S A Miracle  (CULTURE CLUB) 3.25
7Our Lips Are Sealed  (GO GO'S) 2.43
8Listening  (PSEUDO ECHO)  
9Heaven  (EUROGLIDERS)  {(Must Be There)}  
1099 Luftballons  (NENA)  {German} 3.49
11Sunglasses At Night  (Corey HART) 3.49
12Whip It  (DEVO)  
13Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight  (MODELS) 3.33
14You Make Me Feel Like Dancing  (Leo SAYER) 2.52
15Current Stand  (KIDS IN THE KITCHEN)  
16Hey Little Girl  (ICE HOUSE) 4.16
17Come Said The Boy  (MONDO ROCK)  
18Head Over Heels  (TEARS FOR FEARS)  
19Total Control  (The MOTELS)  
20Wuthering Heights  (Kate BUSH) 4.57
1Time After Time  (Cyndi LAUPER) 3.52
2Gloria  (Laura BRANIGAN) 4.11
3Robert De Niro'S Waiting  (BANANARAMA) 3.32
4Don'T You Want Me  (HUMAN LEAGUE) 3.56
5Counting The Beat  (SWINGERS)  
6Total Eclipse Of The Heart  (Bonnie TYLER) 4.30
7The Reflex  (DURAN DURAN) 4.22
8The Best  (Tina TURNER) 5.29
9Bye Bye Baby  (BAY CITY ROLLERS) 2.50
10Shiny Shiny  (HAYSI FANTAYZEE)  
11Stimulation  (WA WA NEE)  
12Pressure Sway  (MACHINATIONS)  
13Modern Girl  (James FREUD)  
14Bop Girl  (Pat WILSON)  
15Singing In The 80'S  (The MONITORS)  
16Say I Love You  (Renee GEYER)  
17Prefab Heart  (The REELS)  
18Calling Your Name  (MARILYN) 3.56
19In The Flesh  (BLONDIE) 2.30
20I Go To Rio  (Peter ALLEN) 3.17
1Solid Rock  (GONNA)  
2No Secrets  (The ANGELS)  
3Fox On The Run  (The SWEET) 3.23
4Say Goodbye  (HUNTERS & COLLECTORS)  
5Boys In Town  (DIVINYLS)  
6I'M Bored  (Iggy POP)  
7Dream Police  (CHEAP TRICK)  
9People  (MI SEX)  
10Horror Movie  (SKYHOOKS)  
11Still In Love With You  (DRAGON)  
12How Come  (The SPORTS)  
14Hot In The City  (Billy IDOL) 3.34
15Shape I'M In  (JO JO ZEP & THE FALCONS)  
16Hands Up In The Air  (BOOM CRASH OPERA)  
17You Can Leave Your Hat On  (Joe COCKER)  {9 Weeks} 4.12
18Rock Me Gently  (SHERBET)  
19Too Hot Too Touch  (SUPERNAUT)  
20Soldier Of Fortune  (John Paul YOUNG)  

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