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_Compilations Anglaises - Classic Hi-Nrg Volume Three

Release Date: 1998
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Catalogue Number: CDB-PBX-3
Language: English


_Compilations AnglaisesSinger
Passion RecordsHouse Label


1High Energy  (Evelyn THOMAS) 6.39
3Halfway To Paradise  (Kelly MARIE) 6.57
4Relight My Fire  (CAFE SOCIETY) 8.06
5Born To Dance  (ASTA) 4.43
6Midnight Lover  (PEOPLE LIKE US) 7.36
7I'M The One  (CHARADE) 7.37
8Doin' It  (LISA) 6.54
9I'Ll Try Anything Once  (Paul ZONE) 7.44
10Because The Night  (QUANTIZE) 6.24
1Read All About It  (FLIRTATIONS) 9.02
2Time Bomb  (Angie GOLD) 5.12
3Don'T Hold Back On Love  (Mary CRIDELLE) 6.31
4Break Me  (CHARADE)  {Remix} 6.50
5I Just Don'T Know What To Do With Myself  (Tracy ACKERMAN) 5.55
6Turn Me On Again  (ASTA) 8.03
7Burning  (SAPPHIRE) 6.01
8All Over Again  (Norma MANNING) 8.11
9Shed No Tears  (CHOICE TREATS) 4.06
10Stay With Me  (QUANTIZE) 5.18
1Fire Me Up  (ASTA) 5.24
2This Time It'S For Real  (Kelly MARIE) 6.01
3Victim Of Love  (CHARADE) 6.08
4Heaven Must Have Sent You  (QUANTIZE) 6.02
5Cheated By A Painted Lover  (DEE DEE) 4.20
6You Blow Hot & Cold  (Tracy ACKERMAN) 5.29
7Show You My Heart  (CARMEN) 3.48
8Love Eviction  (ASTA) 6.04
9Sounds So Fine  (Damian DAVEY) 3.49
10The First Time  (George MYAMI) 4.26
1Sweet Dreams  (REVENGE+BILLY) 7.02
2Shout It Out  (ASTA) 4.35
3Landslide  (Angie GOLD) 9.07
4Last Dance  (NICOLE) 5.31
5One Way Ticket  (Louise THOMAS)    he 4.42
6Yesterday Once More  (QUANTIZE) 7.03
7This Is The Way  (REVENGE+BILLY) 5.31
8Wrap Your Arms Around Me  (ASTA)  {Extended}    ag 6.27
9Shooting Star  (QUANTIZE) 5.05
10Aria Serenade  (DC ORCHESTRA) 7.15

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