datABBAse - K7

A&F - After ABBA

Release Date: 1985
Support: K7 (I do Not Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Catalogue Number: DTO-10301A
Language: English


Agnetha & FridaSinger
DittoHouse Label


1I Know There'S Something Going On  (FRIDA)    fr 5.27
2Man  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.32
3Take Good Care Of Your Children  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.43
4Strangers  (FRIDA)    fr 4.05
5To Love  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.48
6The Heat Is On  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.50
7Slowly  (FRIDA)    fr 4.34
8Stay  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.18
9Don'T Do It  (FRIDA)    fr 4.37
10Eyes Of A Woman  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.54
1Wrap Your Arms Around Me  (AGNETHA)    ag 5.17
2I Got Something  (FRIDA)    fr 4.06
3Can'T Shake Loose  (AGNETHA)    ag 4.21
4Twist In The Dark  (FRIDA)    fr 3.43
5Tell Me It'S Over  (FRIDA)    fr 2.53
6To Turn The Stone  (FRIDA)    fr 5.19
7Shame  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.37
8Stand By My Side  (AGNETHA)    ag 4.17
9You Know What I Mean  (FRIDA)    fr 2.37
10Here We'Ll Stay  (FRIDA+Phil COLLINS)    fr 4.06

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