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_Various - Just Dance 2019 - The Playlist Compilation

Release Date: 11/12/2018
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English
Version: Remix


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1Let You Love Me  (Alison REESE)  {Psycho But Sweet Remix} 3.14
2Side Effects  (Free MASON+J. LAROCHE)  {Steve Le Grand Full Effect Mix} 3.35
3Happier  (Joey BLUNT)  {Davincii Remix} 3.02
4Jackie Chan  (BLAKE THE MAN)  {Edit Wanna Kick It} 3.52
5In My Mind  (Dave SINCLAIR)  {In My Head Remix} 2.57
6Don'T Leave Me Alone  (RUNAWAY PROJECT+Lana GRANDE)  {Edit Dave Sinclair} 3.12
7Without Me  (LONDON LIVE COLLECTIVE)  {Live Thinking You Could Remix} 3.38
8Rise  (BRIDGESTONE+FAB & FAB)  {Uproar Remix} 2.50
9Breathin  (Alicia BLACK)  {Edit Just Keep Dancin} 3.23
10Promises  (AGENDA+Keith NEVILLE)  {No High Hopes Remix} 3.38
11Body  (Tyron B+Rob NUNJES)  {House Remix Edit} 3.06
12Mia  (Don SHARICON)  {Spidy Johnson Taki Mix} 3.18
13I'M A Mess  (A TASTE OF SUGAR)  {Rob Nunjes House Remix} 3.03
14Blah Blah Blah  (MIND & MOORE)  {Edit Rob Nunjes Deep House} 3.18
15Speakeasy  (CANTALOOP)  {Bella Ciao Remix} 3.09
16Sicko Mode  (FIVE DRAGONS+SNAKE)  {Natural Mix} 3.51
17Sunflower  (ELMIRAJ+NDA)  {Rob Nunjes Spiderverse Remix} 3.35
18Goodbye  (DYNELLE+ROOTKIZ)  {Edit Club} 3.38
19No Tears Left To Cry  (Monika MOUNT ZEN)  {10pm Studio Remix} 3.24
20Girls Like You  (FULL ROTATION+CARMELO)  {Dub Kontor Remix} 4.11
21Better Now  (The MOUNTAINEERS)  {Tic Toc Mix} 3.44
22Lucid Dreams  (MMZ+CARDI O)  {101 Now Remix} 3.48
23Te Ves Buena  (LUANA+Don SHARICON)  {Spanish Edit Spidy Johnson Jungle} 3.56
24Wake Me Up  (WEIMARR+Monica BABILON)  {Weimar Remixedit} 3.41
25Stay With Me  (Elen NOVA)  {Off The Charts Remix} 4.04
26Feel The Same  (ONE PLAYERS)  {Streaming Hits Mix} 4.03
27Be There  (Robert EMOTRONIC)  {Eastside 69 Mix} 3.35
28I Don'T Mind  (JAYTEE)  {Rob Nunjes Mix} 3.55
29Sunset  (BIG CITY GROOVES)  {Later Bitches Remix} 3.40
30U Know What'S Up '19  (SOULSHI)  {Mo Bamba Remix} 3.15
31Take Me Back  (Julian MORRIS+VIVI)  {Club Mix Short Version} 3.14
32Love  (DJ WINGNUT)  {Broken Heart Mix} 3.13
33Justify My Love  (VIOLARA)  {2019 Spidy Johnson Remix} 3.27
34Dancing Queen  (ZANETA)  {Edit 2k19 Radio}    ab 3.17
35Its All Right  (PEEXBAK)  {Remix} 3.37
36Endless Ocean  (NALE)  {Etasonic Radio Remix} 3.01
37Eden  (Armada TRIBE)  {Edm Radio Remix} 3.28
38Kalimba De Luna  (The AGAMEMNON PROJECT)  {Tomorrowland Radio Mix} 3.33
39Just Live  (DREAMAGIC)  {Edit Trance Emotions Uplifting} 3.19
40Forever  (BASESTYLEZ)  {Hardwired Remix} 3.45
41Tearing Up My Heart  (DANCE ROCKER)  {Thunderclouds Mix} 3.39
42Take Your Time  (Mark LOODEWIJK)  {Billboard Club Mix} 3.34
43For You  (The MB PROJECT)  {Iker Sadaba Remix Edit} 2.56
44I Like It  (CARDIOZ+Ariana AZALEA)  {Like That Tropical House Mix} 3.05
45Fefe  (G&G MUSIC FACTORY)  {Bebe Zeze Remix} 3.03
46Love Lies  (TANITA)  {Youngblood Remix} 3.22
47One Kiss  (LE GO+F A B)  {German Remix Is It Takes Edit} 3.55
48Remind Me To Forget  (Monica BABILON)  {Edit Sunkissed} 3.57
49Thank U, Next  (Joyce KIDD)  {Edit John Bravo Ultra Hits} 3.09
50Shallow  (Adele TAYLOR)  {Shazam Jones Star Born Remix} 3.36

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