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Chess - Best Of All Chess Productions The

Release Date: 2019
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English
Version: Live




1One Night In Bangkok  (CHESS+Murray HEAD)  {Single Edit}    ch 3.54
2Anthem  (CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG+The AMBROSIAN SINGERS)  {Single Edit}    ch 3.02
3Nobody'S Side  (CHESS+Elaine PAIGE)  {Original Version}    ch 3.54
4I Know Him So Well  (CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Barbara DICKSON)  {Edit Original London Version}    ch 4.17
5The Arbiter  {Extended 12"}    ch 6.02
6Heaven Help My Heart  (CHESS+Elaine PAIGE)  {Original Version}    ch 3.23
7Pity The Child  (CHESS+Murray HEAD)  {Original Version}    ch 5.27
8Someone Else'S Story  (CHESS+Judy KUHN)  {Broadway Version}    ch 3.34
9Where I Want To Be  (CHESS+David CARROLL)  {Broadway Version}    ch 3.24
10Someone Else'S Story  (CHESS+Sissel KYRKJEBÖ)  {Live Chess In Concert 1989}    ch  
11I Know Him So Well  (CHESS+Judy KUHN+Sissel KYRKJEBÖ)  {Live Chess In Concert 1989}    ch  
12Merano  {Instrumental Live Edit}    ch 4.23
13Nobody'S Side  (CHESS+Karin GLENMARK)  {Live Chess In Concert}    ch 5.41
14Anthem  (CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Live Chess In Concert}    ch 3.35
15Pity The Child  (CHESS+Anders GLENMARK)  {Live Chess In Concert}    ch 6.18
16Someone Else'S Story  (CHESS+Karin GLENMARK)  {Live Chess In Concert}    ch 3.45
17I Know Him So Well  (CHESS+Emma KERSHAW+Gunilla BACKMAN)  {Live Danish Production}    ch 4.06
18Jag Vill Se Schack  (CHESS+Rolf SKOGLUND)  {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002}    ch 3.22
19Inte Jag  (CHESS+Helen SJÖHOLM)  {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002}    ch 3.33
20I Mitt Hjärtas Land  (CHESS+Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002}    ch 3.25
21Vem Ser Ett Barn  (CHESS+Anders EKBORG)  {Swedish Live Reprise Stockholm 2002}    ch 5.40
22Han Är En Man, Han Är Ett Barn  (CHESS+Josefin NILSSON)  {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002}    ch 4.51
23Glöm Mig Om Du Kan  (CHESS+Per MYRBERG)  {Swedish Live Stockholm 2002}    ab 3.30
24Mountain Duet  (CHESS+Idina MENZEL)  {Live London 2008}    ch  
25Heaven Help My Heart  (CHESS+Idina MENZEL)  {Live London 2008}    ch  
26Anthem  (CHESS+Josh GROBAN)  {Live London 2008}    ch  
27One Night In Bangkok  (CHESS+Adam PASCAL)  {Live London 2008}    ch  
28I Know Him So Well  (CHESS+Idina MENZEL+Kerry ELLIS)  {Live London 2008}    ch 4.22
29Lo Creo Conocer  (CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Barbara DICKSON)  {Spanish}    ch 4.13
30He Is A Man, He Is A Child  (Reidun SAETHER)  {Live}    ch 6.14
31Nu Ser Jeg Ham Klart  {Danish I Know Him So Well}    ch  

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