datABBAse - CD

Steve Hogarth - Live At The 100 Club

Release Date: 19/10/2014
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Autorized
Language: English
Version: Live


Steve HogarthSinger
Poison AppleHouse Label


1Introduction  {Live} 4.18
2Story  {Live} 8.33
3Story Continued  {Live} 2.57
4This Train Is My Life  {Live} 4.28
5You'Re Gone  {Live} 5.00
6Beyond You  {Live} 6.13
7The Day Before You Came  {Live}    ab 5.53
8Hard As Love  {Live} 4.18
9Here Comes The Flood  {Live} 4.29
10Pour My Love  {Live} 6.34
11Diary Reading  {Live} 17.26
1Maybe I'M Amazed  {Live}
    Map Of The World  {Live Maybe I'M Amazed}
2Trap The Spark  {Live} 5.07
3Story  {Live Version 2} 1.35
4Story Continued  {Live Version 2} 3.40
5Instant Karma !  {Live} 4.51
6Sounds That Can'T Be Made  {Live} 6.12
7Power  {Live Lyric Reading} 4.01
8Afraid Of Sunlight  {Live} 6.46
9Really Like  {Live}
    The Hollow Man  {Live Really Like}
10Seasons End  {Live} 3.57
11The Sky Above The Rain  {Live} 10.09
12Cloudbusting  {Live} 5.02
13Life On Mars  {Live}    fr 4.41

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