datABBAse - CD

ABBA Lush - ABBA Tribute Duo

Release Date: 2019
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


ABBA LushSinger


1The Day Before You Came    ab  
2So Long  {Cover By Toni Lee On A Tribute Show}    ab  
3As Good, As New  {Tribute Show Toni Lee}    ab  
4My Love, My Life  {ABBA Cover By Toni Lee Tribute Show}    ab  
5When All Is Said And Done  {Tribute Duo Toni Lee}    ab  
6When I Kissed The Teacher  {ABBA Tribute Toni Lee}    ab  
7One Man, One Woman  {ABBA Cover By Toni Lee Tribute Duo}    ab  
8Eagle  {Cover Tribute Duo With Toni Lee}    ab 5.42
9ABBA Tribute Duo Demo Medley    ab  
10On And On And On  {Vocals Toni Lee As Agnetha}    ab  
11Thank You For The Music  {ABBA Delight By Toni Lee Barbie Allen}    ab  
12Happy New Year  {ABBA Cover}    ab  
13Andante, Andante  {ABBA Cover By Toni Lee From Tribute}    ab  
14Tiger  {ABBA Cover By Toni Lee Tribute Duo}    ab  
15I Let The Music Speak    ab  

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