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Lea Salonga - Story Of My Life Live From Manila The

Release Date: 22/03/2019
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Language: English
Version: Live


Lea SalongaSinger


1Lea Salonga Overture  (BYU CHAMBER ORCHESTRA)  {Live}
    Sun And Moon  (BYU CHAMBER ORCHESTRA)  {Medley Lea Salonga Overture}
    A Whole New World  (BYU CHAMBER ORCHESTRA)  {Medley Live Lea Salonga Overture}
    I Dreamed A Dream  (BYU CHAMBER ORCHESTRA)  {Medley Live Lea Salonga Overture}
    On My Own  (BYU CHAMBER ORCHESTRA)  {Medley Live Lea Salonga Overture}
    Reflection  (BYU CHAMBER ORCHESTRA)  {Medley Live Lea Salonga Overture}
2Another Hundred People  {Live From Company} 3.14
3Introduction Of Kory Katseanes & The Byu Chamber Orchestra  {Live} 0.57
4Introduction To I Enjoy Being A Girl  {Live} 1.00
5I Enjoy Being A Girl  {Live From Flower Drum Song} 3.08
6Introduction To Reflection  {Live} 1.09
7Reflection  {Live From Mulan} 3.49
8Introduction To Let It Go  {Live} 0.30
9Let It Go  {Live From Frozen} 3.52
10Introduction To Story Of My Life)  {Live} 1.08
11Story Of My Life  {Live} 4.20
12Introduction To I'D Give My Life For You  {Live} 2.19
13I'D Give My Life For You  {Live From Miss Saigon} 4.43
14Too Much For One Heart  {Live From Miss Saigon} 3.26
15Introduction To Legrand-Bergman Medley  {Live} 0.26
16Legrand-Bergman Medley  {Live}
    What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life  {Medley Live Legrand-Bergman}
    The Windmills Of Your Mind  {Medley Live Legrand-Bergman}
    A Piece Of Sky  {Medley Live Legrand-Bergman}
1Something'S Coming  {Live From West Side Story} 2.59
2Introduction To Burn  {Live} 1.46
3Burn  {Live From Hamilton} 4.21
4Send In The Clowns  {Live From A Little Night Music}    fr 5.17
5Introduction To I Dreamed A Dream & On My Own  {Live} 2.35
6I Dreamed A Dream  {Live From Les MisÚrables} 5.11
7On My Own  {Live From Les MisÚrables} 4.49
8Recognition Of Kory Katseanes  {Live The Byu Chamber Orchestra & Cesar Aguas} 1.55
9Introduction To Defying Gravity  {Live} 1.00
10Defying Gravity  {Live From Wicked} 4.17
11Introduction To True Colors  {Live} 0.50
12True Colors  {Live} 5.01
13Introduction To ABBA Medley  {Live}    bb 0.29
14ABBA Medley  {Live Mamma Mia & Take A Chance On Me & Dancing Queen}    ab
    Mamma Mia  {Medley Live ABBA}    ab
    Take A Chance On Me  {Medley Live ABBA}    ab
    Dancing Queen  {Medley Live ABBA}    ab
15Final Applause  {Live Audience From Mayin Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo} 1.07

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