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_Various - On The Road - The Best Country Songs

Release Date: 25/03/2019
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


_Compilations AnglaisesSinger


1Ruf Teddybär 1-4  (Carl EMROY) 4.55
2Find Your Peace  (Queens ROAD+Benjamin GEYER) 2.33
3The Gambler  (Carl EMROY) 3.49
4Adoration  (COON+GOEBEL) 2.20
5Love My Day  (Queens ROAD+Benjamin GEYER) 2.04
6Morning Sun  (Markus GLEIßNER) 2.27
7Marked By Life  (Nick COLD+DOUGLAS)  {Soml Version} 3.58
8Sing Me Back Home  (Carl EMROY) 2.42
9Angelas Song The Fox  (Onkel LOBERT) 3.39
10When You Walk In The Room  (Sarah JORY)    ag 3.12
11That Wild  (MYDEU)  {Acoustic} 4.29
12Nice Times  (Ingo HERRMANN) 2.16
13Medley  (Sarah JORY)  {Waterloo & Mamma Mia & Sos & Fernando & Dancing Queen & Knowing Me Knowing You & Thank You For The Music}    ab
    Waterloo  (Sarah JORY)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    Mamma Mia  (Sarah JORY)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    S.O.S.  (Sarah JORY)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    Fernando  (Sarah JORY)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    Dancing Queen  (Sarah JORY)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    Knowing Me, Knowing You  (Sarah JORY)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
    Thank You For The Music  (Sarah JORY)  {Medley ABBA}    ab
14Old Pictures  (Carl EMROY) 3.36
15Unchained Melody  (Sarah JORY) 3.43
16Hovering Over The Hill  (J.C. COOLMAN) 4.03
17Need A Lover  (Sarah JORY) 3.48
18Even Then  (Sarah JORY) 3.18
19Rock Star  (LA DENISE) 2.52
20Midnight Train  (The INSTANT VOODOO KIT) 3.30
21Bad Country  (Ingo HERRMANN) 1.57
22The Lord'S Prayer  (J.C. COOLMAN) 3.41

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