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_Various - Simply Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad About The Loser'S Lounge

Release Date: 1999
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official
Catalogue Number: 000001
Language: English


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ZilchoHouse Label


1A Shot In The Dark  (KUSTARD KINGS)  
2How Do You Do!  (Kris WOOLSEY+Debbie SCHWARTZ)  
3Holly Holy  (Joe BUDENHOLZER)  
4Everybody'S Talking  (Richard BARONE)  
5The Point Of No Return  (Phil FOXMAN)  
6Randy Scouse Git  (Robin "Goldie" GOLDWASSER)  
7The Name Of The Game  (Martha WAINWRIGHT)    ab  
8Epistle To Dippy  (David TERHUNE)  
9Some Of Shelley'S Blues  (AMY RIGBY)  
10Pierre  (Tony ZAJKOWSKI)  
11Butcher'S Tale  (THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS)  
12The Verb "To Love"  (Joshua TYLER)  
13I Happen To Love You  (Joe MCGINTY)  
14Coconut  (Justin BOND)  
15Dancing Queen  (Connie PETRUK)    ab 5.03

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