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Chess - Chess: Missing Pieces - Remixes & Demos

Release Date: 2021
Support: CD (I Seek)
Production: Bootleg
Catalogue Number: qr2021-0001
Language: English
Version: Edit


Quaver RecordsHouse Label


1Merano  (CHESS+LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA)  {Edit Special Airplay}    ch 4.18
2What A Scene! What A Joy!  (CHESS+Murray HEAD)    ch 2.36
3The Arbiter  (CHESS+Björn SKIFS)  {Extended}    ch 6.02
4One Night In Bangkok  (CHESS+Murray HEAD)  {Edit U.S. Radio Version}    ch 4.05
5Nobody'S Side  (CHESS+Elaine PAIGE)  {Edit 7" Remixed Version}    ch 3.54
6Chess  (CHESS+LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental Edit Chess Pieces}    ch 3.30
7One Night In Bangkok  (CHESS+Murray HEAD)  {Extended 12" Remix}    ch 5.38
8The Arbiter  (CHESS+Björn SKIFS)  {Single Mix}    ch 4.08
9Lo Creo Conocer  (CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Barbara DICKSON)  {Spanish}    ch 4.13
10One Night In Bangkok  (CHESS+Murray HEAD)  {Single Edit}    ch 3.54
11Nobody'S Side  (CHESS+Elaine PAIGE)  {Remixed Version}    ch 3.46
12You And I  (CHESS+Elaine PAIGE+Tommy KÖRBERG)  {Demo Special Airplay}    ch 4.02
13Anthem  (CHESS+LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA)  {Instrumental Bonus Tracks}    ch 2.55
14One Night In Bangkok  (CHESS+Murray HEAD+BJÖRN)  {Demo}    ch 3.16
15I Know Him So Well  (CHESS+Elaine PAIGE)  {First Demo}    ch 4.32
16The Arbiter  (CHESS+BJÖRN)  {Demo}    ch 2.37
17Every Good Man  (AGNETHA)  {Live}    ch 2.00
18When The Waves Roll Out To Sea  (BENNY+Anders ELJAS)  {Instrumental}    ab 3.21

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