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Virtual name for the duo Agnetha Fältskog y frida work

Officials Albums

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After ABBA
A&F K7 1985

1I Know There'S Something Going On  (FRIDA)    fr 5.27
2Man  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.32
3Take Good Care Of Your Children  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.43
4Strangers  (FRIDA)    fr 4.05
5To Love  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.48
6The Heat Is On  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.50
7Slowly  (FRIDA)    fr 4.34
8Stay  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.18
9Don'T Do It  (FRIDA)    fr 4.37
10Eyes Of A Woman  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.54
1Wrap Your Arms Around Me  (AGNETHA)    ag 5.17
2I Got Something  (FRIDA)    fr 4.06
3Can'T Shake Loose  (AGNETHA)    ag 4.21
4Twist In The Dark  (FRIDA)    fr 3.43
5Tell Me It'S Over  (FRIDA)    fr 2.53
6To Turn The Stone  (FRIDA)    fr 5.19
7Shame  (AGNETHA)    ag 3.37
8Stand By My Side  (AGNETHA)    ag 4.17
9You Know What I Mean  (FRIDA)    fr 2.37
10Here We'Ll Stay  (FRIDA+Phil COLLINS)    fr 4.06



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Voice Of ABBA The
A&F CD 1992

DVD & Videos

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2003 Agnetha & Frida Video CD Collection A&F VCDSinger
2004 After ABBA -Agnetha & Frida Videos A&F DVDSinger

Others Albums & Singles

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2000 Solo Albums Agnetha Faltskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad A&F CDSinger
2014 Gold A&F CDSinger

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Rock-Olga Today
Rock-Olga CD 1971

Ted Gärdestad CD 1972


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OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

ABBA Special Interview A&F 1982Singer
Focus Project A&F 1980Singer
Interview With Frida & Agnetha 1981 A&F 1981Singer
Interview With Frida, Bjorn & Benny A&F 2005Singer
Jesus Christ Superstar Mix A&F 2021Singer
Jesus-Christ Superstar Medley A&F 2013Singer
Late Late Breakfast Show A&F 2003Singer
Nu Tåndas Tusen Juleljus A&F 1978Singer
När Det Lider Mot Jul A&F 2015Singer
Rare TV Footage A&F 2007Singer
Televizier Magazine A&F 1975Singer
Televizier Magazine A&F 1975Singer
The Way Old Friends Do A&F 2016Singer
Together At Christmas A&F 2003Singer

Alias or Working Title

Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

'Til The Night Is Gone ABBA 1980Lead Vocal
A Bit Of Myself ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Bara Du Slog En Signal ABBA 1973Lead Vocal
Big John ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Boogaloo ABBA 1975Lead Vocal
Chiquita ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Coachman'S Farm ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
Debe Ser Rock And Roll ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Dream Land ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
El Andar ABBA 1980Lead Vocal
Elaine Elaine Elaine ABBA 1980Lead Vocal
Esses Vad Det Svänger När Man Spelar Jazz ABBA 1980Lead Vocal
Hades ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Harry ABBA 1982Lead Vocal
Hawaii ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
Heroes ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
High High ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
High On Your Love ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Honey-Pie ABBA 1973Lead Vocal
Horn Per ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Hurry ABBA 1982Lead Vocal
I Am A Tiger ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
I'M The Tiger ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
Ich Hab Angst ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
In The City ABBA 1982Lead Vocal
Joanne ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Katakusom ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Klocklåt ABBA 1973Lead Vocal
Kålsupare ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Kålsupare II ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Love For Me Is Love Forever ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Luz De Amor ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Memory Lane ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
Mountain Top ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Mr Sex ABBA 1973Lead Vocal
Name Of The Game ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
National Sings Out ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
National Song ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
Pandemonium ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Ricky Rock'N'Roller ABBA 1974Lead Vocal
Rosalita ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Salute To Stig ABBA 1981Lead Vocal
Stop And Listen To Your Heart ABBA 1974Lead Vocal
The City ABBA 1982Lead Vocal
The Eagle ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
The Queen And I ABBA 1975Lead Vocal
Three Wise Guys ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Turn Out The Light ABBA 1973Lead Vocal
Yippee Yay ABBA 1977Lead Vocal

Associate to the Song

Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

Al Andar ABBA 1980Lead Vocal
Aldri I Livet Finn Kalvik 1981Backing Vocal
Alley Cat ABBA 1975Lead Vocal
Angeleyes ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Bang A Boomerang ABBA 1974Lead Vocal
Beat It, Girl Ted Gärdestad 1972Backing Vocal
Blueberry Hill Rock-Olga 1971Backing Vocal
Bottom Coming Up Michael 1975Backing Vocal
Chiquitita ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Chiquitita ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Dancing Queen ABBA 1975Lead Vocal
Dancing Queen ABBA 1979Lead Vocal
Dancing Queen ABBA 1975Lead Vocal
Den Odödliga Hästen Rock-Olga 1971Backing Vocal
Den Stora Kärleken B&B 1972Backing Vocal
Det Kan Ingen Doktor Hjälpa B&B 1971Backing Vocal
Doc Mcgurgle'S Babylonian Lizard Tooth Oil Michael 1976Backing Vocal
Dream World ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Dum Dum Diddle ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
Eagle ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Elaine ABBA 1980Lead Vocal
En Carousel B&B 1972Backing Vocal
En Karusell B&B 1972Backing Vocal
Ett Stilla Regn Ted Gärdestad 1971Backing Vocal
Fernando ABBA 1975Lead Vocal
Fernando ABBA 1975Lead Vocal
Funky Feet ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
Get On The Carousel ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Gracias Por La Música ABBA 1980Lead Vocal
Gyllne Morgon Mats Paulson 1973Backing Vocal
Hamlet III ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Happy Hawaii ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
Hej Gamle Man ! B&B 1970Backing Vocal
Hela Världen Runt Ted Gärdestad 1971Backing Vocal
Helena Ted Gärdestad 1968Backing Vocal
Here In My Heart Finn Kalvik 1981Backing Vocal
Hesitating Hanna Michael 1975Backing Vocal
Hey Musikant B&B 1971Backing Vocal
Hole In Your Soul ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Hovas Vittne ABBA 1981Lead Vocal
I Am The City ABBA 1982Lead Vocal
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do ABBA 1974Lead Vocal
I Dröm Och Fantasi Ted Gärdestad 1972Backing Vocal
I'M A Marionette ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
I'M Still Rock-Olga 2004Backing Vocal
If It Wasn'T For The Nights ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
In The Arms Of Rosalita ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Jag Vill Ha En Egen Måne Ted Gärdestad 1972Backing Vocal
Jeg Har En Tulle Med Oyne Blå ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Just A Notion ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
King Kong Song ABBA 1973Lead Vocal
La Reina Del Baile ABBA 1980Lead Vocal
Looking For A Good Time Tomas Ledin 1980Backing Vocal
Love Comes Ted Gärdestad 1974Backing Vocal
Lovelight ABBA 1978Lead Vocal
Lovers ABBA 1978 {(Live A Little Longer)}Lead Vocal
Låt Kärleken Slå Rot Ted Gärdestad 1980Backing Vocal
Mamma Mia ABBA 1975Lead Vocal
Mamma Mia ABBA 1975Lead Vocal
Medley Rock Around The Clock & Blue Suede Shoes & Mean Woman Blues Rock-Olga 1971Backing Vocal
Medley So Long & Alley Cat ABBA 1975Lead Vocal
Midnight Special ABBA 1975Lead Vocal
Money, Money, Money ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
Move On ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
My Mama Said ABBA 1973Lead Vocal
Nana Arne Lamberth+Sven-Olof Walldoff 1969Backing Vocal
National Commercial ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
Natt Og Dag Finn Kalvik 1981Backing Vocal
Nina, Pretty Ballerina ABBA 1972Lead Vocal
När Du Kommer Ted Gärdestad 1972Backing Vocal
O Tysta Ensamhet Lena Andersson 1971Backing Vocal
On And On And On ABBA 1980Lead Vocal
Paper Dolls Michael 1975Backing Vocal
Pialuttan Rock-Olga 1971Backing Vocal
På Bröllop B&B 1971Backing Vocal
På Flukt, Elva Finn Kalvik 1979Backing Vocal
Reina Danzante ABBA 1980Lead Vocal
Rikky Rock'N'Roller ABBA 1974Lead Vocal
Ring Ring ABBA 1973Lead Vocal
Rock'N'Roll Band ABBA 1972Backing Vocal
Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie Rock-Olga 1971Backing Vocal
Rubber Ball Man ABBA 1979Lead Vocal
Räcker Jag Till Ted Gärdestad 1972Backing Vocal
Sandwich Michael 1975Backing Vocal
Skapelsens Hemlighel Lena Andersson 1971Backing Vocal
Snurra Du Min Värld Ted Gärdestad 1972Backing Vocal
So Long ABBA 1974Lead Vocal
Sommarlängtan Ted Gärdestad 1971Backing Vocal
Still Rock-Olga 1971Backing Vocal
Stupid Cupid Rock-Olga 1971Backing Vocal
Svea Svea Rutger Gunnarsson+Rutger Gunnarssons Orkester 1971Backing Vocal
Säg Ok Eller Nej Mamma Mia 2005Lead Vocal
Så Mycket Bättre Ted Gärdestad 1972Backing Vocal
Take A Chance On Me ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Take A Chance On Me ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Thank You For The Music ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
Thank You For The Music ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
That'S Me ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
That'S The Way The Cookie Crumbles Michael 1976Backing Vocal
The Name Of The Game ABBA 1977Lead Vocal
The Sun'S Shinin' In The Middle Of The Night Tomas Ledin 1980Backing Vocal
Tiger ABBA 1976Lead Vocal
Tutti Frutti Rock-Olga 1971Backing Vocal
Tänk Om Jorden Vore Ung B&B 1971Backing Vocal
Under My Sun ABBA 1979Lead Vocal
Voulez-Vous ABBA 1979Lead Vocal
Välkommen Till Världen Lill-Babs 1971Backing Vocal
Världen Som Var Min Lena Andersson 1971Backing Vocal
Vårtan Rock-Olga 1971Backing Vocal
Was Die Liebe Sagt B&B 1971Backing Vocal
Waterloo ABBA 1973Lead Vocal
Waterloo ABBA 1979Lead Vocal
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck Rock-Olga 1971Backing Vocal
What You'Ve Done To Me Rock-Olga 1971Backing Vocal
Why Did It Have To Be Me? ABBA 1976Lead Vocal

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