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Officials Albums

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10 Basi Musicali Karaoke
_Covers CD 2013

14 Most Famous Songs By ABBA (Alto Saxophone)
_Covers CD 2017

16 Popsongs For Piano
_Covers CD 2016

A Tribute To ABBA -The Essential Collection
_Covers CD 2006

A Tribute To ABBA I Have A Dream
_Covers CD 2004

A Tribute To ABBA The Collection
_Covers CD 2009

A Tribute To ABBA Vol 1 Karaoke Version
_Covers CD 2007

A Tribute To ABBA Vol 2 Karaoke Version
_Covers CD 2007

ABBA _Covers CD 2014

ABBA Favoritter
_Covers CD 2000

ABBA Gold Sing-Along
_Covers CD 2010

ABBA Gold The Greatest Hits (2021)
_Covers CD 2021

_Covers CD 2010

ABBA Hits (Mamma Mia) The
_Covers CD 2020

ABBA Hits In Hindi
_Covers LP 1979

ABBA Instrumental
_Covers CD 2019

ABBA Instrumental (Fsi)
_Covers CD 2020

ABBA Karaoke (Version 4) _Covers CD 2009
ABBA Karaoke Die Grossen Hits _Covers CD 1992
ABBA Karaoke Songbook 1
_Covers CD 2008

ABBA Karaoke Songbook 2
_Covers CD 2008
ABBA Mania Rtl Show _Covers CD 2010
ABBA Pro Vocal 25
_Covers CD 2008

ABBA Songs Karaoke
_Covers CD 2013

_Covers CD 2004

ABBAmania 2
_Covers CD 2004

ABBAmania 2005
_Covers CD 2005

ABBAmania Volume 2
_Covers CD 2009

Absolutely ABBA Pop Power Mix
_Covers CD 2003

All About ABBA/Mamma Mia - Red Obi _Covers LP 2008
All Time Greatest Hits Volume 1 _Covers CD 2000
Alternative ABBA
_Covers CD 2015

Baby Relax Tribute To ABBA
_Covers CD 2011

Best Of A*Teens (Karaoke Version)
_Covers CD 2013

Best Of ABBA (Karaoke Version)
_Covers CD 2013

Bossa Mia
_Covers CD 2008

Check The Czechs! ABBA - International Songs
_Covers CD 2014

Chill Bossa Mamma Mia
_Covers CD 2008

Chill N' Mamma Mia!
_Covers CD 2005

Chill On ABBA
_Covers CD 2012

Chillout Meet ABBA
_Covers CD 2014

Classic Karaoke Featuring ABBA
_Covers CD 2002
Clivia Music _Covers CD 2009
Covers ABBA
_Covers CD 2009

Dance On ABBA The Remix Cover Collection Vol 2
_Covers CD 2017

Dance On ABBA The Remix Cover Tribute
_Covers CD 2012

Dance Tribute To ABBA
_Covers CD 2010

Dancing Queen (ABBA Cover)
_Covers CD 2013

Dancing Queen (Eurovision Dance)
_Covers CD 2010

Dancing Queen (Music Factory Karaoke)
_Covers CD 2010

Dancing Queen (Ultimate Ringtones)
_Covers CD 2010

Dancing Queen 2013
_Covers CD 2013

Dancing Queen 2019
_Covers CD 2019

Dancing Queen The Greatest Hits
_Covers CD 2022

Dancing Queens Un Tributo Para ABBA
_Covers CD 2014

Die Grossen Hits
_Covers CD 2004

Feel The Music Tribute To ABBA
_Covers CD 2013

Fernando Und 11 Weitere ABBA-Hits
_Covers LP 1976

Fernandos A Tribute To ABBA
_Covers CD 2011
Gregorian Chants _Covers CD 2010

Homage Á Trois ABBA Gold
_Covers CD 2020

I Have A Dream Tribute To ABBA (2022)
_Covers CD 2022

I Love ABBA (Vol. 1)
_Covers CD 2008

I Love ABBA Remakes
_Covers CD 2008
Instrumental Hits _Covers CD 2010
Instrumental Hits Of ABBA & The Beatles _Covers CD 2003

Just Like ABBA
_Covers CD 2003

Karaoke ABBA (Suite)
_Covers CD 2008

Karaoke ABBA'S Greatest Hits
_Covers CD 2013

Karaoke Hits
_Covers CD 2013

Karaoke Hits Of ABBAmania
_Covers CD 2009

Karaoke Singing The Songs Of ABBA
_Covers CD 2006

Karaoke Tribute To ABBA
_Covers CD 2009

Las Canciones De ABBA
_Covers CD 2011

Little Voices ABBA
_Covers CD 2008

Loving ABBA
_Covers CD 2009

Mamma Mania Tribute To ABBA
_Covers CD 2009

Mamma Mia The ABBA Hits
_Covers CD 2020

Masters Of The Scene The Definitive ABBA Tribute
_Covers CD 2003
Melodías Mágicas De ABBA _Covers CD 1998

More Tribute To ABBA Vol 3 Karaoke Version
_Covers CD 2007

Music Maestro ABBA Best
_Covers CD 2009

Music Stars-Tribute To ABBA
_Covers CD 2013

Musicals Stars Singen ABBA-Hits
_Covers CD 2004

On The Road Again
_Covers CD 2010

One Night In Disco
_Covers CD 2007

Orchestral Arrangements Of ABBA Songs
_Covers CD 2012

Panpipes Play ABBA
_Covers CD 1999

Partytime Karaoke
_Covers CD 2008

Phoenix Karaoke Sing The Hits Of ABBA
_Covers CD 2008

Piano Covers
_Covers CD 2020

Piano Popsongs
_Covers CD 2019

Real ABBA Gold Repack
The ABBA Tribute Band CD 2001
Recordings By ABBA _Covers CD 2009
Remix ABBA Msrg Mini Mark
_Covers CD 2007

Ringtone Tunes In The Style Of ABBA
_Covers CD 2009

S.O.S. (Be-Scheuert 91)
_Covers CD 1991

Sing To ABBA Karaoke
_Covers CD 2013

Sound-A-Like As Made Famous By ABBA Vol 2 _Covers CD 2009

Sunfly Gold In The Style Of ABBA
_Covers CD 2013

Sunfly Gold In The Style Of ABBA Vol. 2
_Covers CD 2013

Sweet Little Band
_Covers CD 2022

Sweet Stranger
_Covers CD 2013

Thank You For The Music Tijdloze Favorieten
_Compilations Anglaises CD 2008

Totally ABBA
_Covers CD 2018

Tribute ABBA
_Covers CD 2010
Tribute To ABBA (Another Album) _Covers CD 1994
Ultimate ABBA Tribute Vol 1 _Covers CD 2009
Unknow Album _Covers LP 1983
Waterloo ABBA'S Greatest Hits In A Classical Style
_Covers CD 2014

Waterloo Ja Muut Suosikit - Kunnianosoitus ABBAlle
_Covers CD 2014

We Love ABBA Das Etwas Andere Hit Album!
_Covers CD 2013

Xtreme Karaoke
_Covers CD 2009

You Sing The Hits Of ABBA
_Covers CD 2009
Zoom Platinum Karaoke The Hits Of ABBA _Covers CD 2008 

Officials Single

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2011 ABBA Guitar Chilout _Covers CDSSinger
2020 Dancing Queen (Creamy, Knvwn) _Covers CDSSinger
2023 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! _Covers CDSSinger
2020 Happy New Year (Piano Sing Along Version) _Covers CDSSinger
1967 Unknow Single _Covers 7"Singer
1983 Unknow Single 2 _Covers 7"Singer
1983 Unknow Single 3 _Covers 7"Singer


Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

A Euro Beat Dance Tribute To ABBA
_Covers CD 2000

ABBA A Tribute, The 25th Anniversary Celebration
_Covers CD 1999

ABBA Metal Tribute
_Covers CD 2001

ABBA The Tribute
_Covers CD 1992

_Covers CD 1999

_Covers CD 1995

ABBAsolute Works The
_Covers CD 1999
Copycatz _Covers CD 1998

Från Waterloo Till Duvemåla
_Covers CD 1998
Hits On Medley _Covers CD 1993 Under Cover _Covers CD 1998
Winner Takes It All (CD) The
_Covers CD 2007

_Officials ABBA Covers
_Covers CD 2023

_Spotify ABBA Covers
_Covers CD 2023

DVD & Videos

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20th Anniversary Celebration Weekend
_Covers DVD 2007
50 Years Of ABBA Covers _Covers DVD 2022
ABBA Coverid 2020
_Covers DVD 2020

ABBA Covers 2013
_Covers DVD 2014

ABBA Covers 2014 I
_Covers DVD 2015

ABBA Covers 2015
_Covers DVD 2016

ABBA Covers 2016
_Covers DVD 2017

ABBA Covers 2017
_Covers DVD 2018

ABBA Covers 2018
_Covers DVD 2019

ABBA Covers 2020
_Covers DVD 2021

ABBA Covers 2021
_Covers DVD 2022

ABBA Gold Covers 2016
_Covers DVD 2017

ABBA Gold Covers 2017 DVD
_Covers DVD 2018

ABBA Gold Covers 2018
_Covers DVD 2020

ABBA Gold Covers 2019
_Covers DVD 2020
ABBA Gold Covers 2020 _Covers DVD 2022

ABBA Gold Tribute DVD
_Covers DVD 2012
ABBA Gold Tribute DVD 2010 _Covers DVD 2010
ABBA Guld Tribut
_Covers DVD 2012
ABBA Karaoke DVD (Sing-A-Long To All Their Nr 1) _Covers DVD 2000

ABBA Livestream Covers 2020
_Covers DVD 2021

ABBA Sing And Play ABBA
_Covers DVD 2022

ABBA Sunfly Karaoke
_Covers DVD 2004
ABBA The Tributes _Covers DVD 2005

ABBA Tribute Videography
_Covers DVD 2007
ABBAmania Catala _Covers DVD 2007 Best Of ABBA Karaoke _Covers VCD 2003
Canta Las Canciones De ABBA
_Covers DVD 2009

Famous ABBA Covers 1982-2022 DVD
_Covers DVD 2022

Famous ABBA Covers 2
_Covers DVD 2022

Hits From Sweden -Karaoke DVD
_Covers DVD 2008

Hits From Sweden -Karaoke Volume 2
_Covers DVD 2008

Huge Karaoke Hits Of ABBA
_Covers DVD 2004

Karaoke ABBA (Brasil)
_Covers DVD 2009

Karaoke ABBA (DVD)
_Covers DVD 1999

Karaoke ABBA (Version 2) _Covers DVD 2005
Karaoke ABBA Vol 2 _Covers DVD 2003
Karaoke Festival
_Covers DVD 2012

Karaoke Hits ABBA Vs Bee Gees
_Covers DVD 2004

Karaoke Hits From ABBA
_Covers DVD 2011

Karaoke-DVD ABBA And 70s Pop
_Covers DVD 2003

Partytime Karaoke DVD
_Covers DVD 2008
Sing A Long Karaoke (DVD) _Covers DVD 2003
Thank You For The Music (DVD)
_Covers DVD 2010
Uk & German ABBA Tribute _Covers DVD 2005   

Others Albums & Singles

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2022 30 ABBA Covers _Covers CDSinger
2022 50 Years Of ABBA Covers (CD) _Covers CDSinger
2021 A Tribute To ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2020 ABBA & Pre-ABBA Original Rare Italian Covers _Covers CDSinger
2013 ABBA 2013 Tribute (ABBAinternet) _Covers CDSinger
2018 ABBA 8 Bit Versions _Covers CDSinger
2014 ABBA A Tribute (2013) _Covers CDSinger
2016 ABBA Christmas Party 2015 _Covers CDSinger
2009 ABBA Cover Songs _Covers CDSinger
2004 ABBA Covers 2004 _Covers CDSinger
2008 ABBA Covers 2008 _Covers CDSinger
2015 ABBA Covers 2013 (CD) _Covers CDSinger
2016 ABBA Covers 2016 Mp3 _Covers CDSinger
2010 ABBA Covers From A To Z _Covers CDSinger
2014 ABBA Covers Versions 1 _Covers CDSinger
2003 ABBA Covers Versions 2003 (Volume 1) _Covers CDSinger
2008 ABBA Covers Versions 2008 (Volume 1) _Covers CDSinger
2008 ABBA De Oro _Covers CDSinger
2011 ABBA Divas _Covers CDSinger
2004 ABBA En Francais _Covers CDSinger
2001 ABBA En Or _Covers CDSinger
2002 ABBA En Zampoña _Covers CDSinger
2004 ABBA Forever _Covers CDSinger
2022 ABBA Gold Covers _Covers CDSinger
2001 ABBA In Gold _Covers CDSinger
2011 ABBA In Italian _Covers CDSinger
2014 ABBA Instrumental Midi _Covers CDSinger
2019 ABBA Instrumental Show _Covers CDSinger
1998 ABBA Karaoke _Covers CDSinger
2000 ABBA Karaoke! (Sing-A-Long On ABBA) _Covers CDSinger
2001 ABBA Maxi Tribute 1 _Covers CDSinger
2021 ABBA Maximizer _Covers CDSinger
2020 ABBA Medieval Style (2020) _Covers CDSinger
2019 ABBA Music Box _Covers CDSinger
2011 ABBA New Year 2011 _Covers CDSinger
2022 ABBA Sing ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2008 ABBA Songs In German _Covers CDSinger
2008 ABBA Songs In Swedish _Covers CDSinger
2016 ABBA Spectacular _Covers CDSinger
ABBA Symfonic _Covers CDSinger
2001 ABBA Tribute 1 _Covers CDSinger
2010 ABBA Tribute Gold _Covers CDSinger
2004 Auf Deutsch _Covers CDSinger
1998 B&B Concert (Bootleg) _Covers CDSinger
2017 Best ABBA Covers The _Covers CDSinger
2003 Best Of Carpenters And ABBA The _Covers CDSinger
2017 Church Organ _Covers CDSinger
2015 Cindirella _Covers CDSinger
2015 Complete Recordings Session CD The _Covers CDSinger
2002 Cover To Cover _Covers CDSinger
2002 Cover Versions The _Covers CDSinger
2004 Czech Coverversion The _Covers CDSinger
2005 Czech Coverversions The _Covers CDSinger
1999 Dancing Queen (Teurovision Dance) _Covers CDSinger
2010 Dancing Queen Tributes _Covers CDSinger
2016 Delysid & Finnish Gold _Covers CDSinger
2011 Der Deutschen ABBA-Cover _Covers CDSinger
2003 Die Schönsten ABBA-Songs In Deutscher Sprache _Covers CDSinger
2001 Electronic Tribute To ABBA The _Covers CDSinger
2022 Essential ABBA Covers _Covers CDSinger
2022 Famous ABBA Covers 1982-2022 _Covers CDSinger
2000 Gold Plated - Vol.1 _Covers CDSinger
2000 Gold Plated - Vol.2 _Covers CDSinger
2008 Idol 2008 - ABBA Tema _Covers CDSinger
2001 Instrumental Collection _Covers CDSinger
1999 Instrumental Versions _Covers CDSinger
1999 Karaoke _Covers CDSinger
2003 Karaoke ABBA _Covers CDSinger
1999 Karaoke In Style Of ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2008 L'Italia Canta Gli ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2011 La Grande Soiree ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2020 Let'S ABBA Party _Covers CDSinger
2003 Light And Dark -The Platinium Tribute Collection _Covers CDSinger
2021 Live At Jao Tim (2020) _Covers CDSinger
2021 Live Show Especial ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2010 Lounge Legends & ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2017 Made In Sweden The ABBA Cover Versions _Covers CDSinger
2022 Mbl Remixes _Covers CDSinger
2022 Mugur Kreiss Covers _Covers CDSinger
1999 Music Of ABBA The _Covers CDSinger
2017 Music With My Friends _Covers CDSinger
2022 Nick & Simon Take A Chance On Me (2021) _Covers CDSinger
1999 Play Backs Special ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2021 Projekt ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2009 Remix-Mix _Covers CDSinger
1997 Salute To ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2000 Sing-A-Long _Covers CDSinger
2015 Soundcloud ABBA Tribute _Covers CDSinger
1982 Springbok _Covers CDSinger
2004 Superstar Karaoke _Covers CDSinger
1999 Svenska Versioner _Covers CDSinger
2019 Só As Melhores _Covers CDSinger
2020 Take A Chance (Swiss Stars Sing ABBA 2019) _Covers CDSinger
2009 Thank You For The Music (A Celebration) _Covers CDSinger
2020 Top Hits 70 Mamma Mia Sound Like ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2009 Tribut An ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2013 Tribut På ABBA _Covers CDSinger
2002 Tribute (The 30th Anniversary Concert) The _Covers CDSinger
2019 Voulez-Vous Live _Covers CDSinger
2017 _ABBA Covers _Covers CDSinger


Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

ABBA En Buenos Aires _Covers 2009Singer
ABBA Gold -Sikermä _Covers 2014Singer
ABBA Mashup _Covers 2021Singer
ABBA Medley _Covers 2003Singer
ABBA Medley _Covers 2018Singer
ABBA Medley Karaoke _Covers 2005Singer
ABBA Mix _Covers 2009Singer
ABBA Mix Party _Covers 2013Singer
ABBA Piano Medley _Covers 2009Singer
ABBA Song Medley _Covers 2018Singer
ABBA Songs _Covers 2008Singer
ABBA Turkish Medley _Covers 2004Singer
ABBA'S Funny Clip _Covers 2009Singer
ABBA'S Medley _Covers 2012Singer
ABBAcadabra Musical Ep Mix _Covers 1983Singer
ABBAmania _Covers 1999Singer
ABBAmania _Covers 2008Singer
Andante, Andante _Covers 2004Singer
Angeleyes _Covers 2003Singer
Aniversario De Gracias Por La Musica _Covers 2006Singer
Anna Anna _Covers 2014Singer
Another Town, Another Train _Covers 2020Singer
Arrival _Covers 2007Singer
As Good, As New _Covers 2013Singer
Australia'S Only ABBA Festival _Covers 2021Singer
Bang A Boomerang _Covers 1999Singer
Bang En Boomerang _Covers 2015Singer
Benny Andersson Medley _Covers 2009Singer
Bonjour La France _Covers 2018Singer
Bravo Tu As Gagné _Covers 2010Singer
Cariño, Cariño _Covers 1998Singer
Cassandra _Covers 2021Singer
Chiquetete _Covers 2006Singer
Chiquitita _Covers 1997Singer
Chiquitita _Covers 2021Singer
Chiquitta _Covers 2021Singer
Chiquittip _Covers 2015Singer
Cindirella _Covers 2015Singer
Climate Queen _Covers 2016Singer
Conociéndome, Conociéndote _Covers 1998Singer
Crazy World _Covers 2021Singer
Dame Luz _Covers 2021Singer
Dance _Covers 2003 {(While The Music Still Goes On)}Singer
Dancing Queen _Covers 2019Singer
Dancing Queen _Covers 2009Singer
Dancing Queen _Covers 1997Singer
Dancing Queens Mix _Covers 2014Singer
Danke Fur Die Musik _Covers 2010Singer
Danke Für Die Lieder _Covers 2005Singer
Dans La Peau D'ABBA _Covers 2019Singer
Der Sieger Hat Die Wahl _Covers 2005Singer
Dinero, Dinero, Dinero _Covers 1998Singer
Discovideo 2002 -Drömmar Av Glas -Jag Vill Se Schack _Covers 2002Singer
Discovideo 2003 -Summer Night City _Covers 2003Singer
Discovideo 2004 -All My Best Years _Covers 2004Singer
Discovideo 2005 Planet ABBA _Covers 2005Singer
Discovideo 2006 -20th Fanclub Anniversary _Covers 2006Singer
Discovideo Medley 2004 -ABBAfest Brighton _Covers 2004Singer
Discuss Musicals _Covers 2010Singer
Disillusion _Covers 2021Singer
Does Your Mother Know _Covers 2004Singer
Dream World _Covers 2019Singer
Du Ska Till Malmo _Covers 2013Singer
Dum Dum Diddle _Covers 1998Singer
Eagle _Covers 1999Singer
Einer Von Uns _Covers 2009Singer
Elaine _Covers 2012Singer
Extract _Covers 2009Singer
Fan Bé Aat Rtv Drenthe _Covers 2022Singer
Fan Bé Shows His Collection _Covers 2019Singer
Feliz Navidad & Happy New Year & Than Tai Go Cua. Xuan Yeu Thuon _Covers 2010Singer
Fernando _Covers 1997Singer
Fernando _Covers 2019Singer
Fija Tu Amor En Mí _Covers 2008Singer
Finale Medley Waterloo / Dancing Queen / Fernando _Covers 2009Singer
Funky ABBA _Covers 2007Singer
Gare Au Loup _Covers 2007Singer
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! _Covers 1997 {(A Man After Midnight)}Singer
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! _Covers 2016 {(A Man After Midnight)}Singer
Gleðilegt Ár _Covers 2008Singer
Gold 30th Anniversary _Covers 2022Singer
Gonna Sing You My Lovesong _Covers 2012Singer
Gracias For La Musik ABBA+_Covers 2008Singer
Gracias Por Dejarme Cantar Canciones _Covers 2008Singer
Gracias Por La Música _Covers 2002Singer
Hamlet III _Covers 2009Singer
Happy Hawaii _Covers 2012Singer
Happy New Year _Covers 1999Singer
Hasta Mañana _Covers 1999Singer
He Is Your Brother ABBA+_Covers 1979Singer
Head Over Heels _Covers 2002Singer
Henry Viii _Covers 2020Singer
Hey, Hey Helen _Covers 1975Singer
Hits On Medley ABBA Songs _Covers 1993Singer
Hold Me Close _Covers 2002Singer
Hole In Your Soul _Covers 2013Singer
Honey, Honey _Covers 1999Singer
Högvakten Play ABBA Hits _Covers 2010Singer
I Am Just A Girl _Covers 2021Singer
I Am The City _Covers 2021Singer
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do _Covers 2020Singer
I Have A Dream _Covers 1997Singer
I Let The Music Speak _Covers 2009Singer
I Saw It In The Mirror _Covers 2009Singer
I Still Have Faith In You _Covers 2021Singer
I Wonder _Covers 1999 {(Departure)}Singer
I'M A Marionette _Covers 2009Singer
I'Ve Been Waiting For You _Covers 2009Singer
Ich Bin Ich, Du Bist Du _Covers 2005Singer
Ich Bin Nur Ein Mädchen _Covers 2002Singer
Ich Will, Ich Will, Ich Will, Ich Will, Ich Will _Covers 2005Singer
If It Wasn'T For The Nights _Covers 2019Singer
In Nederland _Covers 2019Singer
Intermezzo No. 1 _Covers 2002Singer
J&B, Whisky, Pastis Et Gin _Covers 2020Singer
Jag Har Väntat På Dig _Covers 1976Singer
Just Like That _Covers 2009Singer
Kaisa Tera Pyar _Covers 2006Singer
Kiitos Musiikista _Covers 2014Singer
Kisses Of Fire _Covers 2013Singer
Knowing Me, Knowing You _Covers 1997Singer
Knowing Me, Knowing You _Covers 2021Singer
Kom Ta En Sista Dans Med Mej _Covers 2003Singer
Komm Und Wag'S Mit Mir _Covers 2005Singer
La Boda _Covers 2010Singer
La Planète Amour _Covers 2007Singer
La Reina Del Baile _Covers 1998Singer
La Reina Del Baile _Covers 2009Singer
Lay All Your Love On Me _Covers 1999Singer
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room _Covers 2009Singer
Lipdub Waterloo _Covers 2010Singer
Lovelight _Covers 2007Singer
Lovers _Covers 2019 {(Live A Little Longer)}Singer
Mamma Mia _Covers 2012Singer
Mamma Mia _Covers+Piano Superstar 2014Singer
Mamma Mia Medley ABBA+Mamma Mia+_Covers 2005Singer
Mamma Mia Musical Medley _Covers 2003Singer
Mamma Mia! 2 Medley _Covers 2017Singer
Me And Bobby And Bobby'S Brother _Covers 2021Singer
Me And I _Covers 2009Singer
Me Llevo El Tostador _Covers 2013Singer
Me Llevo El Tostador _Covers 2013Singer
Medley _Covers 2018Singer
Medley _Covers 2013Singer
Medley - Mamma Mia , Waterloo, Fernando, Thank You For The Music _Covers 2007Singer
Medley 2007 _Covers 2007Singer
Medley ABBA _Covers 2009Singer
Medley Bang A Bomerang & Ring Ring & Waterloo _Covers 2010Singer
Medley Dancing Queen & Fernando _Covers 2003Singer
Medley Dancing Queen & The Winner Takes It All _Covers 2019Singer
Medley Degli ABBA _Covers 2018Singer
Medley Does Your Mother Know & Angeleyes _Covers 2021Singer
Medley Does Your Mother Know & Hole In Your Soul _Covers 2020Singer
Medley Mamma Mia & Dancing Queen & Waterloo _Covers 2013Singer
Medley Of Band Tunes _Covers 1977Singer
Medley Slipping Through My Fingers & Thank You For The Music _Covers 2009Singer
Medley So Long & Sista Föreställngen, Sista Låten _Covers 2010Singer
Medley Waterloo & Does Your Mother Know & Mamma Mia _Covers 2015Singer
Medley Waterloo & Mamma Mia & Sos _Covers 1997Singer
Mich Trägt Mein Traum _Covers 2005Singer
Milgaya Hum Ko Sathi _Covers 2006Singer
Money, Money, Money _Covers 1997Singer
Money, Money, Money _Covers 2019Singer
Move On _Covers 2013Singer
My Love, My Life _Covers 2009Singer
Nay Nguoi Yeu Oi Ngoc Lan+_Covers 2003Singer
Nina, Pretty Ballerina _Covers 2013Singer
No Habrá Cuartel _Covers 2008Singer
No Lo Ves _Covers 2008Singer
Non Stop ABBA Megamix _Covers 2007Singer
Nostalgie Chante Noël _Covers 2016Singer
Not A Chance Bezingt Eurovison _Covers 2016Singer
Nur Sieger Steh'N Im Licht _Covers 2005Singer
Não Se Esqueça Da Escova De Dentes _Covers 2012Singer
O Que É Livinstone _Covers 2018Singer
Oh Bonne Mère _Covers 2010Singer
Om Och Om Och Om Och Om Och Igen _Covers 1976Singer
On And On And On _Covers 2010Singer
One Man, One Woman _Covers 2000Singer
One Of Us _Covers 2002Singer
Opening De La Segunda Gala De Mqb _Covers 2019Singer
Opening Medley _Covers 1979Singer
Oriental ABBA Medley _Covers 2004Singer
Oriental ABBA Medley _Covers 2004Singer
Our Last Summer _Covers 2013Singer
People Need Love _Covers 2011Singer
Popurri ABBA _Covers 2010Singer
Prinsessa _Covers 2014Singer
Promo Concierto _Covers 2020Singer
Put On Your White Sombrero _Covers 2013Singer
Quando Tudo Está Feito _Covers 2018Singer
Que Mania _Covers 2010Singer
Que Sí, Que Sí _Covers 2008Singer
Quel Titre D'ABBA Se Cache Derrière Li Gangneû Hape Li Tot _Covers 2021Singer
Radio ABBA Medley _Covers 2010Singer
Rahaa, Rahaa, Rahaa _Covers 2014Singer
Ring Ring _Covers 2006Singer
Rock Me _Covers 1999Singer
Rock'N'Roll Band _Covers 2021Singer
S.O.S. _Covers+Piano Superstar 2014Singer
S.O.S. _Covers 1997Singer
Se Me Esta Escapando _Covers 2010Singer
Sen Kaiken Toinen Vie _Covers 2014Singer
Seu Irmão Boby _Covers 2018Singer
Should I Laugh Or Cry _Covers 2013Singer
Sitting In The Palmtree _Covers 2021Singer
Slipping Through My Fingers _Covers 2001Singer
So Long _Covers 1999Singer
Soldiers _Covers 2009Singer
Stikkan Uvertyr _Covers 2015Singer
String Happening Play ABBA _Covers 2009Singer
Summer Night City _Covers 1999Singer
Super Trouper _Covers 2022Singer
Super Trouper _Covers 1997Singer
Superstar _Covers 2008Singer
Swedish Nights _Covers 2016Singer
Take A Chance On Me _Covers 1999Singer
Take A Chance On Me _Covers 2021Singer
Tengo Un Sueño _Covers 1998Singer
Tenha Um Sonho _Covers 2018Singer
Thank ABBA For The Music _Covers 2005Singer
Thank You For The Music _Covers Singer
Thank You For The Music _Covers 1997Singer
Thank You For The Whoopie _Covers 2009Singer
That'S Me _Covers 1998Singer
The ABBA Covers Megamix _Covers 2005Singer
The ABBA Euro Mega Mix _Covers 1997Singer
The ABBA Mix _Covers 1997Singer
The Day Before You Came _Covers 1997Singer
The Girl With The Golden Hair _Covers 2009Singer
The King Has Lost His Crown _Covers 2019Singer
The Money Song _Covers 2008Singer
The Name Of The Game _Covers 2004Singer
The Piper _Covers 2009Singer
The Show _Covers 2009Singer
The True Story Mix _Covers 1999Singer
The True Story Parody _Covers 2009Singer
The Visitors _Covers 2004 {(Crackin' Up)}Singer
The Way Old Friends Do _Covers 2009Singer
The Winner Takes It All _Covers 2015Singer
The Winner Takes It All _Covers 2012Singer
Three Wise Guys _Covers 1999Singer
Tiger _Covers 2010Singer
Tiiu Varik _Covers 2005Singer
Todo Va Al Ganador _Covers 2006Singer
Tous Les Enfants Du Monde _Covers 1979Singer
Tropical Loveland _Covers 2009Singer
Turkish ABBA Medley _Covers 2004Singer
Two For The Price Of One _Covers 2021Singer
Uk Parody _Covers 2009Singer
Um De Nós _Covers 2018Singer
Un Sueño Es _Covers 2008Singer
Under Attack _Covers 1993Singer
Va Todo Al Ganador _Covers 2015Singer
Va Todo Al Ganador _Covers 2009Singer
Vou Para Walting _Covers 2018Singer
Voulez-Vous _Covers 1999Singer
Vrijwilligersavond Met ABBA-Coverband _Covers 2019Singer
Was Ist Das Für Ein Spiel? _Covers 2005Singer
Waterloo _Covers 1997Singer
Waterloo _Covers 2011Singer
Wenn Das Mami Wüsst _Covers 2005Singer
What About Livingstone? _Covers 1973Singer
When All Is Said And Done _Covers 2007Singer
When I Kissed The Teacher _Covers 1998Singer
Why Did It Have To Be Me? _Covers 2002Singer
You Owe Me One _Covers 2021Singer
¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame! _Covers 2006 {(Amor Esta Noche)}Singer
¿Quien Quiere Ser Millonario? _Covers 2019Singer
¿Sabe Tu Mamá Dónde Estás? _Covers 2016Singer

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Love Isn'T Easy _Covers 1975Singer

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En Visa Vill Jag Sjunga Som Handlar Om Min Lilla Vän Hootenanny Singers 1970Autor
Lasta Inte Mej Vikingarna 2006Autor
Lasta Inte Mig Frida 1964Autor
När Ska Du Va Hemma Ikväll Sven-Erics 1986Song Inspired
Spelmansvisa Kjerstin Dellert 2002Autor
Spelmanvisa Hootenanny Singers 1970Autor

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