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Swedish musician - percussion 1979 - 1982. Played on LPs Super Trouper, The Visitors, 1982 sessions, Tour of North America & Europe 1979, Tour of Japan 1980, Dick Cavett Meets ABBA TV special 1981.

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Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek
1981 Visitors (International LP) The ABBA LPMusician
1982 Quartet (7'') ABBA 7"Musician

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Head Over Heels ABBA 1981Musician
I Let The Music Speak ABBA 1981Musician
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room ABBA 1981Musician
Me And I ABBA 1980Musician
No Hay A Quien Culpar ABBA 1981Musician
One Of Us ABBA 1981Musician
Our Last Summer ABBA 1980Musician
Should I Laugh Or Cry ABBA 1981Musician
Slipping Through My Fingers ABBA 1981Musician
Soldiers ABBA 1981Musician
Super Trouper ABBA 1980Musician
Super Trouper ABBA 1980Musician
The Day Before You Came ABBA 1982Musician
The Visitors ABBA 1981 {(Crackin' Up)}Musician
The Winner Takes It All ABBA 1980Musician
The Winner Takes It All ABBA 1980Musician
Two For The Price Of One ABBA 1981Musician
Under Attack ABBA 1982Musician
When All Is Said And Done ABBA 1981Musician
You Owe Me One ABBA 1982Musician

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