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Legend for the Songs
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Endgame Chess+Harry Goz+Paul Harman+Judy Kuhn+Phillip Casanoff+David Carroll 1988Singer
Heaven Help My Heart Chess+Judy Kuhn 1988Singer
How Many Women Chess+Judy Kuhn+Phillip Casanoff 1988Singer
I Know Him So Well Chess+Judy Kuhn+Marcia Mitzman 1988Singer
Lullaby Chess+Neal Ben-Ari+Judy Kuhn 1988 {(Apukád Erós Kezén)}Singer
Nobody'S Side Chess+Judy Kuhn 1988Singer
Quartet Chess+Harry Goz+David Carroll+Paul Harman+Judy Kuhn 1988 {(A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility)}Singer
Someone Else'S Story Chess+Judy Kuhn 1988Singer
Terrace Duet Chess+Judy Kuhn+David Carroll 1988Singer
You And I Chess+Judy Kuhn+David Carroll+Marcia Mitzman 1988Singer
You Want To Lose Your Only Friend ? Chess+Judy Kuhn+Phillip Casanoff 1988Singer

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