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Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek

Lost In Hollywood
CD 1992

1Rich And Famous    mi 3.56
2Dining With Alice    mi 2.55
3Flying Fish    mi  
4Why Do I Care    mi 4.00
5Ruby Slippers    mi 4.37
6Not Into It At All    mi  
7Without You    mi 1.43
8Amazing    mi  
9Space    mi 3.24
10Still Missing    mi  
11Snowman    mi  


CD 1994

1Once Upon A Time In A Galaxy Far Far Away    mi  
2Give'M A Smile    mi 3.02
3Ugly    mi 3.21
4Million Dollar Mouth    mi 3.01
5Flabbergasted    mi 3.13
6Eye Of The Beholder    mi 3.27
7The Last Man On Earth    mi 3.13
8Pretentious Brat    mi 0.35
9Brain Dead    mi 3.51
10Rich And Infamous    mi  
11Silver Screen    mi 3.27
12Don'T Let It End    mi 3.01


Officials Single

Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek
1992 Rich And Famous CDSSinger
1992 Amazing CDSSinger
1992 Ruby Slippers CDSSinger
1993 Why Do I Care CDSSinger
1994 Million Dollar Mouth CDSSinger
1994 Give 'M A Smile CDSSinger
1994 Pretentious Brat CDSSinger
1994 Rich And Infamous CDSSinger


Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

Amazing 1992Singer
Brain Dead 1994Singer
Dining With Alice 1992Singer
Don'T Let It End 1994Singer
Eye Of The Beholder 1994Singer
Flabbergasted 1994Singer
Flying Fish 1992Singer
Give'M A Smile 1994Singer
Million Dollar Mouth 1994Singer
Not Into It At All 1992Singer
Once Upon A Time In A Galaxy Far Far Away 1994Singer
Pretentious Brat 1994Singer
Rich And Famous 1992Singer
Rich And Infamous 1994Singer
Ruby Slippers 1992Singer
Silver Screen 1994Singer
Snowman 1992Singer
Space 1992Singer
Still Missing 1992Singer
The Last Man On Earth 1994Singer
Ugly 1994Singer
Why Do I Care 1992Singer
Without You 1992Singer

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