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Toppers In Concert 2005
CD 2005

1Over De Top  {Live}
2Are You Ready For Loving Me  {Live}
3Could It Be Mandy  {Live Piano Intro Gerard Joling}
4Could It Be Mandy  {Live René Froger}
5I Want You Back  {Live}
6I Can'T Help Myself  {Live}
7Same Old Song  {Live}
8Reach Out  {Live I'Ll Be There}    he
9My Girl  {Live}
10My Guy  {Live}
11Just Walk Away Renée  {Live}
12You Can'T Hurry Love  {Live}
13How Come, How Long  {Live}
14This Is My Life  {Live}
15Can'T Take My Eyes  {Live}
16Shangri-La  {Live}
17Ding A Dong  {Live}
18De Mallemolen  {Dutch Live}
19Amsterdam  {Dutch Live}
20Vrede  {Dutch Live}
21De Troubadour  {Dutch Live}
22Walking On Sunshine  {Live}
1If You'Re Not The One  {Live}
2Ich Bin Wie Du  {German Live}
3Dancing Queen    ab
4Super Trouper  {Live}    ab
5Intro  {Live 1}    ab
6Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  {Live}    ab
7S.O.S.  {Live}    ab
8Voulez-Vous  {Live}    ab
9Take A Chance On Me  {Live}    ab
10Mamma Mia  {Live}    ab
11Waterloo  {Live}    ab
12Crazy Way About You  {Live}
13Aankondiging  {Live}
14Zij Gelooft In Mij  {Dutch Live}
15Kleine Jongen  {Dutch Live}
16De Vlieger  {Dutch Live}
17Het Is Koud Zonder Jou  {Dutch Live}
18Een Beetje Verliefd  {Dutch Live}
19Bloed Zweet En Tranen  {Dutch Live}
20Geef Mij Nu Je Angst  {Dutch Live}
21Volare  {Spanish Live}
22Intro  {Live 2}    ab
23Buona Sera  {Italians Live}
24Wij Houden Van Oranje  {Dutch Live}
25Afkondiging  {Dutch Live}
26Love Is In Your Eyes  {Live}
    Woman  {Live Medley}
27Just Say Hello  {Live}
    Ik Bel Je Zomaar Even Op  {Dutch Live Medley}
28Ik Hou Van Jou  {Dutch Live}
    Kon Ik Nog Maar Even Bij Je Zijn  {Dutch Live Medley}
29Ticket To The Tropics  {Live}
30Zing Met Me Mee  {Dutch Live}


Toppers In Concert 2009
CD 2009

1Brand New Day
2Zeemans Medley  {Dutch}
3Eén Wereld  {Dutch}
4Guus Meeuwis Medley  {Dutch}
5Love And Hurt Medley
6Donna Summer Medley
7Hallelujah!  {Dutch}
8Op En Top Pop Medley  {Dutch}
9Toppers Medley 2009  {Dutch}
10Volendam Medley  {Dutch}
11Royal Night Of Disco Medley
1Songfestival Medley  (GERARD, RENÉ & GORDON+Johnny LOGAN)
2Don'T Let The Sun Go Down On Me
3Here In My Heart  {Father And Friend}
4Swinging Soul Medley
5Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)    ab
6Kleuter Medley  {Dutch}
7Queen Medley
8Rob De Nijs Medley  (GERARD, RENÉ & GORDON+Rob DE NIJS)  {Dutch}
9Jij Bent Zo  {Dutch}
10Disco Samba
11Lol Medley  {Dutch}


Toppers In Concert 2011
CD 2011

1Ouverture Higher 2011
2Dancing Queen  {Remix}    ab
3Inhaken & Meedeinen 2011
4Elton John Medley
5Hits For Kids Medley
6K3 Medley  {Zang K3}
7Los Angeles The Voices Medley  {Zang La The Voices}
8The Voice Of Paradise  {M.M.V. Leonie Meijer}
9This Is The Moment
10Gerard Joling Hitmedley
11Tropical Hitmix  {M.M.V. Danny Nicolay & Judith Peters}
12René & Jeroen Hitmedley
13Foxtrot Medley
14Disco Medley 2011
1Viva Las Elvis Medley 2011
2André Hazes Medley 2011
3Ode Aan Jan Smit Medley  {M.M.V. Jan Smit}
4Mijn Laatste Lied Voor Jou  {Zang La The Voices}
5Beatles Medley
6Rock Medley 2011
7Grease Medley  {M.M.V. Glennis Grace}
8Afscheid  {Zang Glennis Grace}
9Piano Pop Medley 2011
11Dolly Dots Medley
12Polonaise Medley
13Over De Top  {Version 2011}


Toppers In Concert 2017
CD 2017

1Wild West, Thuis Best  {Ouverture} 7.32
2Wals Medley 5.35
3Carpenters Medley 5.22
4Jan Smit Medley  (GERARD, RENÉ & GORDON+Jan SMIT) 5.57
5Country Sing Along  (GERARD, RENÉ & GORDON+Jan SMIT) 6.11
6Rene Froger'S Favourites  (Rene FROGER) 6.10
7Girlpower Medley  {Pleun} 6.16
8Doe Maar Medley  (Jeroen VAN DER BOOM+Rene FROGER+Jan SMIT) 5.06
9Gerard Joling Hitmedley  (Gerard JOLING+Jan SMIT)  {Version 2017} 5.48
10Grant & Forsyth Medley  (GRANT & FORSYTH)  {Sophie} 6.06
11Jeroen Van Der Boom Hitmedley  (Jeroen VAN DER BOOM) 6.09
1Songfestival Medley  (GERARD, RENÉ & GORDON+Jan SMIT)  {Version 2017} 6.05
2Feest Medley 6.07
3Latino-Medley 5.53
4Dance Medley 5.0 6.01
5George Michael Medley 8.52
6John Denver Medley  (GERARD, RENÉ & GORDON+Jan SMIT) 5.38
7Thinking Out Loud  (Jeroen VAN DER BOOM) 4.51
8André Hazes Medley 2011  (Andre HAZES)  {Version 2017} 5.52
9Rockmedley  (Rene FROGER+Jeroen VAN DER BOOM)  {Version 2017} 5.56
10Top Geer Medley  (Gerard JOLING) 6.18
1De Schaamte Voorbij Medley 6.04
2Guus Meeuwis Medley  (Guus MEEUWIS)  {Version 2017} 6.58
3Rene Froger Hitmedley  (Rene FROGER) 6.06
4Motown Medley 5.40
5Polonaise Medley  (GERARD, RENÉ & GORDON+FACTOR 12)  {Version 2017} 6.04
6ABBA Medley  {Version 2017}    ab 6.01
7Final Friends Medley 5.25
8Over De Top  {Version 2017} 4.30



Legend for the Songs
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ABBA Medley 2018Singer
ABBA Medley 2005Singer
ABBA Medley 2017 2017Singer
ABBA Medley 2019 2019Singer
Dancing Queen 2005Singer
Dancing Queen 2011Singer
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 2005 {(A Man After Midnight)}Singer
Intro 2005Singer
Mamma Mia 2005Singer
Reach Out 2005Singer
S.O.S. 2005Singer
Super Trouper 2005Singer
Take A Chance On Me 2005Singer
Voulez-Vous 2005Singer
Waterloo 2005Singer

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