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Aux Deux Magots
CD 1987

1I'M So I'M So I'M So  
2If You Need Me  
3Don'T You Know Don'T You Know  
4Turn To Me  
5The Way You Are  (Agnetha+SECRET SERVICE)  {Secret Service Version}    ag 5.46
6Say Say  
8Aux Deux Magots  
9Where The Wind Blows  
10Thank You For That Night  


Night City Tribute - The Songs Of Secret Service
CD 2018

1Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More  (Matt POP+Martin BLIX)  {Album Mix} 4.30
2Night City  (ITALOCONNECTION)  {Edit 12" Radio} 3.42
3Cry Softly  (Johan BAECKSTRÖM)  {Time Is Mourning} 4.20
4Flash In The Night  (RATIONAL YOUTH) 3.43
5Bring Heaven Down  (GLAS!) 4.02
6Don'T You Know Don'T You Know  (Jesper JELSE+RETROTEQUE) 3.40
7Oh, Susie  (EVAN) 3.42
8The Way You Are  (ELECTRIC CITY COWBOYS+Mia MOILANEN)    ag 3.54
9Fire Into Ice  (OCTOLAB) 3.37
10Feel You Near Me  (Mirko HIRSCH) 3.10
11La Goodbye  (047)  
12The Dancer  (PARRALOX)  {2018 Version} 4.13
13Broken Hearts  (EUROTIX) 3.50
14Walking  (Märtha FRANS) 4.11
15O'Clock Postman  (Cliff WEDGE+James KNIGHTS) 3.47
16Where The Wind Blows  (STOCKHOLM NIGHTLIFE+Eliza K) 3.27
17I'M So I'M So I'M So  (STORMBY)  {I'M So In Love With You} 4.02
18Oh, Susie  (Modiga AGENTER)  {Bara Vi TVå Vet} 3.50
19Flash In The Night  (PARRALOX) 5.01
20Aux Deux Magots  (The REAL PARAKEET) 5.08
21Dancing In Madness  (LEADERBOARD) 3.28
22When The Night Closes In  (FINKSEYE) 4.38
23How I Want You  (MR DOONUT) 3.35
24It'S Not Over  (Jimmy FÅNG) 2.59
25Oh, Susie  (EVAN)  {Stormby Mix Edit} 3.49
26Where The Wind Blows  (STOCKHOLM NIGHTLIFE+Eliza K)  {The Stormby 7 Inch Mix} 3.22
27Night City  (ITALOCONNECTION)  {Instrumental 12"} 5.34



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The Way You Are Agnetha Fältskog+Secret Service 1987Singer

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