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History Of The Loser'S Lounge, Vol. 23
CD 2017

1Does Your Mother Know  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Chris ANDERSON)  {Live}    ab 3.57
2Mamma Mia  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Anney FRESH)  {Live}    ab 3.35
3Take A Chance On Me  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+FREE TO BE FRIENDS)  {Live}    ab 5.45
4Suzy-Hang-Around  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Sean ALTMAN)  {Live}    ab 3.08
5Watch Out  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Mike FORNATALE)  {Live}    ab 6.02
6Theme From Seduction Of Inga  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+The JOE MCGINTY 7)  {Live}    bb 3.19
7One Night In Bangkok  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Nick DANGER)  {Live}    ch 3.59
8Lycka  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Lianne SMITH)  {Live}    bb 2.46
9Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Julian MAILE)  {Live}    ab 4.09
10The Name Of The Game  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+The JOE MCGINTY 7)  {Live}    ab 5.28
11Head Over Heels  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Joanna CHOY)  {Live}    ab 4.00
12Fernando  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Tricia SCOTTI)  {Live}    ab 4.34
13Chiquitita  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Debbie SCHWARTZ)  {Live}    ab 5.34
14Ring Ring  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Victoria LIEDTKE)  {Live}    ab 3.04
15Dancing Queen  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Connie PETRUK)  {Live}    ab 5.02
16Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+The JOE MCGINTY 7)  {Live}    ab 4.12
17Santa Rosa  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+David TERHUNE)  {Live}    ab 4.10
18Thank You For The Music  (LOSER'S LOUNGE+Natalie WEISS)  {Live}    ab 3.17



Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

Chiquitita Loser'S Lounge+Debbie Schwartz 2017Singer
Dancing Queen Loser'S Lounge+Connie Petruk 2017Singer
Does Your Mother Know Loser'S Lounge+Chris Anderson 2017Singer
Fernando Loser'S Lounge+Tricia Scotti 2017Singer
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Loser'S Lounge+The Joe Mcginty 7 2017 {(A Man After Midnight)}Singer
Head Over Heels Loser'S Lounge+Joanna Choy 2017Singer
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room Loser'S Lounge+Julian Maile 2017Singer
Lycka Loser'S Lounge+Lianne Smith 2017Singer
Mamma Mia Loser'S Lounge+Anney Fresh 2017Singer
One Night In Bangkok Loser'S Lounge+Nick Danger 2017Singer
Ring Ring Loser'S Lounge+Victoria Liedtke 2017Singer
Santa Rosa Loser'S Lounge+David Terhune 2017Singer
Suzy-Hang-Around Loser'S Lounge+Sean Altman 2017Singer
Take A Chance On Me Loser'S Lounge+Free To Be Friends 2017Singer
Thank You For The Music Loser'S Lounge+Natalie Weiss 2017Singer
The Name Of The Game Loser'S Lounge+The Joe Mcginty 7 2017Singer
Theme From Seduction Of Inga Loser'S Lounge+The Joe Mcginty 7 2017Singer
Watch Out Loser'S Lounge+Mike Fornatale 2017Singer

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