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Silvio CONDO

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Panflöten-Träume, Entspannungsmusik
CD 2010

1What If 5.09
2The Winner Takes It All    ab 5.50
3Scarborough Fair    mi 3.53
4Morning Has Broken    fr 4.37
5Massachusetts    af 3.05
6Immortality 4.52
7I Have A Dream    ab 5.51
8Fields Of Gold 4.28
9Chiquitita    ab 5.45
10A New Day Has Come 4.50


Mpanföten-Träume 2, Wunderschöne Melodien...
CD 2020

1A Light In The Distance 2.31
2Beauty Inside 4.20
3One Of Us    ab 3.55
4Chiquitita    ab 3.40
5Knowing Me, Knowing You    ab 3.51
6A Tribute To Bebel 3.07
7An Angel 3.50
8Calm By The Sea 2.36
9Super Trouper    ab 4.35
10Words    he 3.27



Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

Chiquitita 2010Singer
I Have A Dream 2010Singer
Knowing Me, Knowing You 2020Singer
Massachusetts 2010Singer
Morning Has Broken 2010Singer
One Of Us 2020Singer
Scarborough Fair 2010Singer
Super Trouper 2020Singer
The Winner Takes It All 2010Singer
Words 2020Singer

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