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Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek
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Caramba 001
Aithio  Swedish


Ted GärdestadBacking Vocal


1981 Caramba CD3.22
1995 Rarity Show _Bootleg CD3.17
2000 Get On The Caroussel _Bootleg CD3.27
2001 Under Attack (Bootleg) _Bootleg CD3.24
2003 End Of The Road The _Bootleg CD3.22
2004 Chorus _Bootleg CD3.22
2004 Demos & More _Bootleg CD3.31
2005 Secrets Demos And More _Bootleg CD3.22
2005 Unusual Collection _Bootleg CD3.22
2017 Rarities Volume 1 _Bootleg CD3.22
2018 Vi Valla Var Vanner Bacing Vocals Vol. 2 _Bootleg CD3.23

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