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Caption of Associates Groups: A=Associate of ABBA; M=Associate of an ABBA Member; F=Associate of an Family Member of ABBA
G=Associate of a Groups of a Member of ABBA; U=Associate of an Musician of ABBA
O=Others Associates to ABBA; R=Artistes in Relation with ABBA

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#1'S Mariah Carey CD 1998 [C2] '81 The Wild Cats CD 1981 [A1*]
'84 Nilüfer CD 1984 [A1*] 'The Best Of Matt Pop Mixes Volume 1 ABBA CD 2020 [A1*]
'Tis A Swinging Holiday Season Ralph Napolitano CD 2005 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Troll After Midnight) Troldhaugen CDS 2014 [A1*]
(Bring Me) Edelweiss 2000 Mariah Mathis CDS 1999 [A1*] Collection (Double LP) The ABBA LP 1987 [A1*]
(Living In) Desperate Times Olivia Newton-John 7" 1984 [A1] (Ne) Menjajte Stanicu Kbo! CD 2001 [A1*]
(What A) Groovy Feeling Johnny Nash 7" 1970 [A1] Very Best -Star Gallery The ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
...Ur Spindelväv Och Damm The Hep Stars+Gummibandet LP 1977 [A1] ...Är... Tommy Körberg CD 1988 [A1]
1 + 1 = 2 Bel Air 7" 1985 [A1] 10 Basi Musicali Karaoke _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
10 Basi Musicali Karaoke: ABBA Bt Band CD 2013 [A1*] 10 Hits Little Richard CD 2020 [A1]
10 Jaar -Allerbeste Van Dana Winner Dana Winner CD 2003 [A1*] 10 Jaar In Concert Dana Winner CD 2003 [A1*]
10 On Broadway Dennis De Young CD 1994 [A1*] 10 Star Hits Juicy LP 1982 [A1*]
10 År En Snäll Mans Bekännelser Patrik Isaksson CD 2008 [A1] 10 År Med Lena Maria Lena-Maria Klingvall CD 2011 [C2]
10-Ar Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2012 [A1*] 100 #1 Pop Hits! Ultimate Pop Hits CD 2011 [A3]
100 #1 Pop Hits! Volume 2 Ultimate Pop Hits CD 2010 [A1*] 100 A'Cappella Masterpieces: Concerto Cool & Jazzy CD 2013 [A1*]
100 All Time Greatest Hits Franck Pourcel CD 2005 [A1*] 100 Chansons D'Amour De Légende _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
100 Chansons De L'Année 1994 _Various CD 2013 [A1] 100 Chansons De L'Année 1996 _Various CD 2013 [A1]
100 Chansons De L'Année 1997 _Various CD 1997 [A1*] 100 Chansons De L'Année 1999 _Various CD 2013 [A1]
100 Chansons De L'Année 2000 _Various CD 2013 [A1*] 100 Chansons De L'Année 2002 _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
100 Chansons Francaises De Legende (Volume 2) _Various CD 2012 [A1*] 100 Chansons Francaises De Légende _Various CD 2002 [A1*]
100 Disco Hits _Various CD 2015 [A1*] 100 Eurosong Klassiekers _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
100 Eurovisionlög _Various CD 2008 [A1*] 100 Go'E Bjorn Tidmand CD 2005 [A1]
100 Greatest 70s _Various CD 2018 [A1*] 100 Hits Car Songs _Various CD 2016 [A1*]
100 Hits From The Musicals Palladium Singers CD 2009 [A1*] 100 Hits Musical _Various CD 2009 [A1*]
100 Irish Folk Songs _Various CD 2011 [A1*] 100 Musical-Hits _Various CD 2005 [A1*]
100 Tubes 70 Introuvables _Various CD 2013 [A1*] 100 Tubes Rfm Party 80 : Love & Party _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
100% 70s Gold _Various CD 2016 [A1*] 100% ABBA ABBA CD 2019 [A1*]
100% Dana Dragomir Dana Dragomir CD 2009 [A1*] 100% Hits Chanson Française (2012) _Various CD 2012 [A1]
100% Musical _Various CD 2004 [A1] 100% Tropical, Vol. 8 _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
101 80s Hits _Various CD 2008 [J1] 101 Pop Internacional La Banda Del Pop CD 2011 [A1*]
103 Exitos De Los 80 Y 90 _Various CD 2014 [A1*] 10s Pride _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
10th Anniversary In Wimbledon Chess CD 2019 [A1] 1100 Bel Air Place Julio Iglesias CD 1984 [J1]
12 Belles Dans La Peau Chansons De Gainsbourg Stefie Shock CD 2016 [A1*] 12 Deutsche Hits (Vol. 4) Hit Allstars CD 2011 [A1*]
12 Deutsche Hits Hit Allstars CD 2011 [A1*] 12 Favoritlåtar Kikki Danielsson CD 1991 [A1*]
12 Nya Visor Lena Andersson CD 1972 [A1*] 12 Punkte Nicole CD 2017 [A1*]
12 Sånger Ulf Lundell CD 1984 [C2] 12" Essential & Spanish Song'S ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
12'' Remix Classics ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] 12th Street Rag Janne Lucas 7" 1968 [A1]
12x Dizzie Tunes LP 1970 [A1] 13 Gotthard CD 2020 [A1*]
13 Hits 1982-1986 Agnetha Fältskog CD 2004 [A1] 14 Hits A*Teens CD 2005 [A1*]
14 Hits Frida CD 1999 [A1*] 14 Most Famous Songs By ABBA (Alto Saxophone) _Various CD 2017 [A1*]
14 Visor Rune Lindström Vilhem Ersmark CD 2011 [C2] 14 Éxitos Leonardo Paniagua CD 1990 [A1*]
15 Canciones Favoritas Los Guardianes Del Amor CD 2002 [A1*] 15 Clips Roxette DVD 2012 [A3]
15 Klassiker Ted Gärdestad CD 2002 [A1*] 15 Years Of Mamma Mia Mamma Mia CD 2014 [A1*]
16 ABBA Hits ABBA LP 1976 [A1*] 16 Chansons,16 Succès Sheila LP 1980 [A1*]
16 Hits ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*] 16 Popsongs For Piano _Various CD 2016 [A1*]
18 Ans Déjà René Simard CD 1979 [A1*] 18 Ballader Ted Gärdestad CD 2005 [A1*]
18 Great Songs ABBAration CD 2000 [A1*] 18 Hits (European Edition) ABBA CD 2005 [A1*]
1865 Dan Daniell+Frida CDS 2015 [A1*] 19 Patricia Kaas CD 2009 [J1]
1962-1966 The Beatles CD 1993 [A1*] 1962-1967 Sheila CD 1992 [A1]
1963 Les Plus Belles Chansons Françaises _Various CD 2001 [A1] 1963-1965 (Version 1) Hootenanny Singers LP 1970 [A1]
1964-69 ! The Hep Stars CD 1983 [A1] 1967-1970 The Beatles CD 1993 [A1]
1968-1974 Sheila CD 1992 [A1] 1970-1982 ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
1971-1975 Solar Plexus CD 1998 [A1] 1974 Greatest Hits The Magic Time Travelers CD 2008 [A1*]
1974 Tribute To ABBA High School Musical Band CD 2020 [A1*] 1975-1992 Sheila CD 1992 [A1*]
1977-1987 The 10th Anniversary Special ABBA Video 1987 [A1*] 1986-2006 ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*]
1xdvd Frida DVD 2005 [A1*] 20 Bästa The Hep Stars LP 1980 [A1]
20 Deutsche Superschlager _Various LP 1976 [A1*] 20 Disco Greats / 20 Love Songs Brotherhood Of Man LP 1981 [A1*]
20 Eurovision Favourites The Nigel Brooks Singers LP 1976 [A1*] 20 Explosion Hits 5 The Hiltonaires+Orchester Udo Reichel LP 1975 [A1*]
20 Explosion Hits 6 The Hiltonaires+Orchester Udo Reichel LP 1976 [A1*] 20 Giant Hits The Nolan Sisters LP 1978 [A1*]
20 Golden Hits ABBA All Stars CD 2005 [A1*] 20 Golden Hits Svenne & Lotta CD 2004 [A1*]
20 Goue Treffers Patricia Lewis CD 2014 [A1*] 20 Greatest Hits The Beatles LP 1982 [A1]
20 More Explosive Fantastic Rockin' Mega Smash... _Various CD 2007 [A1*] 20 More Hits Of ABBA & Other Great Groups The Impressions CD 2018 [A1*]
20 Perler Inger-Lise Rypdal CD 2016 [A1*] 20 Scottish Favourites Moira Anderson CD 1990 [A1*]
20 Suosikkia Verushka Hanne CD 1997 [A1*] 20 Supercharged Hits _Various LP 1977 [A1*]
20 År Med Nanne Nanne CD 2005 [A1] 200 Chansons D'Amour _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
200 Dansktoppere _Various CD 2003 [A1*] 2000 Miles (1995 Version) The Pretenders CDS 1995 [J1]
2010 Kids New Years Celebration The Hit Co CD 2009 [A1*] 2010 Kids New Years Celebration The Hit Company CD 2009 [A1*]
2019 Ccrma Sessions 1 - Ep The Brass Acid Collective CDS 2020 [A1*] 20ième Anniversaire Mike Brant CD 1995 [A1]
20th Anniversary Celebration Weekend _Various DVD 2007 [A1*] 20th Century Blues Marianne Faithfull CD 1996 [C2]
21 Grandes Exitos ABBA K7 1986 [A1*] 21 Songs From Gärdestad Ted Gärdestad CD 1992 [A1*]
21st Century French Pop World In Union CD 2012 [A1*] 22 Original Golden Hits _Various LP 1979 [A1]
24 Hours From Tulsa Tommy Körberg 7" 1968 [J1] 25 Aniversario, Mi Vida En Canciones Parte 1 Fernando Bladys CD 2010 [A1*]
25 Ans De Carrière 1971-1996 René Simard CD 1996 [A1*] 25 Ans, 25 Succès René Simard LP 1986 [A1*]
25 Best Songs ABBA CD 2015 [A1*] 25 Jaar Na Waterloo ABBA CD 1999 [A1*]
25 Jaar Popmuziek (The Best Of ABBA) ABBA CD 2001 [A1*] 25 Sucessos Perla CD 1998 [A1*]
25 Years Hits _Various CD 1989 [A1*] 25 Years Of ABBA ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*]
25th Anniversary Remix Album 1999 ABBA CD 2000 [A1*] 25th Anniversary Remix Album 1999 Vol. 2 ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
25th Anniversary Remix Album 1999 Vol. 3 ABBA CD 2001 [A1*] 25th Anniversary Remix Album 1999 Vol. 4 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
26 Grandes Canciones Y Una Nube Blanca Ana Belen CD 1989 [A1] 26 Hits Des Jahres _Various LP 1974 [A1*]
27 Super Succès Aimable LP 1979 [A1*] 2nd Best To None Benny Andersson CDS 2009 [A1]
3 Curt Görans LP 1976 [A1*] 3 Original Album Classic Agnetha Fältskog CD 2010 [A1*]
30 Jaar Dvs Door Vriendschap Sterk CD 2019 [A1*] 300 Chansons Francaises Des Annees 80 _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
30e Anniversaire Edith Piaf CD 1993 [A1] 30th Anniversary Collection Baccara CD 2007 [A1]
30ème Anniversaire Daniel Balavoine CD 2015 [A1*] 32º Raccolta Fausto Papetti CD 1981 [A1*]
33 1/3- Greatest Hits, Volume 1 ABBA (Books) Book 2006 [A1*] 36 All-Time Greatest Hits Pat Benatar CD 1998 [A1*]
36 Bästa Björn Skifs CD 2012 [A1*] 3rd Base Jamali CD 2009 [A1*]
4 X Tretow Michael B. Tretow LP 1966 [A1] 40 Ans De Musique D'ABBA ABBA CD 2014 [A1*]
40 Ans De Tubes _Various CD 2005 [A1] 40 Ans Les Nocturnes Georges Lang CD 2014 [A1*]
40 Beste Dizzie Tunes CD 1999 [A1] 40 Chansons D'Or Charles Trenet CD 2001 [A1]
40 Oldies Hits For Step Workout Session... Workout Music TV CD 2019 [A1*] 40 Super Hits Karaoke B The Star CD 2021 [A1*]
40 Titres D'Anthologie _Various CD 2009 [A1] 40 World'S Greatest Gay Anthems Glitteratti Inc. CD 2012 [A1*]
40 Years After Birgitta Wollgård CD 2019 [A1*] 40 Years Of Svensktoppen _Various CD 2005 [A1*]
40 År 40 Hits Ett Samlingsalbum Tomas Ledin CD 2012 [A1] 40 År I Folkparkens Tjänst Wizex CD 2014 [A1]
40/40 The Best Selection ABBA CD 2014 [A1*] 42e Rue (France Radio) Mamma Mia CD 2011 [A1*]
44 Titres Henri Salvador CD 2012 [A1*] 45 År I En Box Flamingokvintetten CD 2005 [A1*]
48 Original Tracks Olivia Newton-John CD 1994 [A1*] 4xcd Frida CD 2005 [A1*]
5 CD Album Orignal Serien The Hep Stars CD 2012 [A1] 50 / 50 Mats Ronander 12" 1984 [A1]
50 Ans De Chanson Française _Various CD 2010 [C2] 50 Ans De Disques D'Or _Various CD 2012 [A1]
50 Ar Favoriter _Various DVD 2005 [A1*] 50 Ar Vinnarna _Various DVD 2005 [A1*]
50 Best Of Hits For Kids Countdown Kids CD 2004 [A1*] 50 Favoritter Finn Kalvik CD 2013 [A1]
50 Glada År Med Alla Tiders Största Disney... _Various LP 1973 [A1*] 50 Golden Hits From Then 'Till Now Philomena Begley CD 2012 [A1*]
50 Greatest Karaoke Hits Joe Dohn CD 2013 [A1*] 50 Originalnih Pjesama Tereza Kesovija CD 2015 [A1*]
50 Th Anniversary The Hep Stars CD 2014 [A1] 50 Tubes Du Top Vol. 1 _Various CD 2009 [A1]
50 Years Aniversary Album Björn & Benny CD 2016 [A1*] 50 Years Of Rock And Roll Photography ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*]
50 Years Of The Eurovision 1956-1980 _Various DVD 2005 [A1*] 50 Âr Med Svensktoppen Widén Strand Poppe CD 2013 [A1*]
50/50 Björn Skifs CD 1997 [A1*] 500 Dagar Om Året Tomas Ledin CD 2009 [A1]
500 Miles Away From Home Bobby Bare 7" 1963 [A1] 56 Roliga Barnvisor Om DJur _Various CD 2012 [A1]
6 Singlar Från Chess På Svenska Chess CDS 2002 [A1*] 6 X 2 _Various LP 1980 [A1]
60 Chansons Il Etait Une Fois CD 2007 [A1] 60s, 70s Oldies Vintage Greatest Radio Hits _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
6e November November CD 2002 [A1] 70' 80' International International Artists Ensemble CD 2010 [A1*]
70' 80' International, Vol. 2 International Artists Ensemble CD 2010 [A1*] 70' 80' International, Vol. 3 International Artists Ensemble CD 2010 [A1*]
70'S Hits Christmas Celebration 70s Love Songs CD 2018 [A1*] 70'S Hits Christmas Eve Party 70s Music All Stars CD 2018 [A1*]
70'S Rock'N'Roll Show Osmos Cosmos CD 1997 [A1*] 70'S Rock'N'Roll Show DVD Osmos Cosmos DVD 1997 [A1*]
70-Luvun Hitit Eri Esittäjiä CD 2004 [A1*] 70s Classical _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
70s Dance Anthems Collections Remix Kings CD 2019 [A1*] 70s Greatest Hits, 60'S 70'S 80'S 90'S Hits,... _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
70s Pop Hits Diamond String Orchestra CD 2020 [A1*] 70s Pop Lullabies, Volume 6 The Cat & Owl CD 2020 [A1*]
71 - 81 Finn Kalvik CD 2001 [G3*] 71-73 Tomas Ledin LP 1977 [A1]
80 Hits Overload 80s Mongo Hits CD 2018 [A1*] 80 Les Années Cultes _Various CD 2015 [A1]
80'S Fun Time Hits Ultimate Pop Hits CD 2018 [A1*] 80'S Pop New Year'S Eve Ultimate Pop Hits CD 2018 [A1*]
80'S Pop Star Hits Pop 80 Orchestra CD 2018 [A1*] 80-90 Retro Hits _Various CD 2015 [A1]
99 Bad Mothers Patskats CDS 2020 [A1*]


A (Volume 2) Agnetha Fältskog CD 2013 [A1] A Agnetha Fältskog CD 2013 [A1]
A Cappella Vol. 1 & 2 _Various CD 2008 [A1*] A Collection Of Hits ABBA LP 1982 [A1*]
A Côté De Vous (DVD) Les Enfoires DVD 2021 [A1] A Côté De Vous Les Enfoires CD 2021 [A1]
A Different Stage Jason Manford CD 2017 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA I Have A Dream _Various CD 2004 [A1*]
A For Agnetha Agnetha Fältskog CD 2002 [A1*] A Girl Called Dusty Dusty Springfield LP 1964 [A1]
A Golden Celebration The Super Trouper Orchestra CD 1999 [A1*] A Gregorian Chant Salute To ABBA Saint Gregory'S Choral Ensemble CD 2009 [A1*]
A Gregorian Chant Tribute To ABBA Gregorian Choir CD 2007 [A1*] A Hard Day'S Night The Beatles CD 1964 [A1*]
A Hommage To ABBA Studio Sunset CD 2014 [A1*] A Jazz Tribute To ABBA Judith Nijland CD 2016 [A1*]
A La Carte Triumvirat LP 1978 [A1] A Little Love Tomas Ledin 7" 1981 [A1]
A Little More Love Olivia Newton-John 7" 1978 [A1] A Little Night Music Stephen Sondheim+Glynis Jones+Len Cariou+Hermione Gingold LP 1973 [A1*]
A Metal Tribute To ABBA _Various CD 2001 [A1*] A Mi-Vie Michèle Torr CD 1993 [J1]
A Music Story (Original Soundtrack) _Various CD 2019 [C2] A Musical Affair Live In Japan Il Divo CD 2014 [A1*]
A Nashville Sylvie Vartan CD 1964 [A1] A New Day - Live In Las Vegas (DVD) Céline Dion DVD 2008 [A1]
A New Day -Live In Las Vegas Céline Dion CD 2004 [A1*] A New Journey Celtic Woman CD 2006 [A1]
A Partir De Hoy Nadya LP 1985 [A1*] A Piece Of Lisa Lisa Stokke CD 2006 [A1*]
A Rival Thatch CD 1996 [A1*] A Rockin' Good Christmas Studio Allstars CD 2007 [A1*]
A Simple Four Letter Word ABBA CD 1994 [A1*] A Song To Sing Johanna Försti CD 2020 [A1*]
A Strange Gathering Tre Lux CD 2006 [A1*] A Stranger On Earth Marianne Faithfull CD 2001 [A1]
A Time For Love Julienne Taylor CD 2008 [A1*] A Toi André Rieu CD 2009 [A1*]
A Toxic Tribute To Pat And Debby Boone Florida Mixed Quintet CD 2008 [A1*] A Tribute Collection Studio 2000 CD 2000 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA (Double CD) Alcazar CD 2004 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA ABBA Essential Band CD 2009 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA ABBA Revival Band CD 2003 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA ABBAgold CD 2014 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Alcazar CD 2007 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA Bfm Hits CD 2015 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Covered In Hits CD 2010 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA The Fabba Girls CD 2008 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Fernando CD 2011 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA It'S A Cover Up CD 2011 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Laptop Instrumental CD 2014 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA Mark Pentleton CD 2011 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Pop Feast CD 2009 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA Secret Popstars CD 2012 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Sing Karaoke Sing CD 2011 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA Studio 99 CD 1999 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Studio Sound Group CD 2010 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA Studio Sunset CD 2010 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Sweet Taste CD 1999 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA Union Of Sound CD 2012 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Michelle Welch CD 2013 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA _Various CD 2021 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA - 20 Greatest Hits Allstars CD 2006 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA -Dancing Queen Audio Idols CD 2011 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA - The Best Of - 20 Massive... Super Trouper Band CD 2013 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA -The Essential Collection _Various CD 2006 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA -The Great Pop Music Band ABBA Cover Band CD 2011 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA 2 (Sound-A-Like) Studio Union CD 2009 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA 2010 Volume 1 Studio 99 CD 2010 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA And Boney M Alan Devito Orchestra CD 2011 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Bossa Nova Style Déjà Vu CD 2011 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA In The Mix ABBA CD 2007 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Kids Collection The Harmony Group CD 2012 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA The Collection _Various CD 2009 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Vol 1 Karaoke Version _Various CD 2007 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA Vol 2 Karaoke Version _Various CD 2007 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Vol.1 K & K Singers CD 1993 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA Volume 1 The Hit Co CD 2008 [A1*]
A Tribute To ABBA Volume 2 The Hit Co CD 2008 [A1*] A Tribute To ABBA, Vol.2 K & K Singers CD 1993 [A1*]
A Tribute To Buddy Holly The Hep Stars 7" 1964 [A1] A Tribute To Disco Stars ABBA Vol 1 Déjà Vu CD 2012 [A1*]
A Tribute To Frida ABBA (Books) Book 2005 [A1*] A Tribute To Johnny Cash The Scarlets LP 1971 [A1]
A Tribute To Mamma Mia Westend Copycats CD 2006 [A1*] A Tribute To Mamma Mia _Various CD 2006 [A1*]
A Tribute To The Greatest Hits Of ABBA Absolute CD 1999 [A1*] A Tribute To The Hits Of ABBA Glanettes CD 2009 [A1*]
A Tribute To The Very Best Of ABBA The Super Trouper Orchestra CD 2005 [A1*] A Tribute To Today'S Best Songwriters _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
A Van ABBA, Hun Grootste Hits Van Waterloo... ABBA LP 1981 [A1*] A Videobiography -ABBA Music Video Karaoke ABBA VCD 2003 [A1*]
A Wie ABBA, Die Grössten Erfolge Von... ABBA LP 1981 [A1*] A Winter Symphony Sarah Brightman CD 2008 [A1*]
A World Of Music James Last CD 2003 [A1*] A World Of Music DVD James Last DVD 2003 [A1*]
A*Teens En Chile A*Teens CDS 2000 [A1*] A-Project 2001 ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
A.M. Event Michael O'Brian LP 1983 [A1] ABBA & Agnetha ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*]
ABBA & Benny Andersson Mark Pentleton CD 2017 [A1*] ABBA & Eurovision _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
ABBA & Frida In Spain (1974-1982) ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*] ABBA & Ik ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*]
ABBA & Other Great Groups The Impressions CD 2018 [A1*] ABBA & Pre-ABBA Original Rare Italian Covers _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
ABBA & Stevie IVory CD 1987 [A1*] ABBA (1979) ABBA (Books) Book 1979 [A1*]
ABBA (Australia Compilation K7) ABBA K7 1976 [A1*] ABBA (Helena Bross Book) ABBA (Books) Book 2005 [A1*]
ABBA (LP) ABBA LP 1975 [A1*] ABBA (Nina Rasmussen 1993) ABBA (Books) Book 1993 [A1*]
ABBA (Nina Rasmussen) ABBA (Books) Book 1993 [A1*] ABBA (Palm 2009) ABBA (Books) Book 2009 [A1*]
ABBA (Polidh Edition Claire Welch) ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*] ABBA (Sanchez) ABBA (Books) Book 1995 [A1*]
ABBA (Welch) ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*] ABBA ABBA Mania Italia CD 2020 [A1*]
ABBA ABBAgold CD 2020 [A1*] ABBA Harmonet CD 2012 [A1*]
ABBA Hot Fox Karaoke CD 2010 [A1*] ABBA The Hustlers CD 2020 [A1*]
ABBA Jazz Collective CD 2020 [A1*] ABBA Karaoke Collective CD 2013 [A1*]
ABBA Karaoke Pro CD 2013 [A1*] ABBA Paul Mauriat CD 2019 [A1*]
ABBA Stefan Nicolai CD 2003 [A1*] ABBA Party Tyme Karaoke CD 2020 [A1*]
ABBA Gustavo Emmanuel Roca CD 2017 [A1*] ABBA Inger-Lise Rypdal CD 2016 [A1*]
ABBA Guillermo Sanchez CD 2001 [A1*] ABBA The Soundalikes CD 1999 [A1*]
ABBA Yalopop CD 2020 [A1*] ABBA Ady Zehnpfennig CD 2021 [A1*]
ABBA - Agnetha, Björn, Benny, Anni-Frid ABBA (Books) Book 2021 [A1*] ABBA - De Interviews ABBA (Books) Book 2015 [A1*]
ABBA - The Best Songs (Karaoke Version) (Originall Karaoke Maestro CD 2012 [A1*] ABBA -The Platinum Tribute Collection Light & Dark CD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA -The Story II -Thank You For The Music London Twilight Orchestra CD 1992 [A1*] ABBA 1972-1982 ABBA CD 2011 [A1*]
ABBA 1974 ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*] ABBA 1975 ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA 1975 The Remixes ABBA CD 2014 [A1*] ABBA 2013 ABBA DVD 2013 [A1*]
ABBA 2013 Tribute (ABBAinternet) _Various CD 2013 [A1*] ABBA 2014 DVD ABBA DVD 2015 [A1*]
ABBA 2015 DVD ABBA DVD 2016 [A1*] ABBA 2016 DVD ABBA DVD 2017 [A1*]
ABBA 2017 DVD ABBA DVD 2018 [A1*] ABBA 2018 DVD ABBA DVD 2019 [A1*]
ABBA 2019 ABBA DVD 2020 [A1*] ABBA 2020 ABBA DVD 2021 [A1*]
ABBA 50 Songs And Pictures ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*] ABBA 8 Bit Versions _Various CD 2018 [A1*]
ABBA 99 ABBA 99 CD 2015 [A1*] ABBA A Biografiia ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*]
ABBA A Legenda ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*] ABBA A Life In Pictures ABBA (Books) Book 2012 [A1*]
ABBA A Lyrical Collection ABBA (Books) CD 1982 [A1*] ABBA A Tribute (2013) _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
ABBA A Tribute The Real Group+Frida CDS 1999 [A1*] ABBA A Tribute Top Of The Poppers CD 2016 [A1*]
ABBA A Tribute, The 25th Anniversary Celebration _Various CD 1999 [A1*] ABBA Actuaciones ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*]
ABBA Acústico Marisol Otero CD 2020 [A1*] ABBA Again ABBA Video 1983 [A1*]
ABBA All The Top 40 Hits ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*] ABBA And 70s Disco Hits Karaoke Karaoke All-Stars CD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Annual 1978 ABBA (Books) Book 1978 [A1*] ABBA Annual 1979 ABBA (Books) Book 1979 [A1*]
ABBA Annual 1980 ABBA (Books) Book 1980 [A1*] ABBA Annual 1981 ABBA (Books) Book 1981 [A1*]
ABBA Annual 1982 ABBA (Books) Book 1982 [A1*] ABBA Annual 1983 ABBA (Books) Book 1983 [A1*]
ABBA Arrival The Remixes (Matt Pop) ABBA CD 2014 [A1*] ABBA At Bbc ABBA DVD 2014 [A1*]
ABBA Baby Style Lasha CD 2006 [A1*] ABBA Bbc Symphonie ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Beards ABBA CD 2017 [A1*] ABBA Before And Beyond ABBA CD 2002 [A1]
ABBA Best ABBA CD 1998 [A1*] ABBA Best Melodies Angel'S Music Box CDS 2015 [A1*]
ABBA Book ABBA (Books) Book 2009 [A1*] ABBA Bpm Best Possible Mixes ABBA CD 2017 [A1*]
ABBA By Calvero ABBA (Books)+Torbjörn Calvero Book 2015 [A1*] ABBA By Micke ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*]
ABBA By Nina Rasmussen ABBA (Books) Book 1993 [A1*] ABBA CDr #1 ABBA CD 2006 [A1*]
ABBA CDr #2 ABBA CD 2006 [A1*] ABBA Cadabra Chris Harper CD 2017 [A1*]
ABBA Cafe The Fabulous Lounge Quartet CD 2014 [A1*] ABBA Canciones ABBA (Books) Book 2004 [A1*]
ABBA Chill Out _Various CD 2005 [A1*] ABBA Christmas Party 2015 _Various CD 2016 [A1*]
ABBA Classic (DVD) ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*] ABBA Collection DVD ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Cover Songs _Various CD 2009 [A1*] ABBA Cover Versions Zlaté Casy CD 2000 [A1*]
ABBA Coverid 2020 _Various DVD 2020 [A1*] ABBA Covers The Floor Filler CD 2009 [A1*]
ABBA Covers 2004 _Various CD 2004 [A1*] ABBA Covers 2008 _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
ABBA Covers 2013 (CD) _Various CD 2015 [A1*] ABBA Covers 2013 _Various DVD 2014 [A1*]
ABBA Covers 2014 I _Various DVD 2015 [A1*] ABBA Covers 2015 _Various DVD 2016 [A1*]
ABBA Covers 2016 _Various DVD 2017 [A1*] ABBA Covers 2017 _Various DVD 2018 [A1*]
ABBA Covers 2018 _Various DVD 2019 [A1*] ABBA Covers From A To Z _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
ABBA Covers Versions 1 _Various CD 2014 [A1*] ABBA Covers Versions 2003 (Volume 1) _Various CD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Covers Versions 2008 (Volume 1) _Various CD 2008 [A1*] ABBA DVD ABBA DVD 2003 [A1]
ABBA DVD 45 ABBA DVDS 2004 [A1*] ABBA Dance Euphorica CD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Dance 1974-2014 ABBA CD 2014 [A1*] ABBA Dance Party Megamix The Party Animals CD 2016 [A1*]
ABBA Dance Remix Below & Beyond CD 2013 [A1*] ABBA De Oro _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
ABBA Deluxe DVD ABBA DVD 2011 [A1*] ABBA Deluxe Missing Songs ABBA CD 2012 [A1*]
ABBA Demos 2013 ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] ABBA Der Volksmusik Die Granaten CD 2018 [A1*]
ABBA Die Ganze Geschichte In 600 Bildern ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*] ABBA Disco Intro Videos ABBA DVDS 2005 [A1*]
ABBA Disco Intro Videos 2002-2006 ABBA DVDS 2006 [A1*] ABBA Diva Tashia CD 2018 [A1*]
ABBA Divas _Various CD 2011 [A1*] ABBA Ein Karriere In Bildern ABBA (Books) Book 2001 [A1*]
ABBA El Libro Oficial ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*] ABBA En Bossa Nova Holly Wilson CD 2011 [A1*]
ABBA En Concierto ABBA DVD 2012 [A1*] ABBA En España ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*]
ABBA En Francais _Various CD 2004 [A1*] ABBA En France ABBA DVD 2013 [A1*]
ABBA En Français (Unofficial DVD) ABBA DVD 2015 [A1*] ABBA En Or _Various CD 2001 [A1*]
ABBA En Värld Av Musik ABBA (Books) Book 1980 [A1*] ABBA En Zampoña _Various CD 2002 [A1*]
ABBA Español Svenska Deutsche Français ABBA CD 2012 [A1*] ABBA Ett Populär Musickaliskt Fenomen ABBA (Books) Book 1992 [A1*]
ABBA Favoritter _Various CD 2000 [A1*] ABBA Fenomen I Leganda Muzyki ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*]
ABBA Filtered And Enhanced Vocals ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] ABBA For Babies Cool Babies CD 2013 [A1*]
ABBA For Babies Jorge Pascuale CD 2012 [A1*] ABBA For Dancing Hot Lips Big Band CD 1989 [A1*]
ABBA For Orchestra Carl Davis Orchestra CD 2014 [A1*] ABBA For The Record ABBA (Books) Book 1980 [A1*]
ABBA Forever _Various CD 2004 [A1*] ABBA Fotografien 1974 - 1980 ABBA (Books) Book 2004 [A1*]
ABBA Fotografien 1974-1980 (2011 Version) ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*] ABBA French TV Appearaces ABBA DVD 2011 [A1*]
ABBA French TV Appearances Vol 2 ABBA DVD 2011 [A1*] ABBA Goes Metal Reinxeed CD 2013 [A1*]
ABBA Gold ABBA (Books) Book 2004 [A1*] ABBA Gold Covers 2016 _Various DVD 2017 [A1*]
ABBA Gold Covers 2017 DVD _Various DVD 2018 [A1*] ABBA Gold Covers 2018 _Various DVD 2020 [A1*]
ABBA Gold Covers 2019 _Various DVD 2020 [A1*] ABBA Gold Edition The Soundalikes CD 2007 [A1*]
ABBA Gold Hits ABBA (Books) Book 2005 [A1*] ABBA Gold Hits Russian Philharmonic CD 2019 [A1*]
ABBA Gold Sing-Along ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*] ABBA Gold Sing-Along _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
ABBA Gold The Complete Story ABBA (Books) Book 1993 [A1*] ABBA Gold The Greatest Hits (2021) _Various CD 2021 [A1*]
ABBA Gold Tribute DVD _Various DVD 2012 [A1*] ABBA Gold Tribute DVD 2010 _Various DVD 2010 [A1*]
ABBA Gold Tributo High School Musical Band CD 2020 [A1*] ABBA Greatest Hits The ABBA Tribute Band CD 2002 [A1*]
ABBA Greatest Hits ABBA World Revival CD 2020 [A1*] ABBA Greatest Hits The Dancing Queen Group CD 2011 [A1*]
ABBA Guitar Chilout _Various CDS 2011 [A1*] ABBA Guitar Cover Phil Mcgarrick CD 2020 [A1*]
ABBA Guld Tribut _Various DVD 2012 [A1*] ABBA Génération ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*]
ABBA Het Officiële Fotoboek ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*] ABBA Historia Supergrupy ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*]
ABBA Historien Om Supergruppen ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*] ABBA History Legends ABBA (Books) Book 2018 [A1*]
ABBA Hits Carlo Brunner CD 2006 [A1*] ABBA Hits Omnibus Media Karaoke Tracks CD 2010 [A1*]
ABBA Hits _Various CD 2010 [A1*] ABBA Hits In Hindi _Various LP 1979 [A1*]
ABBA Hits In Relax Mode Instrumental Chillout Lounge Music CD 2017 [A1*] ABBA Hits Megamix Non Stop Disco Fever CD 2011 [A1*]
ABBA Hits On Piano Andy Green CD 2008 [A1*] ABBA Hits On Piano Jimmy The Pianoguy CD 2014 [A1*]
ABBA Hits Soaring Voulez-Vous CD 2012 [A1*] ABBA Hittideks Kirjutatud Saatused ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*]
ABBA I Melodifestivalen _Various CD 2020 [A1*] ABBA I Svensktoppen _Various CD 2012 [A1*]
ABBA Ibiza Caliente Mix Donna Burke CD 2001 [A1*] ABBA Icon ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
ABBA Ihr Leben, Ihre Größten Erfolge ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*] ABBA Ihre Ganze Geschichte ABBA (Books) Book 2005 [A1*]
ABBA In America ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*] ABBA In America ABBA VCD 2005 [A1*]
ABBA In Australia & Making Of Japan ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*] ABBA In Australia (DVD) ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*]
ABBA In Australia ABBA VCD 2003 [A1*] ABBA In Classic Style Bravo CD 2009 [A1*]
ABBA In Concert (DVD) ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*] ABBA In Concert ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
ABBA In Concert 1979 ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] ABBA In Concert In Australia ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*]
ABBA In Concert Pavillon De Paris 1979 ABBA CD 2011 [A1*] ABBA In France ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*]
ABBA In Germany ABBA DVD 2014 [A1*] ABBA In Gold _Various CD 2001 [A1*]
ABBA In Hindi Salma & Sabina CD 1987 [A1*] ABBA In Holland ABBA DVD 2008 [A1*]
ABBA In Italian _Various CD 2011 [A1*] ABBA In Italy (CD Rom) ABBA VCD 2002 [A1*]
ABBA In Italy N. 1 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] ABBA In Italy N. 2 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
ABBA In Japan (Thorsven Version) ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*] ABBA In Japan ABBA DVD 2009 [A1*]
ABBA In Nederland ABBA DVD 2008 [A1*] ABBA In Panflute Dinu Bomba CD 2001 [A1*]
ABBA In Poland (Bootleg DVD) ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*] ABBA In Spain ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*]
ABBA In Sweden (Bootleg DVD) ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*] ABBA In Switzerland (DVD) ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*]
ABBA In Symphony Kaunas Symphony Orchestra CD 2015 [A1*] ABBA In The Mix (The Remixes By B-Pop) ABBA CD 2012 [A1*]
ABBA In Their Own Words ABBA (Books) Book 1981 [A1*] ABBA In Their Very Own Words ABBA 7" 1988 [A1*]
ABBA In Usa ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*] ABBA Instrumental (Fsi) _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
ABBA Instrumental (Luana Abs) ABBA CD 2021 [A1*] ABBA Instrumental _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
ABBA Instrumental Greatest Hits Yoyo International Orchestra CD 2007 [A1*] ABBA Instrumental Hits Peter Zimmer CD 2017 [A1*]
ABBA Instrumental Show _Various CD 2019 [A1*] ABBA Instrumentals The Super Troupers CD 2009 [A1*]
ABBA Interviews ABBA CD 2001 [A1*] ABBA Jazz Live Cotton Club Singers CD 2005 [A1*]
ABBA Karaoke (Version 2) Supertroopers CD 2001 [A1*] ABBA Karaoke (Version 3) ABBAration CD 2001 [A1*]
ABBA Karaoke Karaoke Belgium CD 2019 [A1*] ABBA Karaoke Karaoke Club CD 2011 [A1*]
ABBA Karaoke Mega Tracks Karaoke Band CD 2015 [A1*] ABBA Karaoke Sbi Audio Karaoke CD 2006 [A1*]
ABBA Karaoke Team Karaoke Belgium CD 2019 [A1*] ABBA Karaoke _Various CD 1998 [A1*]
ABBA Karaoke All Star Tribute Allstars CD 2012 [A1*] ABBA Karaoke Backing Tracks Karaoke Universe CD 2012 [A1*]
ABBA Karaoke DVD (Sing-A-Long To All Their Nr 1) _Various DVD 2000 [A1*] ABBA Karaoke Die Grossen Hits _Various CD 1992 [A1*]
ABBA Karaoke Sing Along Sing It Back CD 2011 [A1*] ABBA Karaoke Songbook 1 _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
ABBA Karaoke Songbook 2 _Various CD 2008 [A1*] ABBA Karaoke Volume 1 Bt Karaoke+The Oz Midi CD 2013 [A1*]
ABBA Karaoke! (Sing-A-Long On ABBA) _Various CD 2000 [A1*] ABBA L'Album-Souvenir D'Un Groupe Mythique ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*]
ABBA La Biographie ABBA (Books) Book 2007 [A1*] ABBA La Légende ABBA (Books) Book 2001 [A1*]
ABBA Le Livre Officiel ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*] ABBA Les Coulisses Du Succès ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*]
ABBA Life Can Be ... ABBA (Books) Book 1984 [A1*] ABBA Live (Bootleg) ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
ABBA Live ABBA CD 2020 [A1*] ABBA Live In Australia ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*]
ABBA Live In Concert (Bootleg) ABBA CD 2005 [A1*] ABBA Live In England ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Live Performance ABBA DVD 2008 [A1*] ABBA Live Presentations ABBA DVD 2011 [A1*]
ABBA Live TV ABBA DVD 2011 [A1*] ABBA Live Vocals ABBA CD 2016 [A1*]
ABBA Love Songs And Ballads Andy Findon+Chris Cozens CD 2000 [A1*] ABBA Lugu ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*]
ABBA Made In Sweden (Flemish) ABBA (Books) Book 1977 [A1*] ABBA Mania ABBA CD 2018 [A1*]
ABBA Mania ABBA Mania Australia CD 2014 [A1*] ABBA Mania Super Trouper Tribute Band CD 2010 [A1*]
ABBA Mariachillout Mezcal Mariachi CD 2008 [A1*] ABBA Mash Up Annelie CDS 2017 [A1*]
ABBA Matt Pop Mixes ABBA CD 2015 [A1*] ABBA Matt Pop Remixes Collection ABBA CD 2017 [A1*]
ABBA Maxi Tribute 1 _Various CD 2001 [A1*] ABBA Medieval Style (2020) _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
ABBA Medley ABBA 7" 1992 [A1*] ABBA Medley Unlimited Beat CDS 1999 [A1*]
ABBA Megamix 2011 ABBA CD 2011 [A1*] ABBA Megamix 2012 ABBA CD 2012 [A1*]
ABBA Midi Instrumental Cover ABBA CD 2019 [A1*] ABBA Midi Songs ABBA CD 2008 [A1*]
ABBA More Oops ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] ABBA Museum Choir The Choir By ABBA Museum CD 2014 [A1*]
ABBA Music Box _Various CD 2019 [A1*] ABBA Music From DVD ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
ABBA Music Karaoke ABBA CD 2007 [A1*] ABBA Music Legends ABBA (Books) Book 2019 [A1*]
ABBA Mängu Nimi ABBA (Books) Book 1999 [A1*] ABBA N3 Special ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*]
ABBA New Year 2011 _Various CD 2011 [A1*] ABBA Nrg (CDr) Medleymaniacs CD 2001 [A1*]
ABBA Nrg Medleymaniacs CD 1999 [A1*] ABBA On Beat Club ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*]
ABBA On German TV 2005/2006 ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*] ABBA On Musikladen ABBA DVD 2009 [A1*]
ABBA On Olivia! ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] ABBA On Record ABBA (Books) Book 2020 [A1*]
ABBA On Speaking Terms ABBA (Books) Book 2002 [A1*] ABBA On Television ABBA DVD 2021 [A1*]
ABBA On The Record Uncensored ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*] ABBA On Vcd -Vol 1 ABBA VCD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA On Vcd -Vol 2 ABBA VCD 2003 [A1*] ABBA Oops ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
ABBA Our Way Nashville Train CD 1976 [A1*] ABBA Party Dream Singers CD 2001 [A1*]
ABBA Party Mac Project CD 2010 [A1*] ABBA Party Megamix The Euro Stars CD 2016 [A1*]
ABBA Party Megamix Stockholm Session Singers CD 2009 [A1*] ABBA Piano Hits Piano Superstar CD 2014 [A1*]
ABBA Platinum Collection Mariel & Friend CD 2013 [A1*] ABBA Play Berlin 1977 ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
ABBA Play Copenhagen 1975 ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] ABBA Playalong For Alto Saxophone Guestspot CD 2009 [A1*]
ABBA Po Polsku K & K Singers CD 1995 [A1*] ABBA Pro Vocal 25 _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
ABBA Projekt Ragna Knardal Drabløs+Siril Hauge+Sykkylven Janitsjarorkester CD 2010 [A1*] ABBA Príbeh Superskupiny ABBA (Books) Book 2009 [A1*]
ABBA Radio Interviews 1 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] ABBA Radio Interviews 2 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Radio Interviews 3 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] ABBA Radio Interviews 4 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Radio Interviews 5 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] ABBA Rare TV Appearances ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*]
ABBA Rarities #1 ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*] ABBA Rarities #2 ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Rarities #3 ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*] ABBA Rarities #4 ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Rarities #5 ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*] ABBA Rarities #6 ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Rarities #7 ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*] ABBA Rarities #8 ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Rarities #9 ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*] ABBA Rarities & Japan Concert Footage ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA Rarities (Version 2) ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] ABBA Rarities ABBA CD 2008 [A1*]
ABBA Rarities 2015 ABBA CD 2015 [A1*] ABBA Rarities 2017 ABBA CD 2017 [A1*]
ABBA Related ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*] ABBA Related 2014 _Various DVD 2015 [A1*]
ABBA Related 2015 _Various DVD 2016 [A1*] ABBA Related 2016 _Various DVD 2017 [A1*]
ABBA Related 2017 _Various DVD 2018 [A1*] ABBA Related 2018 DVD _Various DVD 2019 [A1*]
ABBA Related 2019 ABBA DVD 2019 [A1*] ABBA Related Summer Playlist ABBA CD 2017 [A1*]
ABBA Relaxing Piano Covers Relaxing Piano Covers CD 2019 [A1*] ABBA Relaxing Piano Covers Relaxing Piano Crew CD 2019 [A1*]
ABBA Remembered On The Dance Floor Tony Evans CD 2014 [A1*] ABBA Remix (Disco Fever Remix) High School Musical Band CD 2012 [A1*]
ABBA Remix 2012 High School Musical Band CD 2012 [A1*] ABBA Remixed ABBA CD 2020 [A1*]
ABBA Remixed By D.J. Aandre ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] ABBA Remixes Super Troopers (2) CD 1999 [A1*]
ABBA Revisited 1 ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*] ABBA Revisited 2 ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*]
ABBA Revisited 3 ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*] ABBA Revival ABBAesque CD 2009 [A1*]
ABBA Revival Band Plays ABBA Hits ABBA Revival Band CD 1992 [A1*] ABBA Rework Popart CD 2019 [A1*]
ABBA Ringtones (Version 2) ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] ABBA Road The Fabba Girls CD 2009 [A1*]
ABBA Sing ABBA _Various CD 2015 [A1*] ABBA Sing Mamma Mia! ABBA DVD 2008 [A1*]
ABBA Slágerek Magyarul Éva Csepregi CD 2015 [A1*] ABBA Slágerek Magyarul Eva Neoton CD 1992 [A1*]
ABBA Song By Song ABBA (Books) Book 2020 [A1*] ABBA Songbook The Alan Tew Orchestra CD 1977 [A1*]
ABBA Songbook Fernando CD 2009 [A1*] ABBA Songbook Lasse Lindgren CD 2015 [A1*]
ABBA Songs For Dancing Tanz Orkester+Klaus Hallen CD 1993 [A1*] ABBA Songs In German _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
ABBA Songs In Swedish _Various CD 2008 [A1*] ABBA Songs Karaoke _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
ABBA Spanish Guitar Songs The Harmony Group CD 2012 [A1*] ABBA Spectacular _Various CD 2016 [A1*]
ABBA Spezial DJ Key CD 2002 [A1*] ABBA Stockholm Map ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*]
ABBA Story (French Edition) ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] ABBA Story ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*]
ABBA Stripped Down ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] ABBA Summermix DJ Andersson & Lindstroem CD 2004 [A1*]
ABBA Sunfly Karaoke _Various DVD 2004 [A1*] ABBA Super Hits Symphonic Rock Project CD 2001 [A1*]
ABBA Symfonic ABBA CD  [A1*] ABBA Take A Chance On Me Songbook ABBA (Books) Book 1982 [A1*]
ABBA Thank You For The Music (2011 Book) ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*] ABBA Thank You For The Music (Laursen) ABBA (Books) Book 2002 [A1*]
ABBA Thank You For The Music 2013 ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*] ABBA The Album The Remixes 2014 ABBA CD 2014 [A1*]
ABBA The Albums ABBA CD 2008 [A1*] ABBA The Backstage Stories (Italian) ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*]
ABBA The Backstage Stories (Revised) ABBA (Books) Book 2018 [A1*] ABBA The Backstage Stories ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*]
ABBA The Best Songs, Vol. 1 Karaoke Diamonds CD 2012 [A1*] ABBA The Best Songs, Vol. 2 Karaoke Diamonds CD 2012 [A1*]
ABBA The Best Songs, Vol. 3 Karaoke Diamonds CD 2012 [A1*] ABBA The Big Band Toshio Mori+Blue Coats CD 1979 [A1*]
ABBA The Collection ABBA CD 1999 [A1*] ABBA The Demo Recordings ABBA CD 2020 [A1*]
ABBA The Hits Scansingers CD 2000 [A1*] ABBA The Inner Circle Interviews ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*]
ABBA The Interview ABBA CD 1999 [A1*] ABBA The Live History ABBA DVD 2012 [A1*]
ABBA The Lovers Whose Music Conquered The World ABBA (Books) Book 1977 [A1*] ABBA The Mixes ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
ABBA The Movie (Video) ABBA Video 1982 [A1*] ABBA The Music Olle Holmqvist CD 2000 [A1*]
ABBA The Music Play It Again Band CD 1999 [A1*] ABBA The Music Still Goes On - The Complete Story ABBA (Books) Book 1994 [A1*]
ABBA The Musical Mamma Mia _Various CD 2015 [A1*] ABBA The Official Photo Book (For Ipad And Kindle) ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*]
ABBA The Official Photo Book ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*] ABBA The Photo Book ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*]
ABBA The Poems ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*] ABBA The Quiz Book ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*]
ABBA The Remixes ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] ABBA The Remixes 2014 ABBA CD 2014 [A1*]
ABBA The Remixes Volume 1 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] ABBA The Remixes Volume 2 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
ABBA The Scrapbook ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*] ABBA The Show (DVD) Waterloo DVD 2004 [A1*]
ABBA The Show (Live At Islas Canarias) Waterloo DVD 2009 [A1*] ABBA The Show (Live In Barcelona) Waterloo CD 2003 [A1*]
ABBA The Special ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] ABBA The Story (Chloe Baggs Book) ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*]
ABBA The Story (Chloe Baggs) ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*] ABBA The Story ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*]
ABBA The Story London Twilight Orchestra CD 1992 [A1*] ABBA The Tribute Dubble Trubble CD 2014 [A1*]
ABBA The Tribute _Various CD 1992 [A1*] ABBA The Tributes _Various DVD 2005 [A1*]
ABBA The Ultimate Pop Group ABBA (Books) Book 1977 [A1*] ABBA The Videos ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*]
ABBA The Videos DVD ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*] ABBA The Voices Triple & Touch CD 1993 [A1*]
ABBA Treasures ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*] ABBA Tribute Alba CD 2019 [A1*]
ABBA Tribute I Mamma Mia Band CD 2011 [A1*] ABBA Tribute Studio Ensemble CD 2008 [A1*]
ABBA Tribute Studio Sound Ensemble CD 2008 [A1*] ABBA Tribute 1 _Various CD 2001 [A1*]
ABBA Tribute 2019 ABBA DVD 2019 [A1*] ABBA Tribute Concert In Katrineholm Alcazar K7 2004 [A1*]
ABBA Tribute Duo ABBA Lush CD 2019 [A1*] ABBA Tribute Gold _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
ABBA Tribute Instrumental Rádio Fusion Eclética CD 2018 [A1*] ABBA Tribute Video 45 Hits! ABBA DVD 2017 [A1*]
ABBA Tribute Videography _Various DVD 2007 [A1*] ABBA Tributo Flash 5 CD 2005 [A1*]
ABBA Un Análisis De Sus Canciones ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*] ABBA Uncovered Matilda Lindell CDS 2021 [A1*]
ABBA Uncut ABBA DVD 2013 [A1*] ABBA Une Légende Nordique ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*]
ABBA Unplugged ABBA (Books) Book 2004 [A1*] ABBA Verdens Største Popeventyr 2011 ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*]
ABBA Voor Kinderen De Leidse Sleuteltjes CD 1992 [A1*] ABBA W Polsce ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*]
ABBA Waterloo The Remixes 2014 ABBA CD 2014 [A1*] ABBA We Write The Story ABBA (Books) Book 2016 [A1*]
ABBA Weltweid Deutschland ABBA (Books) Book 2017 [A1*] ABBA Wood -Not The Hits ABBA CD 2017 [A1*]
ABBA Worldwide Germany ABBA (Books) Book 2017 [A1*] ABBA You Can Dance ABBA DVD 2011 [A1*]
ABBA Zoekt Frida ABBA (Books) Book 2015 [A1*] ABBA Zwyciezca Bierze Wszystko ABBA (Books) Book 1999 [A1*]
ABBA! Lois Lane CD 2010 [A1*] ABBA'S Greatest Hits ABBA LP 1976 [A1*]
ABBA'S Greatest Hits Karaoke Box CD 2013 [A1*] ABBA-Esque (CD-Single) Erasure CDS 1992 [A1*]
ABBA-Esque Part One Erasure CD 2000 [A1*] ABBA-Esque Part Two Erasure CD 2000 [A1*]
ABBA-Ish The Insurgency CD 2010 [A1*] ABBA-Ish Pmc All-Stars CD 2010 [A1*]
ABBA-Salutely 70`S Cast Of ABBA CD 2016 [A1*] ABBA. El Pop Que Vino Del Frio ABBA (Books) Book 2012 [A1*]
ABBA... Zappa- Seventies Rock Photography ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*] ABBA: Karaoke Burning Fire Karaoke CD 2006 [A1*]
ABBA: Love, Triumph, Divide ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*] ABBAcadabra (Conte Musical) (CD) ABBAcadabra Musical CD 1993 [A1*]
ABBAcadabra ABBAcadabra Musical DVD 2007 [A1*] ABBAcadabra -The Complete Collection ABBAcadabra Musical CD 2009 [A1*]
ABBAcadabra -The Complete English Production ABBAcadabra Musical CD 2003 [A1*] ABBAcadabra -The Musical Recording ABBAcadabra Musical CD 2002 [A1*]
ABBAcadabra 2016 ABBAcadabra CD 2020 [A1*] ABBAcadabra A Musical Adventure ABBAcadabra Musical CD 1998 [A1*]
ABBAcadabra A Musical Adventure Excerpts ABBAcadabra Musical CDS 2020 [A1*] ABBAcadabra Live Les Poppys CD 2010 [A1*]
ABBAcadabra Megamix I (12'') ABBA 12" 1992 [A1*] ABBAcadabra Megamix II (12'') ABBA 12" 1992 [A1*]
ABBAcédaire ABBA (Books) Book 2018 [A1*] ABBAdabbado & Polish Special ABBA DVD 2003 [A1*]
ABBAdance Angeleyes CD 1999 [A1*] ABBAday 2006 & 2007 ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*]
ABBAday 2011 ABBA CD 2011 [A1*] ABBAdicted Volume Five Mega Mixes Gary Brown CD 2018 [A1*]
ABBAdicted Volume Four Gary Brown CD 2018 [A1*] ABBAdicted Volume One Gary Brown CD 2018 [A1*]
ABBAdicted Volume Seven Remixed Gary Brown CD 2018 [A1*] ABBAdicted Volume Three Gary Brown CD 2018 [A1*]
ABBAdicted Volume Two Gary Brown CD 2018 [A1*] ABBAesque Remixed Erasure CDS 1992 [A1*]
ABBAgirls ABBAgirls CD 2002 [A1*] ABBAgold Live Concert At Studio 44 ABBAgold DVDS 2006 [A1*]
ABBAlicious _Various CD 2004 [A1*] ABBAlvarez Javier Alvarez CD 2014 [A1*]
ABBAmania ABBAmania CD 2010 [A1*] ABBAmania Ariel Singers CD 2001 [A1*]
ABBAmania _Various CD 1999 [A1*] ABBAmania 2 Ab Mania CD 2010 [A1*]
ABBAmania 2 _Various CD 2004 [A1*] ABBAmania 2005 _Various CD 2005 [A1*]
ABBAmania Australia ABBA (Books) Book 2017 [A1*] ABBAmania Catala _Various DVD 2007 [A1*]
ABBAmania Remixed ABBA CD 1994 [A1*] ABBAmania The Mix ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
ABBAmania The Mix Vol 2 ABBA CD 1994 [A1*] ABBAmania Volume 1- The Singles ABBA (Books) Book 1997 [A1*]
ABBAmania Volume 2 _Various CD 2009 [A1*] ABBAmania Volume 2- The Solo Years Agnetha & Frida ABBA (Books) Book 1998 [A1*]
ABBAntologiabba ABBA LP 1979 [A1*] ABBAphonic The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra CD 1986 [A1*]
ABBAphonic 2012 The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra CD 2012 [A1*] ABBAsalute ABBAcadabra CD 1992 [A1*]
ABBAsalute -The Dance Collection ABBAcadabra CD 1999 [A1*] ABBAsalute -The Non-Stop Megamix ABBAcadabra CD 1999 [A1*]
ABBAsalutely _Various CD 1995 [A1*] ABBAscantadas Octàmbuli CD 2014 [A1*]
ABBAsolute Works -A Tribute To ABBA 1 Studio Union CD 2009 [A1*] ABBAsolute Works -A Tribute To ABBA 2 Studio Union CD 2009 [A1*]
ABBAtastic ABBAesque CD 1999 [A1*] ABBAttack Audioscan CD 2008 [A1*]
ABBAworks Anders Brolin CD 1996 [A1*] ABBAworld ABBA DVD 2010 [A1*]
ABBAworld The Music The Memories The Magic Book ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*] ABBA Biografie Songs ABBA (Books) Book 1993 [A1*]
ABBA The Fans Book ABBA (Books) Book 1988 [A1*] ABBA Their Story ABBA (Books) Book 1984 [A1*]
Abbey Road The Beatles CD 1969 [A1] Abbsolut Berries Lingonberries DVD 2004 [A1*]
Abisko Walca CDS 2020 [A1] Ablution Ablution LP 1974 [A1]
About Last Night Johnning CDS 2021 [J1*] Abraham Visavi 7" 1971 [A1]
Absolument 70 Les Plus Grands Tubes Français _Various CD 2013 [A1] Absolument 70 Les Plus Grands Tubes Internationaux _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
Absolut Berries Lingonberries CD 2004 [A1*] Absolut Blues För December _Various CD 2009 [A1]
Absolut Gessle Hits _Various CD 2010 [A3] Absolut Jesus _Various CD 2010 [A1]
Absolut Lycka (Äntligen På Väg) _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Absolut Sad Songs _Various CD 2010 [A1]
Absolut Svenskt Del 1 (Kom Till Mig) _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Absolut Sverige (Progg) _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
Absolut Sweden _Various CD 2010 [A3] Absolut Sweden Pt 2 _Various CD 2010 [C2]
Absolute ABBA (Compilation) ABBA CD 1988 [A1*] Absolute ABBA Interview ABBA CDS 2000 [A1*]
Absolute Acoustic _Various CD 2011 [A1] Absolute Christmas _Various CD 2011 [A1*]
Absolute Cinema _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Absolute Hitmania 2004 _Various CD 2004 [A1*]
Absolute Hits 2004 _Various DVD 2004 [A1] Absolute Jul _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
Absolute Love Songs _Various CD 2014 [A1*] Absolute Love Songs Vol 2 _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
Absolute Mamma Mia Broadway Singers CD 2015 [A1*] Absolute Music 54 _Various CD 2007 [A3]
Absolute Musicals _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Absolute Relax Christmas Album _Various CD 2009 [A1*]
Absolute Relaxed 2 _Various CD 2003 [A1*] Absolute Schlager _Various CD 2007 [A1*]
Absolute Schlager 2010 _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Absolute Schlager Hitmania _Various+_Various CD 2005 [A1*]
Absolute Svenska Ballader _Various CD 2003 [A1] Absolutely ABBA Pop Power Mix _Various CD 2003 [A1*]
Absolutely Free Frank Zappa LP 1967 [J1] Absolutely Live Rod Stewart CD 1982 [A1]
Acapella Medley Jared Halley CDS 2020 [A1*] Acoustic Sagi Dash CD 2020 [A1*]
Acoustic Simple Minds CD 2016 [A1] Acoustic Cover Songs Vol. 1 Gabriella Quevedo CD 2018 [A1*]
Acoustic Covers Classic Songs _Various CD 2020 [A1*] Acoustic Covers Of Old Songs _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
Acoustic Instrumental Music Yann Nyman CD 2020 [A1*] Acoustic Samurai Paul Gilbert CD 2002 [A1*]
Acoustic Sessions James Shanon CD 2021 [A1*] Acoustique Michèle Torr CD 1999 [J1]
Across The Bridge Of Hope _Various CD 1998 [A1*] Action Man Michael O'Brian 7" 1983 [A1]
Ad Lib Janne Lucas LP 1977 [A1] Addicted Sweetbox CD 2006 [A1*]
Adios High15 CDS 2018 [A1] Ady'S Non Stop Hitparade Folge 1 (Ady... Ady Zehnpfennig LP 1979 [A1*]
Aerobic Dance Music _Various LP 1982 [A1*] Aerobic Hits 70s (60 Minutes Mixed Compilation... Hard Edm Workout CD 2019 [A1*]
African Suite Berndt Egerbladh'S Orchestra LP 1976 [A1] After ABBA (Double DVD) ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*]
After ABBA (Thorsven Edition) _Various CD 2018 [A1*] After ABBA ABBA Video 1999 [A1*]
After ABBA Agnetha & Frida K7 1985 [A1] After ABBA _Various CD 2018 [A1*]
After ABBA -Agnetha & Frida Videos Agnetha & Frida DVD 2004 [A1*] After ABBA Compilation ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*]
After ABBA Volume 1 ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*] After ABBA Volume 4 ABBA DVD 2010 [A1*]
After Dark Barbara Dickson CD 1987 [A1] After Hour Pop Dreams The Vocal Masters CD 2017 [A1*]
After The Love Has Gone Steps CDS 1999 [A1*] Again The Hep Stars CD 1970 [A1]
Against The Tide Davis Gaines CD 1996 [A1*] Age Tendre Et Tetes De Bois (100 Tubes Originaux) _Various CD 2014 [A1]
Agnetha & Frida Video CD Collection Agnetha & Frida VCD 2003 [A1*] Agnetha -Songs Before My Colouring Book Agnetha Fältskog CD 2004 [A1*]
Agnetha - The DVD Agnetha Fältskog DVD 2005 [A1*] Agnetha 2004 Agnetha Fältskog DVD 2005 [A1*]
Agnetha 2013 Agnetha Fältskog DVD 2013 [A1*] Agnetha Collection Agnetha Fältskog CD 1986 [A1*]
Agnetha Composer Agnetha Fältskog CD 2013 [A1*] Agnetha En Or Agnetha Fältskog CD 2016 [A1]
Agnetha Faltskog Remix Collection Agnetha Fältskog CD 2000 [A1] Agnetha Fältskog Agnetha Fältskog CD 1968 [A1]
Agnetha Fältskog Die Stimme Von ABBA ABBA (Books)+Agnetha Fältskog Book 2011 [A1*] Agnetha Fältskog Singt Deutsch Agnetha Fältskog LP 2017 [A1]
Agnetha Fältskog The 2004 Remixes Vol. 2 Agnetha Fältskog CD 2004 [A1] Agnetha Fältskog Vol. 2 Agnetha Fältskog CD 1969 [A1]
Agnetha Fältskog: The Girl With The Golden Hair ABBA (Books)+Agnetha Fältskog Book 2016 [A1*] Agnetha Fältskogs Bästa Agnetha Fältskog LP 1973 [A1]
Agnetha In Germany Agnetha Fältskog CD 1998 [A1] Agnetha Interviews & ABBA Covers ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
Agnetha Interviews & ABBA Covers Agnetha Fältskog CD 2009 [A1*] Agnetha On Vcd Agnetha Fältskog VCD 2003 [A1*]
Agnetha Originals Versions Agnetha Fältskog CD 2010 [A1*] Agnetha Rarities (Bootleg) Agnetha Fältskog CD 2004 [A1*]
Agnetha Singles Agnetha Fältskog CD 2013 [A1*] Agnetha Track Of My Years Agnetha Fältskog CD 2013 [A1]
Agnetha Video Agnetha Fältskog Video 2004 [A1*] Agora Eu Sou Feliz Wanderley Cardoso CD 2003 [A1*]
Ah Performs ABBA Acoustic Heartstrings CD 2018 [A1*] Ai Se Eu Te Pego: Latin Hits Compilation, Vol. 2 Latin Band CD 2012 [A1*]
Aimer André Rieu CD 2001 [A1*] Aimer C'Est Tout Donner - Thérèse De Lisieux Natascha Saint-Pier CD 2018 [A1]
Ain'T My Tears Tyron Hapi CDS 2019 [A1] Ainbusk Ainbusk CD 1998 [J1]
Ainbusk I Midvintertid (DVD) Ainbusk DVD 2006 [A1] Ainbusk I Midvintertid Ainbusk CD 2006 [A1]
Ainsi Soit-Il Alain Morisod+Sweet People CD 2019 [A1*] Aishuu No Page Saori Minami LP 1972 [A1*]
Aj Tak Sme Stále Frajeri Hornosrnianska Dychovka CD 2018 [A1*] Al Multaoa Classic Khaled Waheed CDS 2010 [A1*]
Alaska Frank Martini CD 2020 [A1*] Album Richard Anthony CD 2012 [A1]
Album Getty Kaspers CD 1982 [A1] Album 1967 Marie Laforet LP 1967 [A1]
Album Temporaire ABBA CD 2001 [A1*] Album: Absolute Schlager Hitmania _Various CD 2005 [A1*]
Alcazar Live Alcazar CD 2006 [A1*] Alcazar Remixed Alcazar CD 2005 [A1*]
Alcazarized Alcazar CD 2003 [A1*] Aldri I Livet Finn Kalvik 7" 1981 [A1]
Aldri Mer Michael Bolyos 7" 1984 [A1] Aldrig Mer Hootenanny Singers 7" 1971 [A1]
Alexandra Sound Of Music 7" 1987 [A1] Algo Prestado Los Secretos CD 2015 [A1]
Alibi Aki Nair CDS 2020 [A1] Alicante ABBA The Concert CD 2010 [A1*]
Alikes ABBA Ministry Of Sound CD 2010 [A1*] Alive ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
All ABBA 80 Great Success Chico El CD 2012 [A1*] All About ABBA/Mamma Mia ABBA LP 1976 [A1*]
All Around ABBA ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] All Fired Up -The Very Best Of Pat Benatar Pat Benatar CD 1998 [A1*]
All I Want For December The Mamas CDS 2020 [A1] All Is Not Well In Heaven Saga Back CD 2021 [A1]
All Night Aki Nair CDS 2020 [A1] All Of My Life Has Led To This Louise Pitre CD 2001 [A1*]
All Or Nothing Jessica Wimert CD 2013 [A1] All That Musical Andrea Vassalini CD 2010 [A1*]
All The Best ABBA Hits The Super Trouper Orchestra CD 2006 [A1*] All The Clips Agnetha Fältskog DVD 2011 [A1]
All The Rage The Stanford Fleet Street Singers CD 1998 [A1*] All The Way... A Decade Of Song Céline Dion CD 1999 [A1]
All The Way... A Decade Of Song And Video Céline Dion DVD 1999 [A1] All Time Christmas Favorites Vol 1 Allstars CD 2009 [A1*]
All Time Christmas Favorites Vol 1 Christmas Party Allstars CD 2009 [A1*] All Time Greatest Hits (Bootleg) ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*]
All Time Greatest Hits ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*] All Up To You World Youth Choir 7" 1989 [J1]
All Videos Ever Made And More! Roxette DVD 2001 [A3] All You Need Is Panflute Ecosound CD 2012 [A1*]
Alla Dessa Bilder Anders Glenmark CD 2002 [J1] Alla Dessa Underbara År Bengt Hennings CD 2004 [A1*]
Alla Himlens Änglar _Various CD 2008 [J1] Alla Lyckliga Stunder Lotta Engberg CD 2007 [A1*]
Alla Mina Ansikten Nanne CD 2001 [A1] Alla Mina Bästa År (Single Remix) Frida CDS 1997 [A1*]
Alla Tiders Melodifestival - 50 År _Various CD 2005 [A1*] Allan Pettersson Symphony No.8 Symphony Orchestra Baltimore LP 1978 [A1]
Alle 40 Goed Dana Winner CD 2013 [A1*] Alle Hits & Unieke Bonustracks Josè Hoebee CD 2019 [A1*]
Alle Songs Und Ihre Geschichten ABBA (Books) Book 2020 [A1*] Allora Prendi E Vai Wilma Goich 7" 1981 [A1*]
Allsång På Skansen & Fodder Gala ABBA VCD 2002 [A1*] Allsång På Skansen 2011 _Various DVD 2011 [A1*]
Allsång På Skansen 2020 _Various DVD 2020 [A1*] Allt Det Bästa The Real Group CD 2001 [A1*]
Allt Som Rör Sig, Lyser Eller Låter Electric Banana Band CDS 2007 [A1] Allt Syns När Man Är Naken Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2011 [A1]
Alltid På Väg Nanne CD 2005 [A1] Allting Har Forandrat Sig Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1968 [A1]
Ally Mcbeal Vonda Shepard CD 2000 [A1] Alma De Flauta 2 Mary Jones CD 2018 [A1*]
Alma Viva Prisma CD 2007 [A1*] Almodovar -Las Canciones De Sus Peliculas _Various CD 2002 [J1]
Alo Ximena Herrera CD 2013 [A1*] Alpens Ros Stefan Borsch Orkester LP 2008 [A1*]
Alska Mej ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] Alternate ABBA Videoclips ABBA DVD 2020 [A1*]
Alternate Versions (ABBAinternet) ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] Alternate Versions ABBA CD 2012 [A1*]
Alternative ABBA _Various CD 2015 [A1*] Alternatives Mixes ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
Always & Forever André Rieu CD 2010 [A1*] Always In My Heart Ray Conniff CD 1988 [A1*]
Amalfi Sarah Brightman CD 2009 [A1] Amazing Big Money CDS 1992 [A1]
Ameritz Karaoke Party - ABBA Vol. 1 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*] Ameritz Karaoke Party - ABBA Vol. 2 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*]
Ami Ami Aspelund LP 1974 [A1*] Amor Amor Perla LP 1977 [A1*]
Amor Ilegal Grupo Homicida De La Sierra CD 2008 [A1*] Amor Mio Nunca Te Olvidare Vol.3 La Alegre Formula Nueva+Oscar Pérez CD 1976 [A1*]
Amor Sin Palabras Amistosos De La Sierra CD 2019 [A1*] Amore André Rieu CD 2017 [A1*]
Amsterdam - Paris Philippe Elan+Therese Steinmetz CD 2016 [A1] An Acoustic Tribute To The Music Of ABBA Acoustified CD 2011 [A1*]
An Army Romance Military Bands Plays Love Ballads _Various CD 2011 [A1*] An Electro Tribute To ABBA Softcore Express CDS 2015 [A1*]
An Evening In Paris Claes Af Geijerstam 7" 1979 [A1*] An Evening Night With John Barowman John Barrowman DVD 2009 [A1*]
An Evening With Elaine Paige Elaine Paige CD 1991 [A1] An Old Fashioned Christmas The Carpenters LP 1984 [A1]
Anata Ni Meguriaete Mariko Kurata LP 1979 [A1*] Anc Galan _Various DVD 2005 [A1]
And How! Blonde On Blonde CD 1979 [A1] And L'Ill Be There The Peppermint Rainbow 7" 1968 [A1]
And The Waltz Goes On André Rieu CD 2011 [J1] And Then We Danced _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
And Winter Came Enya CD 2008 [A1] Andante Andante The Clowns 7" 1981 [A1*]
Andante Andante Arturo Sandoval+Frida CDS 2018 [A1*] Andante Andante Ellen Van De Veer CDS 2014 [A1*]
Andante, Andante (7'') ABBA 7" 1980 [A1*] Anders Dahl And His Magic Strings Play ABBA Anders Dahl CD 1979 [A1*]
Anders Fugelstad Sjunger Anders Fugelstad Anders Fugelstad LP 1964 [A1] Anders Glenmark Anders Glenmark LP 1975 [A1]
Andra Janne Schaffer LP 1974 [A1] Andra Decennier Björn Skifs CD 2006 [A1]
Andre Brasseur & His Multi-Sound Organ André Brasseur LP 1981 [A1*] Andre Rieu And Friends Live In Maastricht André Rieu DVD 2013 [A1]
Andre Rieu Goe André Rieu CD 2004 [C2] Andrew Denton'S Musical Challenge Vol 1 _Various CD 2000 [A1*]
André Rieu Live In New York André Rieu CD 2007 [C2] Angel Eyes (Bootleg) ABBAcadabra CD 2000 [A1*]
Angel Eyes ABBAcadabra CDS 1999 [A1*] Angeleyes (7'') ABBA 7" 1979 [A1*]
Angeleyes (Bootlegs) ABBA 12" 2012 [A1*] Ani Maamin Raphael Ben CDS 2020 [A1*]
Aniara Klee­Rup CD 2012 [C2] Animas Que No Amanesca Chencho Lopez CD 2012 [A1*]
Anita Lindblom Sjunger Jules Sylvain Anita Lindblom CD 1974 [A1] Anitra'S Dance Lasse Wellander CDS 2019 [A1]
Aniversario Los 10 Años De ABBA ABBA LP 1981 [A1*] Ann Christy In English Ann Christy CD 1998 [A1*]
Anne Karin Anne Karin LP 1982 [A1] Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Fantasy Remasters) Frida CD 1972 [A1]
Anni-Frid Lyngstad Frida CD 1972 [A1] Anni-Frid Lyngstad Die Fremde Von ABBA ABBA (Books)+Frida Book 2011 [A1*]
Annie Haslam Annie Haslam CD 1989 [A1] Annifrid Lyngstad (Bootleg) Frida CD 2004 [A1*]
Annifrid Lyngstad (Cassette) Frida K7 1984 [A1*] Années 80 Forever Volume 2 _Various CD 2017 [A1*]
Années 80 Hits Box _Various CD 2007 [A1] Années 80 L'Intégrale _Various CD 2013 [A1]
Anos 80 Mix Priscila Gonçalves CD 2013 [A1*] Another Christmas Guitar And Songs _Various CD 1994 [A1*]
Another Town, Another Train (7'' Malaysia) ABBA 7" 1973 [A1*] Another Town, Another Train (7'') ABBA 7" 1973 [A1*]
Another World Myrra Malmberg CD 2011 [A1*] Another You Another Me Gemini 7" 1985 [A1]
Another You, Another Me (Netherlands) Gemini 7" 1985 [A1] Another You, Another Me H & Claire CD 2002 [A1]
Anthem Chess 7" 1984 [A1*] Anthem Daniel Koek CDS 2010 [A1*]
Anthems (CD-Single) Kerry Ellis CDS 2010 [A1*] Anthems Kerry Ellis CD 2010 [A1*]
Anthologie (CDr) Il Etait Une Fois CD 2001 [C2] Anthologie Il Etait Une Fois CD 2001 [C2]
Anthologie De La Chanson Francaise _Various CD 2013 [A1] Anthologie Volume 1 Johnny Halliday CD 1997 [A1]
Anthologie Volume 2 Johnny Halliday CD 1997 [A1] Anthologie Volume 3 Johnny Halliday CD 1997 [J1]
Antisocial Season Janne Lucas 7" 1967 [A1] Antologie Solveig Slettahjell CD 2011 [A1*]
Apostrophe(') Frank Zappa LP 1974 [J1] Appelsientje Kerstconcert _Various CD 1997 [A1*]
April 1989 Dmc Mixes _Various LP 1989 [A1*] Arabesque Jane Birkin CD 2002 [A1*]
Arabic Circus The Dawn Rising Big Bang CDS 2014 [A1*] Arcade Saga Back CDS 2020 [A1]
Archives 2 (1976-1992) Genesis CD 2000 [A1] Are You Ready A*Teens CDS 2002 [A1]
Arne Lamberth Arne Lamberth LP 1970 [A1] Arresten Walca CDS 2020 [A1]
Arrival & Ring Ring ABBA CD 1996 [A1*] Arrival (DVD) ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*]
Arrival (LP) ABBA LP 1976 [A1*] Arrival Magnus Carlsson CDS 2011 [A1*]
Arrival Mike Oldfield 7" 1980 [A1*] Arrival Pfm CDS 1998 [A1*]
Arrival S.S.L. 9000 CDS 1999 [A1*] Arrival -The Mixes ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
Arrival / The Album (CD Russia) ABBA CD 1990 [A1*] Arrival Remixed ABBA CD 2020 [A1*]
Arrival/The Album ABBA CD 2000 [A1*] Arrivederci Hans Rita Pavone 7" 1968 [A1]
Arthur Greenslade Plays ABBA'S Greatest Hits Arthur Greenslade Orchestra CD 1977 [A1*] As Good As New (7'') ABBA 7" 1979 [A1*]
As I Am Agnetha Fältskog CD 2004 [A1*] As Made Famous By ABBA Studio Group CD 2006 [A1*]
As Tears G0 By Marianne Faithfull CD 2000 [A1] As They Were Camillas Choice CD 2017 [A1*]
As Time Goes By Rod Stewart CD 2003 [J1] As We Speak David Sanborn LP 1981 [A1]
Asi Asi Hana Zagorova+Paul Sahlin 7" 1975 [A1*] Asi Que Pasen 30 Años Miguel Rios CD 1992 [C2]
Aska, Glitter Och Annat Som Försvinner Med Vinden Nadja Evelina CD 2021 [Z] Astrid Lindgrens Beste _Various CD 1999 [A1]
Astronaut Adolphson & Falk 7" 1981 [A1] At Her Very Best Nana Mouskouri CD 2001 [A1*]
At The End Gitte 7" 1977 [A1] At The Movies André Rieu CD 2003 [A1*]
Atarashii Ai No Tabidachi Iwasaki Hiromi LP 1977 [A1*] Aterblick Jimmy Ahlén CDS 2019 [A1]
Atlantic Records Time Capsule _Various CD 2009 [A1*] Atrevidos Lore G CD 2018 [A1*]
Att Gå På Lina Agneta Jönsson CD 2011 [A1*] Attention Stockholm Virna Lindt 7" 1981 [A1]
Attic Walca CDS 2020 [A1] Attic Anthems ABBA CD 1999 [A1*]
Attiotals Hits Tomas Ledin CD 1995 [A1] Au Coeur Des Slows (Volume 19) _Various CD 2014 [J1]
Au Coeur Des Slows (Volume 4) _Various CD 1996 [A1] Au Coeur Des Slows _Various CD 2014 [A1]
Au Coeur Du Stade Céline Dion CD 1999 [A1] Au Coeur Du Stade DVD Céline Dion DVD 1999 [A1]
Au Moment D'Être À Vous Isabelle Boulay CD 2002 [A1] Au Palais Des Sports Daniel Balavoine CD 1984 [A1*]
Au Rendez-Vous Des Enfoires (DVD) Les Enfoires DVD 2016 [A1] Au Rendez-Vous Des Enfoires Les Enfoires CD 2016 [A1]
Audio Cassette 01 ABBA K7 2002 [A1*] Audio Cassette 02 ABBA K7 2002 [A1*]
Audio Cassette 03 ABBA K7 2002 [A1*] Audio Cassette 04 ABBA K7 2002 [A1*]
Audio Cassette 05 ABBA K7 2002 [A1*] Audio Cassette 06 ABBA K7 2002 [A1*]
Audio Cassette 09 ABBA K7 2002 [A1*] Audio Cassette 10 ABBA K7 2002 [A1*]
Audio Cassette 11 ABBA K7 2002 [A1*] Audio Cassette 13 ABBA K7 2002 [A1*]
Audio Cassette 14 ABBA K7 2002 [A1*] Auf Deutsch _Various CD 2004 [A1*]
Aus Meinem Herzen André Rieu CD 2005 [A1] Australia ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*]
Autenticos Los Hijos Del Rey CD 1979 [A1*] Autour Du Monde Marie Laforet 7" 1968 [A1]
Autumn Days -The Remix Album ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Autumn Sky Blackmore'S Night CD 2011 [A1*]
Aux Deux Magots Secret Service CD 1987 [A1] Av Ren Lust Janne Schaffer CD 1995 [A1]
Avant De Nous Dire Adieu Yvahn Cevic CD 2002 [A1] Ave Maria _Various CD 1984 [A1]
Avec Toi Sylvie Vartan CD 2018 [A1] Avro 85 Jaar Muziekinspiratie _Various DVD 2008 [A1*]
Avundsjuk Nanne CDS 1998 [A1] Awesome Instrumentals Piano Queen CD 2020 [A1*]
Axel F Det Reirruc 12" 1985 [A1] Axels Tid Lars Lerin CD 2015 [A1*]
Ayer Y Hoy Ninel Conde CD 2011 [A1*] Ayeshteni Natacha Atlas CD 2003 [J1]
Aznavour, Sa Jeunesse Charles Aznavour CD 2014 [A1]


B&B Björn & Benny CD 2002 [A1*] B&B Concert (Bootleg) _Various CD 1998 [A1*]
B&B Music Björn & Benny CD 2008 [A1*] B&B Music Vol 1 Björn & Benny CD 2004 [A1*]
B&B Music Vol 2 Björn & Benny CD 2004 [A1*] B&B Music Vol 3 Björn & Benny CD 2004 [A1*]
B&B Music Vol 4 Björn & Benny CD 2004 [A1*] B&B Projects Björn & Benny CD 2001 [A1*]
B-Man The ABBA Megamix Project ABBA CD 2008 [A1*] B-Pop Remixes 2013 ABBA CD 2013 [A1*]
B-Pop Remixes 2013 Volume 2 ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] B-Pop Remixes 2014 ABBA CD 2014 [A1*]
B-Sides, Forgotten & Unreleased Songs ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] Babba Live Babba CD 2009 [A1*]
Babel Benny Andersson+Helen Sjöholm CD 2014 [A1] Babes Only! Girl'S Night Out Karaoke Singers CD 2008 [A1*]
Babie'S ABBA Juan Carlos De Mingo CD 2009 [A1*] Babies Love ABBA Judson Mancebo CD 2010 [A1*]
Baby I Would Puriti CD 2005 [A1*] Baby I'Ll Give You Everything Saskia & Serge CD 1998 [J1]
Baby Love Annie Philippe 7" 1965 [A1*] Baby Music For Sleepytime Spirit Of Sleep CD 2014 [A1*]
Baby Relax Tribute To ABBA The Harmony Group CD 2011 [A1*] Baby Relax Tribute To ABBA _Various CD 2011 [A1*]
Baby Twist Stig Anderson 7" 1983 [A1] Baby Twist Buster Larsen CDS 1962 [A1]
Baby'S Essential - ABBA- 'N Baba Vertolking Essential Band CD 2020 [A1*] Baby, Those Are The Rules Hootenanny Singers 7" 1966 [A1]
Baccara (LP) Baccara LP 1977 [A1] Bachatas Legendarias _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
Back 2 The Future 80'S _Various CD 2003 [A1*] Back Again ABBAnova CD 2014 [A1*]
Back Beat Battle Hymn The Svenners 12" 1964 [A1*] Back In 1993 Willie Muller CD 2015 [A1*]
Back In Time ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*] Back To 70'S Episode 8 Billboard Band CD 2019 [A1*]
Back To ABBA The Singers CD 2012 [A1*] Back To Basics Olivia Newton-John CD 1992 [A1*]
Backfield In Motion Mel & Tim 7" 1969 [A1] Backgrounded ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
Backing Track Classics 100 Pro Backing Tracks Backing Track Extraordinaires CD 2014 [A1*] Backing Tracks Karaoke ABBA Backing Group CD 2013 [A1*]
Backing Tracks, Volume 14 Studio Chinchan CD 2017 [A1*] Backing Tracks, Volume 4 Studio Chinchan CD 2015 [A1*]
Backspin -A Six Degrees 10 Year Anniversary... _Various CD 2007 [A1*] Backstage On Chess Chess CD 2003 [A1*]
Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys CD 1999 [A1] Bad Girl Lotta Hedlund CDS 2007 [C2]
Bailando La Cumbia Super Az CD 2018 [A1*] Balavoine Sans Frontières Daniel Balavoine CD 2005 [A1*]
Balavoine(S) Daniel Balavoine CD 2016 [Z] Bald Headed Woman The Hep Stars 7" 1965 [A1]
Ballad & Pop Hits (DVD) Roxette DVD 2003 [A3] Ballad Of Death Valley Peter Henn 7" 1972 [A1]
Ballade Pour Adeline - The Best Of Janne Lucas Janne Lucas LP 1979 [A1] Balladen Katja Ebstein CD 1996 [A1]
Ballads The Idea Of North CD 2016 [A1*] Balsam Merit Hemmingson LP 1975 [A1]
Baltik Baltik+Beverly Glenn+John Gustafsson+Karin Stigmark+Tomas Ledin CD 1973 [A1] Bamalama Pugh Rogefeldt LP 1977 [A1]
Banana Split Electric Banana Band CDS 1998 [A1] Banankontakt - Musikaltajm! Electric Banana Band CD 2006 [A1]
Banankontakt Av Tredje Graden Electric Banana Band 7" 1982 [A1] Banda Sonora Presuntos Implicados CD 2011 [A1*]
Bandida Pawl+Aniela Eklund CDS 2020 [A1] Bang A Boomerang Les Blue Belles CD 1992 [A1*]
Bang A Boomerang Svenne & Lotta 7" 1975 [A1*] Bang A Boomerang Workout Music TV CDS 2020 [A1*]
Bang En Boomerang Svenne & Lotta 7" 1975 [A1*] Bang Out Of Order - Live From The Black Country Tragedy CD 2020 [A1*]
Bang-A-Boomerang (7'') ABBA 7" 1975 [A1*] Bangkok Remix _Various CD 2009 [A1]
Bao 3 Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2007 [A1] Bao In Box Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2012 [A1]
Bao In Minneapolis Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2010 [A1*] Bao Jian _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Bao På Svt Benny Anderssons Orkester DVD 2012 [A1*] Bao På Turné Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2006 [A1]
Bao Tour 2019 Benny Anderssons Orkester DVD 2019 [A1*] Bao! Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2004 [A1]
Bara Du Och Jag Tommy Körberg 7" 1969 [J1] Bara En På Tusen Zpargo 7" 1985 [A1]
Bara Lite Känslor Felicia Takman CDS 2021 [A1] Barefoot At The Symphony DVD Idina Menzel DVD 2012 [A1*]
Barfota Mats Paulson LP 1974 [A1] Barking Of Airplanes Kim Carnes LP 1985 [A1]
Barnens Bästa _Various CD 1999 [A1] Barnens Önskevisor Inger  Öhman+Trollungarna+Sven-Olof Walldoff+Trolleriorkestern LP 1967 [A1]
Barnens Önskevisor/2 Inger  Öhman+Storängsbarnen LP 1973 [A1] Baskwalds Ljudafton Michael B. Tretow CD 1988 [A1]
Basta Electric Banana Band+Trazan+Banarne CD 2005 [A1] Basta Kalle Moraeus CD 2014 [A1]
Bbc Symphonie ABBA ABBA CD 2008 [A1*] Bbc Transcription Services ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
Be My Baby Svenne & Lotta 7" 1973 [A1] Beach Day Viva La Panda CDS 2019 [A1]
Bearly Sing ABBA Bearly CD 2008 [A1*] Beatles Ballads The Beatles CD 2015 [A1]
Beatles For Sale The Beatles CD 1964 [A1*] Beatrice Sofia Källgren 7" 1992 [A1]
Beatrice Kalle Moraeus CDS 1991 [A1] Beatrice Auora Tommy Körberg 7" 1971 [A1]
Beats For Running Shape 'N' Up CD 2019 [A1*] Beaucoup De Becaud Gilbert Becaud CD 2012 [A1]
Beautiful Afternoon Lilly Me CD 2009 [A1*] Beautiful Life _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
Beautiful Life Concert Dana Winner CD 2006 [A1*] Beautiful People Soundtrack _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Bee Gees 1st Bee Gees LP 1967 [A1*] Bee Gees Story Bee Gees CD 1990 [A1*]
Beethoven Randy Edelman CD 1991 [A1*] Before ABBA (Thorsven Edition) _Various CD 2021 [A1*]
Before ABBA _Various CD 2013 [A1*] Before The Beginning 1968-1970 Fleetwood Mac CD 2019 [A1]
Begin The Millennium LP 1968 [A1] Beginner'S Guide To Scandinavia _Various CD 2012 [A1]
Being Alive - The Art Of German Musicalstars _Various CD 2011 [A1*] Belgique 175 _Various CD 2005 [C2]
Bella Bella Sten & Stanley LP 1976 [A1*] Belle Frida+Daniel Balavoine 7" 1983 [A1*]
Belles Chansons Mireille Mathieu CD 2014 [A1] Bellman På Vårt Sätt Hootenanny Singers CD 1968 [A1]
Belsta River Gabor Szabo LP 1979 [A1] Ben9boss Ben9boss CD 2010 [A1*]
Bengt H. Malmqvist - Stjärnornas Fotograf ABBA (Books) Book 1998 [A1*] Benny & Bjorn Music After ABBA Björn & Benny CD 2000 [A1*]
Benny 2017 DVD Benny Andersson DVD 2018 [A1*] Benny Andersson Der Musiker Von ABBA ABBA (Books)+Benny Andersson Book 2011 [A1*]
Benny Andersson Solo And With Friends Benny Andersson CD 2007 [A1*] Benny Andersson With Friends Benny Andersson CD 2007 [A1*]
Benny Anderssons Orkester Benny Anderssons Orkester DVD 2002 [A1*] Benny Anderssons Orkester Live At Globen Benny Anderssons Orkester DVD 2008 [A1*]
Benny Anderssons Orkester Live At The Old Fruitmar Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2002 [A1*] Benny Anderssons Orkester Live In Concert Benny Anderssons Orkester DVD 2008 [A1*]
Benny In Conversation Benny Andersson CDS 1979 [A1*] Bert - Den Siste Oskulden _Various CD 1995 [A1]
Besame Mucho Perla 7" 1980 [A1*] Best 1200 ABBA CD 2005 [A1*]
Best 70'S & 80'S Disco Music. Greatest Hits Ruby Brothers CD 2014 [A1*] Best Ballads Toto CD 1990 [A1]
Best Björn & Benny Covers Björn & Benny CD 2019 [A1*] Best Collection Of World Popular Music ABBA LP 1985 [A1*]
Best Hits Anni 70 Disco Fever CD 2018 [A1*] Best I'Ve Had Kadiatou CDS 2020 [A1]
Best Love Songs From The Musicals Tmc Broadway Stars CD 2014 [A1*] Best Of Carla Bruni CD 2020 [A1*]
Best Of The Czars CD 2014 [A1*] Best Of Agnetha Fältskog CD 2018 [A1*]
Best Of Vanessa Paradis CD 2009 [A1] Best Of 1973-1975 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
Best Of 1976 _Various CD 2014 [A1*] Best Of 2009 ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
Best Of 2018 ABBA CD 2021 [A1*] Best Of 2020 ABBA CD 2021 [A1*]
Best Of 40 Chansons Charles Aznavour CD 2018 [A1] Best Of 70'S _Various CD 2015 [A1*]
Best Of A*Teens (Karaoke Version) _Various CD 2013 [A1*] Best Of ABBA (2005) ABBA CD 2005 [A1*]
Best Of ABBA (Karaoke Version) _Various CD 2013 [A1*] Best Of ABBA ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*]
Best Of ABBA Amazing Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*] Best Of ABBA Tom Arte CD 2016 [A1*]
Best Of ABBA Backing Group CD 2013 [A1*] Best Of ABBA - Greatest Hits Go Classic Classic Concert Orchestra CD 2009 [A1*]
Best Of ABBA Dance Abc Kids CD 2003 [A1*] Best Of ABBA Karaoke _Various VCD 2003 [A1*]
Best Of ABBA On Television (Extended DVD) ABBA DVD 2012 [A1*] Best Of ABBA Stars ABBA Stars CD 2004 [A1*]
Best Of All Mamma Mia Productions Mamma Mia CD 2019 [A1*] Best Of Baker Music ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*]
Best Of Benny Benny Andersson CD 2015 [A1*] Best Of Benny 2020 Benny Andersson CD 2020 [A1*]
Best Of Bjorn & Benny Musicals ABBA CD 2015 [A1*] Best Of Bjorn & Benny Musicals Björn & Benny CD 2019 [A1*]
Best Of Björn & Benny Björn & Benny CD 2019 [A1*] Best Of Bolli-Pop Orchester Berlin Bolli-Pop Orchester Berlin CD 2012 [A1*]
Best Of Christmas André Rieu CD 1990 [A1] Best Of Christophe Christophe CD 2012 [J1]
Best Of Disco 2014 _Various CD 2014 [A1*] Best Of Eurovision Seven Angels CD 2010 [A1*]
Best Of Fabulous Four Fabulous Four CD 2003 [A1] Best Of Factory Factory CD 1989 [A1]
Best Of France 1 _Various CD 2012 [A1] Best Of France 2 _Various CD 2012 [A1]
Best Of France 3 _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Best Of France 4 _Various CD 2012 [A1]
Best Of France 5 _Various CD 2012 [A1] Best Of Friends Friends CD 2004 [A1*]
Best Of Hit Parade _Various CD 2016 [A1*] Best Of James Bond _Various CD 2012 [A1*]
Best Of Jeane Manson Jeane Manson CD 2012 [A1*] Best Of Lio 1998 Lio CD 1998 [A1*]
Best Of Live France Gall CD 2013 [A1] Best Of Musical West End Orchestra & Singers CD 2009 [A1*]
Best Of Musical 2014 _Various CD 2014 [A1*] Best Of Musical Mamma Mia ! High School Musical Band CD 2018 [A1*]
Best Of Oldies 50 Beliebte Hits Seit Den 70'Ern _Various CD 2013 [A1*] Best Of Orsa Spelman Orsa Spelmän CD 2019 [A1*]
Best Of Pandora Pandora CD 1998 [A1*] Best Of The Best French _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
Best Of The Nordics _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Best Of Valery'S Orchestre, Vol. 1 Valery'S Orchestre CD 2017 [A1*]
Best Of Volume 3 Les Enfoires CD 2005 [J1] Best Possible Mixes Vol 2 ABBA CD 2017 [A1*]
Best Selection ABBA CD 1977 [A1*] Best Shots Pat Benatar CD 1989 [A1*]
Best Songs ABBA Cover Violin The Ilves Sisters CD 2016 [A1*] Best Tour Souvenir The Real Group CD 2002 [A1*]
Bette Davis Eyes _Various CD 1982 [A1*] Better To Have Loved Lena Andersson 7" 1972 [A1*]
Between Or Beyond The Northern Lights _Various CD 2002 [A1] Between The Buttons The Rolling Stones LP 1967 [A1]
Bewitched-Polly Brown Story Polly Brown CD 1995 [A1*] Beyond The Notes Jon Lord CD 2004 [A1*]
Big Artist Album ABBA CD 1977 [A1*] Big Big World Emilia CD 2008 [A2*]
Big Hits 2 Jose Marcello Orchestra CD 1977 [A1*] Big Issue Presents- Letters To My Younger Self ABBA (Books) Book 2019 [A1*]
Big Screen Musicals The Sound Of Musical Orchestra CD 2009 [A1*] Bike Voyage II Björn Jayson Lindh LP 1978 [A1]
Billboard Head Soup _Various CD 2006 [A1*] Billboard Hits U.S.A. ABBA CD 2000 [A1*]
Billy Boy Britt-Inger Dreilick+Cacka Israelsson 12" 1955 [A1] Binge Harrogate Theatre Choir+Catherine Field-Leather CD 2020 [A1*]
Biographic ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 2020 [A1*] Bird You Must Fly Tommy Körberg 7" 1969 [J1]
Birgitta Wollgård & Salut Birgitta Wollgård+Salut LP 1975 [A1*] Birgitta Wollgård & Salut Sings ABBA Birgitta Wollgård CD 2008 [A1*]
Bits & Pieces Eje Thelin LP 1980 [A1] Bits And Pieces -Hysterical Performances ABBA DVD 2008 [A1*]
Bits And Pieces Vol. 2 ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*] Bitter And Sweet Jessica Pilnäs CD 2010 [A1*]
Bitå Kalle Moraeus+Hej Kalle CD 2003 [A1] Bjerke/Hagerup/Kalvik Finn Kalvik CD 2009 [G3*]
Bjorn & Benny = Broadway ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] Bjorn & Benny Autors Björn & Benny CD 2017 [A1*]
Bjorn To Rock Bjorn To Rock CD 2011 [A1*] Björkens Visa (Norway) Hootenanny Singers 7" 1965 [A1]
Björkensvisa (Ep) Hootenanny Singers 12" 1965 [A1] Björn & Benny -B&B Projects Björn & Benny DVD 2005 [A1*]
Björn & Benny 40 Years Of Composer Björn & Benny CD 2008 [A1*] Björn & Benny 50 Years Of Success Björn & Benny CD 2017 [A1*]
Björn & Benny Music Björn & Benny CD 2021 [A1] Björn & Benny Singles Björn & Benny CD 2020 [A1*]
Björn Greatest Hits Björn Ulvaeus CD 2007 [A1] Björn Ulvaeus Der Texter Von ABBA ABBA (Books)+Björn Ulvaeus Book 2011 [A1*]
Björn, Benny, Agnetha & Frida ABBA LP 1974 [A1*] Björns Ballader Björn Skifs LP 1981 [A1*]
Black & White Black & White CD 1975 [A1*] Black ABBA Tribute Black ABBA CD 2008 [A1*]
Black Mediterraneo Summit Band CD 2012 [A1*] Black Wind Finbar Wright CD 2014 [A1*]
Blanche Nuit De Satin Marie Laforet 7" 1982 [J1] Blast From The Grassed Hayseed Dixie CD 2020 [A1*]
Blickar Som Tänder Friends CD 2000 [A1] Blijf Nog 1 Nacht Wendy Van Wanten CD 1995 [A1*]
Blixtlås Tommy Körberg+Stefan Nilsson LP 1979 [J1] Blomdah: Adagio From Teatermusik Sven Verde LP 1977 [A1]
Blomman Hootenanny Singers 7" 1967 [A1] Blondes Have More Fun ABBA CD 1997 [A1*]
Blott En Dag Carola CD 1998 [C2] Blowin'In The Wind Marie Laforet 7" 1963 [A1]
Blue Joe & The Anchor CDS 2021 [A1] Blue For You ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*]
Blue Islands Bryan Smith CD 1996 [A1*] Blue Magic Woman Sound Of Music 12" 1986 [A1]
Blue Mirror Scott Bradlee+Postmodern Jukebox CD 2018 [A1*] Blue Virgin Isles Ted Gärdestad CD 1978 [A1]
Blues (First Take) Mats Ronander CD 1992 [A1] Blues För December _Various CD 2013 [A1]
Blues Of Europe Gugge Hedrenius Big Blues Band LP 1976 [A1] Blues Of Stockholm Gugge Hedrenius Big Blues Band LP 1974 [A1]
Blues Of Sweden Big Blues Band LP 1972 [A1] Blå Fågel Anders Fugelstad 7" 1966 [A1]
Blå Passager Och Röda Vågor Janne Schaffer LP 1982 [A1] Blåblus Björn Skifs CD 1972 [A1]
Blågula Låtar Anders Dahl CD 2012 [A1*] Boating Alive - Stay Afloat Coast Guard Auxiliary Big Band Expr CD 2017 [A1*]
Bob Of The Pops Volume 5 Bob Of The Pops CD 2020 [A1*] Body & Soul Paris Bis 7" 1986 [A1]
Body Conditioning Workout ABBAcadabra CD 2008 [A1*] Boiling Klahr CDS 2017 [A1]
Boken Om ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 1977 [A1*] Boken Om Bildjournalensveriges Största Ungdomstidn ABBA (Books)+Hootenanny Singers+The Hep Stars Book 2011 [A1*]
Bold Babba CD 2008 [A1*] Boleros Perla CD 1997 [A1]
Bomvazo Letal 1 Cheverissimo+Banda Lagunera+Chavos De Juana+Ritmo Loco+El Angel & Su Demanda CD 2016 [A1*] Bon Anniversaire (DVD) Les Enfoires DVD 2014 [A1]
Bon Anniversaire Les Enfoires CD 2014 [A1] Bonnie Ship The Diamond Hootenanny Singers 7" 1964 [A1]
Bonnie St. Claire Bonnie Saint Claire LP 1985 [A1*] Bonny Bonny Lindqvist LP 1978 [A1]
Bonusplatta 2010 Janne Schaffer CD 2011 [A1*] Boogie I Mitt Huvud Anders Glenmark CD 1993 [A1]
Boogie Woogie Björn Jayson Lindh LP 1974 [A1] Boom 8 _Various CD 1992 [J1]
Boom 99 _Various CD 1999 [A1] Boom Bang-A-Bang Lulu 7" 1969 [A1]
Boom, Boom, Boom Karin Glenmark+Anders Glenmark 7" 1975 [A1] Born To Be ABBA Aborba'S CD 2013 [A1*]
Born To Rock Janne Lucas LP 1978 [A1] Borsta Tandrollen Bort Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1968 [A1]
Bortom En Vid Ocean- Kristina Från Duvemåla ABBA (Books) Book 1996 [A1*] Bortom Sol Och Måne Hjalp Sokes CDS 2013 [A1]
Bossa Loves ABBA Bossa Nova Susie Webb CD 2016 [A1*] Bossa Loves ABBA: The Remixes Susie Webb CD 2016 [A1*]
Bossa Mamma Mia (Extra Spanish Tracks) Break'N'Bossa CDS 2007 [A1*] Bossa Mia _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Bossa Nova ABBA Hit Claudia Barbosa CD 2015 [A1*] Bossa Nova Guitar Music 2019 _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
Bossavision _Various CD 2009 [A1*] Bosse Larsson Med Högloftarna Bosse Larsson+Högloftarna LP 1973 [A1]
Both Sides Now Luft CD 2012 [A1*] Both Sides Now Marina Prior CD 2012 [A1*]
Bother Me Johnning CDS 2020 [A1] Boyband Mit Zitrona Agsang CD 2020 [A1*]
Boys School Boys School CD 2012 [A1*] Bravo Ann Christy LP 1977 [A1*]
Bravo 1956-2006 ABBA (Books) Book 2006 [A1*] Bravo Legenden ABBA ABBA DVD 2018 [A1*]
Bravo Tu As Gagné Mireille Mathieu 7" 1981 [A1*] Bravo À Jeane Manson Jeane Manson CD 1988 [C2]
Break The Normal Lionel'S Dad CD 2002 [A1*] Break Up The Concrete The Pretenders CD 2008 [A1]
Breakaway (Feauring Zelo) Bracelet CDS 2016 [A1] Breakaway Bracelet CDS 2016 [A1]
Breakin`Up Is Hard To Do Svenne & Lotta 7" 1974 [A1] Brel (En Föreställning Som Går Rakt In I Hjärtat) _Various CD 1983 [J1]
Brel Maurane CD 2018 [J1] Bretonne (Edition Deluxe) Nolwenn Leroy CD 2010 [A1]
Bridges Senza Catene CD 2019 [A1*] Bridget Jones -The Edge Of Reason _Various CD 2007 [A1*]
Bright Light Shadow (Russian Version) ABBA (Books) Book 2009 [A1*] Bright Lights Dark Shadows (2008 Version) ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*]
Bright Lights Dark Shadows (Ebook) ABBA (Books) Book 2009 [A1*] Bright Lights, Dark Shadows ABBA (Books) Book 2001 [A1*]
Brighton Bride Bjorn Again CD 2019 [A1*] Bring It On Home Svenne & Lotta LP 1978 [A1]
Bring Me Edelweiss Edelweiss 7" 1988 [A1*] Britta Hootenanny Singers 7" 1965 [A1]
Broadway'S Carols For A Cure Volume 13 _Various CD 2011 [A1*] Broadway, My Way Linda Eder CD 2003 [A1*]
Broschnevs Folkets Park Michael B. Tretow 7" 1968 [A1] Brotherhood Of Man (Compilation) Brotherhood Of Man CD 1995 [A1*]
Brown 25 Nova Media CD 2014 [A1*] Brussels 79 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Brännvinsdansen Di Sma Undar Jårdi 12" 1986 [A1] Bso Almodovar _Various CD 2007 [J1]
Bubbles Slam Creepers'+Björn Skifs LP 1967 [J1] Buddy Is The King The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 7" 1978 [A1]
Buenas Pero Compartidas Los Duetos _Various CD 2019 [A1*] Bugga Med Drifters The Drifters CD 2016 [A1]
By Request...The Disco/Dance Album Scooter Lee CD 2005 [A1*] By The Bann'S Crystal Waters Bernard Henry CD 2016 [A1*]
By The Fire Jimmy Ahlén+Janne Schaffer CDS 2019 [A1] Bye Bye Baby The Symbols 7" 1967 [A1]
Byron Olson Orchestra Manhattan LP 1986 [A1] Bästa Agnetha Fältskog CD 2013 [A1]
Bästa The Hep Stars LP 1970 [A1] Bästa Hootenanny Singers CD 1967 [A1]
Bästa Alf Robertson CD 2008 [A1*] Bästa Mats Ronander CD 2003 [A1]
Bästa Björn Skifs CD 1998 [A1*] Bästa 1937-1965 Evert Taube CD 1999 [A1]
Bästa Låtarna Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2019 [A1] Bästa Låtarna Extended Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2019 [A1*]
Bästa Nu Och Dâ Björn Skifs CD 2017 [A1] Bébé Orchestra Joue ABBA Judson Mancebo CD 2013 [A1*]
Bókim Um ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 1977 [A1*] Början Till Slutet Hootenanny Singers 7" 1967 [A1]


C'Est Écrit Sheila CD 2007 [A1] C.F.D. 6 Cfd+Ross Mitchell CD 1994 [A1*]
CDrei Seebrünzler CD 2007 [A1*] Ca Va Mal (Single Promotionnel) Sylvie Vartan 7" 1981 [A1*]
Caddillac Renegades 7" 1965 [A1] Cadillac (1977 Single) The Hep Stars+Gummibandet 7" 1977 [A1]
Cadillac The Hep Stars 7" 1965 [A1] Cadillac Madness (Book) ABBA (Books) Book 2004 [A1*]
Cadillac Madness -40 Years 40 Hits 1964-2004 The Hep Stars CD 2004 [A1] Cado Les Petits Chanteurs Du Rock CD 2007 [A1*]
Cafe Noir Patricia Kaas CD 1996 [A1] Caledonian Christmas Glasgow Phoenix Choir CD 2007 [A1*]
California Calling Fickle Pickle 7" 1972 [A1] California Maiden The Hep Stars CD 1971 [A1]
California'S In The Dark Sunshine On The World LP 1979 [A1] Calle Broadway Daniel Diges CD 2015 [A1*]
Calm Jazz Collection _Various CD 2018 [A1*] Calming Rain / No Romance One More Time CDS 1992 [A1*]
Cam Me Atlas CDS 2011 [A1] Camping - Classics Reborn Chet Lam CD 2006 [A1*]
Can I Get To Know You Better Tommy Körberg 7" 1968 [J1] Can'T Shake Loose Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1983 [A1]
Can'T You Paul Davis 7" 1970 [A1] Can`T Stop Myself Svenne & Lotta 7" 1978 [A1]
Canciones Inolvidables Tormenta CD 1996 [A1*] Canciones Para Ir De Excursión Vol. 1 Agrupación Infantil Los Mochileros CD 2013 [A1*]
Canciones Regaladas Ana Belen+Victor Manuel CD 2015 [J1] Candy Tommy Körberg 7" 1970 [J1]
Canta Con Multi Pistas Los Hits De ABBA Mmp CD 2015 [A1*] Canta Las Canciones De ABBA _Various DVD 2009 [A1*]
Canyons Canyons CD 1975 [A1*] Captain Marvel Inspired Selection _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
Captured Tomas Ledin CD 1983 [A1] Caramba Caramba CD 1981 [A1]
Caravelli Joue ABBA Caravelli Grand Orchestre LP 1980 [A1*] Cardio Pulse Doctor Octavo CD 2013 [A1*]
Cariño Mio Santabarbara 7" 1975 [A1*] Carl Custaf Skillingtryk Och Gamla Kända Visor Kjerstin Dellert LP 1978 [A1]
Carl Gustaf Kjerstin Dellert CD 2002 [A1] Carnegie Hall Chess Concert 1988 Chess CD 2001 [A1*]
Carnets De Scène Patricia Kaas CD 1991 [J1] Carnevale Compilation 2019 Extra Latino CD 2019 [A1*]
Carole King In Concert Carole King CD 1997 [A1*] Carolina The Hep Stars 7" 1972 [A1]
Carousel Wizex CD 1978 [A1] Carpool Karaoke Nanne CDS 2020 [A1]
Carte De Visite Tempokids CD 2009 [A1*] Carte Postale Francis Cabrel LP 1981 [A1]
Cartoon People - Club Pop House Vol 1 _Various CD 2020 [A1*] Cartoon People - Club Pop House, Volume 2 _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
Casal Único Tino Casal CD 2006 [A1*] Casatchok Rika Zarai 7" 1969 [A1]
Casino _Various CD 2006 [A1] Cassandra (7'') ABBA 7" 1984 [A1*]
Cassandra Alan Bonner CDS 2020 [A1*] Cassandra Bonnie & Jose 7" 1984 [A1*]
Caterina Jan Malmsjö 7" 1962 [A1] Cats & Dogs Mental As Anything LP 1981 [A1]
Ce N'Est Pas Un Album: The Random Hubiak Band CD 2018 [A1*] Ce N'Est Qu'Un Au Revoir Jeane Manson 7" 1977 [C2]
Cecilia Vennersten Cecilia Vennersten CD 1995 [A1*] Celebrates The Music Of ABBA André Rieu CD 2013 [A1*]
Celebrating 40 Years On Stage Elaine Paige DVD 2010 [A1*] Celebration ABBA CD 1994 [A1*]
Celtic 'N' Broadway Rebecca Storm CD 2003 [A1*] Centre Stage Michael Ball CD 2001 [A1*]
Centre Stage Elaine Paige CD 2004 [A1] Centre Stage Anthony Warlow CD 1990 [A1*]
Century Of Musicals: Bernstein, Rogers And Bart Paul Brooks CD 2014 [A1*] Ces Annees La _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
Ces Années-Là ! Michèle Torr CD 2008 [A1*] Cha Cha The Come Dancing Orchestra Cha Cha CD 2004 [A1*]
Chance Manfred Mann'S Earth Band LP 1980 [A1] Change Your Mind Iyes CDS 2020 [A1]
Changes Tracy Huang CD 1983 [A1] Chanson De France Michelet Innocent CD 2015 [A1*]
Chansons ABBA ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] Chansons Clasiques Philippe Elan CD 1990 [A1]
Chansons Classiques Disney 1937-1998 _Various CD 2013 [A1] Chansons D'Amour Evelyne Leclercq CD 1990 [C2]
Chansons De Toujours Michèle Torr CD 1987 [A1] Chansons Françaises _Various CD 2007 [A1]
Chansons Magnifiques Philippe Elan+Gemini Ensemble CD 1994 [A1] Chansons Populaires André Rieu CD 1999 [A1]
Chansons Pour Clara _Various CD 2001 [A1*] Chansons Pour Les Mois D'Hiver Isabelle Boulay CD 2009 [J1]
Chante Dalida, A Mi Manera Luz Casal CD 2017 [J1] Chante Noël Elsa Esnoult CD 2020 [A1]
Chante Piaf Michèle Torr CD 2003 [A1] Chante Pour Nous Mama Karen Cheryl LP 1981 [A1*]
Chanter C'Est Prier Michèle Torr CD 2012 [A1] Chanter La Vie Nana Mouskouri 7" 1983 [A1*]
Chants Et Contes De Noël Céline Dion CD 1983 [A1*] Chapel Of Love Svenne & Lotta 7" 1975 [A1*]
Charlie Charlie Norman LP 1969 [A1] Charlie Brown Two Man Sound 7" 1975 [A1]
Charlie Brown Birgitta Wollgård 7" 1976 [A1*] Charlie Live Charlie Norman LP 1975 [A1*]
Chart Topper Vol 36 Top Hits Group CD 2009 [A1*] Chas! Y Aparezco A Tu Lado Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1987 [A1]
Che Sara José Feliciano 7" 1971 [A1] Che Sarà (Italian) José Feliciano 7" 1971 [A1]
Check The Czechs! ABBA - International Songs _Various CD 2014 [A1*] Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace Vol. 1 The Grace CD 2007 [A1*]
Chess (Broadway Version) Chess CD 1988 [A1*] Chess (Original London Cast Live) Chess CD 2009 [A1]
Chess (Original Version) Chess CD 1984 [A1*] Chess (Swedish Live 2002) Chess CD 2002 [A1*]
Chess (Us Tour) Chess CD 2009 [A1*] Chess Benny Andersson CDS 2017 [A1]
Chess The European Choir & Orchestra CD 2014 [A1*] Chess Jimmy Serino Company CD 2014 [A1*]
Chess The London Theater Orchestra CD 2003 [A1*] Chess London Theatre Orchestra And Cast CD 2019 [A1*]
Chess The New Musical Cast CD 1999 [A1*] Chess The Theatreland Chorus CD 2013 [A1*]
Chess -Pa Svenska (Bootleg) Chess CD 2008 [A1*] Chess -The Deleted Songs Chess CD 2004 [A1*]
Chess - The Legendary Musical West End Stars CD 2015 [A1*] Chess -The Mixes Chess CD 2004 [A1*]
Chess 10th Anniversary Chess CD 2002 [A1*] Chess 2018 Danish Cast Chess CD 2018 [A1*]
Chess Actors' Fund Concert Chess CD 2003 [A1*] Chess Auckland 1992 Chess CD 2001 [A1*]
Chess Australian Cast (Version 1) Chess CD 2019 [A1] Chess Broadway Premiere Chess CD 1988 [A1*]
Chess DVD Chess DVD 2010 [A1*] Chess Danmark Premiere Chess CD 1995 [A1*]
Chess Demos Chess CD 1984 [A1*] Chess Demos Recordings Chess CD 1984 [A1*]
Chess European Tour Chess CD 2001 [A1*] Chess Fra Moster Original Bømlo Cast Chess CD 2006 [A1*]
Chess In Australia (Version 3) Chess CD 2019 [A1] Chess In Australia Chess CD 2002 [A1]
Chess In Concert (DVD Skelleftea 1989) Chess DVD 2011 [A1*] Chess In Concert (Skelleftea 1989) Chess DVD 1989 [A1*]
Chess In Concert Chess CD 1994 [A1*] Chess In Concert -Toronto 1992 Chess CD 2001 [A1*]
Chess In Concert 2008 (Full Bootleg Recording) Chess CD 2008 [A1*] Chess In Concert 2008 Chess CD 2009 [A1*]
Chess Karaoke _Various CD 2003 [A1*] Chess Karaoke Hits Karaoke Planet CD 2013 [A1*]
Chess Moves Plus Chess CD 2002 [A1*] Chess Moves Video Chess Video 1985 [A1*]
Chess Off Broadway Chess CD 1992 [A1*] Chess Opening Ceremony Chess CD 2000 [A1*]
Chess Original Australian Cast Chess CD 1991 [A1*] Chess Original Broadway Cast Live Chess CD 2010 [A1]
Chess Pieces Chess CD 1984 [A1*] Chess På Svenska Chess CD 2002 [A1*]
Chess The British Tour 1990 Chess CD 2002 [A1] Chess The Interviews Chess CD 2002 [A1]
Chess The Musical Chess CD 1998 [A1*] Chess The Musical Maria Lucia CD 2012 [A1*]
Chess The Musical West End Performers CD 2012 [A1*] Chess The Musical A Tribute West End Orchestra & Singers CD 2008 [A1*]
Chess Videos Chess Video 2004 [A1*] Chess- The Making Of A Musical ABBA (Books) Book 1986 [A1*]
Chess: Missing Pieces - Remixes & Demos Chess CD 2021 [A1*] Chi Salta Il Fosso / Pun Tan Tai Loretta Goggi 7" 1972 [A1]
Chibueze (Cristo Re - Christ The King) Gaëtan CD 2017 [A1*] Chicago Peter Jöback CD 2007 [J1]
Children Of The World Bee Gees LP 1976 [C2] Children Party Time Saint Winfred'S School Choir CD 2009 [A1*]
Chill Bossa Mamma Mia _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Chill On ABBA _Various CD 2012 [A1*]
Chilled Out Piano Covers Thomas Benjamin Cooper+Bodhi Holloway+Juniper Hanson+Coco Mccloud CD 2020 [A1*] Chillout Meet ABBA _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
Chiquitita (7'') ABBA 7" 1979 [A1*] Chiquitita (Sing The Hits Of ABBA) Hit Tunes Karaoke CD 2013 [A1*]
Chiquitita Banda La Chacaloza CDS 2004 [A1*] Chiquitita Shelagh Baynham CDS 2020 [A1*]
Chiquitita Bombon Queen CDS 2020 [A1*] Chiquitita Cher CDS 2020 [A1*]
Chiquitita Cool Inferno CD 2014 [A1*] Chiquitita Homero Gomez CD 2011 [A1*]
Chiquitita Grupo Inspiracion CDS 2020 [A1*] Chiquitita Mas Que Copla CDS 2011 [A1*]
Chiquitita Kate Mcgill CDS 2020 [A1*] Chiquitita Melinda CD 2013 [A1*]
Chiquitita Menudo CD 1979 [A1*] Chiquitita Amaia Montero CDS 2010 [A1*]
Chiquitita Nana Mouskouri 7" 1984 [A1*] Chiquitita Juan-Carlos Ochoa CDS 2019 [A1*]
Chiquitita Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*] Chiquitita Laleh Pourkarim CDS 2014 [A1*]
Chiquitita Puddles Pity Party CDS 2017 [A1*] Chiquitita Emilio Roman CDS 2021 [A1*]
Chiquitita Sing Strike Karaoke CDS 2015 [A1*] Chiquitita Sirdanik CDS 2020 [A1*]
Chiquitita Pastor Solitario CDS 2019 [A1*] Chiquitita Milena Warthon CDS 2018 [A1*]
Chiquitita Yalopop CDS 2020 [A1*] Chiquitita And Many More! Cover Crew CD 2012 [A1*]
Chiquitita De Rommy En Sax Rommy & Su Sax Maravilloso CD 2018 [A1*] Chitarra Suona Piu Piano Nicola Di Bari 7" 1971 [A1]
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Sonja Stjernqvist 12" 1968 [A1] Chorisma Qvinnokören Lapponica CD 2004 [A1*]
Chorus ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] Christiana F. Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo David Bowie LP 1981 [C2]
Christmas (Deluxe Edition) Magnus Carlsson CD 2009 [A1] Christmas Michael Ball CD 2000 [A1*]
Christmas Around The World André Rieu CD 2006 [A1] Christmas At Home Birgitta Wollgård+Salut CD 2020 [C2]
Christmas CD 2007 ABBA CD 2007 [A1*] Christmas Deluxe Edition Michael Buble CD 2011 [A1]
Christmas Giveaway _Various CD 2019 [A1*] Christmas In Bethlehem Carola CD 2009 [A1*]
Christmas In London The London Philharmonic Orchestra CD 2012 [A1*] Christmas Novelty Favorites The Merry Christmas Players CD 2009 [A1*]
Christmas On My Mind The Hep Stars 7" 1967 [A1] Christmas Piano Masters Christmas Piano Masters CD 2012 [A1*]
Christmas Songs Andrea Corr CDS 2020 [A1*] Christmas Songs Danny Malando+Carola Smit CD 2009 [A1*]
Christmas Through Your Eyes Gloria Estefan CD 1993 [A1] Christmas Wish Olivia Newton-John CD 2007 [A1]
Christmas With Cliff Cliff Richard CD 2011 [A1*] Christmas With Eurovision Artists _Various CD 2007 [A1]
Christmas With Friends Måns Zelmerlöw CD 2010 [A1] Christmas With You Magnus Carlsson CDS 2010 [C2]
Christopher Street Day Munchen 2015 ABBA 99 CDS 2015 [A1*] Chronicles ABBA CD 2006 [A1*]
Chucu Calypso Rita Irasema 7" 1981 [A1] Church Organ _Various CD 2017 [A1*]
Ciao (Mi Va Di Centore) Louis Armstrong 7" 1968 [A1] Ciao Ciao Italia _Various CD 2004 [A1]
Cinderella Claes Af Geijerstam 7" 1978 [A1*] Cindirella _Various CD 2015 [A1*]
Cinquante Chansons De France _Various CD 1988 [A1] Cinque Concerti Per Violino Antonio Vivaldi CD 1999 [A1*]
Ciphers In The Snow The Contras LP 1987 [A1*] Cirkeln (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack) _Various CD 2015 [A1]
Cirkus Homo Sapiens (Original Version) Nanne CD 1999 [A1] Cirque D'Hiver 30 Ans De Chansons Jeane Manson DVD 2006 [A1]
City Rythm Sandy Lam CD 1988 [A1] City To City Gerry Rafferty CD 1978 [A1*]
Civilia Hootenanny Singers CD 1967 [A1] Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet (Compilation) Bonnie Saint Claire CD 2001 [A1]
Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet Bonnie Saint Claire LP 1973 [A1*] Clasificación Abc IVonne E IVette CD 2012 [A1*]
Classic ABBA (The Universal Masters Collection) ABBA CD 2000 [A1*] Classic ABBA ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
Classic ABBA Mr Entertainer Karaoke CD 2010 [A1*] Classic Acoustic Playlist _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
Classic Attack Remixes ABBA CD 2012 [A1*] Classic Euro Disco Hits Count Dee Silver Disco Explosion CD 2010 [A1*]
Classic Hi-Nrg Volume Three _Various CD 1998 [A1] Classic Karaoke Featuring ABBA _Various CD 2002 [A1*]
Classic Orchestra Play ABBA The Classic Orchestra CD 1995 [A1*] Classic Rock Piano Covers, Vol. 1 Piano Project CD 2019 [A1*]
Classic Songs, Symphonic Style _Various CD 2013 [A1*] Classical ABBA Siddhi Johan Sundt CD 2000 [A1*]
Classical Ballads St Martin'S Symphony Of Los Angeles CD 2009 [A1*] Classical Broadway Michele Milano CD 2004 [A1*]
Classical Covers Of Pop Music _Various CD 2020 [A1*] Classical Guilty Pleasures _Various CD 2016 [A1*]
Classics Sarah Brightman CD 2001 [A1] Claude Rouche Presents ABBA Played On The Piano Claude Rouche CD 2020 [A1*]
Clearly Love Olivia Newton-John CD 1975 [A1] Climax - Best Of Alain Bashung CD 2014 [J1]
Clivia Music _Various CD 2009 [A1*] Cloclo Claude François CD 2012 [J1]
Close To Me Dolce Vita 7" 1982 [A1] Close To You Jordy CDS 2019 [A1]
Closer Than Ever Gay Men'S Chorus+Dr Kathleen Mcguire CD 2004 [A1*] Co S Tou Hrou Helena Vrtichová 7" 1978 [A1*]
Coco'S Party Coco Lee CD 1996 [A1*] Cold Rush Goldzbrough+Bahareh CDS 2020 [A1]
Colección De Oro ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] Colin Collier Sings Frida Colin Collier CD 2013 [A1*]
Collected ABBA CD 2011 [A1*] Collected Demis Roussos CD 2015 [A1*]
Collection (K7) ABBA K7 1988 [A1*] Collection Georg Erixon CD 2019 [A1*]
Collection Hootenanny Singers CD 1987 [A1] Collection Björn Skifs CD 1987 [A1*]
Collection Titanix CD 2009 [A1] Collection Or Gérard Lenorman CD 1992 [J1]
Platinum Collection Russell Watson CD 2010 [A1] Collection Series ABBA CD 1996 [A1*]
Collection Stage And Screen Classics Tim Rice CD 1996 [A1] Colors Michel Morissette CD 2020 [A1*]
Come Dream With Me Jeannine Goeckeritz CD 2017 [A1*] Come Give Me Love First Aid Kit CDS 2020 [A1*]
Come Give Me Love Ted Gärdestad 7" 1973 [A1*] Come My Way Marianne Faithfull CD 2002 [A1]
Come On Over Olivia Newton-John CD 1976 [A1] Come To Me (ABBAinter.Net) Frida CD 2009 [A1*]
Come To Me (I Am Woman) Frida 7" 1984 [A1] Come To Me (I Am Woman) Su Pollard 7" 1985 [A1*]
Come To My Party O-77 12" 1984 [A1] Come Together A Tribute To Bravo _Various CD 2006 [A1*]
Compact Hits Vol. II _Various CD 1985 [A1*] Compilation #4 Spéciale Fête De La Musique 2015 _Various CD 2015 [A1*]
Compilation 1969 Marie Laforet LP 1969 [A1] Compilation 1970 Marie Laforet LP 1970 [A1]
Compilation 1982 Karen Cheryl LP 1982 [A1*] Compilation 1995 -Volume 2 Marie Laforet CD 1995 [A1]
Top 20 Hi-Low Mixed Compilation For Fitness & Wor _Various CD 2019 [A1*] Compilation International, Vol. 3 Inc Karaoke Group CD 2010 [A1*]
Complete ABBA CD 1989 [A1*] Complete Best Céline Dion CD 2008 [A1]
Complete Recording Sessions ABBA (Books) Book 1994 [A1*] Complete Story ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
Completely In Luv' Luv CD 2006 [A1*] Compromise Svenne & Lotta LP 1970 [A1]
Compîlation 1995 -Volume 3 Marie Laforet CD 1995 [A1] Comédies Musicales 2 _Various CD 2001 [A1]
Con El Alma Latina Richard Abel CD 2018 [A1*] Con Estilo Propio Teorema CD 2019 [A1*]
Concert That Never Happened (ABBAinter.Net) ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] Concerto D'Amore Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1969 [A1]
Concerto De La Mer Variétés Jean-Claude Borelly CD 1988 [A1*] Concierto De Aranjuez Joaquim Rodrigo CD 1991 [A1]
Concrete Amaya CDS 2018 [A1] Confessions On A Dance Floor Madonna CD 2005 [A1]
Confidenti'Elles Nicolas Reyno CD 2015 [A1*] Confluencia Llacta CD 2014 [A1*]
Conmemorando 100 Años De Música Cesar Costa CD 2002 [A1*] Connecting Animals Afterworld CD 2000 [A1*]
Conociéndome, Conociéndote Lu Jandro CDS 2020 [A1*] Conquista Mi Amor Fuerza 4 CD 1994 [A1*]
Consolation The Hep Stars 7" 1966 [A1] Conte Musical ABBAcadabra Musical LP 1983 [A1*]
Conto Musical ABBAcadabra Musical CD 1984 [A1*] Conversation Dompan & Gunnar LP 1983 [A1]
Cool & Classy Take On ABBA Cool & Classy CD 2013 [A1*] Cool Easy Music Steve Francis CD 2018 [A1*]
Copenhagen Blues _Various 12" 1974 [A1*] Copycatz _Various CD 1998 [A1*]
Cornelis Sjunger Taube Cornelis Vreeswijk CD 2004 [A1] Cosa De Locos Los Grey'S CD 1998 [A1*]
Cosmic Trigger / 2 A.M. Visit Guilty Connector CD 2004 [A1*] Coté Coeur Johnny Halliday CD 1993 [J1]
Could It Be Happiness (Single) Ann Christy 7" 1975 [A1] Countdown- The Wonder Years 1974-1987 ABBA (Books) Book 2006 [A1*]
Country Classics Kikki Danielsson CD 1995 [A1*] Country Favorites Volebeats CD 2004 [A1*]
Country Favourites, Vol. 3 Freddy Fender CD 2012 [A1*] Country Girl Jeane Manson CD 1996 [A1]
Country Gold - 20 Super Hits Santa Fe Express CD 2018 [A1*] Cous Cous Björn Jayson Lindh LP 1972 [A1]
Cover Collection Trespassers W 12" 1999 [A1*] Cover The Earth The Meatmen CD 2009 [A1*]
Cover To Cover _Various CD 2002 [A1*] Cover Version Steven Wilson CD 2014 [A1*]
Cover Version Degli ABBA Top Cover Band CD 2010 [A1*] Cover Versions Golden Quartet CD 2000 [A1*]
Coveria Ei Jätetä Osmos Cosmos CD 1999 [A1*] Covers First Aid Kit CD 2013 [A1*]
Covers Hootenanny Singers CD 2021 [A1] Covers ABBA City Record Band CD 2009 [A1*]
Covers ABBA _Various CD 2009 [A1*] Covers Vol 2 Regine Velasquez CD 2006 [A1*]
Covers, Vol. 1 Javier Domínguez CD 2016 [A1] Covert Some Velvet Morning CD 2011 [A1*]
Cozy Square Resa LP 1975 [A1] Crack It Bomfunk Mc'S+Jessica Folcker CDS 2002 [A1*]
Crazy Otto'S Ragtime Band Fritz Schulz-Reichel CD 1975 [A1*] Crime: Letters To Suzuka (An Anthology) Jessica'S Crime CD 2001 [A1*]
Cristo Re -Christ The King Chibueze CD 2017 [A1*] Croisiere Romantique André Rieu CD 2003 [A1*]
Crossroads Sylver CD 2006 [A1*] Cruising With Jane Mcdonald Jane Mc Donald CD 2018 [A1*]
Cruising With Jane Mcdonald, Volume 2 Jane Mc Donald CD 2020 [A1*] Crystal Clear High15 CDS 2020 [A1]
Cuando Calienta El Sol Rosy Armen 7" 1962 [A1] Cuando El Amor No Es Suficiente Sandra Guevara CD 2020 [A1*]
Cuatro Palabras Los Guardianes Del Amor CD 1993 [A1*] Cuerdas Universales Vibraciones Del... Orquesta De Solistas & Violines De CD 2020 [A1*]
Cumbia Regional Grupo Fam El Sonido De La Cumbia CD 2020 [A1*] Cupid Janne Lucas 7" 1969 [A1]
Cyklist Anders Fugelstad 7" 1971 [A1] Czas Muzyki Czas Relaksu _Various CD 1997 [A1*]
Céline Dion Céline Dion CD 1992 [J1] Céline Dion Chante Noël Céline Dion CD 1981 [A1*]


D'ABBA D'ABBA Doe 1 ABBA (Books) Book 1977 [A1*] D'ABBA D'ABBA Doe 2 ABBA (Books) Book 1977 [A1*]
D'Alexandrie À Alexandra Claude François CD 1995 [C2] D'Ä Inte Klokt Va' Han Ä' Snäll Stig Anderson 7" 1955 [A1]
DJ Skye DJ Skye CD 2008 [A1*] DJ Skye Remixes ABBA CD 2008 [A1*]
DJ Tony Mixes ABBA CD 2018 [A1*] DJangophil Plays Pop Songs DJangophil CD 2020 [A1*]
DJupa Andetag (Fantasy Remasters) _Various CD 2015 [A1*] DJupa Andetag (Remastered) Frida CD 2005 [A1*]
DJupa Andetag Frida CD 1996 [A1*] DJupa Andetag -Remixed Frida CD 2004 [A1*]
DJävulen O Ängeln Tomas Ledin CD 2000 [A1] Da Capo Björn Skifs CD 2010 [A1]
Da War Das Feuer Einer Sommernacht Kristina Bach CDS 1993 [A1*] Dagar Som Kommer Och Går Kikki Danielsson CD 1998 [A1]
Dagdrivernotater Finn Kalvik CD 2004 [A1] Dagen Efter Kvällen Före Rolf Bengtsson 7" 1970 [A1]
Dagsedlar Åt Kapitalismen Fred Akerström CD 1967 [A1] Dahlia Niello+Ourchives CDS 2019 [A1]
Dalam Mengenangmu Rosemaria CD 1980 [A1*] Dame Dame Dame Christians CDS 2009 [A1*]
Dame Sólo Un Minuto Cesar Costa LP 1979 [A1*] Dan Andersson På Vårt Sätt Hootenanny Singers CD 1973 [A1]
Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) Svenne & Lotta 7" 1974 [A1*] Dance Dance Billy Bolero 7" 1982 [A1]
Dance Floor Celebration ABBA CD 2006 [A1*] Dance For Me Josh Charm CDS 2020 [A1]
Dance Latin Hits Latino Boom CD 2008 [A1*] Dance Like You Mean It Atlas CDS 2012 [A1]
Dance Mix Agnetha Fältskog CD 2004 [A1] Dance Mix ABBA Non Stop Symphonic Rock Project CD 2000 [A1*]
Dance On ABBA The Remix Cover Collection Vol 2 _Various CD 2017 [A1*] Dance On ABBA The Remix Cover Tribute _Various CD 2012 [A1*]
Dance Party 1 ABBAkidz CD 2010 [A1*] Dance Remixes A*Teens CD 1999 [A1*]
Dance Remixes `99 A*Teens CDS 1999 [A1*] Dance Romance Lili & Susie CD 2003 [A1]
Dance Tribute To ABBA _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Dance With Me Friends CD 2002 [A1]
Dance Your Pain Away (Bootleg) Agnetha Fältskog CDS 2013 [A1] Dance Your Pain Away Agnetha Fältskog CDS 2013 [A1]
Dance Your Pain Away The Remix Collection Agnetha Fältskog CD 2017 [A1] Dance, Dance, Dance The Puppini Sisters CD 2020 [A1*]
Dance, Dance, Dance Birgitta Wollgård+Salut LP 1973 [A1] Danceformers Zaidia Electric Dance CD 2020 [A1*]
Dancemania Presents E-Rotic Megamix E-Rotic CD 2000 [A1*] Dancing Bossa Lisa Ono CD 2016 [A1*]
Dancing Queem Lucky Voice Karaoke CDS 2010 [A1*] Dancing Queen & Super Trouper & Mamma Mia Alex Studio CDS 2019 [A1*]
Dancing Queen (7'') ABBA 7" 1976 [A1*] Dancing Queen (ABBA Cover) _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Dancing Queen (Bootleg) ABBA DVDS 2006 [A1*] Dancing Queen (CD Maxi Sweden) A*Teens CDS 2000 [A1*]
Dancing Queen (Creamy, Knvwn) _Various CDS 2020 [A1*] Dancing Queen (Dance Mix) ABBAcadabra CD 2015 [A1*]
Dancing Queen (Eurovision Dance) _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Dancing Queen (Hasta Mañana) Nenè Theking CDS 2016 [A1*]
Dancing Queen (Japan Compilation) ABBA CD 1988 [A1*] Dancing Queen (LP East Germany) ABBA LP 1976 [A1*]
Dancing Queen (Music Factory Karaoke) _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Dancing Queen (Sing The Hits Of ABBA) Hit Tunes Karaoke CD 2013 [A1*]
Dancing Queen (Teurovision Dance) _Various CD 1999 [A1*] Dancing Queen (Ultimate Ringtones) _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
Dancing Queen ABBA Revival Band Polska CD 2000 [A1*] Dancing Queen The ABBA Tribute Band CD 2001 [A1*]
Dancing Queen ABBAcadabra CDS 1998 [A1*] Dancing Queen Abborn CD 2016 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Bootybabes CDS 2003 [A1*] Dancing Queen Louise Carys CDS 2020 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Cher CD 2018 [A1*] Dancing Queen Coolkillers CDS 2019 [A1*]
Dancing Queen DJ Xris2 CDS 2018 [A1*] Dancing Queen Martin Deejay CDS 2019 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Roberto Delgado LP 1977 [A1*] Dancing Queen Mysha Didi CDS 2019 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Disco Funk Karaoke Band CDS 2012 [A1*] Dancing Queen Carol Douglas 12" 1976 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Renardi Effendi CDS 2019 [A1*] Dancing Queen Erato CDS 2016 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Georg Erixon CDS 2017 [A1*] Dancing Queen European Jazz Trio CD 2003 [A1*]
Dancing Queen The Flamenco Man CDS 2019 [A1*] Dancing Queen Global Karaoke CD 2016 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Rod Hanna CDS 2020 [A1*] Dancing Queen Housecream CDS 1994 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Jack Ontario Soundorchestra CDS 2020 [A1*] Dancing Queen Jessica Jay CDS 2017 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Sussan Kameron CD 2013 [A1*] Dancing Queen Sussan Karandon CD 2013 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Kohiruimaki Kahoru CDS 2000 [A1*] Dancing Queen Andde Leek 7" 1984 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Les Mensch CDS 2019 [A1*] Dancing Queen Jevanni Letford CDS 2018 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Matilda Lindell CDS 2021 [A1*] Dancing Queen Mable'S Broadway CDS 2020 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Mamma Mia CDS 2018 [A1*] Dancing Queen Mc Eric & Barbara CDS 1996 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Milk & Coffee CDS 2011 [A1*] Dancing Queen Leo Moracchioli CDS 2017 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Music Factory Karaoke CD 2010 [A1*] Dancing Queen Newscast CDS 2019 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Kitty Norton CDS 2020 [A1*] Dancing Queen Nuanda CD 2014 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Octarium CDS 2020 [A1*] Dancing Queen Savannah Outen CDS 2020 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Peaches CDS 2006 [A1*] Dancing Queen Jussi Pekka 12" 2003 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Piano Rock CDS 2020 [A1*] Dancing Queen Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Puddles Pity Party CDS 2017 [A1*] Dancing Queen Jackers Revenge CDS 2020 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Martin Riverfield CDS 2018 [A1*] Dancing Queen Rob'N'Raz Dlc CDS 1992 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Lucas Roque CDS 2018 [A1*] Dancing Queen Margherita Sada 7" 1976 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Sing Strike Karaoke CDS 2015 [A1*] Dancing Queen Shana Vanguarde CDS 2005 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Walwin CDS 2020 [A1*] Dancing Queen Wing CD 2005 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Workout Music TV CDS 2020 [A1*] Dancing Queen Jonathan Young CDS 2020 [A1*]
Dancing Queen _Various CD 1998 [A1*] Dancing Queen -A Tribute To ABBA The Music Makers CD 2006 [A1*]
Dancing Queen 20 Disco Hits _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Dancing Queen 2013 _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Dancing Queen 2019 _Various CD 2019 [A1*] Dancing Queen A Tribute To ABBA Ameritz Karaoke CD 2013 [A1*]
Dancing Queen And Many More Cover Crew CD 2012 [A1*] Dancing Queen Concert ABBAsalute CD 2020 [A1*]
Dancing Queen Interviews ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*] Dancing Queen The ABBA Cover Versions Michelle Welch CD 2013 [A1*]
Dancing Queen The Premium Tribute To ABBA Deluxe 4 CDS 2018 [A1*] Dancing Queen, La Melodie Du Bonheur ABBA (Books) Book 2016 [A1*]
Dancing Queen, The Magic Song ABBA (Books) Book 2016 [A1*] Dancing Queens ABBA CD 1993 [A1*]
Dancing Queens - Alle Wege Führen Nach Waterloo ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*] Dancing Queens -Live ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
Dancing Queens Un Tributo Para ABBA _Various CD 2014 [A1*] Dancing Special ABBA LP 1982 [A1*]
Dancing Under The Dogwoods Tattletale Saints CD 2020 [A1*] Dancing With ABBA Sergio Presto CD 2003 [A1*]
Daniel Yngwe Daniel Yngwe CD 2012 [A1*] Daniel&Pedro _Various CD 2005 [A1]
Danish Complete Cast Recordings Chess CD 2001 [A1*] Dank Sei Dir Herr Cantata Con Stromenti Nationalmusei Kammerorkester CD 1981 [A1]
Danke Für Die Lieder Tanja & Ines CDS 2019 [A1*] Dans ABBA Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2015 [A1*]
Dansa I Månens Sken Wizex CD 1987 [A1] Dansbandens Jul _Various CD 2012 [A1]
Danse Lorie Pester CD 2012 [C2] Dansktop Tourné Med Tony'S The Tony'S CD 2020 [A1*]
Danspartaj 2 Moonlighters+Lasse Holm CD 1973 [A1] Darlin' (Norway) Hootenanny Singers 7" 1964 [A1]
Darlin´ (Finland) Hootenanny Singers 7" 1964 [A1] Das Beste Von Dorthe Dorthe Kollo CD 2017 [A1]
Das Bleiben Hits, Vol. 2 _Various LP 1974 [A1*] Das Fest Der Pompadour Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1969 [A1]
Das Ist Die Musik Milan, Paul & Ela 7" 1976 [A1*] Das Jahrtausendfest André Rieu CD 1999 [A1]
Das Kleine Weisse Klavier ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*] Das Koncert ABBA Fever CD 2008 [A1*]
Das Konzert-Erlebnis Karel Gott LP 1981 [A1*] Das Portrait ABBA LP 1981 [A1*]
Day Of The Jakey The Newtown Grunts CD 1997 [A1*] De 24 Bästa Hootenanny Singers LP 1989 [A1]
De Allerbeste Gouwe Ouwe Bonnie Saint Claire CD 1994 [A1*] De Allermooiste Successen Ann Christy CD 1992 [A1*]
De Beste Uit De Hazes 100 Andre Hazes DVD 2008 [A1*] De Beste Zangers Van Nederland - Seizoen 5 _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
De Bästa Med Hootenanny Singers & Björn Ulvaeus Hootenanny Singers LP 1968 [A1] De Dagar Vi Drömt Om Tomas Ledin CDS 2017 [A1]
De Fattigas Egen Melodi (Ep) Mats Olin 12" 1968 [A1] De Fattigas Egen Melodi Mats Olin 7" 1967 [A1]
De Fineste Elisabeth Andreassen CD 2014 [A1] De Flierefluiter Bonnie & Jose 7" 1986 [A1*]
De Hjältemodiga Nanne CDS 1996 [A1] De Mooiste Songs Van Ann Christy Ann Christy CD 1992 [A1*]
De Ouro Perla LP 1978 [A1*] De Pré Historie 1963 _Various CD 1990 [A1]
De Roos Ann Christy CD 1992 [A1*] De Santa Fe Con Amor Geréz & Los Del Sur CD 2021 [A1*]
De Sista Entusiasterna Povel Ramel CD 1968 [A1] De' E' Så 'Re E' Svenne & Lotta 7" 1979 [A1]
De' Ska Va' Gamla Låtar _Various CD 1969 [A1] Dear Mr Jones Tommy Körberg 7" 1969 [J1]
Death Of Copyright Mark Northfield CDS 2011 [A1*] Death To False Disco Metal Tragedy CD 2013 [A1*]
Debravation Deborah Harry CD 1993 [A1] Debut The Real Group CD 1987 [C2]
Decade Celtic Woman CD 2016 [A1*] Decade I At Vance CD 2010 [A1*]
December Lights André Rieu CD 2012 [A1] Decennier Björn Skifs CD 2005 [A1]
Dedicated To ABBA Omelet CD 2009 [A1*] Definitive Guide 2004 ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*]
Definitive Rarities Collection ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] Dei Finaste Farvel Elton Gunn Gravdal CD 2016 [A1*]
Dein Lieblings Pop-Schlager _Various CD 2020 [A1*] Dej Ska Jag Älska All Min Tid Leif Blooms CD 1993 [A1*]
Dejlige Danske Birthe Kjaer CD 2008 [A1] Del Guateque A La Discoteca _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Delia'S Gone Rowing Gamblers 7" 1967 [A1] Delightful Piano Music, Vol.Ume 2 Östergötlands Sinfonietta CD 2020 [A1*]
Delightful Piano Music, Volume 3 Östergötlands Sinfonietta CD 2020 [A1*] Delirium Ellie Goulding CD 2015 [A3]
Delysid & Finnish Gold _Various CD 2016 [A1*] Demo 2 Stephen Bishop CD 2002 [A1*]
Demo Recordings ABBA CD 2005 [A1*] Demos & Covers ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
Demos & More ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] Demos (Version 2009) ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
Demos ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] Demos, Remixes And Rarities ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
Den Andra Skivan Ges CD 2003 [A1] Den Dagen Den Sorgen Hootenanny Singers 7" 1968 [A1]
Den Gamla Biografen Lill Lindfors 7" 1970 [A1] Den Gamla Vägen Lena Andersson CDS 2019 [C2]
Den Gyllene Fregatt Hootenanny Singers 7" 1964 [A1] Den Hela Människan Electric Banana Band+Björn Jayson Lindh CD 1999 [A1]
Den Makalösa Manicken (Disco Mix) Michael B. Tretow CDS 1986 [A1] Den Makalösa Manicken Michael B. Tretow 7" 1986 [A1]
Den Siste Viking Finn Kalvik 7" 1983 [A1] Den Sköna Helen Hootenanny Singers 7" 1965 [A1]
Den Som Lever Får Se Hootenanny Singers 7" 1969 [A1] Den Som Sa Det Var Det Gemini CDS 2005 [A1]
Den Svenska Sommaren _Various CD 2009 [A1*] Den Vackraste Visan Tommy Körberg LP 1976 [A1*]
Den Vackraste Visan _Various CD 2015 [A1] Den Vilda (CD Single) One More Time CDS 1996 [A1*]
Den Vilda One More Time CD 1996 [A1*] Denk´ Daran (Germany) Hootenanny Singers 7" 1965 [A1]
Departure ABBA CD 1998 [A1*] Der ABBA-Reiseführer Nach Stockholm ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*]
Der Deutschen ABBA-Cover _Various CD 2011 [A1*] Dermot O'Leary Presents The Saturday Sessions 2011 _Various CD 2011 [A1*]
Dernière Edition Avant L'An 2000 -Xxè Siècle Les Enfoires CD 1999 [A1] Dernière Édition Avant L'An 2000 (Vidéo) Les Enfoires DVD 1999 [A1]
Deruda' _Various CD 1977 [A1] Des Fleurs Pour Un Caméléon Lio CD 1991 [A1*]
Des Heures De Désir Sylvie Vartan LP 1984 [A1] Des Nanas Comme Elle Récréation 7" 1977 [A1*]
Desatados Los Horóscopos De Durango CD 2006 [A1*] Desert Island Roger Bennet 7" 1965 [A1]
Desesperado Mato Grosso CD 2006 [A1*] Desire Walks On Heart CD 1993 [A1]
Desperado The Eagle CD 1973 [C2] Desperate Queen Apologetix CDS 2015 [A1*]
Destiny (DVD) Celtic Woman DVD 2016 [A1*] Destiny Celtic Woman CD 2015 [A1*]
Det Beste Jeg Vet Inger-Lise Rypdal CD 2010 [A1*] Det Bli'R Aldrig Som Det Var I Gamle Dage Peter Belli 7" 1975 [A1*]
Det Blir Inget Brollop Pa Lordag Stig Anderson 7" 1954 [A1] Det Blir Inget Bröllop På Lördag Leon Landgrens Orkester 7" 1954 [A1]
Det Bästa Av Carola Carola CD 1997 [A1] Det Bästa Från Svensktoppen 1962-1965 _Various CD 2002 [A1]
Det Bästa Från Svensktoppen Volym 4 1970-1972 _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Det Bästa Med Karin Och Anders Glenmark Gemini CD 2005 [A1*]
Det Bästa Som Finns Lena Andersson CD 1977 [A1*] Det Bästa Vi Vet Sven-Erics 7" 1970 [A1]
Det Finns Inget Finare Än Kärleken Tomas Ledin 7" 1983 [A1] Det Hev Ei Rose Sprunge Helene Bøksle CD 2009 [J1]
Det Här Är Platsen Peter Jöback CD 2004 [J1] Det Kan Dom Inte Förklara Wencke Myhre 7" 1963 [A1]
Det Kan Ingen Doktor Hjälpa Björn & Benny 7" 1971 [A1] Det Kunde Lika Gärna Varit Jag/En Salig Samling. _Various CD 2012 [C2]
Det Lilla, Vita Pianot ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*] Det Ljuva Livet Noice LP 1981 [A1*]
Det Lyser I Stilla Gränder Qvinnokören Lapponica CD 2009 [A1] Det Spelar Ingen Roll Rock-N-Roll Stilmord 7" 1982 [A1]
Det Søte Liv Finn Kalvik CD 1984 [G3*] Det Vackraste Cecilia Vennersten CDS 1995 [A1*]
Det Var Bättre Förr Jämmer CDS 1986 [A1] Det Var Bättre Förr Volym 5 _Various CD 2015 [A1]
Det Var Bättre Förr! _Various CD 2007 [A1] Det Var Dans I Folkets Park ABBA (Books) Book 2004 [A1*]
Det Var En Gång Anna-Lena Löfgren 7" 1969 [A1] Det Var Ju Du Elisabeth & Lisbeth 7" 1968 [A1]
Det Är Dej Jag Väntar På Wizex CD 1984 [A1] Det Är Därför Mange Schmidt CDS 2020 [A1]
Det Är En Härlig Feeling Svenne & Lotta LP 1980 [A1] Det Är För Sent Fia Nyström 7" 1982 [A1]
Det Är Knas På Vår Nye Magister Brita Borg 7" 1970 [A1] Det Är Natt I Min Stad Carl Erik Thorn 7" 1968 [A1]
Det Är Otänkbart Arne Lamberth+Visavi 7" 1973 [A1] Det Är Skönt Att Vara Hemma Igen Hootenanny Singers 7" 1967 [A1]
Det Är Vi Ända Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2006 [A1] Detector De Metal Moderatto CD 2004 [A1]
Deutsche ABBA Covers The Sound Of Musical Orchestra CD 2009 [A1*] Deutsche Hit Parade _Various LP 1974 [A1*]
Dez Anos ABBA CD 1981 [A1*] Diamenter Björn Skifs CD 2005 [A1*]
Diamond'S Are Girl Best Friend Marilyn Monroe CD 1996 [A1*] Diamonds Elton John CD 2017 [A1]
Diana Princess Of Wales Tribute _Various CD 1997 [A1] Diane Chandler Diane Chandler LP 1976 [A1*]
Dick Cavett Meet ABBA ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*] Dick Cavett Meets ABBA & A Lot Of Great Bonus ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*]
Dick Clark'S Rock Roll & Remember _Various LP 1988 [A1*] Die ABBA Revival Show A4u CD 2008 [A1*]
Die Audiostory ABBA CD 2012 [A1*] Die Deutsche Single Hitparade 1974 _Various CD 1974 [A1*]
Die Deutsche Singles Agnetha Fältskog CD 2014 [A1] Die Deutschen Singles Agnetha Fältskog CD 2020 [A1*]
Die Geschichte Von Mamma Mia! ABBA (Books) Book 2006 [A1*] Die Grosse Star Parade _Various LP 1974 [A1*]
Die Grossen Erfolge ABBA K7 2002 [A1*] Die Grossen Hits _Various CD 2004 [A1*]
Die Grossten Deutschen Musical Erfolge The Stage Singers Ensemble CD 2008 [A1*] Die Grössten Hits Der Filmgeschichte Angelika Milster CD 1998 [A1]
Die Hit Giganten Best Of French Classics _Various CD 2016 [A1*] Die Klassik-Besten _Various CD 2018 [A1*]
Die Liebe Siegt Sowieso (Die Herz Edition) Maite Kelly CD 2019 [A1] Die Schwedische Tischmusik CD 2007 [A1*]
Die Schönsten ABBA-Songs In Deutscher Sprache _Various CD 2003 [A1*] Die Schönsten Hits Von ABBA Im Classic Sound Stars On Classic CD 1997 [A1*]
Die Spieluhr The Hep Stars 7" 1968 [A1] Die Story -That'S ABBA Vol. 1 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Die Story -That'S ABBA Vol. 2 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Die Story -The Chart Hits Vol. 1 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Die Story -The Lovesongs ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Die Zeit Is Reif Siw Inger 7" 1980 [A1]
Diga Que Me Quer Perla 12" 1980 [A1*] Digster Playlist Charles Aznavour CD 2018 [A1]
Diktens Port Solar Plexus 7" 1973 [A1] Din Frida 7" 1967 [A1*]
Din Inatt Sannex CD 2001 [A1*] Dina Kuddar Alm CDS 2020 [A1]
Dino Presenteert Ministars Ministars LP 1988 [A1*] Dinu Bomba Plays The Hits Of ABBA Dinu Bomba CD 2000 [A1*]
Dirty Dancing _Various CD 1987 [A1] Disco 5 _Various CD 1980 [A1*]
Disco Alegria 2 _Various CD 2000 [A1*] Disco Classics Diamond String Orchestra CD 2020 [A1*]
Disco Clubbing Ao Vivo Edson Cordeiro CD 1998 [A1*] Disco Dance Floor Countdown Mix Masters CD 2000 [A1*]
Disco Dance Hits 2 _Various CD 1999 [A1*] Disco De Ouro 1979 Perla LP 1979 [A1*]
Disco De Ouro 3 Perla LP 1981 [A1*] Disco Hits _Various CD 1998 [A1]
Disco Humppaa Piritta Perälä LP 1979 [A1*] Disco Kuul Gerli Padar CD 2012 [A1]
Disco Medley Peter Hollens+Bailey Pelkman CDS 2017 [A1*] Disco Music Anni 70, Vol. 3 Alter Ego CD 2015 [A1*]
Disco Party _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Disco Sorpresa Fundador Rosalia 7" 1970 [A1]
Disco Special-1 ABBA LP 1982 [A1*] Disco Special-2 ABBA LP 1982 [A1*]
Disco Style Vol 1 _Various CD 2005 [A1*] Disco Style Vol 2 _Various CD 2005 [A1*]
Disco Style Vol 3 _Various CD 2005 [A1*] Disco Style Vol 4 _Various CD 2005 [A1*]
Disco Style Vol 5 _Various CD 2005 [A1*] Disco Style Vol 6 _Various CD 2005 [A1*]
Disco Style Vol 7 _Various CD 2015 [A1*] Disco Style Vol 8 _Various CD 2005 [A1*]
Disco-Dans 10 Hits _Various LP 1976 [A1*] Disco-House Mix _Various CD 2004 [A1*]
Discomania 2008 _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Discomover _Various CD 1999 [A1]
Disconet, Dance Classics Volume # 3 _Various CD 2002 [A1*] Disconnect The Color Red CDS 2020 [A1]
Discoteka 80 Megamix Non Stop Tribute To ABBA Disco Fever CDS 2014 [A1*] Ditt Problem Felicia Takman CDS 2020 [A1]
Diva Sarah Brightman CD 2006 [A1] Diva Michèle Torr CD 2015 [C1]
Divers Isabelle Boulay DVD 2008 [A1] Divers Céline Dion DVD 2008 [J1]
Divers -Mars 2005 ABBA CD 2005 [A1*] Divers Mars 2004 ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
Diverso De Valencia ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] Divine Collection Bette Midler CD 1998 [A1]
Divine Discontent Anne Wood CD 2012 [A1*] Dix Ans Déjà Claude François CD 1987 [A1*]
Dix-Huit Titres Originaux Léo Ferre CD 1989 [A1] Dmc Classic Mixes I Love ABBA Volume 1 ABBA CD 2016 [A1*]
Dmc Commercial Collection 301 _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Do Dna! Viktor Klimenko LP 1977 [A1]
Do It Neil Diamond 7" 1970 [A1] Do It Again A Little Bit Slower Jon & Robin & The In Crowd 7" 1967 [A1]
Do You Wanna Start A War Fozzy CD 2014 [A1*] Do You Want Charles J CDS 2016 [A1]
Do You Want To Dance Svenne & Lotta 7" 1973 [A1] Do-Acka Do Mats Källström 7" 1956 [A1]
Does She Elma CDS 2020 [A1] Does Your Mother Know (7'') ABBA 7" 1979 [A1*]
Does Your Mother Know (Instrumental) Andreas Melzer CDS 2020 [A1*] Does Your Mother Know (Workout Bundle / Even... Workout Music TV CDS 2020 [A1*]
Does Your Mother Know Apocalypse Babys 7" 1999 [A1*] Does Your Mother Know Done Again CDS 2011 [A1*]
Does Your Mother Know Andreas Melzer CDS 2020 [A1*] Does Your Mother Know Pictomusic Karaoke CDS 2008 [A1*]
Does Your Mother Know Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*] Does Your Mother Know Jay'S Room CDS 2019 [A1*]
Does Your Mother Know Sha Na CDS 1999 [A1*] Does Your Mother Know Paulo Ungar CDS 2012 [A1*]
Dogfood Pera & The Dogs LP 1979 [A1] Doktor E. Munk Lennart Grahn+Nya Shanes 7" 1969 [A1]
Dom Finns På Landet Stig Anderson 7" 1952 [A1] Dom Finns På Landet Viktor Lannert 7" 1952 [A1]
Dom Första Inspelningarna 1971-73 Tomas Ledin CD 1973 [A1] Dom Har Glömt Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1974 [A1]
Don Lane Show ABBA DVDS 2006 [A1*] Don'T Bore Us Get To The Chorus ! Roxette CD 1995 [A3]
Don'T Bring Me Down Ralimsa CD 2021 [A1*] Don'T Give A Damn Monica Törnell LP 1975 [A1]
Don'T Mention The Swedes Zebras Don’T Smoke CD 2020 [A1*] Don'T Pet The Sweaty Things Smash Fashion CD 2010 [A1*]
Don'T Touch That Dial (Promo) Tomas Ledin 12" 1983 [A1] Don'T Touch That Dial Tomas Ledin 7" 1984 [A1]
Don'T Touch! Galldino CD 2019 [A1*] Donna Donna Claude François 7" 1964 [A1]
Dont Get Around Much Anymore Tommy Körberg LP 1975 [J1] Door De Jaren Heen 1976-1988 Bonnie Saint Claire CD 1992 [A1*]
Dos En Uno Tormenta Tormenta CD 2014 [A1*] Double LP Karen Cheryl LP 1984 [A1*]
Down Mixes ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] Down On The Pleasure Avenue Tomas Ledin CD 1988 [A1]
Down Stage Centre Delia Hannah CD 1999 [A1*] Down Town Dana Winner CDS 2003 [A1*]
Dr Ensamhet Mats Ronander CDS 2001 [A1] Dr Love J. C. Barreto LP 1981 [A1]
Dr. Love (12'') J. C. Barreto 12" 1981 [A1] Drama Queen Nanne CD 2014 [A1]
Dream A Little Dream Pink Martini CD 2014 [A1*] Dream Of Independence Frida Hyvönen CD 2021 [C2]
Dream On ABBA CD 1994 [A1*] Dream On Too ABBA CD 1994 [A1*]
Dream On Too Again ABBA CD 1996 [A1*] Dream World (CDs) ABBA CDS 1994 [A1*]
Dreaming André Rieu CD 2001 [A1*] Dreams Alice In Wasteland CDS 1989 [A1*]
Dreams _Various CDS 2019 [A1*] Dreams -La Colección Definitiva The Corrs CD 2006 [A1]
Dreamworld (Bootleg) ABBA CD 1995 [A1*] Drom Ar Drom Och Saga Saga Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1971 [A1]
Droppar Av Solregn Ted Gärdestad CD 2001 [A1*] Drottningholmsmusiken Johan-Helmich Roman CD 1982 [A1]
Dröm En Dröm Arne Lamberth 7" 1969 [A1] Drömmar Får Liv Titanix CD 2010 [A1]
Drömmen Om Elin Tommy Körberg 7" 1969 [A1] Du Behöver Inte Ängslas Sara Zacharias CDS 2013 [C2]
Du E'Så Ahiddelibipp Michael B. Tretow 7" 1967 [A1] Du Finns I Mig Zpargo 7" 1985 [A1*]
Du Frälste Mig I Sista Stund ? Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2007 [A1] Du Gör Livet Till En Sång Östen Warnerbring 7" 1969 [A1]
Du Kan Lita På Mej Tomas Ledin CD 1993 [A1] Du Måste Finnas Javiera CDS 2016 [A1]
Du Måste Finnas Kristina Musical CDS 1995 [A1] Du Måste Finnas Newkid CDS 2020 [A1]
Du Måste Finnas Viktoria Tocca CDS 1997 [A1] Du Måste Finnas ? (Kortversion) Kristina Musical CDS 1996 [A1]
Du Sagtest Adieu Linda Regina CD 2010 [A1*] Du Ska Bara Tro På Hälften Hootenanny Singers 7" 1968 [A1]
Du Spielst 'Ne Tolle Rolle Willy Hagara 7" 1961 [A1] Du Temps Pour Toi (DVD) Isabelle Boulay DVD 2005 [A1]
Du Är Miin Man Loreen CDS 2020 [A1] Du Är Min Man Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2004 [A1]
Dubbelliv Fia Nyström 7" 1982 [A1] Dubbelpianisterna Arvid Sundin+Stig Holm LP 1979 [A1]
Dubbelpianisterna Hör Och Häpna Robert Wells+Charlie Norman CD 1991 [A1*] Dueling Pan Flutes Willie Ponce CD 2020 [A1*]
Duetos Julio Iglesias CD 2012 [J1] Duetos Operacion Triunfo CD 2017 [A1*]
Duetos Românticos (Ao Vivo) Cídia E Dan CD 2006 [A1*] Duets (Fantasy Remasters Collection) Frida CD 2019 [A1*]
Duets, Demos & Odd Live Songs Marie Fredriksson CD 2017 [A1*] Duetter _Various CD 1993 [A1]
Duetterna Jill Johnson CD 2013 [J1] Duke Box '95 Duke Aces CD 1995 [A1*]
Dum Dum Diddle (7'' Argentina) ABBA 7" 1977 [A1*] Dum Dum Diddle Flash 12" 1977 [A1*]
Dunka Dumma Hjärta Dunka Felicia Takman CDS 2020 [A1] Duos Céline Dion CD 2014 [J1]
Duos D'Amour & Confidences Jean-Jacques Lafon CD 2015 [C2] Dutch Collection ABBA DVD 2011 [A1*]
Duvemåla Hage Viktoria Krantz CDS 1998 [A1] Där Björkana Susa Hootenanny Singers 7" 1972 [A1]
Där Du Går Lämnar Kärleken Spår Frida 7" 1970 [A1*] Där Gräset Är Grönt Britt-Marie Och Cacka 7" 1969 [A1]
Där Regnbågen Slutar _Various CDS 1999 [C2] Då Fåglarna Spelade Alf Hambe LP 1980 [A1]
Då Jag Såg Dig ? Barbro Bellander CDS 1989 [A1] Då Tänker Jag På Dej, Susanna The Rasmus+Frida 7" 1972 [A1]
Déclarations D'Amour Herbert Leonard CD 2012 [J1] Dédicace Jeane Manson CD 1995 [A1*]
Dédé La Frite Poulycroc CD 2014 [A1*] Démasqué Philippe Elan CD 1992 [J1]


E Così... Nucio Di Voco 7" 1975 [A1*] Eagle (7'') ABBA 7" 1978 [A1*]
Eagle ABBAcadabra CDS 2013 [A1*] Eagle Leatherface CDS 1992 [A1*]
Eagle {Cover Tribute Duo With Toni Lee} ABBA Lush CDS 2020 [A1*] Early Olivia Olivia Newton-John CD 1989 [A1*]
Earmeal Janne Schaffer CD 1978 [A1] East Side Stories Peter Jöback CD 2009 [J1]
Eastern Rose Contrazt 7" 1988 [A1*] Easy Instrumental Hits Easy Karaoke Players CD 2009 [A1*]
Eat To The Beat Blondie CD 1979 [A1] Eclettica Incanto Quartet CD 2019 [A1*]
Edelweiss Edelweiss 12" 1989 [A1*] Eden Sarah Brightman CD 1998 [A1]
Edition Speciale - ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 1979 [A1*] Ednu Engang Tommy Körberg+Kirsten Siggaard 7" 1990 [J1]
Een Beetje Annders Free Souffriau CD 2009 [A1*] Een Beetje Annders DVD Free Souffriau DVD 2009 [A1*]
Een Woord Van Liefde Ann Christy CD 2007 [A1*] Eesti 70-Ndad _Various CD 2009 [A1*]
Efter Midnatt Tommy Broman LP 1976 [A1] Efter Stormen - Remastrad Marie Fredriksson CD 2003 [A1]
Efter Supén Herrgårdskvartetten 12" 1967 [A1] Egenmäktigt Förfarande Lena Andersson CD 2013 [C2]
Ein Kessel Buntes Best 1972-1990 _Various DVD 1990 [A1*] Ein Kleiner Mann In Einer Flasche Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1970 [A1]
Einfach So Angelika Milster 7" 1987 [A1*] Ek Is Lief Vir Jou Patricia Lewis CD 1997 [A1*]
Eko Tonar Än Ur Bellmans Luta Giovanni Jaconelli+Göte Lovén LP 1968 [A1] El Cielo De Paris Soledad Giménez CD 2012 [A1]
El Cumbanchero Borghetti Sound 7" 1978 [A1*] El Día De La Madre Los Blue Rubatos CD 2010 [A1*]
El Ganador Los Palominos CD 1995 [A1*] El Gran Show ABBA LP 1978 [A1*]
El Gusto Es Nuestro _Various CD 1996 [A1*] El Mejor Album De Relajacion Del Mundo _Various CD 1997 [A1]
El Mejor Álbum De Relajación Del Mundo II _Various CD 1998 [A1] El Reencuentro Operacion Triunfo CD 2016 [A1*]
El Retorno Live - 15 Grandes Exitos Los Chicos De Puerto Rico CD 2009 [A1*] El Retorno Live II Los Chicos De Puerto Rico CD 2009 [A1*]
El Rockero Emilio Solo CD 2013 [A1*] El Sistema Solar Tiko Tiko CD 2003 [A1*]
El Ultimo Escalon Chayo El Grande & Su Grupo Innigual CD 2015 [A1*] Elaine ABBA 7" 1980 [A1*]
Elaine Paige & Friends Elaine Paige CD 2010 [C2] Elaine Paige Presents The Musicals Elaine Paige CD 2016 [A1*]
Eldorado Sound Of Music 7" 1986 [A1] Eldorado High Ella Rouge CDS 2005 [A1]
Eldorado Stjärnornas Musik _Various CD 1982 [A1] Electric Banana Band Electric Banana Band CD 1981 [A1]
Electric Banana Bands Och Trazan & Banarnes Bästa Electric Banana Band CDS 2005 [A1] Electric Banana Tajm Electric Banana Band CD 1998 [A1]
Electric Graffiti Janne Schaffer CD 1988 [A1] Electrik Maksin CD 2006 [A1*]
Electro Pop Electro Mode All Stars CD 2009 [A1*] Electro Tales Selection Vol 4 _Various CD 2011 [A1*]
Electrocuted Lasse Wellander CD 1976 [A1] Elegance In Black Diablo CD 2008 [A1*]
Elegence In Black Diablo CD 2000 [A1*] Elektronica Vol 17 _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
Elenore Hootenanny Singers 7" 1968 [A1] Ella Rouge (Album) Ella Rouge CD 2005 [A1]
Elva Kvinnor I Ett Hus Agnetha Fältskog CD 1975 [A1*] Elvis, Barbra & Jag Carola CD 2011 [J1]
Elvis: 30 #1 Hits Elvis Presley CD 2002 [A1*] Emi Sextetten _Various LP 1968 [A1*]
Emil Sjögren, Sonat 1 -5,   Musica Sveciae LP 1985 [A1] Emociones De España _Various CD 1994 [A1*]
Emotions Von Classic Bis Pop Swiss Tenors CD 2003 [A1*] Emotive A Perfect Circle CD 2014 [A1*]
Empire Of Stuff Atlas CD 2011 [A1] En Allemand -Das Beste In Deutsch France Gall CD 1998 [A1]
En Attendant Noël Isabelle Boulay CD 2019 [A1] En Blek Blondins Hjärta Eva Dahlgren CD 1991 [A1]
En Bukett Med Julblommor _Various CD 2005 [A1] En Carousel Björn & Benny 7" 1972 [A1*]
En Conexión Banda Xxi CD 2007 [A1*] En Directo Ponte Loco (DVD) Moderatto DVD 2006 [A1]
En Directo...¡Ponte Loco! Moderatto CD 2006 [A1] En Doft Av Apelsin ? Görel Crona CDS 1997 [A1]
En Doktor Kan Ikke Hjælpe Two Danes 7" 1972 [A1] En Enda Gång Kikki Danielsson CD 1992 [A1]
En Español 1977 Perla LP 1977 [A1*] En Español 1978 Perla LP 1978 [A1*]
En Español 1979 Perla LP 1979 [A1*] En Español 1980 Perla LP 1980 [A1]
En Français Dana Winner CD 2014 [A1] En Galan Jul Michael B. Tretow CD 1996 [A1*]
En Galen Kväll Tomas Ledin CD 1985 [A1] En Gang Fanns Bara Vi TVa Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1969 [A1]
En God Jul Och Ett Gott Nytt År Peter Jöback CD 2008 [A1*] En Gång Jag Seglar I Hamn Carli Tornehave LP 1978 [A1]
En Gång Är Ingen Gång Hootenanny Singers 7" 1967 [A1] En Hel Del Ledin Tomas Ledin CD 1997 [A1]
En Helt Ny Jul Amy Diamond CD 2008 [A1] En Hälsning Till Vara Parkarrangörer (7'' Promo) ABBA 7" 1972 [A1*]
En Karrussell Birgitta Wollgård 7" 1975 [A1*] En Karusell Björn & Benny 7" 1972 [A1*]
En Karusell Anita Lindblom 7" 1972 [A1*] En Karussel Grethe Ingmann 7" 1972 [A1*]
En Kväll Med Peter Jôback Peter Jöback CD 2010 [A1] En Kväll Om Sommarn Frida 7" 1971 [A1*]
En Ledig Dag Frida 7" 1967 [A1*] En Lillsk Jul Lill Lindfors CD 1991 [A1]
En Liten Sång Om Kärlek Frida 7" 1971 [A1] En Midsommaraftons Dröm Tomas Ledin CDS 2018 [A1]
En Natt I Köpenhamn Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2016 [A1] En Ny Jul Magnus Carlsson CD 2006 [A1]
En Ny Tid (Album) Helen Sjöholm CD 2020 [C2] En Ny Tid Helen Sjöholm CDS 2020 [C2]
En Nygammal Jul _Various CD 2002 [A1] En Public Jeane Manson CD 2006 [A1*]
En Pytteliten Minikjol Dizzie Tunes 7" 1968 [A1] En Rastlös Själ (CD-Single) Nanne CDS 2010 [A1]
En Rastlös Själ Nanne CD 2010 [A1] En Riktig Jul The Real Group CD 1997 [A1]
En Salig Man Svante Thuresson CD 1993 [A1] En Samling Ainbusk CD 2003 [A1]
En Samlingsmix Tomas Ledin CD 1990 [A1] En Sang Om Sorg Och Gladje Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1973 [A1]
En Santa Elena Gregor Montesinos CD 2013 [A1*] En Serenad Till Dej Gunnar Wiklund 7" 1967 [A1]
En Sommar Med Dej Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1968 [A1] En Sommarvind Lena-Maria Klingvall CD 2009 [A1]
En Stilla Jul Anders Ekborg CD 2011 [A1] En Sång En Gång För Länge Sen (Norway) Hootenanny Singers 7" 1967 [A1]
En Sång En Gång För Längesen (Ep) Hootenanny Singers 12" 1967 [A1] En Sång En Gång För Längesen Jan Malmsjö 7" 1967 [A1]
En Sång Och En Saga Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1970 [A1] En Ton Av Tystnad Sanna Nielsen CDS 2015 [A1]
En Visa Till Dej Från Mej Carl-Anton LP 1980 [A1] En Visa Vill Jag Sjunga Som Handlar Om Min... Hootenanny Singers 7" 1970 [A1]
En Vissnad Blomma Vikingarna 7" 1989 [A1*] En Vivo Los Orrego CD 2020 [A1*]
En Vivo Tormenta CD 2006 [A1*] Encore Elaine Paige CD 1995 [A1]
Encore Marina Prior CD 2013 [A1*] Encyclopedia Of Singles ABBA (Books) Book 1998 [A1*]
English Music From The 16th, 17th & 20th Centuries Mats Bergström LP 1985 [A1] Enjoy ABBA! ABBA CD 2018 [A1*]
Enregistrements Originaux Remasterises Les Compagnons De La Chanson CD 2011 [A1] Ensam Frida CD 1975 [A1*]
Ensam -The Mixes Frida CD 2004 [A1*] Entre Deux A L'Olympia Patrick Bruel CD 2003 [C2]
Entre El Cielo Y El Infierno Sahrel Lopez (El Boy) CD 2019 [A1*] Entre-Deux Patrick Bruel CD 2002 [C2]
Eoghan Quigg Eoghan Quigg CD 2009 [A1*] Epic ABBA Medley Yvar CDS 2019 [A1*]
Er Det Kun En Dröm Susanne Lana 7" 1975 [A1] Er Du Gla' I Meg Ennå Karl Johan? Nora Brockstedt 7" 1959 [A1]
Er Schenkte Mir Musik Kristin Rempt CD 2006 [A1*] Era Bello Il Mio Ragazzo & La Birindelleide Anna Identici+Stormy Six 7" 1972 [A1]
Erase Una Vez El Hombre Caramelos CD 1979 [A1*] Eres Solo Una Mas Tomas Ledin 7" 1980 [A1]
Ergens In Mijn Hart Dana Winner CD 1999 [A1*] Erik-André Erik-André Hvidsten CD 2016 [A1*]
Es La Navidad Luis Miguel CD 2006 [A1] Eskilstuna -Live In '75 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
Eskimo Heat Häxmjölk LP 1976 [A1] Especially For You Cilla Black LP 1980 [A1*]
Especialmente Para Você Perla CD 1999 [A1] Esperare La Oportunidad Lena Andersson 7" 1972 [A1*]
Espiritus Del Amor Kussi Wayra CD 2014 [A1*] Essential ABBA ABBA CD 2008 [A1*]
Essential Agnetha Agnetha Fältskog CD 2003 [A1*] Essential Collection (Music From The Cult Televisi Queer As Folk CD 2005 [A1*]
Essential Collection (Thorsven Collection) ABBA DVD 2021 [A1*] Essential David Bowie 1969-1974 David Bowie CD 1997 [A1*]
Essential French Anthems Union Of Sound CD 2012 [A1*] Essential Frida Frida CD 2003 [A1*]
Essential Musicals Mamma Mia The Stage Singers Ensemble CD 2009 [A1*] Essential Musicals Mamma Mia _Various CD 2009 [A1*]
Essential Remixes Vol. 1 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] Essential Remixes Vol. 2 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
Essential Stockholm ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*] Essentials ABBA CD 2018 [A1*]
Essentials ABBA Video ABBA DVD 2009 [A1*] Estati Amare Tony E Vana 7" 1969 [A1]
Estoy Sola Agnetha Fältskog CD 1987 [A1] Estúpido Cupido Celly Campello 12" 1976 [A1*]
Et Maintenant Gilbert Becaud CD 2011 [A1] Et Voila (DVD) Véronique Sanson DVD 2008 [J1]
Ett Fönster Mot Gatan Eva Dahlgren LP 1984 [A1] Ett Mirakel Till Wennman CDS 1995 [A1*]
Ett Samlingsalbum Tomas Ledin CD 1990 [A1] Ett Vackert Par Nanne CDS 2002 [A1]
Ett Ögonblick Lena-Maria Klingvall CD 2012 [A1] Eu Te Desejo Leyde E Laura CD 1990 [A1*]
Euforia Helen Sjöholm CD 2010 [C2] Eurooppa To Hits Jörgen Petersen LP 1977 [A1*]
Europa Goldene Hits Folge 2 Orchester Udo Reichel+The Hiltonaires LP 1976 [A1*] Europa Hitparade 11 Orchester Udo Reichel LP 1974 [A1*]
Europa Tanzparty 3 Chor & Orchester Rudi Bohn LP 1974 [A1*] Europatoppen Vol. 4 _Various LP 1976 [A1*]
Eurovisiohitit Suomeksi _Various CD 2020 [A1*] Eurovision Small Talk CD 2002 [A1*]
Eurovision 1959 _Various CD 1959 [A1*] Eurovision 1962 _Various CD 1962 [A1]
Eurovision 1966 _Various CD 1966 [C2] Eurovision 1968 _Various CD 1968 [A1]
Eurovision 1969 _Various CD 1969 [A1] Eurovision 1974 _Various CD 1974 [A1*]
Eurovision 1979 _Various CD 1979 [A1] Eurovision 1980 _Various CD 1980 [A1]
Eurovision 1981 _Various CD 1981 [A1] Eurovision 1988 _Various CD 1988 [J1]
Eurovision 1996 _Various CD 1996 [A1*] Eurovision 2007 _Various CD 2007 [A3]
Eurovision 2010 _Various CD 2010 [A1] Eurovision 2012 _Various CD 2012 [C2]
Eurovision 2012 DVD _Various DVD 2012 [C2] Eurovision 2013 _Various CD 2013 [A1]
Eurovision 2013 DVD _Various DVD 2013 [A1] Eurovision 2018 DVD _Various DVD 2018 [G3*]
Eurovision Made In Sweden _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Eurovision Party Pop Mania CD 2011 [A1*]
Eurovision Song Contest - 50 Years ABBA (Books) Book 2005 [A1*] Eurovision Song Contest 1956-1999 _Various CD 2000 [A1*]
Eurovision Song Contest 50 År ABBA (Books) Book 2005 [A1*] Eurovision Song Contest Classics Hot Hits CD 2009 [A1]
Eurovisión Los Nº 1 La Banda Del Pop CD 2011 [A1*] Even Better Than The Disco Thing _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Evergreen Pop Melodies - Green Book 1 Barry Hall CD 2018 [A1*] Evergreens Tommy Körberg+Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orches CD 1996 [J1]
Evert Taube På Vårt Sätt Hootenanny Singers CD 1974 [A1] Every Day Is A Bad Hair Day Nicky Barbato Project CD 2019 [A1*]
Every Night Dana Winner CDS 2005 [A1] Every Picture Tells A Story Rod Stewart CD 1971 [J1]
Everybody Party The Ultimate Party Album _Various CD 1998 [A1*] Everybody Wants To Hear It Tomas Ledin 7" 1984 [A1]
Everybody Wants To Hear It (Maxi) Tomas Ledin 12" 1984 [A1] Everyday Donika Nimani CDS 2019 [A1]
Everyday People Dave Mills LP 1973 [A1*] Everyday Pops By Piano For Girls Kaoru Sakuma CD 2018 [A1*]
Everywhere Arno Cost CDS 2006 [A1*] Evidement (Intégrale) France Gall CD 2004 [A1]
Evig Kärlek Nanne CDS 2003 [A1] Evita Madonna CD 1996 [C2]
Evocación Bandeña Los Reynoso CD 2014 [A1*] Excerpts Josefin Nilsson CDS 1993 [A1]
Exhibition 1999 - 2002 ABBA CDS 1999 [A1*] Exitor De ABBA The Booklets LP 1978 [A1*]
Exitos De Manhattan Transfer The Manhattan Transfer CD 1977 [A1*] Los Exitos Del Año 2012 _Various CD 2012 [A1]
Los Exitos Del Año 2013 _Various CD 2013 [J1] Exitos Eternos ABBA CD 2005 [A1*]
Exitos Infantiles Children Songs 2 Children Stars CD 2010 [A1*] Experience The Divine (Greatest Hits) Bette Midler CD 1993 [A1]
Explicit Lyrics Ophélie Winter CD 2019 [J1] Explosion Hits The Hiltonaires+Orchester Udo Reichel LP 1976 [A1*]
Explosion Hits 10 The Hiltonaires+Orchester Udo Reichel LP 1977 [A1*] Explosion Hits 13 The Hiltonaires+Orchester Udo Reichel LP 1977 [A1*]
Explosion Hits 9 The Hiltonaires+Orchester Udo Reichel LP 1977 [A1*] Explosivt Nanne CDS 2010 [A1]
Exposed Wiktoria CD 2021 [Z] Exposed Theme Berndt Egerbladh'S Orchestra 7" 1971 [A1]
Expres Expres Expres Disco Forma Ia Hera CD 1980 [A1*] Expression -16 Titres -Chansons D'Auteurs Georgette Lemaire CD 1992 [A1]
Extended Mhp Mix ABBA CD 2020 [A1*] Extended Versions ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Extended Versions Gemini CD 2004 [A1*] Extended Versions 2 ABBA CD 1999 [A1*]
Extr-A*Teens A*Teens CDS 2000 [A1*] Extra Extra Svenne & Lotta 7" 1976 [A1]
Extra Long Medley ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] Extra Recordings ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
Extrabbaganza Gay Men'S Chorus CD 1998 [A1*] Eyes Of A Woman Agnetha Fältskog CD 1985 [A1]
Eyes Of A Woman Remixed Agnetha Fältskog CD 2020 [A1]


Fabba Girls The Fabba Girls CD 2009 [A1*] Fabba Girls II The Fabba Girls CD 2011 [A1*]
Fabbalous! ABBAsolutely CD 2012 [A1*] Face Value Phil Collins LP 1980 [A1*]
Fait Accompli Ana Diaz CDS 2020 [A1] Fait Accomplit ? Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2007 [A1]
Faithful  Love Sidewalk 7" 1984 [A1*] Falling In And Out Of Love Johnny Nash 7" 1970 [A1]
Falling In Love André Rieu CD 2016 [A1] Fame Story Volume 2 _Various CD 2002 [A1*]
Family Joe Higgs LP 1988 [A1] Famous ABBA Tribute _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
Famous Chess Tribute _Various CD 2011 [A1*] Fanclub - It'S A Fan'S World, Pop Stars ABBA (Books) Book 1998 [A1*]
Fanfarencorps Freischütz Bilk 1970 Fanfarencorps Freischütz Bilk 1970 CD 2015 [A1*] Fans - En Bok Om Besatthet ABBA (Books) Book 2005 [A1*]
Far From Grace Ourchives CDS 2016 [A1] Farmer John The Hep Stars 7" 1965 [A1]
Farväl _Various CD 2007 [A1] Faryl Faryl Smith CD 2009 [A1*]
Fasspartout Steelband Burgdorf CD 2010 [A1*] Fasten Seatbelts Tomas Ledin CD 1978 [A1]
Fattig Bonddräng Markus Krunegård CDS 2020 [J1] Favorieten Expres Bonnie Saint Claire CD 2018 [A1*]
Favorite Songs Of ABBA Vol 1 Anna Gramm CD 2015 [A1*] Favorite Songs Of ABBA, Vol. 2 Anna Gramm CD 2015 [A1*]
Favorite Songs Of ABBA, Vol. 3 Anna Gramm CD 2015 [A1*] Favoriter Dana Dragomir CD 1999 [A1*]
Favoriter Kalle Gnesta LP 1973 [A1] Favoriter Hootenanny Singers LP 1974 [A1]
Favoriterna Med Ricke Lörv Ricke Lörv LP 1972 [A1] Favoriterna Med Ricke Lörv II Ricke Lörv LP 1972 [A1]
Faðmlög Svavar Knútur+Kristjana Stefáns CD 2020 [A1*] Fear Not The Obvious The Yayhoos+Dan Baird CD 2001 [A1*]
Fedora (I'Ll Be Your Dawg) Caramba 7" 1983 [A1] Feel Florence CD 2006 [A1]
Feel Like A Clown Ranee & Raj 7" 1968 [A1] Feel Right Carriage Company 7" 1971 [A1]
Feel So Good Josh Charm CDS 2019 [A1] Feel The Beat- The Story Of ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 2000 [A1*]
Feel The Music Tribute To ABBA _Various CD 2013 [A1*] Feelings Tracy Huang CD 2003 [A1*]
Feels Like Home Inger-Marie Gundersen CD 2018 [A1*] Feliz Cinthia Vera CD 2020 [A1*]
Feliz San Valentin (La Música Más Romántica) _Various CD 2019 [A1*] Fem År Hootenanny Singers CD 1968 [A1]
Femmes De Légende _Various CD 1997 [J1] Fenix La Banda Al Rojo Vivo CD 2014 [A1*]
Fenomenet ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 1977 [A1*] Fernando & Other ABBA Hits The Attractions CD 1976 [A1*]
Fernando & S.O.S. ABBAcadabra CDS 1996 [A1*] Fernando (2016 Version) ABBAcadabra CDS 2016 [A1*]
Fernando (7'') ABBA 7" 1976 [A1*] Fernando (Bootleg) ABBA CD 1993 [A1*]
Fernando ABBAcadabra CDS 1996 [A1*] Fernando Lena Andersson 7" 1976 [A1*]
Fernando Angela & Consuelo 7" 1976 [A1*] Fernando Anna-Maria 7" 1976 [A1*]
Fernando Claudia 7" 1976 [A1*] Fernando Georg Erixon CDS 2019 [A1*]
Fernando Frida 7" 1975 [A1*] Fernando Janni 7" 1976 [A1*]
Fernando Lex Trio CD 1979 [A1*] Fernando Mamma Mia CDS 2018 [A1*]
Fernando Music Lab Collective CDS 2018 [A1*] Fernando Perla 7" 1976 [A1*]
Fernando Pictomusic Karaoke CDS 2008 [A1*] Fernando Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*]
Fernando Sha Na 7" 1992 [A1*] Fernando René Simard 7" 1976 [A1*]
Fernando Seija Simola 7" 1976 [A1*] Fernando Yalopop CDS 2020 [A1*]
Fernando The Flute ABBA (Books) Book 1991 [A1*] Fernando Und 11 Weitere ABBA-Hits _Various LP 1976 [A1*]
Fernandos A Tribute To ABBA _Various CD 2011 [A1*] Festen Har Börjat Tomas Ledin CD 2001 [A1]
Festival Concert 37 Philharmonic Wind Orchestra+Marc Reift Orchestra CD 2018 [A1*] Festival De Eurovisión Brighton 1974 _Various DVD 2005 [A1*]
Festival Favoriter 1960-1969 _Various CD 2006 [C2] Festival Favoriter 1969-1983 _Various CD 2006 [A1*]
Festival Favoriter 1983-2006 _Various CD 2006 [A1] Festivalfavoriter (Utländska Hits På Svenska) _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Fetenhits - The Real Après Ski Classics _Various CD 2000 [A1*] Fever Pitch _Various CD 2002 [A1*]
Fevers 1977 The Fevers LP 1977 [A1*] Fevers 82 The Fevers CD 2005 [A1*]
Fifty Shades Of Tequila Pene Corrida CDS 2015 [A1*] Fighting Fire With Fire Carol Jiani CDS 2009 [A1]
Fighting For Love (LP) Tove Naess LP 1985 [A1] Fighting For Love Tove Naess 7" 1985 [A1]
Final Cut Mixes ABBA CD 2012 [A1*] Finding Agnetha ABBA (Books)+Agnetha Fältskog Book 2010 [A1*]
Finn Finn Kalvik CD 1972 [G3*] Finn Finn Sjöberg CD 1978 [A1]
Finn Kalvik Polar Recordings Finn Kalvik CD 2019 [A1] Finnhits 6 _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Fiolen Min -Svenska Spelmanslåta Orsa Spelmän CD 1990 [A1] Fique Em Casa E Cante Comigo ABBA The History CD 2020 [A1*]
Fire Signs Puzzle Room+Miss Audrey+Davis Mallory CDS 2021 [A1] Firebirds Events ABBAgold CD 2016 [A1*]
First Flight Arrival CD 1999 [A1*] First Impressions Olivia Newton-John CD 1974 [A1*]
First Time Offer Nissim CD 2005 [A1*] Fisa Summer Hits 2019 Giampietro Rusconi+DJ Freccia CD 2019 [A1*]
Five A Side Football Emma Townsend CDS 1998 [A1*] Five Years 1969-1973 David Bowie CD 2015 [A1*]
Flash Back ! Bjorn Again CD 1993 [J1] Flera Sidor Av Samma Man Peter Jöback CD 2006 [A1]
Flickornas Rum Benny Andersson CDS 2017 [A1] Flipped -A Collection Of B Sides ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Flockrock Electric Banana Band 7" 1986 [A1] Flower Of Evil Susanna CD 2008 [A1*]
Flowers (Cruel Summer) Ace Of Base CD 1998 [J1] Fluty Romance Dana Dragomir CD 2002 [A1]
Fly Me To The Moon Rod Stewart CD 2010 [A1] Flygande Mattas Flygande Mattas LP 1975 [A1]
Flying Carpet John-Ulf Anderson CD 1998 [A1] Flying Without Wings Westlife DVD 2000 [A1*]
Folj Med Mig Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1967 [A1] Folk Nolwenn Leroy CD 2018 [A1*]
Folllow My Lead Franky CDS 2020 [A1] Follow Me Back In My Arms Amanda Lear CD 1998 [A1]
Follow The Boys Connie Francis LP 1963 [A1] Follow Your Heart Dana Winner CD 2000 [A1*]
Foot Loose & Fancy Free Rod Stewart CD 1977 [A1] Footsteps Chris De Burgh CD 2008 [A1]
Footsteps 2 Chris De Burgh CD 2011 [A1*] For The Stars Anne-Sofie Von Otter CD 2001 [A1*]
Foreign Language Fun _Various CD 2007 [A1*] Forelsket Lene Siel CD 2013 [A1*]
Forever & Remixed Mp3 ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] Forever ABBA ABBAcadabra CD 2007 [A1*]
Forever And Ever Dune CD 1998 [A1*] Forever Disco Countdown Singers CD 2006 [A1*]
Forever Gentlemen _Various CD 2013 [A1] Forever Gentlemen Volume 2 _Various CD 2014 [A1]
Forever Living Bjorn Again CD 2020 [A1*] Forever Remixed 1 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Forever Remixed 2 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Forever Remixed 3 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Forever Remixed 4 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Forever Remixed 5 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Forever Remixed 6 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Forevergem Peenoise CD 2020 [A1*]
Forrest Gump (Original Soundtrack) _Various CD 1994 [A1*] Fortellingen Om ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 2009 [A1*]
Forty: The Best Of Simple Minds 1979-2019 Simple Minds CD 2019 [A1] Forwards & Backwards Raining Pleasure CD 2003 [A1*]
Fotografi Jimmy Ahlén CD 2021 [A1] Found Treasures Brian De Lorenzo CD 2007 [A1*]
Four Of Us ABBA CD 2005 [A1*] Fra A Til Nå - 40 Beste Finn Kalvik CD 1994 [A1]
Fragen Über Fragen Tommy Körberg 7" 1971 [J1] Fragezeichen Mag Ich Nicht Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1970 [A1]
France ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*] Frances Ruffelle Frances Ruffelle CD 1998 [A1]
Franck Pourcel Rencontre ABBA Franck Pourcel CD 1978 [A1*] Francoise Françoise Hardy CD 1970 [A1*]
Frank Furt And The Red Hot Dogs Michael B. Tretow 7" 1985 [A1] Franska Kort Ted Gärdestad CD 1976 [A1]
Franska Nätter Express 7" 1982 [A1] Fremder Mann Marianne Rosenberg LP 1971 [A1]
French Bazaar Arno CD 2004 [A1*] French Kiss Johanne Blouin CD 2014 [A1*]
French Touch Carla Bruni CD 2017 [A1*] Fri Jan-Vincent Johansen CD 2016 [A1*]
Fri Sofia Ullman+Janne Schaffer CDS 2020 [A1] Fri Som En Fågel Lasse Wellander+Lena CDS 2017 [A1]
Fri-En Samling Kikki Danielsson CD 2001 [A1] Frida & Friends Frida CD 2012 [A1*]
Frida (DVD) Frida DVD 2004 [A1*] Frida Frida CD 1971 [A1*]
Frida - The DVD Frida DVD 2005 [A1*] Frida 1967-1972 Frida CD 1997 [A1*]
Frida 1967-1992 Frida CD 2001 [A1*] Frida 2004 Frida DVD 2005 [A1*]
Frida En Or Frida CD 2016 [A1*] Frida In Action -More Remixes & Rarities Frida CD 2004 [A1*]
Frida Med Gäster Frida K7 1988 [A1] Frida Originals Versions Frida CD 2010 [A1*]
Frida Remixed Frida CD 2020 [A1*] Frida Singles Frida CD 2020 [A1*]
Frida The Hits Remixed Frida CD 2003 [A1] Frida'S Rarities Frida CD 1996 [A1*]
Friend Ourchives CDS 2018 [A1] Friends Marillion CD 2007 [A1*]
Friends Connection Peter Jezewski CD 2011 [A1] Friends For Christmas John Farnham+Olivia Newton-John CD 2016 [A1*]
Friska Takter Ebbe Jularbo LP 1979 [A1] Fritiof Anderssons Paradmarsch Hootenanny Singers 7" 1975 [A1]
Frogg (Ep France) Hootenanny Singers 12" 1964 [A1] From A Distance Elaine Paige CD 1997 [A1*]
From ABBA To Zoom ABBA (Books) Book 2005 [A1*] From ABBA With Love ABBA CD 1984 [A1*]
From Björn & Benny Björn & Benny CD 2017 [A1*] From Both Sides Now Björn Skifs LP 1970 [A1*]
From Every Stage Joan Baez CD 1975 [A1] From Japan To Switzerland ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*]
From Mamma Mia To Mamma Mia Mamma Mia DVD 2009 [A1*] From Stage To Screen Caroline O'Connor CD 2001 [A1*]
From Sweden With Love Michelle Welch CD 2013 [A1*] From The 60'S To ABBA ABBA DVD 2009 [A1*]
From The Hounds With Love Hounds CD 1967 [A1] Fru Pigalopp - Kom Så Sjunger Vi Lite Inger  Öhman+Storängsbarnen LP 1975 [A1]
Fru Vennermans Sång Gösta Ekman+Benny Andersson CDS 1994 [A1] Frân Byhâla Till Storstad _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
Främling 25 År Carola CD 2008 [A1] Från ABBA Till Mamma Mia! ABBA (Books) Book 1999 [A1*]
Från ABBA Till Munkarna I Laos ABBA (Books) Book 2015 [A1*] Från ABBA Till Zeppelin- Calveros 70-Tal ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*]
Från Cadillac Till Rolls Royce The Hep Stars+Svenne & Lotta CD 1998 [A1*] Från Midnatt Fram Till Gryningen Mikael Rickfors+Mats Ronander+Dan Hylander CDS 2014 [A1]
Från Nu Till Evighet Carola CD 2007 [C2] Från När Till Fjärran Ainbusk CD 1993 [A1]
Från Rickfors Till Peterson Berger Lasse Wellander CD 1992 [A1*] Från Waterloo Till Duvemåla _Various CD 1998 [A1*]
Fröken Fredricksson Björn Ulvaeus 7" 1968 [A1] Fröken Midinett Ewa Carlsén 7" 1971 [A1]
Fröken Sunny Girl The Telstars 7" 1966 [A1] Full Hand Lasse Wellander CD 1985 [A1]
Funky ABBA Nils Landgren CD 2004 [A1*] Funky Feet Studs 7" 1977 [A1*]
Funky Feet Svenne & Lotta 7" 1976 [A1*] Funky Formula Slim Borgudd LP 1976 [A1]
Fyll Mine Seil Finn Kalvik CD 1976 [G3*] Fågelsång I Sverige Lars Svenson CD 1998 [A1]
Fånga En Ängel -En Hyllning Till Ted Gärdestad Ted Gärdestad CD 2004 [A1*] Férias De Amor Perla 12" 1980 [A1*]
Férias Na Praia Sueli 7" 1973 [A1*] För Evigt Tommy Körberg CDS 2020 [J1]
För Kärlekens Skull Ted Gärdestad CD 2007 [A1*] För Kärlekens Skull Emelie Johansson CD 1998 [A1]
För Kärlekens Skull - Svenska Artister Hyllar Ted Ted Gärdestad CD 2014 [A1*] För Kärleks Skull Hootenanny Singers CD 1982 [A1]
För Minnenas Skull Eva Dahlgren CD 1992 [C2] För Älskad Viktoria Tolstoy CD 1996 [A1]
Förbjuden Kärlek Stilmord 7" 1982 [A1] Fördomar Nanne CDS 2001 [A1]
Förgiftat Blod Tommy Körberg CDS 2020 [J1] Förlorad Igen Niklas Strömstedt 7" 1969 [A1]


Ga Pa Vattnet Om Du Kan Frida DVD 2007 [A1] Gabbahey Gabbahey CD 2018 [A1*]
Gabor Szabo In Stockholm Gabor Szabo CD 1972 [A1] Gabriella (Italy) Hootenanny Singers 7" 1965 [A1]
Gabriellas Sång Jakob Hellman CDS 2020 [C2] Gabrielle (Compilation LP, Usa) Hootenanny Singers LP 1967 [A1]
Gabrielle (Denmark) Hootenanny Singers 7" 1964 [A1] Gabrielle Jimmy Bing 7" 1965 [A1]
Gabrielle I Marcellos Ferial 7" 1965 [A1] Gainsbourg & Co Serge Gainsbourg CD 2016 [A1*]
Gala Lush CD 1990 [A1*] Gala 05-06 Operacion Triunfo CD 2006 [A1*]
Gala 1 Operacion Triunfo CD 2001 [A1*] Gala 2010 Tempokids CD 2010 [A1*]
Galas 12-13 Operacion Triunfo CD 2005 [A1*] Gamla Fina Latar _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Gamla Goa Svensktoppar _Various CD 2002 [A1*] Gamla Älskares Sång ? Tommy Körberg 7" 1990 [A1]
Gare Au Loup ABBAcadabra Musical+Stéphane 7" 1984 [A1*] Garnen & Hemvänt Charlie Norman LP 1973 [A1]
Gazosa Gazosa CD 2001 [A1*] Gee My Een Wens Wynand Breedt CD 2017 [A1*]
Geef Me Je Droom Dana Winner CD 1997 [A1*] Geh Mit Gott Agnetha Fältskog CD 1996 [A1]
Geh' An Den Rosen Nicht Vorbei Milan, Paul & Ela 7" 1975 [A1*] Geh' Mit Gott (Single) Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1972 [A1]
Gelsomina Arne Lamberth LP 1972 [A1] Gelukkig Zijn (CD) Ann Christy CD 2008 [A1*]
Gemini (Expanded) Gemini CD 2017 [A1*] Gemini Gemini CD 1985 [A1*]
Geminism Gemini CD 1987 [A1] Geminism -Best Of Chess ABBA CD 2000 [A1*]
Genom Tårar Dan Tillberg LP 1983 [A1] Genom Varje Andetag Helen Sjöholm+Anders Widmark CD 2003 [C2]
Genomskådad Ingemar Olsson LP 1976 [A1] Gensyokuroman14 Tdashi Aoyama CD 2019 [A1*]
Georgi Plays ABBA Georgi CD 2017 [A1*] German TV Anthology ABBA DVD 2010 [A1*]
Gestatten Rex Gildo LP 1981 [A1*] Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands Johnny Chester CD 2012 [A1*]
Get Down After Midnight Paul Johnson 12" 2014 [A1*] Get Fit With Fun 2019 Workout Session Workout Music TV CD 2019 [A1*]
Get On The Caroussel ABBA CD 2000 [A1*] Get Out (On The Floor) One More Time CDS 1994 [A1*]
Get Real The Real Group CD 1998 [A1*] Get Up (Rock Your Body) The 202 Machine 7" 1979 [A1]
Gets Schooled John Grant CDS 2013 [A1*] Gime Back My Brain (Maxi) Therapy? 12" 2001 [A1*]
Gimme ! Gimme ! Gimme ! Shana Vanguarde CDS 2004 [A1*] Gimme Back My Brain Therapy? CDS 2001 [A1*]
Gimme Gimme Gimme & Summer Night City Stockholm Underground CDS 1992 [A1*] Gimme Gimme Gimme (2016 Version) ABBAcadabra CDS 2016 [A1*]
Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) Julie Forsyth CDS 2009 [A1*] Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) The Leather Nun CDS 1986 [A1*]
Gimme Gimme Gimme (ABBAinternet) ABBA CD 2015 [A1*] Gimme Gimme Gimme ABBAcadabra CDS 2005 [A1*]
Gimme Gimme Gimme Donna M CD 2012 [A1*] Gimme Gimme Gimme Rio & Mars CDS 1996 [A1*]
Gimme Gimme Gimme A Really Great Workout Bjorn Again DVD 2008 [A1*] Gimme Gimme Gimme Tribute To ABBA Vol 1 Mystique CD 2011 [A1*]
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (7'') ABBA 7" 1979 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) Fella CDS 2020 [A1*]
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) Lizochka CDS 2018 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) Resfield CDS 2020 [A1*]
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) The Rock Kidzz CDS 2019 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) Star Academy CDS 2002 [A1*]
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) Tiny Uke Orchestra CDS 2018 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) _Various CDS 2021 [A1*]
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Piano Man After Midnight) Sheet Music Boss CD 2020 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (CD Maxi, Sweden) A*Teens CDS 1999 [A1*]
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Maxi 45t) The Leather Nun 12" 1986 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Workout Bundle / Even 32... Workout Music TV CDS 2020 [A1*]
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Cantus-Chor 7" 1979 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! DJ Roody+Emly Clausen+Marie Ljung CDS 2020 [A1*]
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Joyeuse Musique CDS 2019 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! The Kith CDS 2020 [A1*]
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Mamma Mia CDS 2008 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Pictomusic Karaoke CDS 2008 [A1*]
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Sgt Slick CDS 2020 [A1*]
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Syzz CDS 2020 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!(A Man After Midnight)... Cher CDS 2018 [A1*]
Gimme! Gimme! Gimmre! Spielhagen CDS 2020 [A1*] Gimme! Gimme!Gimme! Sing Strike Karaoke CDS 2015 [A1*]
Gira L'Amore Gigliola Cingquetti 7" 1972 [A1] Girl Authority Girl Authority CD 2006 [A1*]
Girls Are Always Right Any Trouble CD 2002 [A1*] Girls Girls Girls _Various CD 1997 [C2]
Girls Want The Boys! _Various CD 2016 [A1] Give 'M A Smile Big Money CDS 1994 [A1]
Give Me Pop P Diamond CDS 2011 [A1*] Give Me The Part Florence CDS 2006 [A1]
Giver Klp CD 2019 [J1*] Gives You Music From Drottninglandet Frida Hyvönen CD 2009 [C2]
Gives You Music From Kungariket Frida Hyvönen CD 2015 [C2] Gives You: Music From The Dance Performance Pudel Frida Hyvönen CD 2007 [C2]
Giving A Little Bit More ABBA CD 1998 [A1*] Glada Hukik-Teaterns Trollkarlen Frân Oz _Various CD 2014 [J1]
Glada Visor Från Bialitt Lennart Kjellgren+Gunnel Nilsson 7" 1961 [A1] Glam - The Glam Rock Allstars Brybury CD 1997 [A1*]
Glease Glee Cast CD 2012 [A1] Glee Sings The Beatles Glee Cast CD 2013 [A1]
Glenmark Eriksson Strömstedt Ges+Anders Glenmark+Rolf Ericsson+Niklas Strömstedt CD 1995 [A1] Glitetering Prize Simple Minds CD 1992 [A1]
Glitter And Glory -Melbourne 1977 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Glitter, Glögg & Rock 'N' Roll _Various CD 1997 [A1]
Glitteresque Glitter Band CD 2008 [A1*] Glittrande Ljus Fia Nyström LP 1983 [A1]
Gloomy Eyes Sveriges Radio Big Band LP 1981 [A1] Gloomy June Atlas CDS 2013 [A1]
Glæður Svavar Knútur+Kristjana Stefáns CD 2011 [A1*] Go ABBA Th' Faith Healers+Mambo Taxi CDS 1994 [A1*]
Go Now Janne Lucas 7" 1967 [A1] Go! Maia Lee CDS 2007 [A1*]
Go'Bitar Från Svensktoppen Vol. 8 _Various LP 1974 [A1*] Goa Bitar Christer Peters CD 2006 [A1]
Goa Bitar 3 Jigs CD 2008 [A1*] Gobitar Från Svensktoppen Vol 14 _Various LP 1976 [A1*]
God Bok Mats Ronander LP 1982 [A1] God Jul _Various CD 2002 [A1]
God Jul Julsånger På Svenska _Various CD 1998 [A1] God Jul Önskar Kalle Moraeus+Lisa Miskovsky CDS 2014 [C1]
Godnattstunden _Various LP 1972 [A1] Godnattstunden Del. 2 _Various LP 1972 [A1]
Godnattstunden Del. 3 _Various LP 1974 [A1] Godnattstunden, Del. 4 _Various LP 1974 [A1]
Gold (Greatest Hits CD Sampler) ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] Gold (Remastered 1992) ABBA CD 1992 [A1*]
Gold (The Original Recordings) Engelbert Humperdinck CD 2005 [A1] Gold Adagio CD 2006 [A1]
Gold Agnetha & Frida CD 2014 [A1] Gold The Black Sweden CD 2000 [A1*]
Gold Boney M CD 1992 [A1] Gold Barbara Dickson CD 1985 [A1*]
Gold Olivia Newton-John CD 2005 [A1*] Gold Steps CD 2001 [A1*]
Gold Andrew Lloyd Webber CD 2001 [A1] Gold Ballads (Polar Version) ABBA CD 1995 [A1*]
Gold Ballads ABBA CD 1995 [A1*] Gold Christmas ABBA CD 1994 [A1*]
Gold Collection Volume I ABBA CD 1997 [A1*] Gold Collection Volume II ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Gold Collection Volume III ABBA CD 2000 [A1*] Gold Medley From Spain (7'') ABBA 7" 1992 [A1*]
Gold Plated - Vol.1 _Various CD 2000 [A1*] Gold Plated - Vol.2 _Various CD 2000 [A1*]
Gold The Live Story ABBA DVD 2012 [A1*] Gold Vcd ABBA VCD 2003 [A1*]
Gold: A Decade Of Soul Jazz & R&B Blacknuss CD 2004 [A1] Golden Izko+Johnning CDS 2020 [A1]
Golden Akkordeon 2 Inita Abolina CD 2002 [A1*] Golden Ballads ABBA CD 1992 [A1*]
Golden Collection - Saxophone John Silver CD 1995 [A1*] Golden Collection 2000 ABBA CD 2000 [A1*]
Golden Covers, Vol. 2 Acoustic Guitar Collective CD 2019 [A1*] Golden Days Brian May+Kerry Ellis CD 2017 [A1]
Golden Double Album ABBA CD 1976 [A1*] Golden Eurovision Hits Christopher John LP 1979 [A1*]
Golden Greats: ABBA I Have A Dream ABBA DVD 2011 [A1*] Golden Hits ABBA K7 1977 [A1*]
Golden Kids Golden Kids CD 1993 [A1] Golden Oldies Best From ABBA Scandik CD 2020 [A1*]
Golden Songs ABBA Stars CD 2005 [A1*] Golden Stars -ABBA ABBA CD 1980 [A1*]
Goldene Hits The Common People CD 2019 [A1*] Goldstücke Angelika Milster CD 2007 [A1*]
Golliwog Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1974 [A1] Gone Too Long Charlotte Perrelli CD 2004 [C2]
Gonna Sing You My Lovesong ABBA CD 1991 [A1*] Good For You Mats Ronander 12" 1987 [A1]
Good Van Hier Sha Na CD 2009 [A1*] Good Vibrations - A History Of Record Production ABBA (Books) Book 1998 [A1*]
Gospel Jeane Manson CD 2001 [A1] Got A Little Heartache Sidewalk 7" 1985 [A1]
Gott Och Blandat Kick CD 2014 [A1] Gracias A La Música Milagros Alvarado CDS 2015 [A1*]
Gracias Por La Música (7'') ABBA 7" 1980 [A1*] Gracias Por La Música (Album) ABBA CD 1980 [A1*]
Gracias Por La Música (CD Edición De Lujo) ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] Gracias Por La Música Alan Madanes+Stefania Ribisich CDS 2015 [A1*]
Grand Collection ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] Grand Piano Janne Lucas CD 1973 [A1*]
Grand-Prix Greatest Hits Eurosingers CD 2011 [A1*] Grand-Prix Party Hits _Various CD 2009 [A1*]
Grandes Exitos ABBA LP 1976 [A1*] Grandes Exitos Adrián & Los Dados Negros CD 2007 [A1*]
Grandes Exitos Al Bano & Romina Power CD 1997 [A1] Grandes Exitos Javier Alvarez CD 2001 [A1*]
Grandes Exitos Bruno Lomas CD 2014 [A1*] Grandes Exitos De Siempre Los Tomazos Del Momento+Top De Éxitos 2014 CD 2018 [A1*]
Grandes Exitos En Vivo Tormenta DVD 2008 [A1*] Grandes Exitos, Vol 2 ABBA LP 1979 [A1*]
Grandes Musicales Mamma Mía The Musical Street Band CD 2012 [A1*] Grandes Musicales Vol. 2 The Royal Musical Band CD 2012 [A1*]
Grandes Sucessos Perla LP 1982 [A1*] Grandes Éxitos (Venezuela) ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Grandes Éxitos Anamía CD 2021 [A1*] Grandes Éxitos De Siempre Phil Conway+Free Group+La Brigada CD 1988 [A1*]
Grandiosas En Vivo, Vol. 2 Grandiosas CD 2018 [A1*] Granslos 2012 Tommy Körberg CD 2012 [A1*]
Grease _Various CD 1978 [A1] Grease El Musical _Various CD 2012 [A1]
Grease En Español _Various CD 1998 [A1] Great Hits Of The 70'S The Last Oasis CD 2019 [A1*]
Greatest Ever Acoustic _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Greatest Ever Easy _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Greatest Ever Love _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Greatest Ever Musicals _Various CD 2006 [A1*]
Greatest Ever Nineties _Various CD 2008 [J1] Greatest Ever Rock _Various CD 2008 [G3*]
Greatest Ever Seventies _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Greatest Ever Sixties _Various CD 2008 [A1]
Greatest Ever Smooth _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Greatest Ever Soul _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Greatest Hits & Remixes Pandora CD 2003 [A1*] Greatest Hits (7'' Uk) ABBA 7" 1982 [A1*]
Greatest Hits (Bootleg 2011) ABBA CD 2011 [A1*] Greatest Hits (Bootleg) ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Greatest Hits (Deluxe Edition) Westlife CD 2011 [A1*] Greatest Hits (Deluxe) Dido CD 2013 [C2]
Greatest Hits (International Version) ABBA CD 1976 [A1*] Greatest Hits A*Teens CD 2004 [A1*]
Greatest Hits ABBA Experience CD 2019 [A1*] Greatest Hits Mariah Carey CD 2001 [C2]
Greatest Hits Joe Cocker CD 1998 [C2] Greatest Hits Leonard Cohen CD 2007 [A1*]
Greatest Hits Kylie Minogue CD 1992 [C2] Greatest Hits Imelda Papin LP 1981 [A1*]
Greatest Hits Edith Piaf CD 1988 [A1] Greatest Hits Queen CD 1981 [A1*]
Greatest Hits André Rieu CD 2009 [A1] Greatest Hits Shangri-Las CD 1987 [A1]
Greatest Hits Simon & Garfunkel CD 2011 [A1] Greatest Hits Sixpense None The Richer CD 2004 [A1*]
Greatest Hits Michael B. Tretow CD 2000 [A1] Greatest Hits Wizex LP 1980 [A1*]
Greatest Hits ... And More Barbra Streisand CD 1989 [J1] Greatest Hits 2014 Madonna CD 2014 [A1]
Greatest Hits 24 ABBA LP 1977 [A1*] Greatest Hits 76 Olivia Newton-John CD 1976 [A1*]
Greatest Hits 87-99 Kylie Minogue CD 1999 [A1*] Greatest Hits And Story (DVD Korea) ABBA DVD 2002 [A1*]
Greatest Hits Blu-Ray ABBA BR 2013 [A1*] Greatest Hits Box Of The 60'S _Various CD 2003 [A1*]
Greatest Hits Box Of The 70'S _Various CD 2003 [A1*] Greatest Hits Box Of The 80'S _Various CD 2003 [A1]
Greatest Hits Karaoke ABBA Cooltone Karaoke CD 2014 [A1*] Greatest Hits Karaoke: ABBA, Vol. 2 Cooltone Karaoke CD 2015 [A1*]
Greatest Hits Live From Bbc ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Greatest Hits Live Usa 1982 ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Greatest Hits Mamma Mia The Ballroom Group CD 2010 [A1*] Greatest Hits Of ABBA (Karaoke Version) Karaoke Diamonds CD 2013 [A1*]
Greatest Hits Of Other People, Vol. 1 Tony Hawks CD 2020 [A1*] Greatest Hits Of The 70'S _Various CD 1991 [A1]
Greatest Hits Of The 70'S Volume II _Various CD 1992 [A1*] Greatest Hits Of The 80'S Volume 3 _Various CD 1994 [A1]
Greatest Hits Of The 90'S _Various CD 1995 [A1*] Greatest Hits Reader Digest ABBA CD 2008 [A1*]
Greatest Hits To ABBA Tribute - The Best Covers Amp CD 2012 [A1*] Greatest Hits Vol 1 Fungobat CD 2005 [A1*]
Greatest Hits Vol 3 -The Mixes ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] Greatest Hits Vol. 3 ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
Greatest Hits Volume II ABBA CD 1979 [A1*] Greatest Hits, Volume 2 Madonna CD 2001 [C2]
Greatest Karaoke Hits Albert 2 Stone CD 2021 [A1*] Greatest Live ABBA CD 1994 [A1*]
Greatest Loser Little Great Things CDS 2014 [A1] Greatest Songs ABBA CD 2018 [A1*]
Greatest Tits E-Rotic CD 1998 [A1*] Greek Paradise Benny Costa & His Greek Orchestra CD 2009 [A1*]
Green Sarah Fairfield CD 2004 [A1*] Green Tambourine Magoria CDS 1994 [A1]
Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers' Songbook (Volume 1 Barry Gibb CD 2021 [A1] Greg Francis Plays ABBA Greg Francis CD 2011 [A1*]
Gregorian ABBA The Chant Masters CD 2007 [A1*] Gregorian Chant Brotherhood Of St Gregory CD 2003 [A1*]
Gregorian Chants _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Gregorian Experience The Monks Of Moramanga CD 2003 [A1*]
Grenzenlos Novemberkinder CD 1991 [A1*] Grootste Treffers Live Broers CD 2017 [A1*]
Groovy Summertime The Hep Stars 7" 1969 [A1] Group Hug The Company+Filharmonika CD 2008 [A1*]
Grown-Ish Lova CD 2021 [Z] Grupo Hersa Musical Grupo Hersa Musical CD 2019 [A1*]
Gruvornas Dal Jimmy Ahlén+Janne Schaffer CDS 2020 [A1] Gränslös Tomas Ledin CD 1982 [A1]
Gränslös Romantik Wu-Li LP 1984 [A1] Gränslös/Det Bästa 1967-2003 Tommy Körberg CD 2003 [A1*]
Grönsakernas Hemliga Liv _Various CD 1985 [A1] Gti Megamix Vol 6 _Various CD 2007 [A1*]
Guantanamera Nanette Workman CD 1999 [A1] Guantes Negros Francis-Luis Cantos CD 2014 [A1]
Guardian Light Tove Naess 7" 1986 [A1] Guggen Power Volume 6 _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
Guitar Evergreens Jörgen Ingmann CD 2014 [A1*] Guitara Española A Tribute To ABBA The Harmony Group CD 2010 [A1*]
Guitarism Lasse Wellander CDS 2021 [A1] Guitars Unlimited Mike Pilot LP 1981 [A1*]
Guld Hits ABBA K7 1988 [A1*] Guld, Platina Och Passion - Det Bästa Carola CD 2003 [A1]
Guldet Blev Till Sand Kristina Musical+Peter Jöback CDS 1995 [A1] Guldgrävarsång Eva Dahlgren LP 1984 [A1]
Guldkorn Mats Ronander CD 2006 [A1] Guldkorn Wizex CD 2002 [A1*]
Guldkorn Volume 1 Schytts CD 2008 [A1*] Guldskivan Os 1980 _Various LP 1979 [A1*]
Gummibandet Gummibandet LP 1976 [A1*] Gunilla Backman Sings Andrew Lloyd Webber Gunilla Backman CD 2011 [A1]
Gunilla Backman Sjunger Andrew Lloyd Webber Gunilla Backman CD 2010 [A1] Gut Zusammen Miva CDS 2019 [A1]
Gwen Mccrae George Mccrae CD 1993 [A1*] Gyllene Ögonblick På Gröna Lund _Various LP 1984 [A1*]
Gäster Hoss Hagge ABBA (Books) Book 1989 [A1*] Gå Tillbaks Till Gå Michael Bolyos 7" 1982 [A1]
Géminis Ana Belen CD 1984 [A1] Génration Dorothée Dorothee CD 2015 [A1]
Gör Hela Livet Till En Fest Mats Olin 7" 1967 [A1] Gör Mig Lycklig Nu Mats Ronander CDS 1992 [A1]


H2bu Wiktoria CDS 2020 [A1] Hair (Version Originale Française) _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
Halfway Around The World ABBA DVD 2010 [A1*] Hallo Hallo De Wereld Is Van Jou Janneke De Roo CD 2009 [A1*]
Halo, Halo Aska 7" 1982 [A1] Hambostinta I Kort-Kort Mona Wessman 7" 1967 [A1]
Hammond Alive Seppo Hovi K7 1974 [A1*] Hammondilla Aarno Raninen LP 1979 [A1*]
Han Har Ett Sätt Helen Sjöholm CDS 2020 [C2] Handen På Mitt Hjärta Ness Hakim CDS 2020 [A1]
Hannah Hannah Morris CD 2003 [A1*] Happiness & Wellness _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
Happy Birthday Marie Rose Chantal Goya CD 2013 [A1*] Happy Christmas Rene Froger CD 2009 [A1]
Happy Days Carola LP 1985 [A1] Happy End Gitte 7" 1976 [A1]
Happy Guitar (Gitarren Party) Jürgen Schröder+The Sunny Beach Boys CD 2009 [A1*] Happy Hawaii Manuela 7" 1980 [A1*]
Happy Hits Die Westfälischen Nachtigallen LP 1976 [A1*] Happy Holidays Magnus Carlsson CD 2014 [A1]
Happy Kick Boxing Hits 2019 Workout Session... Workout Music TV CD 2019 [A1*] Happy Memories Jesús Sosa CD 2020 [A1*]
Happy New Year (CD Maxi, Sweden) A*Teens CDS 1999 [A1*] Happy New Year (First CD Single) ABBA CDS 1999 [A1*]
Happy New Year (Piano Sing Along Version) _Various CDS 2020 [A1*] Happy New Year Angeleyes CDS 1999 [A1*]
Happy New Year Cloud9jhay CDS 2019 [A1*] Happy New Year Hazell Dean CDS 2016 [A1*]
Happy New Year Empty Orchestra CD 2016 [A1*] Happy New Year Esthetic Education CD 2009 [A1*]
Happy New Year Zuzana Martinsen CDS 2020 [A1*] Happy New Year Mirah CDS 2005 [A1*]
Happy New Year Fadi Natour CDS 2018 [A1*] Happy New Year Pakari CDS 2020 [A1*]
Happy New Year Pictomusic Karaoke CDS 2008 [A1*] Happy New Year Sos CD 2003 [A1*]
Happy New Year Vostok Band CDS 2019 [A1*] Happy New Year 2000 ABBA CD 1999 [A1*]
Happy New Year 2007 ABBA CD 2008 [A1*] Happy New Year 2008 ABBA CD 2007 [A1*]
Happy New Year 2009 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] Happy New Year 2010 ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
Happy Together Saint Peter'S Male Voice Choir CD 2018 [A1*] Har Du Glömt Wasa 7" 1975 [A1]
Har Du Glömt Wizex CD 1976 [A1*] Harbour Boat Trips, Vol. 2 Trentemøller CD 2018 [A1*]
Harem Sarah Brightman CD 2003 [A1*] Harmonica Nights Brendan Power CD 1992 [A1]
Harmony Ben Thomas 7" 1972 [A1] Harpo (1975) Harpo+Banana Band LP 1975 [A1*]
Harpo Harpo CD 1992 [C2] Hart Genossen Von ABBA Bis Zappa Panzerballett CD 2009 [A1*]
Hartendam Filet D'Anvers 7" 1992 [A1*] Hasta Manana Susanne Lana 7" 1974 [A1*]
Hasta Mañana (7'' Italy) ABBA 7" 1974 [A1*] Hasta Mañana (7'' South Africa) ABBA 7" 1974 [A1*]
Hasta Mañana (Album) Susanne Lana LP 1974 [A1*] Hasta Mañana (Swedish) Lena Andersson 7" 1974 [A1*]
Hasta Mañana Monica Aspelund 7" 1974 [A1*] Hasta Mañana Inge Berge CDS 2012 [A1*]
Hasta Mañana Enrique & Ana 7" 1977 [A1*] Hasta Mañana Lu Jandro CDS 2020 [A1*]
Hasta Mañana Anna Jantar 7" 1975 [A1*] Hasta Mañana Micha Marah 7" 1974 [A1*]
Hasta Mañana Anne Renée 7" 1976 [A1*] Hasta Mañana Schytts 7" 1974 [A1*]
Hasta Mañana Sha Na CDS 1996 [A1*] Hasta Mañana Judy Stone 7" 1976 [A1*]
Hatar Att Förlora Felicia Takman CDS 2020 [A1] Hatar Att Vara Kär Hon CDS 2021 [A1]
Have Mercy Gemini 7" 1986 [A1] Have You Heard Peter'S Pop Squad 7" 1989 [A1]
Have You Never Been Mellow Olivia Newton-John CD 1975 [A1*] Have Yourself An 80'S Christmas Party Hit Kings CD 2018 [A1*]
Havet Och Karleken _Various CD 2008 [A1] Hay Amores Que Matan Pimpinela CD 1993 [A1*]
Hay Que Cantar Feliz Festilindo CD 1989 [A1*] Hay Un Solo Ganador Ebelin Ortiz CDS 2020 [A1*]
Hazes 100 Deel 5 Andre Hazes CD 2005 [A1*] He Is A Man, He Is A Child Chess+Reidun Saether CDS 2015 [A1]
He Is Your Brother (7'') ABBA 7" 1972 [A1*] He'S A Man, He'S A Child Reidun Saether+Artic Philarmonic CDS 2015 [A1]
He'S Got The Whole World In His Hands Joe & Eddie 7" 1965 [A1] Head Over Heels (7'') ABBA 7" 1982 [A1*]
Hear My Voice Cormac CD 2020 [A1*] Hear The Difference London Gay Men'S Chorus CD 1998 [A1*]
Heart Attack (Single Sweden) Olivia Newton-John 7" 1982 [A1] Heart Of Gold - Instrumental Melodies _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
Heart Of The Country Frida 7" 1984 [A1] Heartbreaker,16 Classic Performances Pat Benatar CD 1998 [A1*]
Heartfilled Lena-Maria Klingvall CD 2005 [A1*] Heaven And Hell (Single) Josefin Nilsson CDS 1993 [A1]
Heaven Help My Heart Chess 7" 1985 [A1*] Heavy Rock Radio Jorn CD 2016 [A1*]
Heimat Musikverein 1819 Göge-Hohentengen CD 2018 [A1*] Heini, Wir Fahr'N Nach Bonn Adam & Die Micky'S 7" 1974 [A1*]
Hej Clown Jan Malmsjö 7" 1969 [A1] Hej Du Glada Sommar Lasse Lönndahl 7" 1973 [A1]
Hej Gamle Man Björn & Benny 7" 1970 [A1*] Hej Hej Du Rara Birgitta Wollgård+Salut 7" 1975 [A1]
Hej Ingen Grethe Ingmann CD 1990 [A1] Hej Och Hå, Kan Du Älska Mej Ändå Systrarna Sisters CDS 2019 [A1]
Hej, Du Glada Sommar Lena Andersson 7" 1973 [A1] Hej, Gamle Mand Kimmik 7" 1971 [A1*]
Hela Livet Leker Carina Jaarnek CD 1994 [A1*] Hela Mitt Liv Är Ett Tivoli Mats Olin 7" 1968 [A1]
Hela Vägen Tomas Ledin CD 2002 [A1] Hela Värladen Runt Ted Gärdestad 7" 1971 [A1]
Hela Världen Titanix CD 2008 [A1] Hela Världen Håller Andan Tomas Ledin CDS 2021 [A1]
Helen Sjöholm DVD Helen Sjöholm DVD 2009 [A1*] Helena On Broadway Helena Vondrackova CD 2012 [A1*]
Hello Karina CDS 2018 [A1*] Hellre Gycklare Än Hycklare Solar Plexus LP 1975 [A1]
Helt Nära Dig Ted Gärdestad CD 2009 [A1*] Hem Till Dig Mats Ronander CDS 1996 [A1]
Hemma Kristina Musical+Helen Sjöholm CDS 1995 [A1] Hemmainspelade Demos Fran 60-Talet Michael B. Tretow CD 2016 [A1]
Henkäys Ikuisuudesta Tarja Turunen CD 2006 [A1*] Hep Stars Act II The Hep Stars CD 1989 [A1]
Hep Stars Bästa Del 1 The Hep Stars LP 1974 [A1] Hep Stars Bästa Del 2 The Hep Stars LP 1978 [A1]
Hep Stars Och Tages Och Shanes The Hep Stars CD 1998 [A1] Hep Stars On Stage The Hep Stars CD 1965 [A1]
Hep Stars Singles Discography The Hep Stars CD 2013 [A1] Her Bed Vion Konger+Nikki Ambers CDS 2019 [A1]
Her Greatest Performances (Live) Whitney Houston CD 2014 [A1] Here At Last Bee Gees CD 1977 [A1*]
Here In My Heart Finn Kalvik 7" 1981 [A1] Here We Go Again Stockholm Honey CD 2018 [A1*]
Here We'Ll Stay (Solo Version) Frida 7" 1983 [A1*] Here We'Ll Stay Sonia Jones 7" 1980 [A1*]
Here`S My Love Sidewalk 7" 1985 [A1] Herinnering (Single) Bonnie & Jose 7" 1986 [A1*]
Herinnering Bonnie & Jose CD 1985 [A1*] Herinnering Aan Ann Christy (CD) Ann Christy CD 2008 [A1*]
Hermoso Piano. Grandes Éxitos Estudios Talkback CD 2012 [A1*] Hermoso Piano. Grandes Éxitos Katrina Maier CD 2012 [A1*]
Heroes David Bowie CD 1977 [C2] Herrgårdskvartetten Herrgårdskvartetten+Göte Lovén+Giovanni Jaconelli LP 1973 [A1]
Herrgårdskvartetten 1979 Herrgårdskvartetten LP 1979 [A1] Herrinering Aan Ann Christy Ann Christy LP 1983 [A1*]
Het Best Van Sha-Na Sha Na CD 1997 [A1*] Het Beste Uit Joe'S 70ies _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Beste Van ABBA Het ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] Het Beste Van Andre Rieu Live André Rieu CD 1995 [C2]
Het Beste Van Ann Christy (1999 CD) Ann Christy CD 1999 [A1*] Het Beste Van Dana Winner Dana Winner CD 1999 [A1*]
Het Lijkt Of Ik Droom Bonnie Saint Claire 7" 1988 [A1*] Het Succesverhaal Van ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 1978 [A1*]
Heu Gras Kirschen Frank Holger 7" 1979 [A1*] Heute Treffen Sich Die Leute Lena Andersson 7" 1974 [A1*]
Hey Musikant Björn & Benny 7" 1971 [A1*] Hey You In The Black T-Shirt ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*]
Hey You Ring Me Tonight The Airwaves CDS 2009 [A1] Hey, Mr. Producer! The Musical World Of Cameron Ma Cameron Mackintosh CD 1990 [A1*]
Hey, Musikant (Bootleg 7'') Björn & Benny 7" 2020 [A1*] Hi-Energy No. 1 _Various LP 1984 [A1*]
Hidden Gold ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Hier Aujourd'Hui Demain Uta 7" 1969 [A1]
High And Mighty ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] High Hopes And Heartaches Josefin Nilsson CDS 1993 [A1]
Highland (Single) One More Time CDS 1992 [A1*] Highland One More Time CD 1992 [A1*]
Highlights From Chess West End Orchestra & Singers CD 2008 [A1*] Highlights From Just For The Record Barbra Streisand CD 1991 [A1]
Hiltonaires Singen ABBA The Hiltonaires LP 1976 [A1*] Himlen Gråter För Elmore James Mats Ronander CD 1992 [A1]
Himmelen I Mig Jimmy Ahlén+Janne Schaffer CDS 2019 [A1] His Name Is Andrew The Creaking Chair CDS 2016 [A1*]
Histoires Naturelles Tour Nolwenn Leroy CD 2007 [C2] History (Past, Present And Future, Book I) (CDr) Michael Jackson CD 1995 [A3]
History (Past, Present And Future, Book I) Michael Jackson CD 1995 [A3] History Book ABBA CD 1999 [A1*]
History Book II ABBA CD 1999 [A1*] History Book III ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
History Eurovision Hits Electric Dance Music CD 2011 [A1*] History Of The Loser'S Lounge, Vol. 23 Loser'S Lounge CD 2017 [A1*]
Hit Box Chansons Francaises _Various CD 2011 [A1] Hit Box Chansons Francaises Volume II _Various CD 2013 [A1]
Hit Box Michel Delpech Michel Delpech CD 2013 [A1] Hit Jouvin No. 17 / No. 18 (Remasterisé) Georges Jouvin CD 2019 [A1*]
Hit Parade _Various CD 1995 [A1] Hit Parade Chante Vol.Ume 14 Mario Cavallero LP 1974 [A1*]
Hit Parade International (1974) Alter Ego LP 1974 [A1*] Hit Parade International (1975) Alter Ego LP 1975 [A1*]
Hit Teen Musicals Mania High School Musical Masters CD 2009 [A1*] Hit-Party Des Jahres 1 Hugo Strasser CD 1974 [A1*]
Hitparade 3 Jörgen Ingmann LP 1979 [A1*] Hitparade: Een Potpourri Van 24 Hits Van Nu! De Kermisklanten CD 1980 [A1*]
Hits Anders Glenmark CD 2000 [A1] Hits Tommy Körberg CD 2000 [A1]
Hits Marianne Rosenberg CD 2002 [A1*] Hits _Various LP 1971 [A1]
Hits 2000 Carola CD 2000 [A1] Hits A La Fiesta Roberto Delgado CD 1978 [A1*]
Hits Collection ABBA CD 2015 [A1*] Hits Fra 70-Tallet - De Beste Fra Treff-Serien _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Hits From Broadway The Starlite Orchestra CD 1987 [A1] Hits From Sweden -Karaoke DVD _Various DVD 2008 [A1*]
Hits From Sweden -Karaoke Volume 2 _Various DVD 2008 [A1*] Hits From Sweden As Played By ABBA Karaoke Fun CD 2010 [A1*]
Hits From Sweden As Played By ABBA Vol.2 - Karaoke Karaoke Fun CD 2010 [A1*] Hits From The ABBA Musical Mamma Mia The Musical Stage Cast CD 2003 [A1*]
Hits Of 60'S, 70'S & 80' _Various CD 1999 [A1*] Hits Of ABBA Studio Musicians CD 2009 [A1*]
Hits Of ABBA Michelle Welch CD 2014 [A1*] Hits Of ABBA, Neil Diamond, Phil Collins And... London Sound & Art Orchestra CD 2002 [A1*]
Hits On Medley _Various CD 1993 [A1*] Hits The Videos Erasure DVD 2002 [A1*]
Hits! - Their 20 Greatest Songs Roxette CD 2006 [A3] Hits! Hits! Hits! ABBA LP 1984 [A1*]
Hitta Agnetha ABBA (Books)+Agnetha Fältskog Book 2010 [A1*] Hittills Jimmy Ahlén+Janne Schaffer CDS 2019 [A1]
Hity 1975 _Various CD 1995 [A1*] Hjälp Sökes Hjalp Sokes CD 2013 [A1]
Hjärta Towa Carson 7" 1964 [A1] Hjärtats Rytm Tomas Ledin LP 1973 [A1]
Hjärtats Saga Hootenanny Singers 7" 1971 [A1] Hjärtats Saga / Lite Solsken Varje Dag Country Four 7" 1966 [A1]
Hjärtliga Gratulationer Pa Födelsedagen... Frida CD 1998 [A1*] Hockey Theatre Organ On Location Gil Imber CD 2020 [A1*]
Hokuspokus Fidibus Peter Kraus 7" 1970 [A1] Hold Me Tight Johnny Nash 7" 1968 [A1]
Hold On Me Oscar Stembridge CDS 2019 [A1] Holiday Acoustic Cafe Pops Covers Mikihito Tanaka CD 2018 [A1*]
Holiday For Clowns The Hep Stars 7" 1969 [A1] Holiday Season 80'S Hits The 80'S Allstars CD 2018 [A1*]
Hollands Glorie De Drie Baritons CD 2001 [A1*] Hollands Goud André Rieu CD 2002 [C2]
Hollywood Pugh Rogefeldt CD 1972 [A1] Hollywood Kids Little Pop Stars CD 2013 [A1*]
Hollywood, Hollywood Lou & The Hollywood Bananas 7" 1980 [A1] Homage To Humanity Walca CDS 2020 [A1]
Homage Á Trois ABBA Gold _Various CD 2020 [A1*] Home For Christmas Anne-Sofie Von Otter CD 1999 [A1]
Home Sweet Home Katherine Jenkins CD 2014 [A1*] Home To Me Eric Bibb CD 1999 [A1]
Homem Conjunto Movimento 7" 1975 [A1*] Homenaje A ABBA Change One CD 2002 [A1*]
Homeward Bound Bryn Terfel CD 2013 [A1] Hommage Aux Plus Grands Artistes De Tous Les Temps Richard Abel CD 2019 [A1*]
Hommages À Daniel Balavoine Daniel Balavoine CD 2000 [A1*] Honey Honey (Bumble Mix) Housecream CDS 2004 [A1*]
Honey Honey (Workout Bundle / Even 32 Count... Workout Music TV CDS 2020 [A1*] Honey Honey ABBAcadabra CDS 2013 [A1*]
Honey Honey Housecream CDS 2004 [A1*] Honey Honey Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*]
Honey No Middle Of The Road 7" 1973 [A1] Honey, Honey (7'') ABBA 7" 1974 [A1*]
Honey, Honey (Instrumental Version) The Royal Queen Band CDS 2020 [A1*] Honey, Honey (Karaoke Version) - Single The Rock Kidzz CDS 2020 [A1*]
Honey, Honey (LP) ABBA LP 1974 [A1*] Honey, Honey Sweet Dreams 7" 1974 [A1*]
Hooked On A Feeling - 40th Anniversary Collection Blue Swede+Björn Skifs CD 2014 [G3] Hooked On The 20th Century, Vol. 2 Paul Brooks CD 1998 [A1*]
Hootenanny Singers Hootenanny Singers CD 1964 [A1] Hootenanny Singers 1964-1979 Hootenanny Singers CD 2009 [A1]
Hootenanny Singers Rarities 1 Hootenanny Singers CD 2007 [A1] Hootenanny Singers Rarities 3 Hootenanny Singers CD 2009 [A1]
Hootenanny Singers Second LP Hootenanny Singers CD 1964 [A1] Hootenanny Singers Singles Discography Hootenanny Singers CD 2013 [A1]
Hootenanny Singers Sjunger Evert Taube Hootenanny Singers CD 1965 [A1] Hopelessly Devoted The Hits Olivia Newton-John CD 2018 [A1*]
Hopp Tomas Ledin CDS 2003 [A1] Horse And High Heels Marianne Faithfull CD 2011 [A1]
Hot Classics, Issue 6 _Various 12" 1987 [A1*] Hot Club Of Las Vegas Hot Club Of Las Vegas+Linnea Johnson CD 2008 [A1*]
Hot Dance Disco Hits Vol 4 Road Crew CDS 2020 [A1*] Hot Lips Big Band Spelar ABBA Hot Lips Big Band CD 1987 [A1*]
Hou Van Het Leven Sha Na CD 1993 [A1*] Hourglass Mary Cicilia CDS 2020 [A1]
Hovas Vittne (12'') ABBA 12" 1981 [A1*] Hovas Vittne (7'' Bootleg) ABBA CDS 1981 [A1*]
How It All Started The Hep Stars LP 1970 [A1] Hubbles Teleskop Finn Kalvik CDS 2017 [G3*]
Huge Karaoke Hits Of ABBA _Various DVD 2004 [A1*] Huilumies Vesa Matti Loiri 7" 1980 [A1]
Hultmans Solskenssånger Mats Paulson LP 1976 [A1] Humor Du _Various LP 1976 [A1]
Humoresque Charlie Norman 7" 1970 [A1] Hung Up (Remix) Madonna CDS 2005 [A1]
Hunger Carola LP 1983 [J1] Hunky Dory David Bowie CD 1971 [A1*]
Huone 213 Marjorie CD 1992 [A1*] Hush Tommy Körberg 7" 1969 [J1]
Hushabye Hayley Westenra CD 2013 [A1] Huston New Year'S 2019 Extra Latino CD 2018 [A1*]
Huston New Year'S 2019 _Various CD 2020 [A1*] Hvis Tårer Var Guld Susanne Lana 7" 1971 [A1]
Hvor Hjertet Bor Tina Siel CD 1999 [A1] Hyatt Intercontinental, Volume 7 Hyatt Intercontinental CD 2020 [A1*]
Hyllning 2020 Conquistadors Of Love CD 2020 [A1*] Hyllning Till Benny Andersson Benny Andersson CD 2007 [A1*]
Hymn Sarah Brightman CD 2018 [A1] Hymnes À La Chanson Française, Vol. 1 _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
Hymnes À La Chanson Française, Vol. 2 _Various CD 2014 [A1] Hystereo Hi-Lites Michael B. Tretow CD 1989 [A1]
Händelser I Nord Triakel CD 2019 [Z] Händer Kaipa LP 1979 [A1]
Här Kommer Natten Pugh Rogefeldt 7" 1969 [A1] Här Och Nu Nini 7" 1983 [A1]
Härlig Är Vår Jord Frida 7" 1969 [A1] Härligt Härligt De Bästa 1972-2001 Björn Skifs CD 2002 [G3]
Håll Mej Hårt Tove Naess 7" 1982 [A1] Håll Musiken Igång -The Real Group Sjunger Povel The Real Group CD 2008 [A1]
Håll Om Mig Nanne CDS 2005 [A1] Hålligång 5 Schytts CD 1975 [A1*]
Hård Kärlek Mats Ronander LP 1981 [A1] Hårda Paket Electric Banana Band CDS 1998 [A1]
Höga Kusten Tomas Ledin CD 2013 [A1] Höga Kusten 2014 (Live) Tomas Ledin CD 2016 [A1]
Högbrunnsdans Medevi Brunnsorkester CD 2020 [A1*] Högloftarna Kalle Gnesta LP 1971 [A1]
Högloftarna Och Skansens Folkdanslag Kalle Gnesta LP 1969 [A1] Hörselmat Janne Schaffer+Hörselmat CD 1987 [A1]
Hörselmat Svenska Löd Ab LP 1971 [A1] Höst Röst ? Görel Crona CDS 1997 [A1]
Höstregn Birgitta Wollgård CDS 2020 [C2]


I Am An Illusion Agneta Bauman CD 1981 [A1] I Am Just A Girl (7'') ABBA 7" 1973 [A1*]
I Am The City -The Remixes ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] I Am What I Am Gloria Gaynor 7" 1983 [A1]
I Barndomens Ängder Göingeflickorna 7" 1967 [A1] I Believe Daniel O'Donnell CD 1997 [A1*]
I Believe In Me Sonia & Sus Estrellas CD 2020 [A1*] I Can See Myself In You Tommy Körberg+Danny Saucedo CDS 2012 [A1]
I Can Sing ABBA Tribute Mamma Mia Group CD 2009 [A1*] I Can Tell (U Wanna Hold Me) Elma CDS 2020 [Z]
I Can'T Wait Danny Wilson CDS 1989 [A1*] I Can´T Live Without Love Tove Naess 7" 1985 [A1]
I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten Dusty Springfield 7" 1970 [A1*] I Denna Natt Blir Världen Ny Carola CD 2007 [A1]
I Din Röst Charlotte Perrelli CD 2006 [A1] I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do Pictomusic Karaoke CDS 2008 [A1*]
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (7'') ABBA 7" 1975 [A1*] I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do Richard Adams 7" 1976 [A1*]
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do Mega Tracks Karaoke Band CDS 2014 [A1*] I Do. I Do. I Do, I Do, I Do Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*]
I Don'T Love You Anyway Joan Ellis 7" 1977 [A1*] I Drive My Friend Frida Hyvönen CDS 2005 [C2]
I Egne Hender Finn Kalvik CD 1995 [G3*] I En Tid Som Vår Marie Fredriksson CD 1998 [Z]
I Feel Good _Various CD 1998 [A1] I Fjol Så Gick Jag Med Herrarna I Hagen Hootenanny Singers 7" 1970 [A1]
I Goda Händer _Various CD 2001 [A1*] I Got Something Frida 7" 1982 [A1*]
I Got You Babe Sonny & Cher CD 1990 [A1] I Have A Dream (7'') ABBA 7" 1979 [A1*]
I Have A Dream Abay CDS 2014 [A1*] I Have A Dream East End Brothers CDS 2019 [A1*]
I Have A Dream Cristy Lane 7" 1980 [A1*] I Have A Dream Mega Tracks Karaoke Band CDS 2014 [A1*]
I Have A Dream Molly CDS 2019 [A1*] I Have A Dream Daniel O'Donnell CD 2016 [A1*]
I Have A Dream Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*] I Have A Dream Roulette CD 2020 [A1*]
I Have A Dream / Seasons In The Sun Westlife CDS 1999 [A1*] I Keep Thinking It'S Tuesday Doctor & The Medics LP 1987 [A1*]
I Know Him So Well Susan Boyle CDS 2011 [A1] I Know Him So Well Melanie C CDS 2012 [A1]
I Know Him So Well Chess 7" 1984 [A1] I Know Him So Well Amanda Holden+Sheridan Smith CDS 2020 [A1]
I Know Him So Well Cissy Houston+Whitney Houston 7" 1987 [A1] I Know Them So Well The Best Of Tim Rice Tim Rice CD 1994 [A1]
I Know There'S Something Going On (12'' Version) Frida 7" 1982 [A1*] I Know There'S Something Going On Frida 7" 1982 [A1*]
I Know There'S Something Going On Singer'S Edge Karaoke CDS 2014 [A1*] I Know There'S Something Going On Franky Tunes+Jason Mcknight+Big Daddi CDS 2013 [A1*]
I Know There'S Something Going On The Remixes Frida CD 2015 [A1*] I Kvadrat ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
I Kärlekens Färg Sven-Erics LP 1986 [A1*] I Left My Baby Behind Eirik Wangberg+The Noisemen 7" 1964 [A1]
I Let The Music Speak ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] I Let The Music Speak Mark Pentleton CD 2018 [A1*]
I Let The Music Speak Anne-Sofie Von Otter CD 2006 [A1*] I Like The 80s _Various CD 2015 [A1*]
I Love ABBA (ABBAinternet) ABBA CD 2012 [A1*] I Love ABBA (Vol. 1) _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
I Love ABBA ABBA LP 1983 [A1*] I Love ABBA Fadi Natour CD 2014 [A1*]
I Love ABBA Remakes _Various CD 2008 [A1*] I Love Disco France 80'S _Various CD 2013 [A1]
I Love French Chanson _Various CD 2016 [A1*] I Love French Chanson Volume II _Various CD 2016 [A1]
I Love Mamma Mia Break'N'Bossa CD 2008 [A1*] I Love Musicals Peter Jöback CD 2013 [A1]
I Love Piano Richard Saint Claire CD 2010 [A1*] I Love Rock'N'Roll Joan Jett CD 1981 [A1]
I Love The Piano Walter Lochmann+Andrea Malek CD 2010 [A1*] I Met In A Dream And I Said No Shi Ni LP 1980 [A1*]
I Midvintertid - En Jul På Gotland (Promo Single) Ainbusk CDS 2001 [J1] I Midvintertid -En Jul På Gotland Ainbusk CD 2001 [A1]
I Mitt Hjärta Kikki Danielsson CD 1999 [A1] I Mitt Live Inger-Lise Rypdal CD 2005 [A1*]
I Natt Jag Dromde The Hep Stars 7" 1966 [A1] I Natt Är Jag Din Nanne CDS 2010 [A1]
I Rättviks Kyrka Carola LP 1987 [A1*] I See Red Frida 7" 1982 [A1*]
I Shall Be There B*Witched CDS 1999 [A1*] I Should´Ve Followed You Home Agnetha Fältskog CDS 2013 [A1]
I Sommarnattens Ljus Lars Hoflund 7" 1982 [A1] I Sommarnattens Ljus Tomas Ledin CD 2003 [A1*]
I Stand Alone (Expanded Edition) Agnetha Fältskog CD 2016 [A1] I Stand Alone Agnetha Fältskog CD 1987 [A1]
I Stand Alone -The Mixes Agnetha Fältskog CD 2004 [A1] I Successi ABBA CD 2007 [A1*]
I Successi Degli ABBA The Droogs CD 1977 [A1*] I Wanna Make You My Lady Mark Holden 7" 1976 [C2]
I Want You Tove Naess 7" 1984 [A1] I Want You Oh So Bad (Extended) Tove Naess 12" 1984 [A1]
I Was There- Gigs That Changed The World ABBA (Books) Book 2005 [A1*] I Wasn'T The One (Version 2) Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1988 [A1]
I Who Have Nothing Tommy Körberg 7" 1968 [J1] I Won'T Be There The Equals 7" 1967 [A1]
I Won'T Let You Go Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1985 [A1] I År Är Julen Min Tommy Nilsson CD 2010 [A1]
I'D Like To Teach The World To Sing Lea Salonga CD 1997 [A1*] I'D Rather Write A Symphony Ted Gärdestad CD 1980 [A1]
I'Ll Be Waiting Isak Danielson CDS 2018 [A1] I'M A Believer Neil Diamond 7" 1971 [A1]
I'M A Marionette ABBA 7" 1977 [A1*] I'M Gonna Be A Country Girl Again Buffy Sainte Marie LP 1968 [A1]
I'M Here At Last Stephanie La Motta 7" 1983 [A1] I'M Still Alive ABBA CD 2000 [A1*]
I'M Still Alive II ABBA CD 2001 [A1*] I'M Still Here - Live At The Royal Albert Hall Elaine Paige CD 2015 [A1*]
I'M Wishing / One Song / Whistle While You Work Adriana Caselotti+Harry Stockwell 7" 1937 [A1*] I'Ve Been Waiting For You (7'') ABBA 7" 1974 [A1*]
I'Ve Been Waiting For You Joan Ellis 7" 1976 [A1*] I'Ve Got The Music In Me Kiki Dee LP 1979 [A1*]
Ich Bin Wie Ich Bin Angelika Milster CD 1985 [A1] Ich Brauch' Deine Liebe Andreas Martin CD 1997 [A1*]
Ich Hab Mein Herz In Heidelberg Verloren André Rieu CD 2009 [A1] Ich Habe Einen Traum Dan Daniell CD 2009 [A1*]
Ich Lass Dich Nicht Geh'N Gaby Jansen 7" 1985 [A1] Ich Leb' Im Traum Nana Mouskouri 7" 1983 [A1*]
Ich Sah Deine Traenen Marianne Rosenberg 7" 1982 [A1*] Ich Tanze Mit Dir In Den Himmel Hinein André Rieu CD 2009 [A1]
Ich War Zu Lang' Allein Andrea Wilke 7" 1983 [A1*] Idag & Imorgon Kikki Danielsson CD 2006 [A1]
Idol 2008 - ABBA Tema _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Idrottens Julskiva _Various CD 2007 [A1]
If I Have To Go Flossie Malavialle CD 2015 [A1*] If I Thought You'D Ever Change Your Mind (Single) Agnetha Fältskog CDS 2004 [A1]
If I Thought You'D Ever Walk Into My Room Agnetha Fältskog CD 2004 [A1] If I Was A Flower Agnetha Fältskog CDS 2013 [A1]
If It Wasn'T For The Music ABBA CD 1998 [A1*] If It Wasn'T For The Music, Vol. 2 ABBA CD 2000 [A1*]
If It Wasn'T For The Music, Vol. 3 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] If It Wasn'T For The Nights (ABBAinter.Net) ABBA CDS 2009 [A1*]
If It Wasn'T For The Nights (Single) ABBAcadabra CDS 2008 [A1*] If It Wasn'T For The Nights Mercedesz+Mamma Mia The Party CDS 2016 [A1*]
If It Wasn'T Fot The Nights (French Bootleg CD-Fre ABBA CDS 2009 [A1*] If Not For You Olivia Newton-John CD 1971 [C2]
If We Fall In Love Tonight Rod Stewart CD 1996 [A1*] If You Do Like My Music Sttellla LP 1982 [A1]
If You Have Ghosts Ghost CDS 2013 [A1*] If You Hold My Hand Donna Hightower 7" 1971 [A1]
If You Love Me, Let Me Know Olivia Newton-John CD 1974 [A1*] Igor The Dog Tommy Körberg 7" 1968 [J1]
Ihre Grossen Erfolge Marianne Rosenberg CD 1997 [A1] Ik Deed Alsof Het Mij Niet Raakte Ann Christy CD 2005 [A1*]
Ik Heb 'N Droom Ad Van Hoorn+Karin 7" 1985 [A1*] Ik Laat Je Niet Gaan Corina CDS 2015 [A1]
Ik Tover Jou Yasmin CDS 2005 [A1*] Ik Zing Vandaag Een Lied Dana Winner CDS 1998 [A1*]
Ikoner ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 2007 [A1*] Il Bosco Degli Amanti Ron 7" 1973 [A1]
Il Canada Canta Il Mondo (Italia Compresa) Vol.1 _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Il Colore Dell'Amore IVana CD 2012 [A1*]
Il Divo At The Coliseum Il Divo CD 2008 [A1*] Il Faut Choisir Un Jour Serge Mazere 7" 1974 [A1*]
Il Mondo È Solo Mio Roby+La Torpedo Blu CD 2020 [A1*] Il Rosso Amore Filippa Giordano CD 2002 [A1]
Il Y Avait Un Jardin Georges Moustaki CD 1971 [A1] Il Était Une Fois ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 2020 [A1*]
Imellom To Evigheter Finn Kalvik CD 2000 [A1] Imperfectly Me Frances Ruffelle CD 2010 [A1*]
Imperfecto Carlos Quezada CDS 2020 [A1] Imprescindibles Luis Cruz CD 2020 [A1*]
In Concert André Rieu CD 1996 [A1] In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall Barbara Dickson DVD 1987 [A1]
In Country Kikki Danielsson CD 1992 [A1*] In De Wolken (CD-Single) Saskia & Serge CDS 2000 [A1*]
In De Wolken Saskia & Serge CD 2000 [A1*] In Disguise Last Autumn´S Dream CD 2017 [A1*]
In London (Live At The Wembley) Al Jarreau CD 1984 [A1] In Love With Life Johnny Shadow CD 2020 [A1*]
In Love With You Dana Winner CD 1998 [A1*] In My Heart And Soul (Vocal Version) Lasse Wellander CDS 2018 [A1]
In My Heart And Soul Lasse Wellander CDS 2018 [A1] In Performance ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*]
In Rook Vergaan Ann Christy 7" 1976 [A1*] In Scandinavia James Last LP 1971 [A1]
In Style Of ABBA Backtracks Professional Karaoke CD 2009 [A1*] In The Bleak Midwinter ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
In The Bleak Midwinter 2015 (ABBAinternet) ABBA CD 2015 [A1*] In The Finest Tradition The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards CD 2006 [A1*]
In The Middle Of Life The Real Group CD 2005 [A1] In The Remix By B-Pop Vol 2 ABBA CD 2012 [A1*]
In The Style Of ABBA Karaoke Knights CD 2013 [A1*] In The Style Of ABBA Pmc All-Stars CD 2010 [A1*]
In The Style Of ABBA - Vol. 1 Karaoke Channel CD 2009 [A1*] In The Style Of ABBA Vol 1 Goldsound Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*]
In The Style Of ABBA Vol 2 Goldsound Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*] In The Style Of ABBA Vol. 1 Karaoke Library CD 2011 [A1*]
In The Style Of ABBA Vol. 2 Karaoke Library CD 2011 [A1*] In The Style Of ABBA Vol. 3 Karaoke Library CD 2011 [A1*]
In The Style Of Mamma Mia Prosound Karaoke Band CD 2010 [A1*] In The Style Of Mamma Mia! (German) Karaoke Library CD 2011 [A1*]
In Wonderland André Rieu CD 2007 [A1*] In Your Delight Lena-Maria Klingvall CD 2005 [C2]
In Your Song Helena Vondrackova LP 1985 [A1] Ina Och Nina Och Stina Sonja Stjernqvist 7" 1967 [A1]
Indestructible Lisa Nilsson CD 1998 [A1] Indigo Olivia Newton-John CD 2004 [A1*]
Industrial Blues David Sick CD 2004 [A1*] Inga Björn & Benny 7" 1971 [A1*]
Inga Mörka Moln Birgitta Wollgård CDS 2020 [C2] Inga Theme (CD Germany) ABBA CD 1992 [A1*]
Inga Theme (Version 2) ABBA CD 2005 [A1*] Inga Theme ABBA CD 1992 [A1*]
Ingen Annan Björn Skifs CD 2002 [A1] Ingen Dansar Dåligt Nanne CDS 2013 [A1]
Ingen Här Express 7" 1982 [A1] Ingen Vei Hjem (Album) Finn Kalvik CD 2017 [G3*]
Ingen Vei Hjem Finn Kalvik CDS 2017 [G3*] Ingenting Går Som Man Vill Therese Löf CDS 1992 [A1]
Ingenting Mer Och Ingenting Mindre Pastellerna 7" 1974 [A1*] Ingenting Är Längre Som Förut Anders Fugelstad 7" 1969 [A1]
Ingletterra ABBA The Concert CD 2009 [A1*] Ingrid Dardels Polska Hootenanny Singers 7" 1975 [A1]
Innan Gryningen Triakel+Emma Härdelin CDS 1999 [A1] Innanför Staden Mats Ronander CD 1996 [A1]
Innsida Ut Finn Kalvik CD 1991 [G3*] Inolvidables Petula Clark Petula Clark CD 1991 [A1*]
Insegnani A Far L'Amore Anna-Maria 7" 1977 [A1*] Insensato Superuva CDS 2017 [A1*]
Inspired By ABBA _Various CD 2018 [A1] Instant Sorrow Tommy Körberg 7" 1968 [J1]
Instrumental ABBA Hugo Capaldi Orchestra CD 2006 [A1*] Instrumental ABBA New Syntetiser Experience CD 2009 [A1*]
Instrumental Collection _Various CD 2001 [A1*] Instrumental Covers Dejan Nikolovski CD 2018 [A1*]
Instrumental Covers Of ABBA Volume 1 White Knight Instrumental CD 2016 [A1*] Instrumental Gold Golden Hits Instrumental All Stars CD 2012 [A1*]
Instrumental Hits _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Instrumental Hits Of ABBA Pierre Vangelis CD 2015 [A1*]
Instrumental Karaoke Series ABBA Agrupacion Latinhits CD 2014 [A1*] Instrumental Mamma Mia Knightsbridge CD 2008 [A1*]
Instrumental Music Of The World 1 Uriël CD 2018 [A1*] Instrumental Versions _Various CD 1999 [A1*]
Instrumentals Hits 1 Vikingarna CD 1994 [A1*] Instrumentaly ABBA Seamus Seanachaoi CD 2012 [A1*]
Inte Bara Barbershop Growing Girls LP 1981 [A1*] Inte Ett Moln Sâ Lângt Ögat Kan Nâ Tomas Ledin CD 2017 [A1]
Integral Karen Cheryl CD 2016 [A1*] Integrale Serge Gainsbourg CD 2011 [A1]
Integrale Sheila CD 2006 [A1*] Integrlae 1961-1978 Claude François CD 2018 [A1*]
International (Fantasy Remasters) ABBA CD 1997 [A1*] International (German Bootleg) Hootenanny Singers CD 1996 [A1]
International ABBA CD 1982 [A1*] International Hootenanny Singers CD 1965 [A1]
International 70'S Songs Duck Gang CD 2010 [A1*] International 70'S Songs Vol 1 Duck Gang CD 1997 [A1*]
International 70'S Songs Vol 2 Duck Gang CD 1997 [A1] International 70'S Songs Vol 3 Duck Gang CD 1997 [A1*]
International 70'S Songs Vol 4 Duck Gang CD 1997 [A1*] International 70'S Songs Vol 5 Duck Gang CD 1997 [A1*]
Interview Disc ABBA CDS 1996 [A1*] Intimate And Live Kylie Minogue CD 1998 [A1*]
Into Paradise Sissel Kyrkjebö CD 2006 [A1*] Introducing Mary Sandeman Mary Sandeman CD 1980 [A1*]
Intuicja Lidia Kopania CD 2006 [A1*] Invigningen Av Friends Arena _Various DVD 2012 [A1*]
Irish Coffee Mats Glenngård 7" 1980 [A1] Irrésistiblement Sylvie Sylvie Vartan CD 1998 [A1]
Is There A Chance Lasse Wellander+Lena Larsson CDS 2020 [A1] Isabel & Erik - 25 Ans _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
Isabell Werth Präsentiert Die Größten Songs Von Ab Richard Rossbach CD 2014 [A1*] Isn'T It Crazy? Tove Naess LP 1983 [A1]
Isweat Fitness Music, Volume 51 Crank It Up! The Jagged Edges CD 2020 [A1*] It All Starts Now Foreign Slippers CD 2012 [A1*]
It Came From The Past Mistwalker CD 2020 [A1*] It Hurts To Say Goodbye Vera Lynn 7" 1967 [A1*]
It'S Been A Long Long Time (Single) The Hep Stars 7" 1968 [A1] It'S Been A Long Long Time The Hep Stars CD 1968 [A1]
It'S Christmas _Various CD 2002 [A1] It'S Good News Week Hedgehoppers Anonymous 7" 1965 [A1]
It'S Only Rock N' Roll...But We Like It! _Various CD 1994 [A1] It'S Raining Men! Retro Dance & Party Mix _Various CD 2007 [A1*]
It'S Showtime ! Ein Ganzes Leben Lang Musik Westfalia Big Band CD 2010 [A1*] It'S So Nice To Be Rich Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1983 [A1]
Italian Dance Music 2007 Vol.1 _Various CD 2007 [A1*] Itke Vaan Jos Helpottaa Anita Hirvonen CD 1997 [A1*]
Itunes -The Essentials ABBA CD 2005 [A1*] Izitso Cat Stevens LP 1977 [A1*]


J'Aime (45t) Michèle Torr 7" 1977 [A1*] J'Aime Les Stars En Duo _Various CD 1996 [A1]
J'Étais Un Ange Michel Delpech CD 2016 [A1] J. Haydn Op. 64 Nr. 5, Op. 76 Nr. 5 Freskkvartetten LP 1983 [A1]
J.C.Barreto J. C. Barreto LP 1979 [A1] J.H. Roman, Drottningholmsmusiken Nationalmusei Kammerorkester LP 1982 [A1]
Ja, De Ä' De' Vi Vill Ha Harry Brandelius 7" 1956 [A1] Ja, De' Ä' De' Vi Vill Ha. Vals Stig Anderson 7" 1956 [A1]
Ja, Dä Ä Dä! Pugh Rogefeldt LP 1969 [A1] Ja, Vi Älskar Dej Ännu, Vår Barbro! Lukas Bonnier+Stig Anderson 12" 1988 [A1]
Jack In The Box The Jackpots CD 1968 [A1] Jag Försvinner Fia Nyström 7" 1983 [A1]
Jag Går Dit Du Går Magnus Carlsson+Sofia Källgren CDS 2018 [A1] Jag Har Fått Nog Parkas Pop 7" 1983 [A1]
Jag Har Inte Tid Nanne CDS 2000 [A1] Jag Har Väntat På Dej Lena Andersson 7" 1974 [A1*]
Jag Hör Musik Arne Lamberth+Visavi 7" 1972 [A1] Jag Kan Berätta Anders Fugelstad 7" 1970 [A1]
Jag Kan Inte Låta Dej Gå The Line 7" 1985 [A1] Jag Kan Se En Ängel Wizex CD 1992 [A1]
Jag Kommer Lena Andersson 7" 1971 [A1*] Jag Kommer Hem Till Jul Peter Jöback CD 2002 [A1]
Jag Måste Lisa Ajax CDS 2020 [A1] Jag Måste Ge Mej Av Wizex CD 1992 [A1]
Jag Måste Kyssa Dig (CD-Single) Nanne CDS 2007 [A1] Jag Måste Kyssa Dig Nanne CD 2007 [A1]
Jag Sjunger För Dig Leif Blooms+Mona Gustafsson 7" 1991 [A1*] Jag Ska Bli Som En Delfin Electric Banana Band CDS 2005 [A1]
Jag Skall Aldrig Mina Lika Vill Om Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1967 [A1] Jag Skriver Helst En Symfoni Janne Schaffer CDS 2018 [A1]
Jag Skulle Vilja Våga Tro Tommy Körberg CD 1992 [J1] Jag Tror På Sommaren (Ep) Mats Olin 12" 1967 [A1]
Jag Tror På Sommaren Mats Olin 7" 1967 [A1] Jag Tror På Sommaren Carli Tornehave 7" 1978 [A1]
Jag Vet (Bootleg) Agnetha Fältskog CD 2002 [A1*] Jag Vet Agnetha Fältskog CDS 1967 [A1]
Jag Vill Dansa Glamour 7" 1982 [A1] Jag Vill Följa Med Helen Sjöholm+Anders Widmark CDS 2015 [C2]
Jag Vill Ha En Datamus Electric Banana Band CDS 2000 [A1] Jag Vill Ha En Egen Måne Ted Gärdestad 7" 1972 [A1]
Jag Vill Ha En Egen Måne Sara Zacharias+Ted Gärdestad CDS 2018 [A1] Jag Väntar Vid Min Mila Hootenanny Singers 7" 1964 [A1]
Jag Väntar Vid Vin Mila (Norway) Hootenanny Singers 7" 1964 [A1] Jag Älskar Björn Och Benny Birgitta Wollgård+Salut 7" 1974 [A1*]
Jag Är Blott En Man Jarl Kulle 7" 1972 [A1*] Jag Är Elden Helen Sjöholm CDS 2020 [C2]
Jag Är En Vandringsman Dizzie Tunes 7" 1968 [A1*] Jahrtausend Hits - Musical _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
Jamaica Ekvall & Happ LP 1985 [A1] James Last Plays ABBA James Last CD 2001 [A1*]
Janne Schaffer Janne Schaffer LP 1973 [A1] Jannicke 3 Jannicke Irwin Abrahamsen CD 1992 [A1*]
Japan 1978 ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*] Japanese Televisoon Special ABBA VCD 2002 [A1*]
Jardín Azul - Las Canciones Favoritas Linda Ronstadt CD 2011 [A1*] Javier Alvarez Javier Alvarez CD 1995 [A1*]
Jazz Live The Real Group CD 1996 [J1] Jazz Lounge Niki Band Plays ABBA Mega Hit Songs The Jazz Lounge Niki Band CD 2012 [A1*]
Jazzed - With A Certain Note Daniela Simmons CD 2018 [A1*] Je N'Aime Que Toi Jeane Manson CD 1992 [A1*]
Je N'Peux L'Acheter Thierry Vincent 7" 1964 [A1*] Je Reviens Petula Clark LP 1977 [A1*]
Je Sais Claude François 7" 1964 [A1] Je Suis Comme Je Suis Juliette Greco CD 1990 [A1]
Je Suis L'Enfant Soleil Anne-Marie David CD 2003 [A1] Je T' Aime _Various CD 2005 [A1*]
Je Voudrais Qu'Il Soit Malheureux Petula Clark 7" 1975 [A1*] Jean-Michel De Francia Jean-Michel De France CD 2008 [A1*]
Jeane Manson Jeane Manson CD 1977 [A1] Jeane Manson Chante Avec Les Choeurs De L'Armée .. Jeane Manson CD 1998 [A1*]
Jeane Manson Chante Noël Jeane Manson DVD 2006 [A1*] Jeanie Jockeys 7" 1964 [A1]
Jeckyll `N' Hyde Ella Rouge CDS 2005 [A1] Jeg Har Ventet På Dig Vivian Larsen 7" 1976 [A1*]
Jenka Rannie Rommen 7" 1964 [A1] Jenkapotpurri 1 Finn Timber 12" 1965 [A1]
Jesucristo Superstar (Banda Sonora) Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical CD 1988 [A1] Jesucristo Superstar (Musical 2007) Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical CD 2007 [A1]
Jesus _Various CD 2013 [A1] Jesus Christ Superstar (DVD) Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical DVD 2004 [A1]
Jesus Christ Superstar (Francais) Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical CD 1973 [A1] Jesus Christ Superstar (Italiano) Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical CD 2008 [A1]
Jesus Christ Superstar (Movie Soundtrack) Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical CD 1973 [A1] Jesus Christ Superstar (Nederlandse Cast) Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical CD 2005 [A1]
Jesus Christ Superstar Das Legendäre Musical Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical DVD 2004 [A1] Jesus Christ Superstar Den Svenska Orignialutgåvan Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical CD 1995 [A1]
Jesus Christ Supestar (1996 Version) Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical CD 1996 [A1] Jesus-Christ Superstar Australia Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical CD 2018 [A1]
Jezamine Tommy Körberg 7" 1968 [J1] Jingle Wells Robert Wells CD 2000 [A1]
Jive Bunny Plays Non-Stop ABBA Party Jive Bunny CD 2000 [A1*] Jo-Jo-Nä-Nä-Men Brita Borg 7" 1970 [A1]
Jodie Gillies Jodie Gillies CD 1992 [A1] Joe - Celebrate The 80'S _Various CD 2018 [A1*]
Johan Agrell Sonata Nationalmusei Kammerorkester LP 1981 [A1] Johan Wikmanson   Musica Sveciae LP 1985 [A1]
Johanna Raunio Johanna Raunio CD 1994 [A1*] John Owen-Jones John Owen-Jones CD 2009 [A1*]
John Ulf Anderson Tolkar Evert Taube, Birger... John-Ulf Anderson CD 2013 [A1] John Ulf Andersson Sjunger Visor Av Evert Taube John-Ulf Anderson LP 1966 [A1]
John Ulf Andersson Sjunger Visor Av Evert Taube II John-Ulf Anderson LP 1966 [A1] Johnny Johnny Halliday CD 2019 [A1]
Johnny Nash Johnny Nash LP 1970 [A1] Johnny One Time Brenda Lee LP 1969 [A1]
Jokamiehen Hammond Ari Oinonen LP 1977 [A1*] Jokamiehen Hammond 2 Ari Oinonen LP 1977 [A1*]
Jokerfejs _Various DVD 1984 [A1*] Jon Lord Live Jon Lord CD 2011 [A1*]
Joppe 2007 Blue Milk CDS 2008 [A1*] Jorden Runt På 30 Minuter Arne Lamberth LP 1975 [A1]
Jorden Snurrar Wizex CD 1997 [A1] Jose-Luis Del Hierro Jose-Luis Hierro CD 2007 [A1*]
Josefin Josefin Nilsson CD 2020 [A1] Journeys Wendy Coates CD 2001 [A1*]
Jovem Guarda Castaschok Joelma CD 1969 [A1] Joyeux Noël- Les Plus Grands Artistes Français _Various CD 2012 [A1]
Juanita Arne Bills Orkester 7" 1967 [A1] Jubileumsmusik För Kungaparet _Various CD 1986 [A1]
Judy Min Vän (Single) Tommy Körberg 7" 1969 [J1] Judy Min Vän Benjamin Ingrosso CDS 2020 [J1]
Judy Min Vän Tommy Körberg CD 1969 [J1] Juice Nø Signe CDS 2020 [A1]
Jukebox Hits The Hep Stars CD 1995 [A1] Jukebox Junkies Room 217 CD 2020 [A1*]
Jul Carola CD 1991 [A1] Jul Efrid Carola LP 1983 [A1]
Jul Hos Mig Lotta Engberg CD 2009 [C1] Jul I Betlehem Carola CD 1999 [A1]
Jul Jul Strålande Jul Gunilla Backman CDS 2011 [C1] Jul Med Hep Stars The Hep Stars LP 1967 [A1]
Jul Med Sveriges Dansband _Various CD 2014 [A1] Jul À La Carte Gemini LP 1974 [A1]
Jul, Jul Strålande Jul Qvinnokören Lapponica CD 2005 [A1] Julafton Hemma Wizex CD 1993 [A1]
Julen En Her The Real Group CD 2003 [A1*] Julen Är Här Tommy Körberg CD 1989 [A1*]
Julens Bästa Vänner Kalle Moraeus+Bengan Janson CD 2005 [A1] Julens Dansband _Various CD 2010 [A1]
Julens Ljus Stockholm Academic Male Chorus CD 2011 [A1] Julens Musik (Bootleg) _Various CD 2006 [A1*]
Julens Musik _Various CD 1994 [A1*] Julestemninger Elisabeth Andreassen CD 1993 [J1]
Julfrid Över Jorden Anders Fugelstad 7" 1970 [A1] Julglöd Janne Schaffer+Björn Jayson Lindh+Leif Strand+Nacka Sångensamble CD 1989 [A1]
Julgryning Vaknar - En Samling Julsånger _Various CD 2007 [A1] Julie Pietri A L'Olympia Julie Pietri CD 2007 [A1]
Julio Julio Iglesias CD 1983 [A1*] Julklappstips Uti Drivor _Various 12" 1981 [A1*]
Julstämning Krister Saint Hill CD 1985 [A1] Julstämning Janne Schaffer CD 2020 [A1]
Julsånger Sylvia Lindenstrand+Mats Liljefors LP 1983 [A1*] Junge Komm Bald Wieder Freddy Quinn 7" 1962 [A1*]
Jungle Wave Eleanor LP 1987 [A1] Just A Gigolo (Ost) _Various LP 1978 [A1]
Just A Notion Arrival CDS 1999 [A1*] Just Dance 2019 - The Playlist Compilation _Various CD 2018 [A1*]
Just Då Tomas Ledin DVD 2003 [A1] Just For The Record Barbra Streisand CD 1991 [A1]
Just For You Osmos Cosmos CD 2014 [A1*] Just Like A Woman Kikki Danielsson CD 1981 [A1*]
Just Like ABBA _Various CD 2003 [A1*] Just Like That (ABBAinter.Net) ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
Just Like That (ABBAmanu) ABBA CD 2020 [A1*] Just Like That (LP) ABBA CD 2011 [A1*]
Just Like That (Single ABBAinter.Net) ABBA CDS 2015 [A1*] Just Like That (Single) ABBAcadabra CDS 2008 [A1*]
Just Like That Gemini 7" 1985 [A1*] Just Like That Jakaranda CDS 1998 [A1*]
Just Like That The Webb CDS 1995 [A1*] Just Like That - The Album That Should Have Been ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Just Like That The Full Story ABBA CD 1998 [A1*] Just Nu ! Tomas Ledin 7" 1980 [A1]
Just One Heart Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1985 [A1] Just One Of Those Things Frida CD 2012 [A1*]
Just The Way That You Are (Germany) Hootenanny Singers 7" 1966 [A1] Juste Comme Ce (Best Of) Sheila CD 2006 [A1*]
Juste Comme Ça (Long Box) Sheila CD 2006 [A1*] Jy Is Die Een Jennifer Zamudio CD 2002 [A1*]
Jy'S Die Een Patricia Lewis CD 1999 [A1*] Já A Honza A Honzuv Brácha Miluska Voborníková 7" 1974 [A1*]
Já O Nem Vím Své Petra Janu 7" 1986 [A1] Jättefina Ord Donika Nimani CDS 2020 [A1]


Kaas Chante Piaf A Lolympia Patricia Kaas CD 2014 [A1] Kai Saule Skyla Perpus Birute Petrikyte CD 1996 [A1*]
Kalas Titanix CD 2003 [A1*] Kalendarium Ted Gärdestad CD 1993 [A1*]
Kaliforniens Guld Ted Gärdestad 7" 1973 [A1*] Kalla'T Va' Du Vill (Album) The Family Four LP 1974 [A1*]
Kalla'T Va' Du Vill The Family Four 7" 1973 [A1*] Kalle & Bengan Live In Köttsjön Kalle Moraeus+Bengan Janson CD 2001 [A1]
Kalle Moraeus Kalle Moraeus CD 1998 [A1] Kama Charisma CD 1999 [A1*]
Kameleont Electric Banana Band CD 2006 [A1] Kan Aldrig Ignorera Dig Jimmy Ahlén+Janne Schaffer CDS 2018 [A1]
Kan Du Ge Dig Fan På Nanne CDS 2014 [A1] Kan Inte Förklara Mats Ronander 7" 1982 [A1]
Kana Kapila The Hep Stars 7" 1965 [A1] Kara Syster Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2011 [A1]
Karaoke (In The Style Of ABBA), Vol. 1 Karaoke Universe CD 2013 [A1*] Karaoke (World Star ABBA) Ameritz Karaoke CD 2013 [A1*]
Karaoke _Various CD 1999 [A1*] Karaoke - In The Style Of ABBA - Vol. 1 Stingray Music Karaoke CD 2008 [A1*]
Karaoke -The Songs Of ABBA _Various CD 2000 [A1*] Karaoke ABBA (Brasil) _Various DVD 2009 [A1*]
Karaoke ABBA (DVD) _Various DVD 1999 [A1*] Karaoke ABBA (Suite) _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Karaoke ABBA (Version 3) Karaoke All-Stars CD 1998 [A1*] Karaoke ABBA Ameritz Karaoke CD 2005 [A1*]
Karaoke ABBA Party Karaoke Crew CD 2015 [A1*] Karaoke ABBA Roq Star Karaoke CD 2015 [A1*]
Karaoke ABBA _Various CD 2003 [A1*] Karaoke ABBA 2007 Vol 1 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2007 [A1*]
Karaoke ABBA 2007 Vol 2 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2007 [A1*] Karaoke ABBA Hits Bfm Hits CD 2013 [A1*]
Karaoke ABBA Latino Ameritz Karaoke CD 2012 [A1*] Karaoke ABBA Medley Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*]
Karaoke ABBA Vol 1 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*] Karaoke ABBA Vol 2 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*]
Karaoke ABBA Vol 2 _Various DVD 2003 [A1*] Karaoke ABBA Vol 3 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*]
Karaoke ABBA Volume 1 Chart Collective CD 2014 [A1*] Karaoke ABBA Volume 2 (Ameritz) Ameritz Karaoke CD 2007 [A1*]
Karaoke ABBA Volume 2 Chart Collective CD 2015 [A1*] Karaoke ABBA'S Greatest Hits _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Karaoke ABBA, Vol. 1 Big Voice Karaoke CD 2014 [A1*] Karaoke ABBA, Volume 2 Roq Star Karaoke CD 2015 [A1*]
Karaoke Backing Track Deluxe Presents ABBA Karaoke All-Stars CD 2012 [A1*] Karaoke Belgium ABBA Karaoke CD 2019 [A1*]
Karaoke Chiquitita Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke Classics The 1970s Karaoke Band CD 2012 [A1*]
Karaoke Concert ABBA Spkt CD 2011 [A1*] Karaoke Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*]
Karaoke Dancing Queen Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke Does Your Mother Know Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*]
Karaoke Downloads (Version 2) Ameritz Karaoke CD 2009 [A1*] Karaoke Downloads 2011 Vol 2 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*]
Karaoke Downloads Mamma Mia! The Movie Ameritz Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*] Karaoke Downloads Vol 1 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2009 [A1*]
Karaoke Downloads Vol 2 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2009 [A1*] Karaoke Festival _Various DVD 2012 [A1*]
Karaoke Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke Hits _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Karaoke Hits ABBA (Karaoke Version) Karaoke Planet CD 2013 [A1*] Karaoke Hits ABBA Ameritz Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*]
Karaoke Hits ABBA Original Backing Tracks CD 2013 [A1*] Karaoke Hits ABBA Vs Bee Gees _Various DVD 2004 [A1*]
Karaoke Hits ABBA, Vol. 1 Paris Music CD 2013 [A1*] Karaoke Hits ABBA, Vol. 2 (Karaoke Version) Karaoke Planet CD 2013 [A1*]
Karaoke Hits ABBA, Vol. 2 Paris Music CD 2013 [A1*] Karaoke Hits ABBA, Vol. 3 (Karaoke Version) Karaoke Planet CD 2013 [A1*]
Karaoke Hits From ABBA _Various DVD 2011 [A1*] Karaoke Hits From ABBA Vol 1 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2012 [A1*]
Karaoke Hits From ABBA Vol 2 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2012 [A1*] Karaoke Hits From Chess Ameritz Karaoke CDS 2013 [A1*]
Karaoke Hits From Chess The Musical Ameritz Karaoke CD 2009 [A1*] Karaoke Hits From Mamma Mia Ameritz Karaoke CDS 2012 [A1*]
Karaoke Hits Of ABBA (CD-Single) Ameritz Karaoke CDS 2012 [A1*] Karaoke Hits Of ABBA, Vol. 1 Sunfly Karaoke CD 2012 [A1*]
Karaoke Hits Of ABBA, Vol. 2 Sunfly Karaoke CD 2012 [A1*] Karaoke Hits Of ABBA, Vol. 3 Sunfly Karaoke CD 2012 [A1*]
Karaoke Hits Of ABBAmania _Various CD 2009 [A1*] Karaoke Hits Present ABBA Karaoke Hits CD 2012 [A1*]
Karaoke Honey Honey Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke I Have A Dream Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*]
Karaoke In Style Of ABBA _Various CD 1999 [A1*] Karaoke In The Style Of ABBA (Double CD) Ameritz Karaoke CD 2012 [A1*]
Karaoke In The Style Of ABBA Ameritz Karaoke CD 2013 [A1*] Karaoke In The Style Of ABBA 2012 Version 2 Ameritz Karaoke CD 2012 [A1*]
Karaoke In The Style Of ABBA Volume 1 Prosound Karaoke Band CD 2010 [A1*] Karaoke In The Style Of ABBA,Volume 2 Prosound Karaoke Band CDS 2010 [A1*]
Karaoke In The Style Of Agnetha Fältskog Ameritz Karaoke CDS 2012 [A1] Karaoke In The Style Of Chess Prosound Karaoke Band CD 2010 [A1*]
Karaoke In The Style Of Mamma Mia Karaoke Sing Prosound CDS 2015 [A1*] Karaoke International Vol. 3 Doc Karaoke Ensemble CD 2011 [A1*]
Karaoke Knowing Me, Knowing You Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke Lay All Your Love On Me Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*]
Karaoke Machine Presents - ABBA Karaoke Platinum Karaoke Machine CD 2011 [A1*] Karaoke Mamma Mia Knightsbridge CD 2008 [A1*]
Karaoke Mamma Mia Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke Mamma Mia The Movie _Various CD 2009 [A1*]
Karaoke Mamma Mia! Disco System CD 2011 [A1*] Karaoke Mamma Mia! Vol. 1 Snappers CD 2008 [A1*]
Karaoke Money Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke Name Of The Game Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*]
Karaoke One Of Us Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke Originally Performed By A Teens Ameritz Karaoke CDS 2013 [A1*]
Karaoke Originally Performed By ABBA Ameritz Karaoke CD 2013 [A1*] Karaoke Party! ABBA Prosound Karaoke Band CD 2012 [A1*]
Karaoke Planet Frank Reich CD 2017 [A1*] Karaoke Pop Hits Bfm Hits CD 2021 [A1*]
Karaoke Pop Hits, Vol. 53 (Karaoke Planet) Karaoke Planet CD 2013 [A1*] Karaoke Quick Tracks Mamma Mia Pro Choice Karaoke CDS 2012 [A1*]
Karaoke S.O.S. Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke Singing The Songs Of ABBA _Various CD 2006 [A1*]
Karaoke Snake Collection - ABBA Karaoke Snake CD 2011 [A1*] Karaoke Star Presents - ABBA Karaoke Star CD 2012 [A1*]
Karaoke Summer Night City Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke Super Trouper Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*]
Karaoke Take A Chance On Me Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke Thank ABBA For The Music Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*]
Karaoke Thank You For The Music Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke The Winner Takes It All Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*]
Karaoke To Your Favorite ABBA Songs Allstars CD 1999 [A1*] Karaoke Tribute To ABBA _Various CD 2009 [A1*]
Karaoke Tribute To ABBA Volume 2 The Global Hitmakers CD 2015 [A1*] Karaoke Tribute To ABBA, Vol. 1 Sing Fire Karaoke CD 2015 [A1*]
Karaoke Tribute To ABBA, Vol. 2 Sing Fire Karaoke CD 2015 [A1*] Karaoke Versions In The Style Of Nana Mouskouri Sbi Audio Karaoke CD 2015 [A1*]
Karaoke Waterloo Prosound Studio Musicians CDS 2010 [A1*] Karaoke With ABBA Hits Performed By The Tune Robbe Tune Robbers CD 2010 [A1*]
Karaoke Zoom Platinum ABBA _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Broadway Musical Sing Along Karaoke) - Vol.2 Sing It Back CD 2011 [A1*]
Karaoké Party _Various CD 2003 [A1*] Karen Cheryl Karen Cheryl LP 1980 [A1*]
Karen Cheryl Chante En Francais Karen Cheryl LP 1980 [A1*] Karen Cheryl Chante Pour Ses Copains Les Enfants Karen Cheryl LP 1983 [A1]
Karin Glenmark Karin Glenmark CD 1996 [C2] Karusellvisan Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1987 [A1]
Karélia Sven-Olof Walldoff 7" 1966 [A1] Katharsis & Earmeal Med Janne Schaffer 1976-1979 Janne Schaffer CD 1989 [A1]
Katharsis Janne Schaffer CD 1976 [A1] Kathie Kay Sings Kathie Kay CD 2014 [A1*]
Katjusha (Finland) Hootenanny Singers 7" 1965 [A1] Kawaisonako (45t) Lena Andersson 7" 1972 [C2]
Kawaisonako Lena Andersson LP 1972 [A1*] Ke Alaula The Makaha Sons Of Ni'Ihau CD 1994 [A1*]
Keep On Smiling James Lloyd 7" 1970 [A1] Keep Your Eyes Open Tomas Ledin CDS 1989 [A1]
Keeper Of The Flame Luka Bloom CD 2000 [A1*] Keine Grenzen Troje CD 2014 [A1*]
Keltaruusu Berit LP 1976 [A1*] Kenneth Staag Kenneth Staag LP 1974 [A1*]
Kerst Med Dana Winner Dana Winner CD 2011 [A1] Kick De Bucket Liberator CDS 1998 [A1*]
Kick Down Jerry Williams LP 1976 [A1*] Kick It Off Sidewalk 7" 1984 [A1]
Kicki Moberg Kicki Morberg LP 1981 [A1] Kids ABBA (Compilation) Kidzone CD 2012 [A1*]
Kids ABBA The Harmony Group CD 2010 [A1*] Kids Sing Mamma Mia - The Musicals The Skycloud Play House CD 2011 [A1*]
Kids Superhits Black Ingvars CD 2006 [A1*] Kidz ABBA Kidzone CD 2010 [A1*]
Kidzone Sing The Songs Of ABBA Kidzone CD 2010 [A1*] Kike Pedersen Kike Pedersen CD 2020 [A1*]
Kikkis Basta Kikki Danielsson CD 2008 [A1*] Kille Och En Tjej _Various DVD 1975 [A1*]
Kingston, Kingston (LP) Lou & The Hollywood Bananas LP 1979 [A1] Kingston, Kingston Lou & The Hollywood Bananas 7" 1979 [A1]
Kirstine Bonde Kirstine Bonde CD 2018 [A1*] Kisses Of Fire (Flexidisc Ussr) ABBA LP 1979 [A1*]
Kisses Of Fire (Karaoke Version) La-Le-Lu CD 2013 [A1*] Kisses Of Fire (Workout Bundle / Even 32 Count... Workout Music TV CDS 2020 [A1*]
Kitaroiden Kari Hillo LP 1978 [A1*] Klar Dag / Instamatik Jahn Teigen LP 1982 [A1]
Klassiker Harpo CD 2003 [A1*] Klassisk Kalvik I Finn Kalvik CD 2002 [A1]
Klassisk Kalvik II Finn Kalvik CD 2005 [A1] Klassiska Pärlor _Various LP 1985 [A1]
Klaus Jørgen Grethe Sonck 7" 1960 [A1] Klavier To Go (Bonustracks) Tastonettis CD 2018 [A1*]
Klinga Mina Klockor (Single) Benny Andersson 7" 1987 [A1] Klinga Mina Klockor Benny Andersson CD 1987 [A1*]
Klockorna I G.A. Gibrish CDS 2011 [C2] Klubbrock Mats Ronander CDS 2019 [A1]
Knattetyder Wittström & Svanberg CD 1986 [A1] Knivhuggarrock Tomas Ledin LP 1975 [A1]
Knowing Me Knowing You ABBAtime CD 2010 [A1*] Knowing Me Knowing You Rose Kalvert CDS 2016 [A1*]
Knowing Me Knowing You - Remembering The Seventies Roulette CD 2017 [A1*] Knowing Me Knowing You 92 ABBAcadabra CDS 1992 [A1*]
Knowing Me, Knowing You (7'') ABBA 7" 1977 [A1*] Knowing Me, Knowing You (CD-Single) Housecream CDS 1997 [A1*]
Knowing Me, Knowing You (Single) How Do I 7" 1991 [A1*] Knowing Me, Knowing You (Workout Bundle / Even... Workout Music TV CDS 2020 [A1*]
Knowing Me, Knowing You Dcx CDS 2007 [A1*] Knowing Me, Knowing You Richard Gyver CDS 2020 [A1*]
Knowing Me, Knowing You Housecream 12" 1997 [A1*] Knowing Me, Knowing You How Do I CDS 1991 [A1*]
Knowing Me, Knowing You Angie Mcmahon CDS 2020 [A1*] Knowing Me, Knowing You Mega Tracks Karaoke Band CDS 2014 [A1*]
Knowing Me, Knowing You Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*] Knowing Me, Knowing You Songs Of Trees CDS 2012 [A1*]
Knowing Me, Knowing You Tiny Uke Orchestra CDS 2018 [A1*] Knowing Me, Knowing You 20 Retro Instrumental Hits The Orchestra Of Sergio Rafael CD 2016 [A1*]
Knowing Me, Knowing You ABBA A Tribute Top Of The Poppers CD 1999 [A1*] Knowing Me, Knowing You Und Weitere Single-Hits ABBA K7 1979 [A1*]
Koi No Dobu-Nezumi Love Story 7" 1972 [A1*] Kollektion Kent CD 2007 [A1]
Kollektion Ra Ta Ta CD 2002 [A1*] Kom Annika Ryderborn CDS 2017 [A1]
Kom Foli Med I Var Karussell Agnetha Fältskog+Christian Ulvaeus CD 1987 [A1] Kom I Min Famn - Loa Falkman Sjunger Evert Taube Loa Falkman CD 1995 [A1]
Kom Min Kara Susanna Moberg CD 2012 [A1] Kom Nu Mary Garvis Showband 12" 1965 [A1]
Kom Tilbake Til Meg Da, Karl Johan Nora Brockstedt 7" 1960 [A1] Kom Till Casino _Various LP 1974 [A1]
Kom Till Mig _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Kom Ut Kom Fram (Single) Finn Kalvik 7" 1979 [A1]
Kom Ut, Kom Fram Finn Kalvik CD 1979 [A1*] Komm Doch Zu Mir Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1972 [A1]
Komm Little Thom The Hep Stars 7" 1968 [A1] Komm' Lass Uns Träumen Angelika Milster CD 2001 [J1]
Komma Hem Kalle Moraeus CD 2013 [A1] Komplett Klassisk Kalvik Finn Kalvik CD 2008 [A1]
Konsert På Alandica Intermezzokören DVD 2019 [A1*] Koo Koo Loo Pro Deo 7" 1973 [A1]
Korallreven Och Vintergatan Helen Sjöholm CDS 2020 [C2] Koto Dancing Queen Kiyoko & Vega CD 1981 [A1*]
Kraft Christian Liljegren+Olov Andersson CD 2015 [A1] Kramgoa Låtar Christer Sjögren CD 2011 [A1*]
Kramgoa Låtar 1 Vikingarna CD 2006 [A1*] Kramgoa Låtar 2 Vikingarna LP 1975 [A1*]
Kristina At Carnegie Hall (Bootleg) Kristina Musical CD 2009 [A1*] Kristina At Carnegie Hall Kristina Musical CD 2010 [A1*]
Kristina DVD Kristina Musical DVD 2008 [A1*] Kristina Från Duvemåla Kristina Musical CD 1995 [A1]
Kristina Från Duvemåla Live In Concert Kristina Musical CD 2001 [A1*] Kristina In Finland Kristina Musical CD 2013 [A1]
Kristina Singles Kristina Musical CD 2019 [A1] Kul I Jul Nanne CDS 1997 [A1]
Kultnacht (Double DVD) ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*] Kultnacht ABBA DVD 2002 [A1*]
Kung Fu Is Back Again Roberta Kelly 7" 1974 [A1] Kungens Lilla Piga _Various CD 1972 [A1]
Kungens Vaktparad Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1971 [A1] Kurragömmalek Birgitta Wollgård+Salut LP 1977 [A1*]
Kvarnen One More Time CDS 1996 [A1*] Kvinna & Man Lotta Engberg+Jarl Carlsson CD 2005 [A1]
Kvinnor Och Barn Frida Hyvönen CD 2016 [A1] Kvällen Är Över Sannex CD 1994 [A1*]
Kvällens Sista Dans Kikki Danielsson+Roosarna CD 2010 [A1] Kylie Christmas Kylie Minogue CD 2015 [A1]
Kylie Christmas Snow Queen Edition Kylie Minogue CD 2016 [A1] Kyrkokonsert 2 Arne Lamberth LP 1976 [A1]
Kyrkokonsert Med Arne Lamberth Arne Lamberth LP 1971 [A1] Kyss Med Smak Av Tårer Finn Kalvik CDS 2017 [G3*]
Kyssar Och Slag Pal Ritz+The Piccolos LP 1982 [A1] Kärlek E' Svårt De' Pastellerna 7" 1975 [A1*]
Kärleken Är Som En Studsande Boll Tomas Ledin 7" 1982 [A1] Kärlekens Guld Marie Fredriksson CD 2002 [A1]
Kärlekens Tid Gustaf Sjökvists Kammarkör+Benny Andersson CD 2015 [A1*] Kärlekens Vals Bruno Wintzel 7" 1968 [A1]
Kärleksland Britt Damberg 7" 1963 [A1] Kärleksånger Till Ett Barn _Various CD 2002 [A1]
Kör Bara Kör Kick CDS 2014 [A1] Köszönet A Zenéért! ABBA (Books) Book 2009 [A1*]
Kött & Blod Mats Ronander 7" 1985 [A1]


L'Album Star Academy CD 2002 [A1*] L'Album De Sa Vie Johnny Halliday CD 2018 [A1]
L'Album Solo Nouvelle Star Sophie Tith CD 2013 [A1*] L'Amour En Aller Retour Referendum 7" 1977 [A1*]
L'Amour, La Vie, Le Soleil Et La Mer... Richard Adams LP 1977 [A1*] L'An 2000 Colette Dereal 12" 1963 [A1]
L'Aperitivo Italian -Parfum (Acqua Di Colonia) _Various CD 2007 [A1*] L'Enfant Do ABBAcadabra Musical+Stéphane 7" 1983 [A1*]
L'Essentiel Daniel Balavoine CD 1990 [A1*] L'Essentiel Ennio Morricone+Bruno Nicolai+Luis Bacalov+Fornaciari Zucchero CD 2014 [A1]
L'Essentiel Sylvie Vartan CD 1995 [A1*] L'Histoire Cachée Derrière Chaque Chanson ABBA (Books) Book 2020 [A1*]
L'Histoire De Donna Guy Cloutier 7" 1965 [A1] L'Homme De La Mancha _Various LP 1986 [A1*]
L'Intégrale Joe Dassin CD 2000 [A1*] L'Intégrale Festival 1960-1970 Marie Laforet CD 1998 [A1]
L'Intégrale Live Sylvie Vartan CD 2008 [A1*] L'Italia Canta Gli ABBA _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
L'Odyssée Des Enfoirés Les Enfoires CD 2001 [A1] L'Été Indien Joe Dassin 7" 1989 [A1*]
Antología -30 Aniversario La ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] La Barcarolle Frida CDS 2004 [A1]
La Biographie (Version Augmentee 2020) ABBA (Books) Book 2020 [A1*] La Boda De Muriel _Various DVD 1995 [A1*]
La Caravane Des Enfoirés (DVD) Les Enfoires DVD 2007 [A1*] La Caravane Des Enfoirés Les Enfoires CD 2007 [A1*]
La Carta Indiscreta (Bootleg DVD) ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*] Cassette D'Or La ABBA K7 1976 [A1*]
La Chanson De L'Année 2014 _Various CD 2014 [A1*] La Chanson Francaise _Various CD 2000 [A1]
La Clave Para Contistarte Axel Fernando CD 2014 [A1*] La Coleccion Definitiva Duo Dinamico CD 2005 [A1]
La Compil Vol 2 Les Enfoires CD 2001 [A1] La Compilation De Mes Succès Michèle Torr CD 1991 [A1*]
La Crise De Nerfs Les Enfoires CD 2010 [A1*] La Dame De Coeur Nana Mouskouri CD 1984 [A1*]
La Foire Aux Enfoirés Les Enfoires CD 2003 [A1] La France Et Les Beatles _Various CD 2009 [A1]
La Fuerza De La Vida Operacion Triunfo CD 2002 [A1*] La Fusée De Noé ABBAcadabra Musical CD 1984 [A1*]
La Fête De La Chanson Francaise 2014 _Various CD 2014 [A1] La Fête De La Chanson Française 2016 _Various CD 2016 [Z]
La Grande Soiree ABBA _Various CD 2011 [A1*] Historia De ABBA En Argentina La ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*]
La Historia De La Bachata _Various CD 2001 [A1*] La La Mélodie Séverine 7" 1969 [A1*]
La Luna Sarah Brightman CD 2000 [A1] La Légende ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*]
La Légende De La Star Academy Star Academy CD 2013 [A1*] La Magie De Disney _Various CD 2013 [A1]
La Musica Del Mundo En Guitarras Great Guitar Masters CD 2020 [A1*] La Musique De Paris Dernière "Numérique" Béatrice Ardisson CD 2008 [A1*]
La Música De ABBA ABBAmania CD 2012 [A1*] La Noche Caliente, Vol. 1 _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
Nostra Storia -20 Grandi Successi La ABBA CD 2005 [A1*] La Oss Samle Alle Stjernene Solfrid Gavang CD 2006 [A1]
La Petite Valse Gérard Lenorman 7" 1982 [A1] La Première Étoile Mireille Mathieu 7" 1969 [A1]
La Reina Del Baile Lu Jandro CDS 2020 [A1*] La Soirée Des Enfoirés 96 (Vidéo) Les Enfoires DVD 1996 [J1]
La Soirée Des Enfoirés 96 Les Enfoires CD 1996 [J1] La Soirée Des Enfoirés A L'Opéra Les Enfoires CD 1992 [A1]
La Station Service Robert Cogoi 7" 1969 [A1*] La Veu Feta Emoció Geriona CD 2014 [A1*]
La Vie En Rose - 100 Best Of French Songs _Various CD 2015 [A1] La Vie Est Belle André Rieu CD 2000 [A1*]
La Voix Du Nord Malena Ernman CD 2009 [A1*] La Voix Du Silence (45t) Marie Laforet 7" 1966 [A1]
La Voix Du Silence (Compilation) Marie Laforet CD 1991 [A1] La Última Vez Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1988 [A1]
Labyrinthine Heart Sleepthief CD 2009 [A1*] Lady Barbara Arne Lamberth 7" 1970 [A1]
Lady Lady (Belgium) The Hep Stars 7" 1967 [A1] Lady With A Song Mari L. Mccarthy CD 2015 [A1]
Lai Lai Eva Dahlgren CD 1999 [A1] Lai Lai Live Eva Dahlgren CD 1999 [A1]
Lapponia Monica Aspelund LP 1977 [A1*] Larger Than Life The Ten Tenors CD 2005 [A1*]
Las 100 Mas Grandiosas Canciones De Los 80s En Esp _Various CD 2012 [A1] Las 100 Mejores Canciones Del Pop Español, Vol. 3 _Various CD 2014 [A1]
Las 100 Mejores Canciones Del Verano _Various CD 1997 [A1] Las 50 Mejores Canciones De Fiesta Party Group CD 2007 [A1*]
Las Aventuras De Priscilla Reina Del Desierto _Various DVD 1994 [A1*] Las Canciones De ABBA _Various CD 2011 [A1*]
Las Ganas De Vivir La Decada Prodigiosa CD 1996 [A1*] Las Mas Bellas Canciones De Todos Los Tiempos _Various CD 2016 [A1*]
Las Mejores Baladas De Todos Los Tiempos _Various CD 2012 [A1] Lasse & Vårbert Sjunger Och Berättar Lars Berghagen LP 1969 [A1]
Lasse Wellander 2017-2018 Lasse Wellander CD 2018 [A1] Lasses Favoriter _Various CD 2003 [A1*]
Lassie Ainbusk 7" 1990 [A1] Lassie - Älska Mej (CDs) Ainbusk CDS 1993 [A1]
Late At Night Maywood CD 1980 [C2] Latest & Greatest Musicals _Various CD 2009 [A1*]
Latin Karaoke Hits Sing Like ABBA Reyes De Canciones CD 2011 [A1*] Laulut Ne Elämää On Monica Aspelund LP 1979 [A1]
Lavender Bus- How A Hit Movie Was Made ABBA (Books) Book 1999 [A1*] Laxå Towa Carson 7" 1967 [A1]
Lay All Your Love On ABBA _Various CD 2000 [A1*] Lay All Your Love On Me (12'') ABBA 12" 1980 [A1*]
Lay All Your Love On Me (Bootleg Netherlands) ABBA CD 1998 [A1*] Lay All Your Love On Me (Bootleg) ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Lay All Your Love On Me (Etched, Single Sided) ABBA LP 2013 [A1*] Lay All Your Love On Me (Maxi-CD Single) Sylver CDS 2006 [A1*]
Lay All Your Love On Me (Workout Bundle / Even... Workout Music TV CDS 2020 [A1*] Lay All Your Love On Me ABBAcadabra CDS 1992 [A1*]
Lay All Your Love On Me Ad Libitum 7" 1984 [A1*] Lay All Your Love On Me The Bank 7" 1980 [A1*]
Lay All Your Love On Me Eloquent CDS 2019 [A1*] Lay All Your Love On Me Helloween CDS 1999 [A1*]
Lay All Your Love On Me Pale Honey CDS 2017 [A1*] Lay All Your Love On Me Housecream CDS 1994 [A1*]
Lay All Your Love On Me Ice Cold Diamond CDS 2020 [A1*] Lay All Your Love On Me Information Society 7" 1989 [A1*]
Lay All Your Love On Me Soft Sailors CDS 2019 [A1*] Lay All Your Love On Me Sylver CDS 2006 [A1*]
Lay All Your Love On Me Un Dia En Las Nubes CDS 2020 [A1*] Lay Alla Your Love On Me Poison No 9 7" 1986 [A1*]
Bal Des Enfoires Le Les Enfoires CD 2012 [A1] Bal Des Enfoirés (DVD) Le Les Enfoires DVD 2012 [A1]
Bon Dieu Est Mort Le Hervé Vilard 12" 1967 [A1] Chanteur (DVD Box) Le Daniel Balavoine DVD 2005 [A1*]
Chanteur Le Daniel Balavoine CD 1978 [Z] Le Choeur Du Sud Le Choeur Du Sud CD 2017 [A1*]
Classement De Tous Les Tubes Années 80 Le _Various CD 2013 [A1] Concert Hommage A L'Olympia Le ABBAgold DVD 2006 [A1*]
Disque D'Or Le Brigitte Bardot LP 1972 [A1] Disque D'Or Des Années 80 Le _Various CD 2012 [A1]
Disque D'Or Des Années 80 Volume 3 Le _Various CD 2014 [A1] Grand Docu-Soap Le Army Of Lovers CD 2001 [A1*]
Le Intramontabili Basi Musicali, Vol. 18 (Vol. 18) Crumar CD 2015 [A1*] Jour Le Plus Long Le John William 7" 1963 [A1]
Live Le Star Academy CD 2002 [A1*] Meilleur Le Karen Cheryl CD 2000 [A1*]
Meilleur De Daniel Darc Le Daniel Darc CD 2003 [A1*] Meilleur De Jean-Claude Pascal Le Jean-Claude Pascal CD 1984 [A1]
Meilleur De Joe Dassin Le Joe Dassin CD 1995 [A1*] Meilleur De Lio Le Lio CD 1999 [A1*]
Meilleur De Michele Torr En Public Le Michèle Torr CD 1996 [A1*] Meilleur Des Enfoires 20 Ans DVD Le Les Enfoires DVD 2010 [A1]
Meilleur Des Enfoirés 20 Ans Le Les Enfoires CD 2010 [A1] Meilleur Des Idoles Le _Various CD 2013 [A1]
Le Meilleur Pour Luc _Various CD 2021 [A1*] Le Pari(S) Des Enfoires Les Enfoires CD 2020 [G3*]
Le Pari(S) Des Enfoirés DVD Les Enfoires DVD 2020 [G3*] Petit Gonzalez Le Dalida 7" 1962 [A1]
Petit Gonzalez Le Danyel Gerard 7" 1962 [A1] Piu Belle Canzoni Italiane Di Sempre Le _Various CD 2006 [A1*]
Le Songe D'Une Nuit D'Été André Rieu CD 2011 [A1] Temps Des Idoles Special Rock'N'Roll (2014) Le _Various CD 2015 [A1]
Train Des Enfoirés (DVD) Le Les Enfoires DVD 2005 [J1] Train Des Enfoirés Le Les Enfoires CD 2005 [J1]
Village Des Enfoires DVD Le Les Enfoires DVD 2006 [A1] Village Des Enfoirés Le Les Enfoires CD 2006 [A1]
Zenith Des Enfoirés Le Les Enfoires CD 1997 [A1] Zénith Des Enfoirés (Vidéo) Le Les Enfoires DVD 1997 [A1]
Leace Renewed Donal Leace CD 2005 [A1*] Lead Vocalist Rod Stewart CD 1993 [A1*]
Leave Stockholm Gabba CD 1999 [A1*] Leaving You Dolce Vita 7" 1981 [A1]
Leb Den Moment Julia Lindholm CD 2017 [A1*] Leb' Deinen Traum Wind CD 2008 [A1*]
Lebe Deinen Traum Dan Daniell CD 2015 [A1*] Lee'S Palace, Toronto, On, Ca Moxy Früvous CD 1999 [A1*]
Legendary Petula Clark Petula Clark CD 2003 [A1] Legendes De La Chanson Francaise _Various CD 2011 [A1]
Leif Thorsson & Martin Verhage ABBA (Books) Book 1999 [A1*] Lek Med Mej Mats Olin 7" 1967 [A1]
Lemonade Hannah Jane Lewis CDS 2020 [A1] Lena Lena Andersson CD 1971 [A1*]
Lena 15 Lena Andersson CD 1971 [A1*] Lena 20 Ar 1986-2007 Lena Philipsson CD 2007 [A1]
Lena Bästa Lena Andersson CD 1977 [A1*] Lena Sing ABBA Lena Andersson CD 2008 [A1*]
Lengi Lifi Ham CD 2018 [A1*] Lenny In ABBAland Lenny Clerwall CD 2007 [A1*]
Lente Eclips CD 2005 [A1*] 10 Jours De La Musique Les _Various CD 2001 [A1]
100 Chansons Francaises De Legende Les _Various CD 2012 [A1*] 100 Disques D'Or De La Chanson Francaise Les _Various CD 2014 [A1]
100 Plus Belles Chansons Francaises Les _Various CD 2009 [A1] 100 Plus Belles Chansons Pour Enfants Les _Various CD 2015 [A1]
100 Plus Grandes Chansons Nostalgie Les _Various CD 2015 [A1*] 100 Plus Grands Tubes De L'Histoire Les _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
100 Titres Cultes De La Chanson Française Les _Various CD 2013 [A1] 20 Meilleurs Disco (2012) Les _Various CD 2014 [A1]
Les 30 Ans Des Enfoirés 1989-2019 Les Enfoires CD 2020 [J1] Les 30 Chansons Des Enfoires Que Vous N'Oublierez Les Enfoires DVD 2019 [J1]
Annees Tubes Special 70 Les _Various CD 2012 [C2] Années 70 Les Michèle Richard CD 2002 [A1*]
Les Années Disco ABBA (Books) Book 2006 [A1*] Années Disco, Vol. 3 Les The Disco Music Makers CD 2012 [A1*]
Années Orlando 1970-1997 Les Dalida CD 1994 [A1*] Années Rca 1979-1982 Les Sylvie Vartan CD 1994 [A1*]
Années Rca 1982-1985 Les Sylvie Vartan CD 1994 [A1] Annés Rca (Intégrale Studio 1961-1986) Les Sylvie Vartan CD 1995 [A1*]
Clips Les Lio DVD 2001 [A1*] Couleurs De Ma Vie Les Frank Michael CD 2006 [A1]
Divines Les Lisa Angell CD 2011 [A1] Enfoirés A L'Opéra Comique (Vidéo) Les Les Enfoires DVD 1995 [A1]
Enfoirés Au Grand Rex Les Les Enfoires CD 1994 [J1] Enfoirés Dans L'Espace Les Les Enfoires CD 2004 [J1]
Enfoirés En 2000 (DVD) Les Les Enfoires DVD 2000 [A1] Enfoirés En 2000 Les Les Enfoires CD 2000 [A1]
Enfoirés Font Leur Cinéma Les Les Enfoires CD 2009 [A1*] Enfoirés À L'Opéra Comique Les Les Enfoires CD 1995 [A1]
Grands Succès De Pauline Julien Les Pauline Julien CD 1965 [A1*] Grands Succès Des ABBA Les Franck Pourcel LP 1978 [A1*]
Hits De C..Jérôme Les C. Jerome CD 1992 [A1] Incontournables De Sheila Les Sheila CD 1998 [A1*]
Meilleurs Moments Les Star Academy CD 2003 [A1] Meilleurs Titres Et Chansons Des Années 70 Les _Various CD 2011 [A1]
Les Melodies De Mon Coeur André Rieu CD 2009 [A1*] Miserables Les _Various CD 1990 [J1]
No 1 Les Nana Mouskouri CD 2009 [A1*] Noces De La Carabosse (Version 2012) Les ABBAcadabra Musical CD 2012 [A1*]
Noces De La Carabosses Les ABBAcadabra Musical CD 2010 [A1*] Plus Belles Chansons D'Amour Les _Various CD 1990 [A1]
Plus Belles Chansons De Walt Disney Les Jil Caplan CD 1998 [A1] Les Plus Belles Chansons Françaises Les Années 50 _Various CD 1997 [A1]
Les Plus Belles Chansons Françaises Les Années 60 _Various CD 1997 [A1] Les Plus Belles Chansons Françaises Les Années 70 _Various CD 1997 [A1*]
Les Plus Belles Chansons Françaises Les Années 80 _Various CD 1997 [A1] Plus Belles Fois Volume II Les Il Etait Une Fois CD 1992 [A1]
Plus Grands Airs Classiques Les Jeane Manson CD 1999 [A1] Plus Grands Slows D'Été Les _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Plus Grands Succes 1970-1975 Les Mireille Mathieu CD 2011 [A1] Plus Grands Succes Des Annees 70 Les _Various CD 2011 [A1]
Plus Grands Succès D'ABBA Les E-Rotic CD 1997 [A1*] Plus Grands Succès De Céline Dion Les Céline Dion LP 1984 [A1*]
Plus Grands Succès De Mireille Mathieu 1 Les Mireille Mathieu CD 1998 [A1] Plus Grands Succès De Sheila Les Sheila CD 1989 [A1*]
Plus Grands Tubes Des Années 80 Les _Various CD 2011 [A1*] Plus Grands Tubes Slows Les _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Pops Songs Les Lio CD 2005 [A1*] Les Sessions De Waterloo Star Academy CDS 2021 [A1*]
Stars Font Leurs Cinema Les _Various CD 2015 [C2] Succes De L'Année 1963 Les _Various CD 1963 [A1]
Succès D'ABBA Les Karaoke Playback Français CD 2011 [A1*] Tout-Petits Écoutent ABBA Les Sweet Little Band CD 2007 [A1*]
Tubes 80 Introuvables Volume 1 Les _Various CD 2010 [A1] Tubes 80 Introuvables Volume 4 Les _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
Tubes 80 Introuvables Volume 5 Les _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Tubes 80 Introuvables Volume 7 Les _Various CD 2010 [A1]
Les Tubes De L'Été _Various CD 2020 [A1*] Tubes En Or 80'S Les _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
Vieilles Canailles Les _Various CD 2014 [A1] Les Vieilles Canailles : Le Live Jacques Dutronc+Johnny Halliday+Eddy Mitchell CD 2019 [A1]
Less Than A Feeling Los Vampiros CD 1993 [A1*] Let Imagination Run Wild Cool Affair 7" 1983 [A1]
Let It Be The Beatles CD 1970 [A1] Let It Be Me The Hep Stars 7" 1968 [A1]
Let It Shine (ABBAinternet Ep) Agnetha Fältskog CDS 2011 [A1] Let It Shine Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1988 [A1]
Let It Snow Birthe Kjaer CD 2008 [A1] Let Me Entertain You Amanda Lear CD 2016 [A1*]
Let The Good Times Roll ABBA (Books) Book 2001 [A1*] Let The Music Speak ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*]
Let Your Dream Come True Be Queen For One Night! ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] Let'S ABBA Party _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
Let'S Boogie Michael B. Tretow LP 1976 [A1] Let'S Dance Ola & The Janglers CD 1968 [A1]
Let'S Dance Number 3 Raymond Chuchuk CD 2009 [A1*] Let'S Kiss Disco Smooch 7" 1977 [A1]
Let'S Talk About ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 2013 [A1*] Let'S Talk About Love Céline Dion CD 1997 [A1]
Letkis Blues Sven-Olof Walldoff 7" 1965 [A1] Letkis-Jenka Lill-Babs CD 1964 [A1]
Lets Dance Tivc CD 2006 [A1*] Letters Svenne & Lotta LP 1976 [A1*]
Let´S Go Banana Again Electric Banana Band CD 1998 [A1] Leva Utan Dig Kicki Morberg 7" 1981 [A1]
Levande På Slagthuset Tommy Körberg CD 1998 [A1] Levantados En Armas Grupo Liberacion CD 1985 [A1*]
Level Five Discothèque Credits CDS 2014 [A1*] Levemente En Vivo Desde Hermosillo Gabito Ballesteros CD 2020 [A1*]
Libera Mia Martini 7" 1977 [A1] Liberation Christina Aguilera CD 2018 [A1]
Libre El Gran Jefe CD 2012 [A1*] Licht Und Schatten ABBA Die Wahre Geschichte ABBA (Books) Book 2003 [A1*]
Licht Und Schatten ABBA Die Wahre Geschichte 2011 ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*] Lie To Me (Vip Mix) Sebastian Wibe CDS 2020 [A1]
Lie To Me Sebastian Wibe CDS 2020 [A1] Liebe Ist Dan Daniell CD 2004 [A1*]
Liebe Ist Gut Zwei Mal Zwei 7" 1972 [A1*] Lieber Gott Dan Daniell+Frida CDS 2003 [A1*]
Liefde Voor Het Mooie Ann Christy CD 2000 [A1] Life Is Life (The 80ies Hit Collection), Vol. 2 _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
Life On Mars Thomas Di Leva CDS 2018 [A1*] Life On Mars Christer Sjögren CDS 2011 [A1*]
Lifeline Raphael Ravenscroft LP 1982 [A1] Lifestyles 4 Wyndham Regency International CD 2011 [A1*]
Light ABBA (Books) Book 2005 [A1*] Light And Dark -The Platinium Tribute Collection _Various CD 2003 [A1*]
Lightweight Galavant CDS 2016 [J1*] Lika Hopplöst Förälskad Frida CDS 1996 [A1*]
Like An Angel In The City ABBA CD 2001 [A1*] Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (Ai) ABBA CD 2011 [A1*]
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room ABBA CDS 2010 [A1*] Like An Angel Passing Through My Room Alan Bonner CDS 2020 [A1*]
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room Frida CD 2011 [A1*] Like An Angel Passing Through My Room Madonna CDS 2009 [A1*]
Like An Image Passing By Elaine Paige+Finola Hughes 7" 1984 [A1*] Like We Used To The Anthology 1965-1967 The Hep Stars CD 2015 [A1]
Lill-Babs 40 Årsjubileum Lill-Babs CD 1990 [A1] Lilla Kotten Sjunger Julvisor _Various CD 2005 [A1*]
Lille Persille Finn Kalvik CD 1986 [G3*] Limon Limonero Mats Olin 7" 1969 [A1]
Lincolnsvisa (Ep) Hootenanny Singers 12" 1964 [A1] Linda Live Linda Eder CD 2014 [A1*]
Lindsey Arnett Lindsey Arnett CDS 2013 [A1*] Lisa, Min Lisa Michael B. Tretow 7" 1968 [A1]
Listen To The Wynners The Wynners LP 1974 [A1*] Listoilla 6 Markku Hannula+Anneli Huovinen CD 1976 [A1*]
Listoilla 6 _Various CD 1976 [A1*] Little Altar Boy And Other Christmas Songs Vic Dana LP 1966 [A1]
Little Green Apples Smith O.C. 7" 1968 [A1] Little Infinity Ash CDS 2012 [A1*]
Little Voices ABBA _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Little White Secrets ABBA CD 1994 [A1*]
Little White Secrets Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1987 [A1] Little Willie John Tommy Körberg CDS 2013 [J1]
Live ! At Last ABBA CD 1997 [A1*] Live ! At Last 2 ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Live (21-5-2020) ABBA The Music CD 2020 [A1*] Live (Fantasy Remasters Collection) Frida CD 2016 [A1]
Live ABBA CD 1986 [A1*] Live Ac/Dc CD 1992 [A1]
Live Bad Influence CDS 1995 [A1*] Live Chinox CD 1993 [A1*]
Live Choralerna LP 1972 [A1] Live Isartaler Hexen CD 2004 [A1*]
Live Highway Stars CD 1993 [A1*] Live Kandis CD 2004 [A1*]
Live Steps CD 2012 [A1*] Live Tributo ABBA Colombia CD 2020 [A1*]
Live 2021 ABBA The Music CD 2021 [A1*] Live 75-86 ABBA CD 2007 [A1*]
Live 77 (ABBAinter.Net) ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] Live 77 ABBA 7" 1977 [A1*]
Live 79 (Bootleg) ABBA CD 1998 [A1*] Live A Charleroi Anne-Marie David CD 2004 [A1]
Live A Paris Céline Dion CD 1996 [J1] Live A Pleyel Sylvie Vartan CD 2011 [A1]
Live A San Giacomo ABBA Show CD 2015 [A1*] Live A T Rival Orsa Spelmän+Tina Ahlin CD 2013 [A1]
Live Album Bjorn Again CD 1994 [A1*] Live And Intimate (DVD) Kylie Minogue DVD 1998 [A1*]
Live Appearances On TV ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] Live At Caupolicán, Santiago, Chile Roxette CD 2013 [A3]
Live At Jao Tim (2020) _Various CD 2021 [A1*] Live At Royal Albert Hall 2007 James Last CD 2008 [A1*]
Live At Royal Albert Hall 2007 DVD James Last DVD 2008 [A1*] Live At Shepherd'S Bush Empire Melanie C CD 2014 [A1]
Live At Strange Soiree (October 24th, 2020) Solar Circuit CD 2021 [A1*] Live At The 100 Club Steve Hogarth CD 2014 [A1*]
Live At The Auditorium -Milwaukee 1979 ABBA CD 1998 [A1*] Live At The Bbc 1967-1971 Fleetwood Mac CD 1971 [A1]
Live At The Crazy Horse The Kingston Trio CD 2000 [A1*] Live At The London Eventim Hammersmith Apollo Bananarama CD 2018 [A1]
Live At The London Palladium Jane Mc Donald CD 2010 [A1*] Live At The Market Place Theatre Bjorn Identity CD 2020 [A1*]
Live At The Powerhouse The Idea Of North CD 2009 [A1*] Live At The Royal Albert Hall Bjorn Again CD 1998 [A1*]
Live At The Sydney Opera House (CD) Olivia Newton-John CD 2008 [A1*] Live At The Sydney Opera House Olivia Newton-John DVD 2008 [A1*]
Live At Trosa, 2019 Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2019 [A1*] Live At Uppsala 2016 Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2016 [A1*]
Live At Upssala (DVD) Benny Anderssons Orkester DVD 2017 [A1*] Live At Wembley Arena ABBA CD 2014 [A1*]
Live At West Orange Studio Bobby & Jemima CD 2013 [A1*] Live Aus Der Groove Bar Abb4 The Music CD 2020 [A1*]
Live Barefoot At The Symphony Idina Menzel CD 2012 [A1*] Live Bonus ABBA CD 2008 [A1*]
Live Earth (DVD) _Various DVD 2007 [A1*] Live En Concert Coeur Volcan Philippe Elan CD 2002 [A1*]
Live Free Or Die Balaam & The Angel CD 2008 [A1*] Live From Copenhagen Dirkjan Ranzijn CD 2013 [A1*]
Live From Earth Pat Benatar LP 1983 [A1*] Live From The Vallentuna Theatre Waterloo CD 2020 [A1*]
Live Från Rondo Kikki Danielsson+Elisabeth Andreassen+Lotta Engberg CD 2003 [A1] Live In Aarhus Belle & Sebastian CD 2005 [A1*]
Live In Adelaide ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] Live In Alicante & León ABBA The Concert DVD 2010 [A1*]
Live In Australia (Abbbamanu Version) ABBA CD 2020 [A1*] Live In Australia (Thorsven Edition) _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
Live In Australia ABBA CD 2005 [A1*] Live In Australia André Rieu CD 2008 [A1*]
Live In Brazil André Rieu CD 2012 [J1] Live In Bremen ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
Live In Concert (ABBAinternet 2020) ABBA CD 2020 [A1*] Live In Concert (ABBAinternet) ABBA CD 2011 [A1*]
Live In Concert (B) ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Live In Concert ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
Live In Concert Barbara Dickson CD 2009 [A1] Live In Copenhagen 1979 ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
Live In Dortmund 79 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Live In Dresden Wedding At The Opera André Rieu CD 2009 [A1]
Live In Dublin André Rieu CD 2003 [A1] Live In Eskilstuna ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Live In Goteborg 1975 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] Live In Gothenburg 1979 ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
Live In Japan ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] Live In London ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Live In London Tommy Körberg+Tolvan Big Band CD 1993 [A1*] Live In London -Wembley Arena ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
Live In Malmö Malmo Brandkars Musikkar CD 1996 [A1*] Live In Melbourne ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
Live In Memphis Céline Dion DVD 1997 [J1] Live In Minneapolis (DVD) Benny Anderssons Orkester DVD 2010 [A1*]
Live In New-York ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] Live In Paris (DVD) Céline Dion DVD 1996 [J1]
Live In Paris (Version 2021) ABBA CD 2020 [A1*] Live In Perth (March 10) ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
Live In Poland ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*] Live In Rotterdam ABBA CD 2008 [A1*]
Live In Space Ibiza Vol. 5 _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Live In Stockholm Benny Anderssons Orkester DVD 2010 [A1*]
Live In Stockholm 1975 ABBA CD 2001 [A1*] Live In Stockholm 1979 ABBA CD 1999 [A1*]
Live In Sydney ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] Live In Symphony Helene Bøksle+Espen Grjotheim CDS 2019 [A1*]
Live In The Palladium Margarita Pracatan CD 1996 [A1*] Live In Toronto ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
Live In Tuscany André Rieu CD 2004 [A1] Live In Vienna ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
Live In Vienna Sarah Brightman DVD 2009 [A1] Live In Vienna CD Sarah Brightman CD 2009 [A1]
Live In Voorst Nationaal Dana Winner DVD 1996 [A1*] Live L'Olympia Sheila CD 1989 [A1*]
Live Media TV Volume 1 ABBA CD 2015 [A1*] Live N Loud På G CD 2012 [A1*]
Live On Broadway Chess CD 2003 [A1*] Live Performances ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
Live På Oscarsteatern Peter Jöback DVD 2008 [J1] Live Rarities 1975-1979 ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Live Recording ABBAmania CD 2005 [A1*] Live Romantic Corp TV Inmortal ABBA CD 2020 [A1*]
Live Show Especial ABBA _Various CD 2021 [A1*] Live Solidária ABBA The Music CD 2020 [A1*]
Live Traveling The World Roxette CD 2013 [A3] Live Wembley Arena 1979 ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Live, Amsterdam 2018 Cornwall CDS 2019 [A1*] Live...My Truck Is My Home Marshall Crenshaw CD 1994 [A1*]
Livestream Agnetha'S Affair CD 2020 [A1*] Livestream Tommy Körberg CD 2021 [A1*]
Livestream Take A Chance On Us CD 2020 [A1*] Livestream Vuleband CD 2020 [A1*]
Livestream Concert ABBA Vision CD 2020 [A1*] Livet I Regnskogarna Electric Banana Band CD 1984 [A1]
Livet Är En Schlager _Various CD 2015 [C2] Livet Är Fullt Av Svindlande Höjder Siw Malmkvist 7" 1968 [A1]
Livet Är Underbart Junior Brielle CDS 2020 [A1] Livet, Kärleken Och Döden Peter Jöback CD 2011 [J1]
Livets Lyse Side Finn Kalvik CD 1988 [G3*] Livin La Vida Suzi P CDS 2019 [A1]
Livin'  In Desperate Times (Maxi) Olivia Newton-John 12" 1984 [A1] Living In A Dream (CD Single) One More Time CDS 1996 [A1*]
Living In A Dream One More Time CD 1997 [A1*] Living In The 70s - Being Young In Australia ABBA (Books) Book 2002 [A1*]
Livs Levande (CD) Tomas Ledin CD 2015 [A1] Livs Levande Tomas Ledin CDS 2015 [A1]
Livs Levande Titanix CD 2002 [A1] Livs Levande Ledin (Live) Tomas Ledin CD 2016 [A1*]
Livs Levande Ledin Tomas Ledin CD 2015 [A1*] Livs Levande Ledin DVD Tomas Ledin DVD 2015 [A1]
Livslevande Tommy Körberg CD 1990 [A1] Livslinjen 1975-91 Ulf Lundell CD 1992 [A1]
Liza Öhman Liza Öhman CD 1980 [A1*] Ljus Och Kärlek Mikael Rickfors+Mats Ronander CDS 1995 [A1]
Ljuva Sextital Brita Borg 7" 1969 [A1] Ljuva Svenska Jul _Various CD 2004 [A1*]
Lo Creo Conocer Chess CDS 2013 [A1] Lo Mas Romantico Los Guardianes Del Amor CD 1998 [A1*]
Lo Mejor De ABBA ABBA Sonic Ensamble CD 1999 [A1*] Lo Mejor De ABBA Stan Walker+The Tramps LP 1976 [A1*]
Lo Mejor De ABBA Según Erik ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] Lo Mejor De Guardianes Del Amor Los Guardianes Del Amor CD 2001 [A1*]
Lo Mejor De Popstar Popstars CD 2002 [A1*] Lo Mejor De Sandie Shaw Sandie Shaw CD 1994 [A1]
Lo Mejor De Tim Rice Tim Rice CD 2011 [A1] Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero Rene  & Rene 7" 1968 [A1]
Lo Sabroso Del Fin Del Mundo Los Terapeutas Del Ritmo CD 2013 [A1*] Loadsamoney (Doin' Up The House) Harry Enfield 12" 1988 [A1*]
Locka Mej Att Älska (Promo) Pal Ritz 7" 1983 [A1] Locka Mej Att Älska Pal Ritz+The Piccolos 7" 1983 [A1]
Lollapalooza Ida Fiona CDS 2021 [A1] Lonely Sometimes Kadiatou CDS 2019 [A1]
Lonely Weekends _Various 12" 1974 [A1*] Lonesome Road / My Blue Heaven Gene Austin 7" 1957 [A1*]
Long Box Axelle Red CD 2003 [J1] Long Way From Love Mark Free CD 1993 [A1]
Lonnie Live! Rare Tapes From The Late Sixties Lonnie Donegan CD 2000 [A1] Look Sharp ! Roxette CD 1988 [A3]
Lookin' For The Madman J. C. Barreto 7" 1979 [A1] Looking Back With Love Mike Love LP 1981 [A1*]
Looking For A Good Time Tomas Ledin CD 1980 [A1] Los Chicos De Puerto Rico I Los Chicos De Puerto Rico CD 1980 [A1*]
Diez Años De ABBA Los ABBA LP 1981 [A1*] Los Exitos Del Año 1963 _Various CD 1963 [A1]
Los Exitos Del Año 2003 _Various CD 2003 [A1] Los Exitos Del Año 2004 _Various CD 2004 [A1]
Exitos Del Año 2015 Los _Various CD 2015 [A1] Los Garza De Sabinas Los Garza De Sabinas CD 1983 [A1*]
Grandes Exitos De ABBA (LP Peru) Los ABBA LP 1980 [A1*] Los Grandes Exitos De ABBA Lone Burney Orchestra Singers CD 1978 [A1*]
Los Mejores Años De Nuestra Vida _Various CD 2009 [A1] Los Musicales Operacion Triunfo CD 2005 [A1*]
Los Sonidos De Los 80 _Various CD 2015 [A1] Los Tesoros De ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*]
Los Tres Tristes Tigres Los Tres Tristes Tigres CD 1974 [A1*] Los Éxitos Raffaella Carrá CD 2000 [A1]
Losing You Oscar Stembridge CDS 2019 [A1] Lost And Found Natali Noor+Erlando CDS 2018 [A1]
Lost In Hollywood Big Money CD 1992 [A1] Lost In Space Part I Avantasia CD 2007 [A1*]
Lotta Love Lasse Wellander+Mats Ronander 7" 1978 [A1] Lounge Legends & ABBA _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
Lounge Zone _Various CD 2003 [A1*] Love & Life (The Very Best Of Diana Ross) Diana Ross CD 2001 [A1]
Love + Fury Headstone CD 2013 [A1*] Love Again Eddie Cochran 7" 1958 [A1]
Love And Anger Blak29 CD 2016 [A1*] Love And Loss Tina Arena CD 2015 [A1*]
Love Changes Everything Stig Rossen CD 2002 [A1] Love Compilation _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
Love Covers Birgitta Wollgård CDS 2019 [A1*] Love For Love Moments _Various CD 2012 [A1*]
Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) Edison Lighthouse 7" 1970 [A1*] Love Has It'S Ways Björn & Benny 7" 1972 [A1*]
Love Hurts Elaine Paige CD 1985 [A1] Love In A Mist Marianne Faithfull CD 1988 [J1]
Love In Colour Svenne & Lotta LP 1981 [A1] Love In Maastricht André Rieu DVD 2019 [A1]
Love In Venice André Rieu CD 2014 [A1] Love Is Like The Wind Gail Russell CD 2014 [A1*]
Love Isn'T Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) (7'') _Various 7" 1973 [A1*] Love Letters André Rieu CD 2014 [A1*]
Love Me Anita Sarawak LP 1976 [A1*] Love Me Or Leave Me Sound Of Music 7" 1986 [A1]
Love Moods The Most Romantic Classics _Various CD 2004 [A1*] Love Para² - Parapara Odoru Daisousahen _Various CD 2006 [A1*]
Love Performance Olivia Newton-John CD 1981 [A1*] Love Scenes Beverley Craven CD 1993 [A1*]
Love Song 80'S The Wonderful Band CD 2011 [A1*] Love Songs (Bootlegs) ABBA CD 2000 [A1*]
Love Songs ABBA CD 1989 [A1*] Love Songs Jennifer Love Hewitt CD 1997 [A1*]
Love Songs Lee Mead CD 2012 [A1*] Love Songs, A Very Special Collection ABBA LP 1984 [A1*]
Love Sounds Special ABBA LP 1982 [A1*] Love Stories ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Love To Love You Baby Donna Summer 7" 1975 [A1] Love Tributes (Vol. 3) _Various CD 2012 [A1*]
Love You Forever Rio & Mars CD 2009 [A1*] Love, You'Re Makin' All The Fools Ted Gärdestad 7" 1978 [A1]
Lovelight (Workout Bundle / Even 32 Count... Workout Music TV CDS 2020 [A1*] Lovelight Housecream CDS 1994 [A1*]
Lovelight The DJ Dare-N ABBA 40th Anniversary 1 ABBA CD 2012 [A1*] Lovelight The DJ Dare-N ABBA 40th Anniversary 2 ABBA CD 2012 [A1*]
Lover Please Janne Lucas 7" 1968 [A1] Lovestar Thomas Di Leva CD 2009 [A1*]
Lovey Dovey Johnny Nash 7" 1969 [A1] Lovin' You Chisako Takashima CD 2001 [A1*]
Loving ABBA _Various CD 2009 [A1*] Low Budget Blues Band Low Budget Blues Band LP 1982 [A1]
Ltv La Trova & Cía La Trova CD 2013 [A1*] Lucia Lucia CD 2020 [A1*]
Luck Or Magic Britta Philips CD 2016 [A1] Luffarpojken Paul Sahlin LP 1987 [A1*]
Lugna Låtar 1980-1995 Janne Schaffer CD 1996 [A1] Lullaby Renditions Of ABBA (Lullaby Mode) The ABBA Tribute Studio Quartett CD 2016 [A1*]
Lullaby Renditions Of ABBA Hit Masters CD 2009 [A1*] Lullaby Renditions Of Erasure The Cat & Owl CD 2020 [A1*]
Lullaby Versions Of ABBA Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star CD 2011 [A1*] Lumières Sur Marie Laforêt Marie Laforet CD 2017 [A1]
Lur Av Läder Nifty'S Roadrunners 7" 1983 [A1] Lustigt Och Olustigt Anders Fugelstad LP 1971 [A1]
Lustration The Lust CD 2019 [A1*] Lycka (Promotional CD) Björn & Benny CDS 2006 [A1*]
Lycka Björn & Benny LP 1971 [A1*] Lycka Harpo+Ted Gärdestad CDS 1992 [C2]
Lyckan Kommer, Lyckan Går Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2019 [A1] Lyckliga Dagar Lena-Maria Klingvall CD 2016 [A1*]
Lyckliga Dagar Lasse Wellander CDS 2015 [A1] Lyckliga Dagar På Grönlund Cecilia Lövdahl Lundgren+Lasse Wellander CDS 2015 [A1*]
Lyckos Dig Nanne CDS 2005 [A1] Lyssna Bara Till Ditt Unga Hjärta Brita Borg+Rolf Bengtsson 7" 1969 [A1]
Lyssna Bara Till Ditt Unga Hjärta The Monn Keys 12" 1960 [A1] Lyssna Till Ditt Hjärta Friends CD 2000 [A1]
Lägg Dej Ner På Gatan Och Dö North Connection 7" 1980 [A1] Länge Leve Kärleken Yvonne, Susanne Och Anette 7" 1968 [A1]
Längre Inåt Landet Ulf Lundell CD 1980 [A1] Långsamt Glider Floden Fram Lars Hoflund LP 1983 [A1]
Långt Bort Och Längesen ABBA DVD 2002 [A1*] Långt Bortom Bergen Kikki Danielsson CD 1997 [A1]
Långt Bortom Rymden Vida Torbjörn Lantz LP 1973 [A1] Låt Kärleken Slå Rot Ted Gärdestad 7" 1981 [A1]
Låt Oss Hjälpas Åt Ray Daniel Adams CD 1986 [A1] Låt Oss Sjunga Inger  Öhman+Troll 7" 1967 [A1]
Låt Solen Värma Dig Ted Gärdestad+Annica Boller 7" 1980 [A1] Låtar & Visor A La Carte Vol. 1 Evert Taube CD 2016 [A1]
Låtar Av Björn & Benny Björn & Benny CD 1998 [A1*] Låtskriverhåndboka Martin Alfsen CD 2019 [A1*]
Léta Letí Valerie Cizmarova CD 2008 [A1*]


M. A. Bumminen Goes Tech-No! Mauri Antero Numminen CD 1995 [A1*] Ma France - Chansons Symphoniques Philippe Elan+Residentie Orkest, The Hague+Jurjen Hempel CD 2019 [A1*]
Ma Fusee De Noe ABBAcadabra Musical CD 2010 [A1*] Mad At Me Jakob Frohde CDS 2021 [A1]
Mad Hatters & Autumn Rain Skyscrapers LP 1983 [A1] Made In Hong Kong Geebros 7" 1970 [A1]
Made In Sofia David Dower Trio CD 2018 [A1*] Made In Suécia O Paraíso Pop Do ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*]
Made In Sweden (The ABBA Cover Versions) Michelle Welch CD 2015 [A1*] Made In Sweden ABBA CD 1993 [A1*]
Made In Sweden _Various DVD 2009 [A1*] Made In Sweden For Export _Various LP 1975 [A1*]
Made In Sweden The ABBA Cover Versions _Various CD 2017 [A1*] Made In Usa Sylvie Vartan LP 1985 [A1]
Madeleine Visavi 7" 1972 [A1] Mademoiselle Alaska Frédéric Botton 7" 1970 [A1]
Maestros From The Vault ABBA The Ultimate Collecti ABBA DVD 2012 [A1*] Magic From The Musicals _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
Magic Guitars Play The Best Of ABBA Paul Baker CD 2018 [A1*] Magic Nights Sound Of Music 7" 1987 [A1]
Magic Of The Musicals André Rieu CD 2014 [A1] Magic Of The Violin André Rieu CD 2015 [A1]
Magic Of The Waltz André Rieu CD 2016 [J1] Magic Sax Magic Sax CD 1992 [A1*]
Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles CD 1967 [J1] Magiska Makter Tommy Dean 7" 1968 [A1]
Magnus Lindberg Magnus Lindberg LP 1976 [A1*] Magnus Uggla Band Sjunger Schlagers Magnus Uggla 12" 1979 [A1*]
Mags Mags CD 2020 [A1] Mah-Na', Mah-Na' Ur Filmen Sweden+Heaven Or Hell 7" 1969 [A1]
Makalosa Manickar Michael B. Tretow CD 1986 [A1] Making A Good Thing Better Olivia Newton-John CD 1977 [C2]
Making Priscilla- The Hilarious True Story... ABBA (Books) Book 1994 [A1*] Malaika The Hep Stars 7" 1967 [A1]
Malaika And The Hep Stars The Hep Stars LP 1968 [A1] Malla Motel Mats Ronander CD 2020 [A1]
Mama Mia! The Hits Of ABBA The London Theater Orchestra CD 2002 [A1*] Maman Bonheur Robert Cogoi LP 1970 [A1*]
Mamma Come Together! The Musical Starlight Ensemble CD 2007 [A1*] Mamma Mania Tribute To ABBA _Various CD 2009 [A1*]
Mamma Mia ! The Sweders CD 2013 [A1*] Mamma Mia "A Tribute To The Songs Of ABBA" Doctors Pop CD 2013 [A1*]
Mamma Mia & S.O.S. Astral Nomad CDS 2019 [A1*] Mamma Mia (10th Anniversary Edition) Mamma Mia CD 2009 [A1*]
Mamma Mia (7'') ABBA 7" 1975 [A1*] Mamma Mia (Acoustic) Amber Leigh Irish CDS 2018 [A1*]
Mamma Mia (CD Maxi, Sweden) A*Teens CDS 1999 [A1*] Mamma Mia (LP Compilation) ABBA LP 1975 [A1*]
Mamma Mia (Moscow Cast) Mamma Mia CDS 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia (Soundtrack Deluxe Edition) Mamma Mia CD 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia (The ABBA Tribute) The Four Mamma Mia CD 2014 [A1*] Mamma Mia (Workout Bundle / Even 32 Count... Workout Music TV CDS 2020 [A1*]
Mamma Mia ABBAcadabra CDS 1999 [A1*] Mamma Mia Alright CDS 2009 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Anahata CDS 2021 [A1*] Mamma Mia Antonella 12" 1989 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Aram Quartet CDS 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia La Banda Musical CD 2011 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Broadway Cast Company CD 2011 [A1*] Mamma Mia The Cast CDS 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Christians CDS 2009 [A1*] Mamma Mia Fringe CDS 2009 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Honey Bee'S CD 2014 [A1*] Mamma Mia Christina Johnston CD 2020 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Knekten Orginal CDS 2016 [A1*] Mamma Mia London Pops Orchestra+The Fabba Girls CD 2001 [A1*]
Mamma Mia London Theatre Orchestra And Cast CD 2019 [A1*] Mamma Mia Lucky Voice Karaoke CDS 2010 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Isabella Macias CDS 2018 [A1*] Mamma Mia Mega Tracks Karaoke Band CDS 2014 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Leo Moracchioli CDS 2015 [A1*] Mamma Mia Joseph Morales CDS 2019 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Mytones CDS 2013 [A1*] Mamma Mia The Neon Queen CDS 2019 [A1*]
Mamma Mia The New Musical Cast CD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia Norton CDS 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Off Broadway Theatre Group CD 2014 [A1*] Mamma Mia The Oil Barons CDS 2019 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Jake Oryn CDS 2018 [A1*] Mamma Mia Anna Pantsu CDS 2020 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Perez CDS 2004 [A1*] Mamma Mia Pictomusic Karaoke CDS 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*] Mamma Mia Bailey Rushlow CDS 2018 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Ööbik Röövel 7" 1990 [A1*] Mamma Mia Sabine Sauvant 7" 1976 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Show Time Orchestra CD 2001 [A1*] Mamma Mia Sing Fire Karaoke CDS 2015 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Sing Strike Karaoke CDS 2015 [A1*] Mamma Mia Tiny Uke Orchestra CDS 2018 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Univers Karaoke CDS 2011 [A1*] Mamma Mia Shana Vanguarde CDS 2005 [A1*]
Mamma Mia West End Orchestra & Singers CD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia Yalopop CDS 2020 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Zenhit 7" 1975 [A1*] Mamma Mia _Various CD 2001 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -Cafe Culture Europe 1 Mamma Mia CD 2010 [A1*] Mamma Mia -Complete Antwerpen Musical Mamma Mia CD 2006 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -Complete Argentina Cast Mamma Mia CD 2012 [A1*] Mamma Mia -Complete Brazilian Cast (Version 2) Mamma Mia CD 2012 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -Complete Brazilian Cast Mamma Mia CD 2011 [A1*] Mamma Mia -Complete DVD Audio Mamma Mia CD 2011 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -Complete Dutch Musical Mamma Mia CD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia -Complete Hamburg Musical Mamma Mia CD 2004 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -Complete London Musical Mamma Mia CD 1999 [A1*] Mamma Mia -Complete Madrid Musical Mamma Mia CD 2004 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -Complete Mexico Musical Mamma Mia CD 2009 [A1*] Mamma Mia -Complete Milano Cast Mamma Mia CD 2010 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -Complete Russian Cast (Version 2) Mamma Mia CD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia -Complete Russian Version (Live Bootleg Mamma Mia CD 2011 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -Complete Stockolm Musical Mamma Mia CD 2005 [A1*] Mamma Mia -Complete Tokyo Musical (Version 2) Mamma Mia CD 2005 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -De Complete Voorstelling -Utrecht Mamma Mia DVD 2007 [A1*] Mamma Mia -French Edited Mamma Mia CD 2011 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -International TV Coverage Mamma Mia DVD 2005 [A1*] Mamma Mia -It'S The Best Of ABBAcadabra ABBAcadabra CD 2001 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -Live From Broadway Mamma Mia DVD 2007 [A1*] Mamma Mia -Live From London Mamma Mia DVD 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -Live From Madrid Mamma Mia DVD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia -Special Cadena Ser Mamma Mia CD 2004 [A1*]
Mamma Mia -Spectacle Complet À Bruxellles Mamma Mia CD 2013 [A1*] Mamma Mia - The Musical Based On The Songs Of ABBA _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia A Tribute To ABBA Disco Fever CD 2012 [A1*] Mamma Mia A Tribute To ABBA Nuanda CD 2010 [A1*]
Mamma Mia A Tribute To ABBA _Various CD 2013 [A1*] Mamma Mia Accompaniment _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Broadway Riverfront Studio Singers CD 2009 [A1*] Mamma Mia Broadway Starlite Karaoke CD 2009 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Broadway Karaoke _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia Chinese Version Mamma Mia CD 2013 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Die Deutschen Hits _Various CD 2005 [A1*] Mamma Mia En France (Volume I) Mamma Mia DVD 2011 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Fitness Groove Fitness Beats CD 2011 [A1*] Mamma Mia For Kids Pop Star Kids CD 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 ABBA World Revival CD 2020 [A1*] Mamma Mia Here We Go Again (DVD) Mamma Mia DVD 2018 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Here We Go Again Sing-A-Long Edition Mamma Mia CD 2018 [A1*] Mamma Mia Japnese Cast Mamma Mia CD 2014 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Kids Mamma Mia Kids CD 2009 [A1*] Mamma Mia L'Album Live Du Spectacle Francais Mamma Mia CD 2011 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Let'S Dance Tony Evans CD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia Mania Ab Mania CD 2010 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Mania Starlite Singers CD 2009 [A1*] Mamma Mia Medley Anthem Lights CDS 2018 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Megamix ABBAcadabra CD 2005 [A1*] Mamma Mia Mexico (DVD) Mamma Mia DVD 2016 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Musical La Banda Musical CD 2011 [A1*] Mamma Mia Musical High School Musical Band CD 2011 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Musical Musical String Band CD 2010 [A1*] Mamma Mia Platinium Collection ABBAcadabra CD 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Soundtrack String Tribute String Tribute Players CD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia String Tribute _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia The ABBA Covers Versions Michelle Welch CD 2015 [A1*] Mamma Mia The ABBA Hits _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
Mamma Mia The Album Tribute Movie Players Inc CD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia The Best Songs Of ABBA Film Musical Orchestra CD 2011 [A1*]
Mamma Mia The Dance Collection ABBAcadabra CD 2016 [A1*] Mamma Mia The Movie (Special Edition) Mamma Mia DVD 2009 [A1*]
Mamma Mia The Musical Capital Stage Cast CD 2009 [A1*] Mamma Mia The Musical Highlights _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Mamma Mia The Party English Version Mamma Mia The Party CD 2016 [A1*] Mamma Mia The Party Swedish Version Mamma Mia The Party CD 2016 [A1*]
Mamma Mia The Song Of ABBA Association Sanssatoise CD 2009 [A1*] Mamma Mia The Songs Of ABBA _Various CD 2001 [A1*]
Mamma Mia Tribute To ABBA _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Mamma Mia Tributo Aos ABBA _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! (5th Anniversary) Mamma Mia CD 2004 [A1*] Mamma Mia! (CD-Single Spanish Promo) Mamma Mia CDS 2006 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! (CDr) The London Theater Orchestra CD 2001 [A1*] Mamma Mia! (Celebrations Promo) Mamma Mia CDS 2003 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! (Dutch Cast) Mamma Mia CD 2004 [A1*] Mamma Mia! (Edición En Español) Mamma Mia CD 2005 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! (German Cast) Mamma Mia CD 2004 [A1*] Mamma Mia! (Korean Cast) Mamma Mia CD 2007 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! (Music Inspired By The Film) Fandom CD 2015 [A1*] Mamma Mia! (Original London Cast) Mamma Mia CD 1999 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! (Original Madrid Cast) Mamma Mia DVD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia! (Rusian Promo Version 2) Mamma Mia CDS 2011 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! (Selections From Original Cast Recordin Mamma Mia CDS 2000 [A1*] Mamma Mia! (Soundtrack) Mamma Mia CD 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! ABBA (Books) Book 2011 [A1*] Mamma Mia! Association Sanssatoise CD 2007 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! London Starlight Orchestra CD 2000 [A1*] Mamma Mia! The London Theater Orchestra CD 1999 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! A Mamma Mia! Musical ABBA (Books) Book 2009 [A1*] Mamma Mia! DVD Association Sanssatoise DVD 2007 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! DVD 2008 Association Sanssatoise DVD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia! Enregistrement Complet Association Sanssatoise CD 2007 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! Fitness Grooves From Isweat Fitness Mus ABBA Fitness CD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Soundtrack Mamma Mia CD 2018 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! How Can I Resist You? ABBA (Books) Book 1999 [A1*] Mamma Mia! Kid'S Lullaby Tribute To ABBA Little Kids Biz CD 2014 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! Mania Mamma Mia'S CD 2009 [A1*] Mamma Mia! Musical Highlights From The Hit Stage Musical Stage Company CD 2006 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! På Svenska Mamma Mia CD 2005 [A1*] Mamma Mia! Soundtrack Sampler Mamma Mia CDS 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! Teatr Roma (Polska) Mamma Mia CD 2016 [A1*] Mamma Mia! The Hits From The Show Of ABBA Sugar Blues CD 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia! The Movie Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! More Gif ABBA DVD 2009 [A1*] Mamma Mia! The Movie. ABBA- The Sequel ABBA (Books) Book 2018 [A1*]
Mamma Mia'S Its A The ABBA Tribute Band The ABBA Tribute Band CD 2008 [A1*] Mamma Mia- The Hits Of ABBA _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Mamma Mia:ABBA Music Babie'S Relax Gustavo Zavala CD 2015 [A1*] Mamma Är Lik Sin Mamma Siw Malmkvist 7" 1968 [A1]
Mamy Blue Carl Erik Thorn 7" 1971 [A1] Man Av Sten Mats Ronander+Staffan Scheja CDS 1992 [A1]
Man Måste Bry Sig Om Hur Ungarna Mår Electric Banana Band CDS 2000 [A1] Man Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan Frida 7" 1972 [A1]
Manchester Et Liverpool (Compilation) Marie Laforet CD 1991 [A1] Manga Ganger An Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1971 [A1]
Manga Karlar Lite Tid Nanne CDS 2006 [A1] Mange Tout Blancmange CD 1984 [A1*]
Mange-Tout (Remastered) Blancmange CD 2008 [A1*] Mango King CDS 2018 [A1]
Manège À Trois Philippe Elan CDS 2019 [A1] Maravillas Que Valen Un Perú The Strings Of The Inkas+Los Hijos Del Sol CD 2005 [A1*]
Marianne Hootenanny Singers 7" 1966 [A1] Marianne Faithfull Marianne Faithfull LP 1974 [A1]
Marsresan Och Anrda Poppiga Låtarn Inger  Öhman+Storängsbarnen LP 1974 [A1] Martin Martin Ricca CD 2001 [A1*]
Mary Poppins - The Complete Fantasy Playlist _Various CD 2018 [A1*] Mas De Lo Mismo Los Nikis CD 1998 [A1*]
Master Serie Juliette Greco CD 1993 [A1] Master Serie Les Poppys CD 1998 [A1*]
Master Serie Demis Roussos CD 1998 [A1] Master Series 1996 ABBA CD 1996 [A1*]
Master Série Hugues Aufray CD 1988 [A1] Master Série Daniel Balavoine CD 1992 [Z]
Master Série Dalida CD 1988 [A1] Master Série Georges Moustaki CD 1991 [A1]
Masters Of Baroque _Various CD 1992 [Z] Masters Of Chant Chapter Vii Gregorian CD 2009 [A1*]
Masters Of The Scene The Definitive ABBA Tribute _Various CD 2003 [A1*] Matador (LP) Bent Fabricius-Bjerre LP 1981 [A1]
Matador Bent Fabricius-Bjerre 7" 1981 [A1] Mats Mats Ronander CD 2001 [A1]
Mats Olin Mats Olin LP 1967 [A1] Mats Paulson Sjunger Evert Taube Mats Paulson+Rutger Gunnarssons Orkester LP 1979 [A1]
Matt Pop ABBA Megamix ABBA CD 2012 [A1*] Matt Pop Classic Attack Mixes ABBA CDS 2012 [A1*]
Matt Pop Dance Mix ABBA CD 2012 [A1*] Matt Pop Mixes (Original Hits Remixed 2015) ABBA CD 2015 [A1*]
Matt Pop Remixes ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] Matt Pop Remixes 2012 ABBA CD 2012 [A1*]
Matt Pop Remixes 2013 ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] Matt Pop Remixes 2014 ABBA CD 2015 [A1*]
Matt Pop Remixes Collection ABBA CD 2017 [A1*] Maxine Raphael Ravenscroft 7" 1982 [A1]
Maxximum Perla CD 2006 [A1*] Maybe It Was Magic Agnetha Fältskog CD 2007 [A1*]
Me Lou & The Hollywood Bananas+The Ska-All-Stars LP 1980 [A1] Me Wiktoria CDS 2020 [A1]
Me And You Tonight Claes Af Geijerstam 7" 1980 [A1*] Me Faltas Miguel Sotomayor CD 2017 [A1*]
Me Llamaré Tuyo - Reloaded Victor Manuelle CD 2014 [A1*] Me To You Eric Bibb CD 2000 [A1]
Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch Texas Lightning CD 2006 [A1*] Meathook Hannah Fury CDS 2006 [A1*]
Med Betoning Pa Ljus Janne Schaffer CD 2005 [A1] Med Dansmusiken 89 The Drifters CD 1989 [A1*]
Med Hjärtats Egna Ord Josefin Nilsson CDS 2005 [J1] Med Rødder I 60'Erne The Moonlight Shadows CD 2016 [A1*]
Med Vidöppna Fönster Tomas Ledin CD 2004 [A1] Medicimbal Blue Cimbal CD 2013 [A1*]
Medley Burning My Bridge & Hamlet ABBAnova CDS 2019 [A1*] Medley De Exitos ABBA Jerusalem CD 1992 [A1*]
Medleys (Fantasy Remasters Collection) ABBA CD 2020 [A1*] Meets The Betty Pages Of Fright The Monsters 7" 1992 [A1*]
Mega ABBA CD 1994 [A1*] Mega 80 _Various CD 2000 [A1*]
Mega 80 Volume II _Various CD 2000 [A1] Mega Chansons Françaises _Various CD 2004 [A1]
Mega France _Various CD 1994 [A1] Mega France 2000 _Various CD 2000 [A1]
Mega Hits 80 _Various CD 2011 [A1*] Megamix ABBA CD 1997 [A1*]
Mein Weg Dana Winner CD 1999 [A1*] Mein Weg Zu Dir Tina York LP 1978 [A1]
Mein Weihnachtstraum André Rieu CD 1997 [A1] Meine Lange Reise Andreas Martin CD 2014 [A1*]
Meine Träume Für Dich Audrey Landers CD 1990 [A1*] Meisterstücke Angelika Milster CD 1993 [A1]
Melancholy Piano Songs Piano Radiance CD 2020 [A1*] Melanconia Mariachi Los Gallos CD 2014 [A1*]
Mellan Dröm Och Verklighet Ra Ta Ta CD 1987 [A1*] Mellan Hägg Och Syren Lasse Wellander CDS 2020 [A1]
Mellan Sol Och Måne 73-93 Janne Schaffer CD 1993 [A1] Mello Fever Next Generation CD 2012 [A1*]
Melodies And Rhytms Of World Pop. Vol.2 Boney Nem CD 2000 [A1*] Melodifestivalen 1958-2013 _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
Melodifestivalen 1959 _Various CD 1959 [A1*] Melodifestivalen 1966 _Various CD 1966 [C2]
Melodifestivalen 1967 _Various CD 1967 [A1*] Melodifestivalen 1969 _Various CD 1969 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 1972 _Various CD 1972 [A1] Melodifestivalen 1973 _Various CD 1973 [A1*]
Melodifestivalen 1974 _Various CD 1974 [A1*] Melodifestivalen 1975 _Various CD 1975 [A1*]
Melodifestivalen 1977 _Various CD 1977 [A1] Melodifestivalen 1978 _Various CD 1978 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 1979 _Various CD 1979 [A1] Melodifestivalen 1980 _Various CD 1980 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 1981 _Various CD 1981 [A1] Melodifestivalen 1982 _Various CD 1982 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 1986 _Various CD 1986 [A1] Melodifestivalen 1987 _Various CD 1987 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 1988 _Various CD 1988 [J1] Melodifestivalen 1992 _Various CD 1992 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 1995 _Various CD 1995 [A1] Melodifestivalen 1996 _Various CD 1996 [A1*]
Melodifestivalen 1997 _Various CD 1997 [A1] Melodifestivalen 1998 _Various CD 1998 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 2003 _Various CD 2003 [A1] Melodifestivalen 2005 _Various CD 2005 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 2007 _Various CD 2007 [A1] Melodifestivalen 2010 _Various CD 2010 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 2010 DVD _Various DVD 2010 [A1] Melodifestivalen 2011 DVD _Various DVD 2011 [A1*]
Melodifestivalen 2012 _Various CD 2012 [C2] Melodifestivalen 2012 DVD _Various DVD 2012 [A1*]
Melodifestivalen 2012 Official DVD _Various DVD 2012 [C2] Melodifestivalen 2014 _Various CD 2014 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 2016 DVD _Various DVD 2017 [J1] Melodifestivalen 2017 DVD _Various DVD 2017 [A1*]
Melodifestivalen 2018 _Various CD 2018 [A1] Melodifestivalen 2018 DVD _Various DVD 2018 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 2019 _Various CD 2019 [A1] Melodifestivalen 2019 DVD _Various DVD 2019 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 2020 (DVD) _Various DVD 2020 [A1*] Melodifestivalen 2020 _Various CD 2020 [A1]
Melodifestivalen 2021 _Various CD 2021 [A1] Melodifestivalen Genom Tiderna ABBA (Books) Book 1999 [A1*]
Melodifestivalen Genom Tiderna _Various CD 1999 [A1] Melodifestivalen Party Remixes 2003 _Various CD 2010 [A1]
Melodiparad. 2 _Various LP 1969 [A1] Melody Man (Deutsch) Petula Clark 7" 1970 [A1]
Melody Man (Français) Petula Clark 7" 1970 [A1] Melody Man (Italia) Petula Clark 7" 1970 [A1]
Melody Man Petula Clark 7" 1970 [A1] Melodía Fm Vol.4 (Siente La Buena Música) _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
Melodías De Oro António Santos CD 2018 [A1*] Melodías Mágicas De ABBA _Various CD 1998 [A1*]
Memories Are Made Of These: The Best Of ABBA The Twilight Orchestra CD 2014 [A1*] Memories From A Dream Honest Touch CD 2005 [A1*]
Memories That Remain ABBA CD 1997 [A1*] Memories·15 Hits From The 50'S & 60'S Janne Lucas LP 1980 [A1]
Men Nanne CDS 2001 [A1] Men Natten Är Vår Kicki Morberg 7" 1981 [A1*]
Mental As Anything Mental As Anything CD 1981 [A1] Mera Altsax Katarina Fritzén+Karin Öhman+Steve Dobrogosz CD 2020 [A1*]
Merry Christmas Lena Andersson CDS 2019 [C2] Merry Christmas Mariah Carey CD 1994 [A1*]
Merry Christmas André Rieu CD 1992 [A1] Merry Christmas _Various CD 2007 [A1*]
Merry Christmas Baby (Deluxe Edition) Rod Stewart CD 2012 [A1] Merryear 2009 ABBA CD 2008 [A1*]
Mes Numéros Uns _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Mes Plus Belles Chansons Country Jeane Manson CD 2003 [A1]
Messiah George Frideric Handel CD 1990 [J1] Met Kerst Ben In Allen Andre Hazes 7" 1982 [A1*]
Metal Jukebox Helloween CD 1999 [A1*] Metronome Records 40 År Med Svensk Musik _Various CD 1989 [A1]
Metronome Records 60 Ar 1949-2009 _Various CD 2009 [A1] Mexico Julio Iglesias CD 2015 [A1*]
Mi Presento Salvo Dadone CD 2009 [A1*] Mi Ratzah Et Agnetha Falskog Nosei Hamigba'At CD 1991 [A1]
Mi Vida Julio Iglesias CD 1998 [A1] Miami Aqua Gym 128 Bpm Oldies Hits Workout _Various CD 2018 [A1*]
Miami Flat Abs 70s Hits Fitness Session _Various CD 2019 [A1*] Miaow The Beautiful South CD 1994 [A1]
Michael B Tretow Michael B. Tretow CD 1983 [A1] Michele Torr A L'Olympia 2005 Michèle Torr DVD 2005 [A1*]
Midnattsdans Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2005 [A1] Midnight Walca CDS 2020 [A1]
Midnight Mazz - Here We Go Again Mazz Murray CD 2020 [A1*] Midnight Music (Special Edition) Andde Leek CD 2007 [A1*]
Midnight Special Jerry Williams 7" 1965 [A1*] Mig Nu Lära Dig Dizzie Tunes 7" 1971 [A1]
Militärdoktorns Visa Mats Paulson 7" 1975 [A1] Millenium Edition ABBA CD 2000 [A1*]
Millennium Concert Dana Winner Video 1999 [A1] Millennium Hits A*Teens CD 2000 [A1*]
Miller-Klang Vol.1 Sven-Olof Walldoff LP 1968 [A1] Miller-Klang Vol.2 Sven-Olof Walldoff LP 1970 [A1]
Millie Sonja Stjernqvist 7" 1967 [A1] Million Dollar Mouth Big Money CDS 1994 [A1]
Milster (Touredition Doppel CD) Angelika Milster CD 2004 [A1*] Mimi Har En Deckare I Sängen Marie Ledin 7" 1962 [A1]
Min Bäste Vän Marie Fredriksson CD 2007 [A1] Min Dröm Kalle Moraeus+Orsa Spelmän CDS 2018 [A1]
Min Egen Stad Frida 7" 1971 [A1] Min Gud Ainbusk CDS 1998 [J1]
Min Jul Maria Arredondo CD 2005 [C1] Min Pappa Hette Stikkan ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*]
Min Piraya Maja (2004 Version) Electric Banana Band CDS 2004 [A1] Min Piraya Maja Electric Banana Band CDS 1998 [A1]
Mini Pop Kids 2 Minipop Kids CD 2005 [A1*] Mini Pop Kids 3 Minipop Kids CD 2006 [A1*]
Miniature Golf Courses Of America Five Iron Frenzy 7" 1998 [A1*] Miniatures For Acoustic Guitar Bødker Madsen Søren CD 2019 [A1*]
Minnen 2, 40 Minnesvärda Svenska Klassiker _Various CD 2004 [A1*] Minnen 37 Minnesvärda Svenska Klassiker _Various CD 2003 [A1*]
Minns I November Per Myrberg LP 1963 [A1] Mio Au Rooyaume De Nulle Part _Various DVD 1987 [A1]
Mio En Tierra Del Mas Allá _Various DVD 1987 [A1] Mio In The Land Of Faraway _Various+Anders Eljas CD 1988 [A1]
Mio Min Mio (Movie) _Various DVD 1987 [A1] Mio Min Mio Gemini 7" 1987 [A1]
Mio My Mio Gemini 7" 1988 [A1] Miracle Céline Dion CD 2004 [A1*]
Mireille Mathieu Mireille Mathieu CD 1995 [A1] Mireille Mathieu Chante Ennio Morricone Mireille Mathieu LP 1974 [A1]
Mireille Mathieu Chante Piaf Mireille Mathieu CD 2012 [A1] Mirror Mirror Ten Cc CD 1995 [A1*]
Mise À Jour Herbert Leonard CD 2016 [J1] Miss Decibel Wizex CD 1978 [A1]
Miss Dottie _Various CD 2009 [J1] Missile To Malmo Gabba CD 1998 [A1*]
Missing Pieces Volume I ABBA CD 1995 [A1*] Missing Remasters 2001 ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
Missing Songs ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Mississipi Tracy Huang CD 2003 [A1*]
Mit Den Augen Der Liebe Angelika Milster CD 2006 [A1] Mitt Hjärta Klappar För Dig (CD-Single) Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2016 [A1]
Mitt Hjärta Klappar För Dig Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2016 [A1] Mitt Hjärtas Sång Lena-Maria Klingvall CD 1998 [C2]
Mitt I Ett Andetag Titanix CD 2011 [A1*] Mitt Innersta Rum Karin Glenmark CD 1984 [D1*]
Mitt Liv Lena-Maria Klingvall CD 2011 [J1] Mitt Namn Är Rolf Bengtsson Rolf Bengtsson 12" 1976 [A1]
Mitä Suomi Soittaa 1 _Various LP 1975 [A1*] Mitä Suomi Soittaa 10 _Various LP 1977 [A1*]
Mitä Suomi Soittaa 11 _Various LP 1977 [A1*] Mitä Suomi Soittaa 2 _Various LP 1975 [A1*]
Mitä Suomi Soittaa 5 _Various LP 1976 [A1*] Mitä Suomi Soittaa 7 _Various LP 1976 [A1*]
Mix And Hits ABBA CD 2006 [A1*] Mix Dance Speciale ABBA Sara Gerosa CDS 2019 [A1*]
Mix Project 2009 Vol 01 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] Mix Project 2009 Vol 02 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
Mix Project 2009 Vol 03 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] Mix Project 2009 Vol 04 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
Mix Project 2009 Vol 05 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] Mix Project 2009 Vol 06 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
Mix Project 2009 Vol 07 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] Mix Project 2009 Vol 08 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
Mix Project 2009 Vol 09 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] Mix Project 2009 Vol 10 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
Mix Project 2009 Vol 11 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] Mix Project 2009 Vol 12 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
Mm7 Secret Jazz Mm7 Secret Jazz CDS 2008 [A1*] Moi, J'Reconnais Plus Rien Mat 3 7" 1971 [A1]
Molly Seiberts 7" 1966 [A1] Molly - Counting Down The Hits _Various CD 2016 [A1*]
Moment With You Birgitta Wollgård+Salut CDS 2020 [C2] Momentos Julio Iglesias CD 1982 [A1]
Moments Gloria Bruni CD 1990 [A1*] Moments Like This Aerial 7" 1980 [A1]
Mon Nez, Mon Nez Plastic Bertrand 7" 1983 [A1*] Mona Mona Wessman 12" 1967 [A1]
Monday Motivation _Various CDS 2019 [A1*] Money Money Money (Workout Bundle / Even 32... Workout Music TV CDS 2020 [A1*]
Money Money Money ABBAcadabra CDS 2005 [A1*] Money Money Money The Baboon Show CDS 2008 [A1*]
Money Money Money Mamma Mia Band CDS 2012 [A1*] Money Money Money Norsk Tromboneensemble CDS 2020 [A1*]
Money Money Money Pictomusic Karaoke CDS 2008 [A1*] Money Money Money Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*]
Money Money Money The Supertroopers CDS 1998 [A1*] Money Money Money Undercover CDS 2009 [A1*]
Money Money Money -ABBA -The Music The Gary Tesca Orchestra CD 1992 [A1*] Money Money Money Remixed Connie Cat CD 2012 [A1*]
Money, Money, Money (7'') ABBA 7" 1976 [A1*] Money, Money, Money (K7) ABBA K7 1988 [A1*]
Money, Money, Money Jean Beaulee CDS 2019 [A1*] Money, Money, Money Horst Adler Kapelle CDS 2020 [A1*]
Money, Money, Money Alina Lesnik CDS 2019 [A1*] Money, Money, Money Matilda Lindell CDS 2020 [A1*]
Money, Money, Money Leo Moracchioli CDS 2015 [A1*] Money, Money, Money Yolanda 7" 1977 [A1*]
Money, Money, Money, I Ain'T Got None ! Graham Blvd CD 2011 [A1*] Monica Z Monica Zetterlund LP 1989 [A1]
Monika Monica Aspelund LP 1975 [A1*] Monster DJ Series (Volume 1) ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Montreux Jazz Festival - 25th Anniversary _Various CD 1991 [G3*] Montreux Summit, Volume One _Various LP 1977 [A1]
Moods And Memories Pat Hannah CD 2005 [A1*] Moog & Guitars Play ABBA The Rubin Workman Group CD 2018 [A1*]
Moog Plays ABBA Robin Workman CD 1976 [A1*] Moon (Remixes) Natali Noor CDS 2016 [A1]
Moon Natali Noor CDS 2016 [A1] Moon Lovers James Farrelli CD 2020 [A1*]
Moonlight Serenade André Rieu CD 2010 [A1] Moonlight Shadows The Shadows CD 1986 [A1]
Moonraker Big Money CD 1994 [A1] Moorea Nui It'S Nave CD 1999 [A1*]
More ABBA Gold 2010 ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] More ABBA Gold Tribute ABBA DVD 2012 [A1*]
More ABBA Mania Australia ABBA (Books) Book 2020 [A1*] More Archives ABBA CD 1996 [A1*]
More Definitive Collection ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*] More Disco _Various CD 2007 [A1*]
More Encores Black Dyke Band+Nicholas J Childs CD 2015 [A1*] More More ABBA Gold ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
More Rarities ABBA CD 2017 [A1*] More Seventies Covers Vol 2 _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
More Seventies Covers, Vol. 1 _Various CD 2008 [A1*] More Songs Olsen Brothers CD 2003 [A1*]
More Stars On 45 Stars On 45 7" 1981 [A1*] More Than A Woman _Various CD 2002 [A1*]
More Tribute To ABBA Vol 3 Karaoke Version _Various CD 2007 [A1*] Morgon Arne Lamberth 7" 1970 [A1]
Morgonsol Wizex CD 1990 [A1] Morning Comes Quickly Barbara Dickson CD 1977 [C2]
Morning Has Broken Georg Wadenius+Frida CDS 2011 [A1*] Mortimer Mort Shuman CD 1982 [C2]
Most Popular ABBA ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*] Most Rated Miami Disco Tales Edition _Various CD 2018 [A1*]
Most Wanted ABBA CD 1999 [A1*] Mot En Helt Ny Stad Jimmy Ahlén+Janne Schaffer CDS 2020 [A1]
Mot Nya Mål Jenny Saléns CD 2013 [A1] Mot Nya Mål Wizex CD 1999 [A1*]
Mot Okant Land The Hep Stars 7" 1967 [A1] Mot Solen Sara Zacharias CD 2013 [C2]
Motel Omelet 7" 1978 [A1*] Mothermania Frank Zappa LP 1969 [J1]
Move It (The Best Of The Early Years) Cliff Richard+The Shadows CD 2011 [A1] Move On (7'') ABBA 7" 1978 [A1*]
Moves Suzi P CDS 2020 [A1] Movie Hits The Hollywood Session Group CD 2010 [A1*]
Movie Love Songs _Various CD 2009 [A1*] Movie Star Harpo CD 1975 [A1*]
Moviestar (Single) Harpo 7" 1975 [A1*] Moving Ahead -Live At The Queen Elizabeth Hall London Gay Men'S Chorus CD 2002 [A1*]
Moving Sounds _Various CD 2002 [A1*] Mp3 Collection ABBA CD 2011 [A1*]
Mp3 Collection 1 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Mpanföten-Träume 2, Wunderschöne Melodien... Silvio Condo CD 2020 [A1*]
Mr Bean'S Crazy Party Hits _Various CD 2004 [A1] Mr Wonderful Tommy Körberg 7" 1970 [J1]
Mrs. Goes Europe Mrs Einstein CD 1997 [A1*] Mrs. O'Grady Hootenanny Singers 7" 1967 [A1]
Msq Performs ABBA Midnite String Quartet CD 2019 [A1*] Mtv Music History A*Teens CD 2003 [A1*]
Mtv Unplugged Roxette DVD 2006 [A3] Mtv'S.Top 100 Pop Songs _Various CD 2011 [A1*]
Mua Sao Sang _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Much More Carola LP 1990 [A1]
Mucho Mas Que Dos _Various CD 1994 [A1] Mulher Perla CD 1995 [A1*]
Multi Karaoke Tribute To ABBA Backing Force CD 2011 [A1*] Mum Jasper Fawcett CDS 2019 [A1*]
Mumbo Jumbo Paul Paljett LP 1977 [A1] Muriel Wedding The Movie _Various DVD 1994 [A1*]
Muriel'S Wedding _Various CD 1995 [A1*] Muriel'S Wedding The Musical _Various CD 2018 [A1*]
Music Salomé CD 2021 [A1*] Music Box Mariah Carey CD 1993 [C2]
Music Box Biographical Collection ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*] Music Box Collection 9017 Music Box Collection CD 2009 [A1*]
Music Box Hits Mamma Mia _Various CD 2009 [A1*] Music Box Modern Lullabies Baby Music From I'M In Records CD 2019 [A1*]
Music Box Tribute To ABBA Music Box Mania CD 2014 [A1*] Music For Astroauts Holm CDS 2000 [A1*]
Music For Ballet Class Ballet Meets Pop! Volume 3 Catelijne Smit CD 2020 [A1*] Music For Hotel, Restaurant, Bar Vol. 19 Mr Blue CD 2017 [A1*]
Music For Sport & Fitness Bb Band CD 2000 [A1*] Music For You Marleen & Marty CD 1983 [A1*]
Music From ABBA In Concert DVD ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] Music From ABBA The Movie ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
Music From Dick Cavett Show ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] Music From Mamma Mia! The London Theater Orchestra CD 2009 [A1*]
Music From Muriel'S Wedding Union Of Sound CD 2009 [A1*] Music From Radio And Television _Various CD 2016 [A1*]
Music From The Musical Mamma Mia The Fabba Girls+The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra CD 2005 [A1*] Music From The Musical Mamma Mia Musical Mania CD 2011 [A1*]
Music Heritage ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] Music In Review ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*]
Music Maestro ABBA Best _Various CD 2009 [A1*] Music Milestones ABBA The Visitors ABBA DVD 2011 [A1*]
Music Music Music John Barrowman CD 2008 [A1] Music Of ABBA The Original Band DVD 2020 [A1*]
Music Of ABBA Warren Wills CD 2010 [A1*] Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber _Various CD 2014 [A1]
Music Of The Night Jeff Leyton CD 1998 [A1] Music Of The Night André Rieu CD 2013 [A1]
Music Of The Night Jan Werner CD 1998 [A1*] Music Row Jill Johnson CD 2007 [A1]
Music Row II Jill Johnson CD 2009 [C2] Music Shop The Hep Stars+Gummibandet CD 1978 [A1]
Music Shows 1 ABBA Video 1980 [A1*] Music Shows 2 ABBA Video 1980 [A1*]
Music Stars-Tribute To ABBA _Various CD 2013 [A1*] Music Story Janne Schaffer CD 2010 [A1*]
Music With My Friends _Various CD 2017 [A1*] Musica De Los Años 70 En Español _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Musica Latina, Volume 5 _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Musical Changes Felix Martin CD 2011 [A1*]
Musical Favorites _Various CD 2020 [A1*] Musical Gold Franky & The Moonwalkers CD 2017 [A1*]
Musical Highlights Broadway Singers CD 2006 [A1*] Musical Magic West End Stars CD 2011 [A1*]
Musical Tenors - Older But Not Wiser Tour _Various CD 2019 [A1*] Musical-Hits -Mamma Mia! The Stage Singers Ensemble CD 2004 [A1*]
Musicales De Broadway The Oscar Hollywood Musicals CD 2005 [A1*] Musicales On The Rocks Marisol Otero CD 2013 [A1*]
Musicality Martine Mc Cutcheon CD 2002 [A1*] Musicals -The Essential Album _Various CD 2003 [A1]
Musicals Stars Singen ABBA-Hits _Various CD 2004 [A1*] Musicbox Hit Mamma Mia Musicbox Masters CD 2009 [A1*]
Musik Från Frihetstiden Nationalmusei Kammerorkester CD 1984 [A1] Musik För Miljoner Stim 75 År _Various CD 1998 [A1*]
Musik På Lek Med Storängsbarnen Storängsbarnen LP 1981 [A1] Musik Vi Minns Mats Paulson CD 2001 [A1]
Musik Vi Minns Lena Andersson Lena Andersson CD 2003 [A1*] Musik Vi Minns... Hootenanny Singers CD 2002 [A1]
Musik Zum Träumen André Rieu CD 2001 [A1*] Musik/Schaffer Text/Åberg Janne Schaffer+Lasse Åberg CD 2013 [A1]
Musikal Favoriter Niklas Andersson CD 2008 [A1*] Musikladen 76 ABBA DVD 2004 [A1*]
Musikladen No. 1 1972-1976 _Various DVD 2010 [A1*] Musikladen No. 2 1976-1980 _Various DVD 2010 [A1*]
Musikladen No. 3 1981-1984 _Various DVD 2010 [A1*] Musikladen Ultimate Collection _Various DVD 2009 [A1*]
Musique ! Les Enfoires CD 2018 [A1*] Musique! (DVD) Les Enfoires DVD 2018 [A1*]
Musty Dusty (Usa) The Hep Stars 7" 1968 [A1] Muzak: The Only One - Caring For People Muzak Orchestra CD 2017 [A1*]
My Back Pages Murray Head CD 2012 [A1] My Coloring Book Sandy Stewart 7" 1962 [A1]
My Coloring Book Barbra Streisand 7" 1962 [A1] My Colouring Book (Original Songs) Agnetha Fältskog CD 2004 [A1]
My Colouring Book (Splashed & Test Version 2 LP) Agnetha Fältskog LP 2020 [A1] My Colouring Book (Vinyl) Agnetha Fältskog LP 2020 [A1]
My Colouring Book Agnetha Fältskog CD 2004 [A1] My Colouring Book Unreleased & Remixed Agnetha Fältskog CD 2020 [A1*]
My Favorite Musicals _Various CD 2009 [A1*] My Favorite Songs Disco. Manu Lopez+Andres Montiano+Sergi S CD 2018 [A1*]
My Favourite Poison Dark Sky Park+Lasse Wellander CDS 2017 [A1] My Hart Is In Afrika Dana Winner CD 2003 [A1*]
My Jabara Way Coba CD 2004 [A1*] My Kind Of Christmas Christina Aguilera CD 2000 [J1]
My Little White Mixes Agnetha Fältskog CD 2018 [A1] My Love Céline Dion CD 2008 [A1]
My Love My Life (Single) Ann Christy 7" 1977 [A1*] My Love My Life Ann Christy LP 1977 [A1*]
My Love, My Life Agnetha Fältskog CD 1996 [A1*] My Love, My Life Sharon Sexton+Rob Fowler CDS 2019 [A1*]
My Music Story 50 Ars Jubileum Janne Schaffer CD 2021 [A1*] My Music, My World, The Very Best Of André Rieu CD 2019 [A1*]
My Name Is Bond James Bond _Various CD 2014 [A1*] My Rock Favourites Nanne CD 2011 [A1]
My Soul'S Gota Hole In It Howard Tate 7" 1970 [A1] My Very Best Agnetha Fältskog CD 2008 [A1*]
My Very Best Agnetha Faltskog Remixes Agnetha Fältskog CD 2013 [A1] My Way M Pokora CD 2016 [C2]
My Way Frank Sinatra CD 1997 [A1] My Way: Alternate Takes Rhythm On The Radio CD 2011 [A1*]
My Whole World Is Falling Down Birgitta Wollgård+Salut 7" 1973 [A1] Mycket Kär Frida 7" 1968 [A1*]
Mycket Kär Thor-Erics 7" 1969 [A1*] Människors Glädje Gothlands Får 7" 1969 [A1]
Märchenland Gefühl Dana Winner CD 2003 [A1*] Måltidssång Hootenanny Singers 7" 1968 [A1]
Månen, Lärkan Och Rosen Nora Brockstedt 7" 1956 [A1] Många Ansikten/Many Faces Hootenanny Singers CD 1966 [A1]
Mårten Gås (Norway) Hootenanny Singers 7" 1968 [A1] Möten _Various CD 1968 [A1]
Música De Mi Tierra Briseyda & Los Muchachos+Briseyda Solis CD 2020 [A1*] Música Variadas De Los 60, 70 Y 80 _Various CD 2013 [A1*]


N Ster Vir My Ice CD 2004 [A1*] Nac Man Tuvak Viva CD 1999 [A1*]
Nag Nanne CDS 2011 [A1] Nagra Walca CDS 2020 [A1]
Najwiekszych Przebojow Zespolu ABBA Vol 1 Stage Sound Project CD 2009 [A1*] Najwiekszych Przebojow Zespolu ABBA Vol 2 Stage Sound Project CD 2009 [A1*]
Name Of The Game Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*] Nana Arne Lamberth 7" 1969 [A1]
Nana Mouskouri Nana Mouskouri CD 1971 [A1] Nanci Guerrero Nanci Guerrero CD 2012 [A1*]
Nanne Remixes Nanne CD 2007 [A1] Nannes Sommarvisa Nanne CDS 1998 [A1]
Napbears Collection Vol. 1 ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*] Napbears Collection Vol. 2 ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*]
Napbears Collection Vol. 9 ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*] Nar Du Tar Mej I Din Famn Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1979 [A1]
Nar Vi Narmar Oss Jul Gemini CDS 2006 [C2] Nara (Live) Tomas Ledin CD 2016 [A1]
Nationalmusei Sommarnattkontserter Nationalmusei Kammerorkester+Claude Genetay LP 1983 [A1] Nationalmusei Sommarnattkontserter Elisabeth Söderström+Håkan Hagegård+Åke Olofsson LP 1980 [A1]
Nationalmusei Sommarnattkontserter 2 Nicolai Gedda+Hans Leygraf LP 1980 [A1] Nationalmusei Sommarnattkontserter 3 Nationalmusei Kammerorkester+Claude Genetay LP 1980 [A1]
Natt I Moskva Arne Lamberth LP 1963 [A1] Natt Katt Fia Nyström LP 1982 [A1]
Natt Og Dag Finn Kalvik CD 1981 [A1] Natten Hade Varit Mild Och Öm Ulf Lundell CD 1977 [C1]
Natten Har Sin Egen Sång Arne Lamberth+Visavi 7" 1972 [A1] Natten Lång Svenne & Lotta 7" 1972 [A1]
Natten Är Ung Tomas Ledin CD 1976 [A1] Natural J Fla CD 2018 [A1*]
Natural Woman _Various CD 2005 [A1*] Nature Boy Tommy Körberg CD 1968 [J1]
Navidad Junto A Ti Magnus Carlsson CDS 2010 [C2] Navidad/Twta Almaváter CD 2020 [A1*]
Nbc'S Saturday Night ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*] Ne Me Quitte Pas Un Hommage À Jacques Brel Jacques Brel CD 2014 [J1]
Ne Raccroche Pas Je T'Aime Karen Cheryl LP 1976 [A1*] Ne Regrettons Pas Syracuse Karen Cheryl LP 1976 [A1*]
Nederst Mot Himmelen Finn Kalvik CD 1977 [G3*] Nes Jy Is Wynand Breedt CD 2019 [A1*]
Neste Stasjon Grorud Finn Kalvik+Erik Fosnes Hansen CD 2010 [G3*] Never Again Tomas Ledin+Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1982 [A1]
Never Before Never Before+Emelie Pfaff+Jocke Wickström+Johan Feurst+Mikael Winald+Mari Winquist+Lars Ward CD 2020 [A1] Never Enough Jem CD 2019 [A1*]
Never Forget Trilane+Tom Noah CDS 2019 [A1] Never Mind Natali Noor CDS 2020 [A1]
Never To Late Lotta Hedlund CD 2012 [A1] New Arrival A*Teens CD 2003 [A1]
New Day The King'S Singers LP 1980 [A1*] New Day Dawning -The Dance Collection ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
New Frontier The Kingston Trio LP 1963 [A1] New Messiah Frida Hyvönen CDS 2007 [C2]
New Skin Vérité CD 2019 [A1] New Wave Hits Of The 80s Chateau Pop CD 2011 [A1*]
New York Collection 1981 _Various CD 2000 [A1] New York Groove Tove Naess 7" 1983 [A1]
New York Memories André Rieu CD 2006 [C2] Nhung Dieu Ban Chua Biet ABBA (Books) Book 2000 [A1*]
Ni El Dinero, Ni Nada Bragado CD 2015 [A1*] Night City Tribute - The Songs Of Secret Service Secret Service CD 2018 [A1]
Night Fever _Various CD 2006 [A1*] Night Of Construction Janne Lucas 7" 1968 [A1]
Night With Real ABBA-Gold The ABBA Tribute Band CD 2011 [A1*] Nina Pretty Ballerina Pretty Maid Company 7" 1974 [A1*]
Nina, Fina Ballerina Säwes 7" 1974 [A1*] Nina, Pretty Ballerina (7'' France) ABBA 7" 1973 [A1*]
Nisses Stuga Nisses Stuga CD 1987 [A1] No Está Mal Tomas Ledin 7" 1979 [A1]
No Frills Bette Midler LP 1983 [A1] No Llores Por Mi Argentina Nacha Guevara CD 1987 [C2]
No No Never Texas Lightning CDS 2006 [A1*] No One Else Like You One More Time CDS 1993 [A1*]
No Response The Hep Stars 7" 1965 [A1] No Time Hootenanny Singers 7" 1966 [A1]
No Vivre Ni Mourir Nana Mouskouri 7" 1973 [A1] Noah Noah Stewart CD 2012 [A1*]
Nobody'S Side Chess 7" 1984 [A1] Nobody'S Side Conor Walton CDS 2014 [A1]
Nolan Sisters The Nolan Sisters LP 1979 [A1*] Non Illuderti Mai Orietta Berti 7" 1968 [A1*]
Non Stop Club Remixes Andrea Miller+Gargarita Luna CD 2002 [A1*] Non-Stop ABBA Dance Mix (CD Box) Dance Machine CD 2000 [A1*]
Non-Stop ABBA Dance Mix Dance Machine CD 1999 [A1*] Non-Stop ABBA Renditions DJ Mama Mia CD 2008 [A1*]
Noon A Collection Of Musical Arrangements Connor A Purcell CD 2021 [A1*] Noorderlicht Emellan CD 2014 [A1*]
Nordic Light Linda Lampenius CD 2005 [A1*] Nordic Sounds Royal Swedish Chamber Orchestra LP 1985 [A1]
Nordisk Rapsodi Robert Wells CD 1996 [A1] Nordiska Romanser : Sibelius, Stenhammar Etc. Helena Döse LP 1983 [A1]
Norman & Wells Robert Wells CD 1996 [A1*] Norman Gunston Norman Gunston LP 1976 [A1*]
North Country Maid Marianne Faithfull LP 1966 [A1] Northern Girl Ludvig Andersson CDS 2004 [A1]
Nosso Amor Será Um Hino Perla LP 1980 [A1*] Nostalgie - 100 Chansons Française De Légende _Various CD 2011 [A1]
Nostalgie 20 Ans _Various CD 2013 [A1] Nostalgie Best Of 80'S _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
Nostalgie Classiques 80 _Various CD 2012 [A1] Nostalgie La Legende Love Vol. 2 _Various CD 2013 [A1]
Nostalgie Love _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Nostalgie Love Volume 3 _Various CD 2014 [A1*]
Nostalgie The Summer Feeling _Various CD 2015 [A1*] Not Bad At All Tomas Ledin 7" 1979 [A1]
Nothing But The Real Group The Real Group CD 1989 [J1] Nothing Has Changed David Bowie CD 2014 [A1*]
Nouvelle Vague Richard Anthony CD 1993 [A1*] Nouvelle Vague Sylvie Vartan CD 2007 [A1*]
Nova Walca CDS 2020 [A1] November 1989 Benny Andersson CD 1989 [A1]
Novyi God V Stile ABBA ABBA DVD 2012 [A1*] Now That'S What I Call Movies _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Now That'S What I Call Music 100 _Various CD 2018 [A1*] Noël Dalida 12" 1960 [A1]
Noël Josh Groban CD 2007 [A1] Noël Mireille Mathieu CD 2015 [A1]
Noël Ensemble _Various CD 2011 [A1] Noël! Noël! Noël! Michel Legrand CD 2011 [A1]
Nr. 1 Hits Der 60er, 70er & 80er. Musik Für Unterw _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Nrg Makeovers 4 _Various CD 2003 [A1*]
Nu Mår Jag Mycket Bättre ? Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2008 [A1] Nu Tandas Tusen Juleljus Agnetha Fältskog+Linda Ulvaeus CD 1981 [A1*]
Nu Tändas Åter Ljusen I Vår Lilla Stad Sven-Olof Walldoff 7" 1969 [A1] Nu Vissla I Ett Slag Frida 7" 1971 [A1*]
Nu Är Det Advent Kikki Danielsson CD 1987 [A1] Nu Är Det DJur Igen Electric Banana Band CD 2000 [A1]
Nu Är Det Jul Igen ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Nu! Marie Fredriksson CD 2020 [A1]
Nue Au Soleil Brigitte Bardot CD 2014 [A1] Nuestra Mejor Cancion _Various CD 2004 [A1]
Nueva Era Los Arrallanes Del Pueblo CD 2020 [A1*] Nuits De Folie 80 _Various CD 2015 [A1]
Number Ones (Double CD) ABBA CD 2006 [A1*] Nunca Es Tarde Marga Verduras CD 2020 [A1*]
Nur Sieger Steh'N Im Licht Elena Nuzman CDS 2017 [A1*] Ny-Gammal Kultis Kalle Gnesta CD 1973 [A1*]
Nya Vindar Hootenanny Singers CD 1979 [A1] Nya Vindar Sven Ingvars LP 1987 [A1*]
Nya Visor & Bästa Lena Andersson CD 2002 [A1*] Nyårsballongen Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2014 [A1]
Não Se Vá Jane & Herondy LP 1977 [A1*] Näin Se Käy Lea Laven CD 1976 [A1*]
Näitä Suomessa Soitetaan 2 _Various LP 1976 [A1*] När Allt Rinner Över Hon CDS 2021 [J1*]
När Du Tar Mig I Din Famn Lotta Engberg CD 2007 [A1*] När En Vacker Tanke Blir En Sång Agnetha Fältskog CD 1971 [A1]
När Jag Faller Peter Jöback+Helen Sjöholm CDS 2014 [C2] När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar _Various LP 1972 [A1]
När Livet Är Gott Karin Glenmark CDS 1996 [A1] När Morgonen Gryr Ad Libitum CD 1984 [A1*]
När TVenne Hjärtan Slå Jules Sylvain 7" 1933 [A1*] Nära I Sommarnatten Janne Schaffer CD 2002 [A1]
Nära Mig Gunilla Backman CD 2006 [A1*] Nästan Bara På Svenska Svenne & Lotta CD 1992 [A1]
Nästan Bästa På Svenska The Hep Stars LP 1969 [A1] Nådens År Ulf Lundell CD 1978 [A1]
Någon Adolphson & Falk 7" 1986 [A1] Någon Annan Dag Yacine Laghmari CDS 2019 [A1]
Någonting Gemensamt Anders Fugelstad LP 1969 [A1] Når Man Kun Er 18 År Anne Karin 7" 1982 [A1]
Nåt Dumt Felicia Takman CDS 2021 [A1] Nære Deg - Sanger Av Finn Kalvik Finn Kalvik CD 2015 [A1]
Nótaszatyor Nótás Négyes CDS 2019 [A1*] Nøkkelen Ligger Under Matta Finn Kalvik CD 1974 [G3*]


O Amor Existe Waldirene 12" 1981 [A1*] O Fortuna Rhydian CD 2009 [A1*]
O Holy Night Eimear Quinn CD 2007 [A1] O Jogo Já Acabou Perla 7" 1981 [A1*]
O Klang Och Jubeltid Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2011 [A1] O Tour De L'Eau Nolwenn Leroy CD 2014 [A1]
O Vicio Do Forró Ao Vivo Noda De Caju CD 2005 [A1*] O, Mein Papa Arne Lamberth 7" 1970 [A1]
O, Min Carl Gustaf Kjerstin Dellert 7" 1976 [A1] O3 Greatest Christmas Hits _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
Ode Mne K Tobe Helena Vondrackova LP 1984 [A1] Odessa Bee Gees LP 1969 [C2]
Odjezd 24'05 Martha & Tena Elefteriadu 7" 1976 [A1*] Best Of My Love Samantha Jade CD 2018 [A1*]
Best Of Ngoc Bích - Super Remix Vol 9 Ngoc Bich CD 1997 [A1*] Official Bar Karaoke Playin' Buzzed CD 2012 [A1*]
Oförfalskat _Various LP 1988 [A1] Oh Guitare Ma Guitare Michèle Richard 7" 1980 [A1*]
Oh Juicy Nils-Åke Runeson 7" 1975 [A1] Oh Juicy Svenne & Lotta 7" 1975 [A1]
Oh L'Amour Erasure 7" 1986 [A1*] Oh Yeah Ash CDS 1996 [A1*]
Oh! Lady Mary Peter Holm 7" 1970 [A1] Oh! The Hep Stars The Hep Stars LP 1967 [A1]
Oh, Vilken Härlig Da` Ted Gärdestad 7" 1973 [A1*] Oi Megales Horeftikes Epityhies Tou Exinta _Various CD 2018 [A1*]
Oka Nu Då Evert Sandin CD 1975 [A1] Old Shivan CDS 2020 [A1]
Old Dog, New Tricks Nerina Pallot CDS 2020 [A1*] Old School Boogie Lasse Wellander+Mats Ronander CDS 2018 [A1]
Old Skool Hits Karaoke Volume 2 Studio Artist CD 2009 [A1*] Olden Piano Tales, Volume 2 Steve Iger CD 2021 [A1*]
Oldies But Goodies Svenne & Lotta CD 1973 [A1] Oldu Mu Nilgün Atýlgan 7" 1974 [A1*]
Olivia Bootleg Olivia Newton-John DVD 2006 [A1*] Olivia For Erik Olivia Newton-John CD 2016 [A1*]
Olivia Live Hits Olivia Newton-John CD 2008 [A1*] Olivia Newton-John Television Special Olivia Newton-John VCD 2003 [A1*]
Olivia Special Olivia Newton-John VCD 1978 [A1*] Olivia'S Live Hits Olivia Newton-John CD 2008 [A1*]
Olympia 87 Lio CD 1987 [A1] Olympia 87 Julie Pietri DVD 2005 [A1]
Olympia Skivan '84 _Various CD 1984 [A1*] Om Du Nånsin Börjar TVeka Ainbusk CDS 1998 [J1]
Om Du Tror Att Jag Saknar Dig Jakob Karlberg CDS 2020 [A1] Om Du Var Här Frida+Ra Ta Ta 7" 1987 [A1*]
Om Du Var Här Lill Lindfors LP 1986 [A1] Om Du Var Jag Benny Anderssons Orkester CDS 2019 [A1]
Om Du Var Min Nanne CDS 2005 [A1] Om Hela Världen Sjöng En Sång Claes Af Geijerstam 7" 1972 [A1*]
Om Jag Kunde Skriva En Visa Hootenanny Singers 7" 1969 [A1] Om Och Om Och Om Och Birgitta Wollgård 7" 1975 [A1*]
Om Sommaren Sköna John-Ulf Anderson+Ricke Löws Orkester LP 1976 [A1] Om Tarar Vore Guld Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1970 [A1]
Om Vi Ännu Vore Apor Anders Fugelstad 7" 1969 [A1] On A Night Like This Simone CD 2005 [A1*]
On A Tous Quelque Chose De Johnny Johnny Halliday CD 2017 [A1] On And On ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
On And On And On (7'') ABBA 7" 1980 [A1*] On And On And On (ABBAinter.Net) ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
On And On And On (Workout Bundle / Even 32... Workout Music TV CDS 2020 [A1*] On And On And On ABBAcadabra CDS 2005 [A1*]
On And On And On Cashmere 7" 1980 [A1*] On And On And On Singer'S Edge Karaoke CDS 2013 [A1*]
On My Own Per Nielsen CD 1992 [A1*] On My Own Chris Van Tongelen CDS 1999 [A1*]
On Ne Change Pas (DVD) Céline Dion DVD 2005 [J1] On Ne Change Pas Céline Dion CD 2005 [J1]
On Parade With The Music Of ABBA Band Of The Life Guards LP 1978 [A1*] On Reflection Elaine Paige CD 1998 [A1]
On Steel Strings A Tribute To ABBA Rob Zuzin CD 2014 [A1*] On The Air The Spotnicks 12" 1963 [A1]
On The Banks Of The Ohio Zamba 7" 1974 [A1] On The Bright Side The Barra Macneils CD 2018 [A1*]
On The Prowl-Australian Pop Of The 70'S Vol 2 _Various CD 2009 [A1*] On The Right New Track Moonlighters+Lasse Holm CD 1970 [A1]
On The Road - The Best Country Songs _Various CD 2019 [A1*] On The Road Again _Various CD 2010 [A1*]
On The Run Finn Kalvik 7" 1980 [A1] Onbeskaamd 2 Onbeskaamd CD 2009 [A1*]
Once Again Sound Of Music 7" 1987 [A1] Once I Was A Serene Teenaged Child Frida Hyvönen CDS 2006 [C2]
Once Upon A Christmas Night Magnus Carlsson+Jessica Andersson CD 2016 [A1] One The Beatles CD 2000 [A1]
One Cleary Voice Peter Cetera CD 1995 [A1*] One For All The Real Group CD 1998 [A1]
One Hunt Love Hunters CD 2019 [A1*] One Life In The Sun Frida CD 1998 [A1*]
One Man, One Woman (CDs) ABBA 12" 1990 [A1*] One More For The Road Curtis Stigers CD 2017 [A1]
One More Lonely Night Sound Of Music 7" 1986 [A1] Best Of One More Time The One More Time CD 2002 [A1]
One More Time ABBA CD 2001 [A1*] One More Time One More Time CD 1994 [A1]
One More Time Jan Werner CD 2010 [A1*] One More Toast ABBA CD 1997 [A1*]
One Night In Bangkok (2016 Version) Chess CDS 2016 [A1] One Night In Bangkok (CD-Single) Robey Powderworks CDS 2010 [A1]
One Night In Bangkok Chess 7" 1984 [A1] One Night In Bangkok Erazor CD 2002 [A1]
One Night In Bangkok Robey Powderworks CDS 1985 [A1] One Night In Bangkok Vinylshakerz CD 2005 [A1]
One Night In Disco _Various CD 2007 [A1*] One Night Only The Greatest Hits Live Elton John DVD 2001 [A1]
One Of Us (7'') ABBA 7" 1981 [A1*] One Of Us Angeleyes CDS 2003 [A1*]
One Of Us Dune 12" 1998 [A1*] One Of Us Georg Erixon CDS 2020 [A1*]
One Of Us Just Friends CDS 1997 [A1*] One Of Us Matilda Lindell CDS 2020 [A1*]
One Of Us Pandora CDS 1995 [A1*] One Of Us Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*]
One Touch Ludvig Andersson CDS 2003 [A1] One Voice Andrew Johnston CD 2008 [A1*]
One Way Love (ABBAinter.Net) Agnetha Fältskog CD 2009 [A1*] One Way Love Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1985 [A1]
One Way Wind Dana Winner CD 2003 [A1*] One Woman'S Live Journey Olivia Newton-John CD 1999 [A1*]
Only In It For The Money The Supertroopers CD 1998 [A1*] Only When I Breath Peter Jöback CD 2000 [J1]
Ons Lieflinge/Our Darlings - Totsiens/Goodbye Rudi En Corlea CD 2014 [A1*] Oompocalypse Now! Oompah Brass CD 2008 [A1*]
Open Up! Tomas Ledin 7" 1980 [A1] Open Your Heart Lena Andersson CD 2015 [C2]
Opera Di Fiori Malena Ernman CD 2011 [A1] Operacion Triunfo (Argentina 3 Edicion Volumen 2) Operacion Triunfo CD 2006 [A1*]
Operacion Triunfo Operacion Triunfo CD 2002 [G3*] Operacion Triunfo Canta Disney Operacion Triunfo CD 2002 [J1]
Opsamling 81-85 Sebastian CD 1985 [A1*] Opus '75 _Various LP 1977 [A1*]
Opus 10 (Double CD) ABBA CD 1994 [A1*] Opus 10 ABBA CD 1995 [A1*]
Opus 10 /Bootleg Vinyl) ABBA LP 2018 [A1*] Opus 10 Ultimate Edition ABBA CD 2019 [A1*]
Opus III & Friends Opus III+Janne Schaffer CD 1970 [A1] Opus Live ABBA CD 2005 [A1*]
Orange Blossom Spécial The Spotnicks 7" 1963 [A1] Orchestra 80 Jean-Michel De France CD 1988 [A1*]
Orchestra Hallen Play ABBA Tanz Orkester+Klaus Hallen CD 1999 [A1*] Orchestral ABBA Hugo Capaldi Orchestra CD 2011 [A1*]
Orchestral Arrangements Of ABBA Songs _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Orchestral Boxed Sarah Brightman CD 2008 [A1]
Organ Fascination Alojz Bouda LP 1978 [A1*] Organ Jazz With Kjell Öhman Kjell Öhman CD 1968 [A1]
Orgeln En Boomerang ABBA DVD 2013 [A1*] Orgeln Med 9000 Pipor Benny Andersson CD 2013 [A1*]
Orgue Ambiance Vol 3 Erika CD 2010 [A1*] Original The Real Group CD 1996 [C2]
Original Album Classic Agnetha Fältskog CD 2008 [A1*] Original Broadway Cast Live (28-4 Bootleg) Chess CD 2019 [A1]
Original Chillout Album Of ABBA Classics Voulez-Vous Orchestra CD 2014 [A1*] Original Recordings Bonnie Tyler CD 1993 [C2]
Original Soundtrack Ten Cc CD 1990 [A1*] Orkester Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2001 [A1]
Oro (Fantasy Remasters) ABBA CD 1997 [A1*] Oro (Remastered 1992) ABBA CD 1993 [A1*]
Orphei Drängar Orphei Drängar CD 2012 [A1] Orsa Nästa Orsa Spelmän CD 2006 [A1]
Orsa Spelmän Orsa Spelmän CD 1988 [A1] Os Grandes Sucessos De ABBA (LP) ABBA LP 1982 [A1*]
Osannolikt Svenskt _Various CD 2001 [A1*] Oslagbara 1989-99 Niklas Strömstedt CD 1998 [A1]
Otacksamhet Nanne CDS 2009 [A1] Otras Canciones Attaque 77 CD 1998 [A1*]
Otro Destino David Eraya CD 2017 [A1*] Our Christmas Sanna, Shirley & Sonja CD 2008 [A1]
Our Gift Of Songs ABBA CDS 2004 [A1*] Our Last Summer (7'') ABBA 7" 1980 [A1*]
Our Last Summer (ABBAinternet) ABBA CD 2015 [A1*] Our Last Summer Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*]
Our Last Summer Heine Totland CDS 2009 [A1*] Out Of My Hair Claes Af Geijerstam CD 1970 [A1]
Out Of My Mind Viva La Panda CDS 2020 [A1] Out Of The Shadows Colin Blunstone+Rod Argent CD 2003 [A1*]
Out Of The Shadows Lasse Wellander CDS 2017 [A1] Outer Space Knights J. C. Barreto 7" 1982 [A1]
Outtakes The Sundrops CD 2018 [A1*] Ovation Barbara Dickson CD 1985 [A1]
Over The Rainbow And Other Musicals Highlights Elisabeth Andreassen+Jan Werner CD 2000 [A1*] Overrated (Vip Mix) Eauxmar CDS 2019 [A1]
Overrated Eauxmar CDS 2019 [A1]


P P CD 1995 [A1*] P.S. ABBA DVD 2014 [A1*]
P4 Concert The Choir By ABBA Museum CD 2017 [A1*] Pa Egen Hand Therese Löf+Marica Lindé CD 2020 [A1*]
Pa Sondag Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1987 [A1] Painted Dreams Anders Ekborg CD 2010 [C2]
Palavras De Amor Perla LP 1976 [A1*] Palette Rikuya CD 2020 [A1*]
Paloma Blanca Helena Katri CD 1975 [A1*] Pan Is Alive And Well Dana Dragomir CD 1999 [A1]
Pan Pipes Play ABBA 2019 Ricardo Caliente CD 2019 [A1*] Pandemonium Tommy Körberg 7" 1968 [J1]
Panflöten-Träume, Entspannungsmusik Silvio Condo CD 2010 [A1*] Panpipe Moods Panpipe Sounds CD 1997 [A1*]
Panpipes For Lovers Pan Pipes CD 2003 [A1*] Panpipes Play ABBA Ricardo Caliente CD 1998 [A1*]
Panpipes Play ABBA Pan Pipes CD 1999 [A1*] Panpipes Play ABBA _Various CD 1999 [A1*]
Panppipes Play ABBA Luis Garcia CD 2011 [A1*] Paper Dolls Michael B. Tretow 7" 1976 [A1]
Para Llevarte A Mis Sueño Karen'S & Su Show CD 2020 [A1*] Para Los Que An Amado Perla LP 1977 [A1*]
Paradise Lost Sean Tyla 7" 1983 [A1] Paradiso Hayley Westenra CD 2011 [A1]
Paras Kaveri Teija Korkeamaa CD 1995 [A1*] Parhaat 20 Suosikkisavelmaa Vilperin Perikunta CD 1992 [A1*]
Paris Zaz CD 2014 [A1] Paris 1998 The Three Tenors CD 1998 [A1*]
Partaj-Aj-Aj Björn Ulvaeus 7" 1969 [A1] Party On The Dancefloor Steps CD 2018 [A1]
Party Time French Style Union Of Sound CD 2013 [A1*] Party Tyme Karaoke - Pop Female Hits 4 Party Tyme Karaoke CD 2019 [A1*]
Partytime Karaoke _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Partytime Karaoke DVD _Various DVD 2008 [A1*]
Pasito Duranguense, Vol. 1 Imt All-Stars CD 2015 [A1*] Passioni - Selezione Speciale Filippa Giordano CD 2005 [A1]
Passport Nana Mouskouri CD 1982 [A1*] Past & Present Michael Ball CD 2009 [A1*]
Past Masters Vol. 1 The Beatles CD 1970 [A1*] Past Masters Vol. 2 The Beatles CD 1970 [A1]
Past Present Future Morgana Lefay CD 1995 [A1*] Patricia Kaas Chante Piaf Patricia Kaas CD 2012 [A1]
Peaceful Waters Daniel O'Donnell DVD 2006 [A1*] Pelikanen (Remake) Electric Banana Band CDS 2018 [A1]
Pelikanen Electric Banana Band 7" 1984 [A1] Penrith Panthers Concert (CD) ABBAlanche CD 2010 [A1*]
Pense À Moi, Quand Même Karen Cheryl CD 1983 [A1] People Need Love (7'') ABBA 7" 1972 [A1*]
Pepino Pepino CDS 2005 [A1*] Pequenina (Album) Perla LP 1979 [A1*]
Pequenina Perla 7" 1979 [A1*] Per Myrberg Läser Gustaf Fröding Per Myrberg LP 1964 [A1]
Performance Elaine Paige CD 1996 [A1] Performs The Songs Of ABBA Mirror Image CD 1980 [A1*]
Perla 1977 Perla LP 1977 [A1*] Perla Canta ABBA E Outros Hits Perla CD 2002 [A1*]
Personliga Val Peter Jöback CD 1997 [A1] Personligt Carola CD 1994 [A1]
Personligt - Samtal Med Fritänkare ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*] Pest Of 2000 Meie Mees CD 1999 [A1*]
Peter & Matilda Sommarkonsert I Sankt Anna Peter Johansson+Matilda Grün CD 2014 [A1*] Peter Pan Frida 7" 1969 [A1]
Peter Pan Svenne & Lotta+Mats Olsson 7" 1970 [A1] Peter'S Pop Squad Peter'S Pop Squad CDS 2008 [A1]
Phoenix Karaoke Sing The Hits Of ABBA _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Physical (Single) Olivia Newton-John 7" 1981 [A1]
Pia Now Plays ABBA Piano Versions Pia Now CD 2020 [A1*] Piaf Elaine Paige CD 1994 [A1]
Piano (Deluxe Edition) Benny Andersson CD 2018 [A1*] Piano ABBA (Books) Book 2017 [A1*]
Piano Benny Andersson CD 2017 [A1*] Piano Bar Patricia Kaas CD 2002 [A1]
Piano Covers _Various CD 2020 [A1*] Piano Dinner Traxlab CD 2019 [A1*]
Piano Dreamers Perform ABBA Piano Dreamers CD 2018 [A1*] Piano Love Songs David Schultz CD 2019 [A1*]
Piano Love Touch Lee Hyerin CD 2020 [A1*] Piano Moods Volume 2 Martin Lane CD 2015 [A1*]
Piano Popsongs _Various CD 2019 [A1*] Piano Renditions Of ABBA Piano Project CD 2020 [A1*]
Piano Sextet In A Thorvald Fredin+Claude Genetay LP 1983 [A1] Pick Sides Farfetch'D CDS 2020 [A1]
Picture At An Exhibision Staffan Scheja LP 1982 [A1] Picture In A Frame Eddie Lee CD 2000 [A1*]
Picture This Live Blondie CD 1997 [A1] Pieces ABBAnova CD 2017 [A1*]
Pieni Valkoinen Piano ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*] Pierrot Bonnie Saint Claire CD 1999 [A1*]
Pietchka Julietta 12" 1967 [A1] Piller Nadja Evelina CDS 2021 [A1]
Pipes 'N' Things _Various CD 2007 [A1*] Piri Piri The Travellers 7" 1972 [A1]
Pissenisse Nanne CDS 2007 [A1] Pity The Child (Maxi) Chess 12" 1985 [A1]
Places We Don'T Know (Ford Remix Kasbo CDS 2019 [A1] Places We Don'T Know Kasbo CD 2018 [A1]
Plaisir D'Amour Anna-Lena Löfgren 7" 1967 [A1] Plaisir D'Amour Dana Winner CDS 2002 [A1]
Platinum Collection Genesis CD 2004 [A1] Platinum Collection Mireille Mathieu CD 2011 [A1*]
Platinum Collection Cliff Richard CD 2005 [A1] Platinum Collection Dana Winner CD 2007 [A1*]
Play ABBA Mr Band CD 2000 [A1*] Play And Sing ABBA'S Hits Carnaby Group CD 1976 [A1*]
Play Backs Special ABBA _Various CD 1999 [A1*] Play It Out Loud Jm-W CD 2019 [A1*]
Play Piano With ABBA The Backing Tracks CD 2000 [A1*] Play Pretend Kasbo CDS 2020 [A1]
Play The Greatest Hits Of ABBA Starshine Orchestra CD 2009 [A1*] Playalong For Violin ABBA The Backing Tracks CD 2013 [A1*]
Playing Girls Can-Can 7" 1981 [A1] Plays ABBA London Unity Orchestra CD 2009 [A1*]
Plays ABBA Classic Munich Philharmonic Orchestra CD 1991 [A1*] Plays ABBA Classic Trax The Synthesizer Rock Orchestra CD 1994 [A1*]
Plays The Best Of ABBA Instrumental Versions Arthur Greenslade Orchestra CD 1974 [A1*] Plays The Hits Made Famous By ABBA Symphonic Rock Project CD 2002 [A1*]
Plays The Hits Of ABBA The Dreamsound Orchestra CD 2009 [A1*] Please Do Not Disturb The Vaccines CDS 2012 [A1*]
Please, Please, Please Tommy Körberg 7" 1967 [J1] Plektrum Tomas Ledin CD 2006 [A1]
Ploaia De Lumina 5t CD 1980 [A1*] Podium _Various DVD 2011 [A1*]
Poker Face Lasse Wellander CD 1990 [A1] Polar Promotionkassett´ 80 Polar Music International K7 1980 [A1*]
Polar Studios Ur Arkivet 1978-1998 Polar Music International CD 1998 [A1*] Polarator  Jul _Various CD 1988 [A1*]
Polars Roliga Timme _Various CD 1994 [A1] Polish Cast (Teatr Rozrywki) Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical CD 2012 [A1]
Polvo Y Nada Grupo Unica Edicion CD 2019 [A1*] Pop & Symphonique The Original Band CD 2020 [A1*]
Pop 'Til You Drop A*Teens CD 2002 [A1] Pop El Grupo Juvenil CD 2008 [A1*]
Pop Allstars ABBA Tribute Hits New Tribute Kings CD 2014 [A1*] Pop Box (DVD) Lio DVD 2006 [A1*]
Pop Box Lio CD 2006 [A1*] Pop Corn Mister K 7" 1972 [A1]
Pop En Español Ramon CD 2010 [A1*] Pop Favoriter _Various CD 1994 [A1*]
Pop Goes Ballroom Swing And Jive Count Dee Dance Sport Unlimited CD 2008 [A1*] Pop Goes Classic Vol. 1 Munich Symfonic Sound Orchestra CD 2000 [A1*]
Pop Goes Classic Vol. 2 Munich Symfonic Sound Orchestra CD 2000 [A1*] Pop Goes Classic Vol. 3 Munich Symfonic Sound Orchestra CD 2000 [A1*]
Pop Goes Classic Vol. 4 Munich Symfonic Sound Orchestra CD 2000 [A1*] Pop Hits ABBA Super Hits CD 2013 [A1*]
Pop Hits For Ballet Class, Vol. 4 Fifield Nate CD 2019 [A1*] Pop Idol 2016 Charlie Grönvall CD 2016 [A3]
Pop Legends Louis Clark+The London Philharmonic Orchestra CD 1989 [A1*] Pop Legends The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra CD 2011 [A1*]
Pop Masters: Welthits - Deutsch Gesungen _Various CD 2005 [A1*] Pop Meets Classic A Tribute To ABBA London Symphony Orchestra+London Pop Choir CD 2009 [A1*]
Pop Music On Guitar 2 Jackie Murray CD 2019 [A1*] Pop Music On Guitar 8 Jackie Murray CD 2019 [A1*]
Pop Nonstop 1 _Various CD 2013 [A1*] Pop Rock 80'S _Various CD 2011 [A1*]
Pop Story ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*] Pop Symphony The Berlin Festival Orchestra CD 2013 [A1*]
Pop Workshop Vol.1 Pop Workshop LP 1973 [A1] Popcorn- Fifty Years Of Rock 'N' Roll Movies ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*]
Pophits För Babyn Tomas Blank+Speldosa Synt CD 2006 [A1*] Pophits Für Babys Im Spieluhrensound My First Music CD 2020 [A1*]
Popligan _Various LP 1967 [A1] Popligan 1967 _Various CD 2011 [A1]
Poptastic Karaoke Poptastic Karaoke CD 2012 [A1*] Popular Songs Of ABBA Vol 1 Ellen Lang CD 2015 [A1*]
Popular Songs Of ABBA Vol 2 Ellen Lang CD 2015 [A1*] Popular Songs Of ABBA Vol 3 Ellen Lang CD 2016 [A1*]
Por La Sombra Hermana Amnesia Los Enemigos CD 1995 [A1*] Por Siempre ABBA (CD) ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Por Siempre ABBA (DVD) ABBA DVD 1982 [A1*] Por Siempre... ABBA ABBA LP 1982 [A1*]
Porno Sex Music Ricky Four CD 2011 [A1*] Porque El Amor Se Va Jeane Manson LP 1977 [A1]
Portland Walca CDS 2020 [A1] Portrait De Scène - Ses Plus Belles Chansons Michèle Torr CD 1999 [A1*]
Portrait Of ... Jan W. Morthensen LP 1985 [A1] Portrait Of ABBA Sweet Spot CD 1982 [A1*]
Portraits Olivia Newton-John CD 2011 [A1*] Poster Nordens Största Poptidning 1974-1980 ABBA (Books) Book 2008 [A1*]
Postludium Lasse Wellander+Sophisticated Ladies CDS 2018 [A1] Pour Elles _Various CD 2013 [G3*]
Pour Erik (DVD) ABBA DVD 2009 [A1*] Pour Erik ABBA CDS 2005 [A1*]
Pour Toi (Deluxe Version) Elsa Esnoult CD 2015 [A1] Power Of Hammond Ady Zehnpfennig CD 1992 [A1*]
Power Of Soul Jerry Williams CD 1968 [A1] Power Remixed: 70'S Disco Hits Power Music Workout CD 2010 [A1*]
Pracatan Margarita Pracatan CD 2000 [A1*] Praying Josh Charm CDS 2019 [A1]
Precious Times Pat Benatar LP 1981 [A1*] Premiere Edurne CD 2008 [A1*]
Presens Janne Schaffer LP 1980 [A1] Priceless Joey Niceforo CD 2018 [A1*]
Pride Of Scotland Carl Wilson CD 2011 [A1*] Prima Vista Qvinnokören Lapponica CD 2006 [A1]
Principessa Gianni Morandi 7" 1972 [A1] Priscilla Queen Of The Desert _Various DVD 1997 [A1*]
Profiler 2004 ABBA (Books) Book 2004 [A1*] Profiles In Gold _Various LP 1978 [A1*]
Profiles In Gold, Album 1 _Various 7" 2002 [A1*] Projekt ABBA _Various CD 2021 [A1*]
Przeboje Mini Disco _Various CD 2011 [A1*] Präriens Drottning Kristina Musical CDS 1995 [A1]
Psalmer Och Andliga Sånger Arne Lamberth LP 1969 [A1] Psychotic Reaction Count Five 7" 1966 [A1]
Puder Benny Andersson CDS 2001 [A1] Puff The Magic Dragon Fabulous Four 7" 1966 [A1]
Pugh Rogefeldt Pugh Rogefeldt LP 1986 [A1] Pughish Pugh Rogefeldt CD 1970 [A1]
Pulnocní Valcík Eva A Vašek CD 2002 [A1*] Pure 60'S & 70'S - Number One Classic Hits _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
Pure France _Various CD 2013 [A1] Push Here Fx CD 1984 [A1*]
Put On Your White Sombrero (CDs) ABBA CDS 1996 [A1*] Pyjama Party Livestream Babba CD 2020 [A1*]
Päättömällä Pollella Petri & Pettersson Brass 7" 1972 [A1*] På Andra Sidan Månen Janne Schaffer CD 2000 [A1]
På Begäran 1 Kikki Danielsson CD 1990 [J1] På Begäran 2 Kikki Danielsson CD 1994 [A1]
På Böljan Blå, I Städer Och På Land Björn Johansson+John-Ulf Anderson LP 1984 [A1] På Egen Hand Frida CD 1991 [A1*]
På En Landsväg Mitt I Solen Garvis Showband 7" 1965 [A1] På Goteborg Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2012 [A1*]
På Lugnare Vatten Kikki Danielsson+Roosarna CD 1990 [A1*] På Mammas Och Pappas Tid -Oh Läck Du Mir- Dizzie Tunes 7" 1970 [A1]
På Nye Aventyr Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2012 [A1] På Stockholm Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2013 [A1*]
På Stockolm (DVD) Benny Anderssons Orkester DVD 2013 [A1*] På Svenska (Fantasy Remasters) ABBA CD 1997 [A1*]
På Svenska ABBA CD 1994 [A1*] På Svenska - Bao 'Pa Nye Aventyr' ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
På Tre Man Hand Hootenanny Singers CD 1969 [A1] På Treff Med 10 _Various LP 1975 [A1*]
På Treff Med 2 _Various LP 1973 [A1*] På Treff Med 3 _Various LP 1973 [A1*]
På Treff Med 4 _Various LP 1974 [J1] På Treff Med 5 _Various LP 1974 [A1*]
På Treff Med 7 _Various LP 1974 [J1] På Treff Med 8 _Various LP 1975 [A1*]
På Treff Med 9 _Various LP 1975 [A1*] På Turné Benny Anderssons Orkester CD 2006 [A1]
På Väg Igen Fernandoz CD 2009 [A1*] På Äventyr Bel Air 7" 1985 [A1]
Påtalåtar Ola Magnell LP 1974 [A1]


Qu'I Y Ait Toujours Le Soleil Charlotte Diamond CD 2000 [A1] Quand Le Soleil Était Là Gloria Lasso 7" 1963 [A1]
Quand On Revient Nana Mouskouri CD 1992 [A1*] Quarante Ans De Carrière Sheila CD 2001 [A1*]
Quarante Et Uns Succès Petula Clark CD 1999 [A1*] Quartet (7'') ABBA 7" 1982 [A1*]
Que El Viento Sople A Tu Favor Mago De Oz CDS 2010 [A1*] Que No Se Apague El Fuego Las Bobes Singuers CD 2009 [A1*]
Que No Termine El Baile Los Villalobos CD 2017 [A1*] Queen (Medsyster Version) Janice CDS 2018 [A1]
Quelqu'Un Quelque Part Catherine Ferry 7" 1987 [A1*] Quem Tudo Quer The Fevers CD 1981 [A1*]
Querida Ana Ana Belen CD 1993 [A1] Querido Duo Dinamico Duo Dinamico CD 1993 [A1]
Qui Michèle Torr CD 1987 [J1] Qui A Gagné, Qui A Perdu Michèle Richard 7" 1980 [A1*]
Qui Saura Mike Brant 7" 1972 [A1] Quien Mas Que Yo Raquel Riquelme CD 2011 [A1*]
Quiero Belen Grey CD 2016 [A1*] Quinze Ans D'Amour Jacques Brel CD 1988 [J1]
Quinze Ans D'Enfoirés Les Enfoires DVD 2005 [A1] Qué Sabe Nadie Acordes CD 2016 [A1*]
Qvinnokören Lapponica Qvinnokören Lapponica CD 2011 [A1*]


Ra Ta Ta Antoine 7" 1971 [A1] Ra-Ta-Ta Rotation 7" 1970 [A1]
Ra-Ta-Ta Dizzie Tunes 7" 1970 [A1] Rabbit Rabbit Tall Guy Short Songs CD 2020 [A1*]
Radio Girl (12'') Shanghai CDS 1986 [A1] Radio Girl Shanghai 7" 1986 [A1]
Radio Redhead, Volume 1 Karen Elson CDS 2020 [A1*] Radio Shows Volume 1 ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
Radio Shows Volume 2 ABBA CD 2001 [A1*] Rage Of Creation Rob Rock CD 2000 [A1*]
Raggie Björn Jayson Lindh LP 1976 [A1] Rags & Silks Kirsti, Ola & Erik CD 2015 [A1*]
Ragtime Siw Malmkvist CD 1974 [A1] Rainbow Al Vizzutti LP 1981 [A1]
Rajaton Sings ABBA With Lahti Symphony Orchestra Rajaton+Lahti Symphony Orchestra CD 2006 [A1*] Rakkauden Jalkeen Kaikki Levytykset Carola CD 2011 [A1]
Rakt Upp Och Ner Tommy Körberg CD 2007 [A1*] Raktárkoncert ABBA Sisters CD 2020 [A1*]
Ralf DVD Collection ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*] Rallare-Polka Stig Anderson 7" 1956 [A1]
Ramona Svenne & Lotta 12" 1977 [A1*] Randig Kjortel Systerpolskan CD 2016 [A1]
Rare & Oldies Agnetha Fältskog CD 2020 [A1*] Rare ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Rare David Bowie LP 1983 [J1] Rare Kate Bush CD 2011 [A1]
Rare ABBA Remixes ABBA CD 2008 [A1*] Rare Live & Remixed Vol. 1 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
Rare Live & Remixed Vol. 2 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] Rare Live & Remixed Vol. 5 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
Rare Live & Remixed Vol. 6 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] Rare Remixes (Double CD) ABBA CD 2008 [A1*]
Rare Remixes ABBA CD 2006 [A1*] Rare Rock - A Collectors' Guide ABBA (Books) Book 1985 [A1*]
Rare TV Performances Vol. 1 ABBA DVD 2005 [A1*] Raring Björn Ulvaeus 7" 1968 [A1]
Rarities & Demos (Version 2) ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] Rarities & Demos ABBA CD 1994 [A1*]
Rarities (Fantasy Remasters Collection) Frida CD 2017 [A1*] Rarities (Fantasy Remasters) ABBA CD 2012 [A1*]
Rarities ABBA CD 2004 [A1*] Rarities Roxette CD 1995 [A3]
Rarities Helen Sjöholm CD 2014 [A1*] Rarities Steps CD 2007 [A1*]
Rarities ABBAinter.Net 1 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] Rarities ABBAinter.Net 2 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
Rarities ABBAinter.Net 3 ABBA CD 2010 [A1*] Rarities ABBAinter.Net 4 ABBA CD 2010 [A1*]
Rarities And More Gemini CD 2001 [A1*] Rarities Volume 1 ABBA CD 2017 [A1*]
Rarities Volume III Sarah Brightman CD 2015 [J1] Rarity Show ABBA CD 1995 [A1*]
Ravaillac (Tommy Körberg Sjunger Bo Nilsson) Tommy Körberg CD 1994 [J1] Raw At Town Hall Emily Skinner+Alice Skinner+Emily Ripley CD 2006 [A1]
Razormaid Chapter Eight Special Delivery _Various LP 1985 [A1] Re-Collection 93-08 Magnus Carlsson CD 2008 [A1]
Re:Extended Hazell Dean CD 2017 [A1*] Ready For The Times To Get Better Lena Andersson 7" 1977 [A1*]
Ready To Go -Women Of The 70'S & 80'S _Various CD 1998 [C2] Real Here We Go Again Soundtrack Mamma Mia CD 2018 [A1*]
Reality Mats Ronander CD 1987 [A1] Rebisiones B Vocal CD 2000 [A1*]
Recital Helena Vondrackova CD 2010 [A1*] Recital Eurovision Arrival CD 2017 [A1*]
Reconnection Georg Wadenius CD 2010 [A1*] Recordings By ABBA _Various CD 2009 [A1*]
Recovered Treasures Frida CD 2018 [A1*] Red Carpet The Greatest Movement _Various CD 2019 [A1*]
Red Lights Le Boeuf+Natali Noor CDS 2017 [A1] Red Neck In Babylon Sean Tyla LP 1983 [A1]
Rediscovered Andreas Johnson CD 2008 [A1*] Redneck Savant Dan Baird & The Sofa Kings CD 2001 [A1*]
Reflections IV Sissel Kyrkjebö CD 2020 [A1] Reflections On ABBA And Life ABBA (Books) Book 2004 [A1*]
Reg Grundy ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*] Regarde-Moi Zaza Fournier CD 2013 [A1*]
Regina Auf Den Stufen _Various CD 1992 [A1*] Regnet Det Bara Öser Ner Siw Malmkvist 7" 1970 [A1]
Relax - 70'S & 80'S _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Relax Mix Lo Mejor De La Musica Instrumental _Various CD 2020 [A1*]
Release The Airwaves CD 2014 [A1] Release David Knopfler LP 1983 [A1]
Remember ABBA Stockholm Honey CD 2011 [A1*] Remember Remember ABBA CD 1998 [A1*]
Remembering Love: Romantic Disco Music _Various CD 2020 [A1*] Remembering The 80s _Various CD 2018 [A1*]
Remix ABBA Msrg Mini Mark _Various CD 2007 [A1*] Remix-A-Gogo ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Remix-Mix _Various CD 2009 [A1*] Remixed & Extended Agnetha Fältskog CD 2020 [A1*]
Remixed -Volume 1 ABBA CD 1998 [A1*] Remixes & Megamix ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
Remixes (ABBAinternet) ABBA CD 2011 [A1*] Remixes Steps CD 2007 [A1*]
Remixes 2000 -Volume 1 ABBA CD 2000 [A1*] Remixes 2000 -Volume 2 ABBA CD 2000 [A1*]
Remixes 2000 -Volume 3 ABBA CD 2000 [A1*] Remixes 2001 Volume 1 ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
Remixes 2001 Volume 2 ABBA CD 2001 [A1*] Remixes 2001 Volume 3 ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
Remixes 2001 Volume 4 ABBA CD 2001 [A1*] Remixes 2002 -Volume 1 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Remixes 2002 -Volume 2 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Remixes 2002 -Volume 3 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Remixes 2003 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] Remixes And Covers The Young Professionals CD 2015 [A1*]
Remixing The Hits ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Remixology Peter Jöback CDS 2019 [J1]
Renaissance (Boxset) Monica Naranjo CD 2019 [A1*] Rendez Vous Med Agnetha Agnetha Fältskog CD 2020 [A1*]
Rendez-Vous Nana Mouskouri CD 2011 [A1] René & Nathalie En Concert René Simard+Nathalie Simard CD 1983 [A1*]
René Et Nathalie René Simard+Nathalie Simard CD 1996 [A1*] Replay The Classics - Volume 1 ABBA CD 2017 [A1*]
Reports From Australia ABBA DVD 2006 [A1*] Requests Majella CD 1990 [A1*]
Rest Your Love On Me Olivia Newton-John+Andy Gibb 7" 1980 [A1] Restart Inflagranti CD 2009 [A1*]
Resten Av Ditt Liv Trigger 7" 1982 [A1] Restless Mind Tomas Ledin CD 1972 [A1]
Reunion 1 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Reunion 2 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Reunion 3 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Reunion 4 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Reunion 5 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Reunion 6 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Revisited Hazell Dean CD 2017 [A1*] Revival Flight One ABBAcadabra CD 1996 [A1*]
Revival Flight Two ABBAcadabra CD 1997 [A1*] Revolver The Beatles CD 1966 [A1*]
Rfm Night Fever _Various CD 2012 [A1] Rfm Party 80 _Various CD 2012 [A1]
Rhapsodi Glanaethwy & Da Capo Ysgol Glanaethwy+Da Capo CD 2010 [A1*] Rhapsody In Rock Robert Wells CD 1989 [A1*]
Rhapsody In Rock Complete Robert Wells CD 1998 [A1] Rhapsody In Rock Completely Live Robert Wells CD 2001 [A1*]
Rhapsody In Rock III Robert Wells CD 1993 [A1] Rhapsody In Rock The 2005 Summer Tour Robert Wells DVD 2005 [A1*]
Rhapsody In Rock The Anniversary Robert Wells CD 2004 [A1*] Rhapsody In Rock The Complete Collection Robert Wells CD 2003 [A1]
Rhapsody In Rock World Wide Wells Robert Wells CD 2000 [A1*] Rich And Famous Big Money CDS 1992 [A1]
Richard Clayderman Plays ABBA Hits Richard Clayderman CD 1993 [A1*] Rickquest Volume 5 Rickchata CD 2020 [A1*]
Rieu Royale André Rieu CD 2013 [A1] Rifle Heart Little Majorette CD 2011 [J1]
Right Now!  Tomas Ledin 7" 1980 [A1] Rigmar ABBA Karaoke ABBA CD 2019 [A1*]
Rikky Rock'N'Roller Jerry Williams 7" 1975 [A1*] Riktiga Kultklassiker _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Rimfrostjul Charlotte Perrelli CD 2008 [A1] Ring Ring (Bara Du Slog En Signal) (7'') ABBA 7" 1973 [A1*]
Ring Ring (Bara Du Slog En Signal) Kfib 7" 1988 [A1*] Ring Ring (Compilation) ABBA CD 1999 [A1*]
Ring Ring (Ep Reissue) The Others 7" 1977 [A1*] Ring Ring (International LP) ABBA LP 1973 [A1*]
Ring Ring (Maxi-Single) ABBA CDS 2012 [A1*] Ring Ring Klaus & Servants 7" 1973 [A1*]
Ring Ring Charlie Norman+Robert Wells CDS 1996 [A1*] Ring Ring The Others 7" 1974 [A1*]
Ring Ring Reflection 7" 1973 [A1*] Ring Ring Sator CDS 1993 [A1*]
Ring Ring Seija Simola 7" 1973 [A1*] Ring Ring Per Sonerud CDS 2020 [A1*]
Ring Ring The Vernons 7" 1973 [A1*] Ring Ring -The Remixes ABBA CD 2004 [A1*]
Ring Ring / Voulez-Vous ABBA CD 2000 [A1*] Ring Ring Remixed ABBA CD 2020 [A1*]
Ring Ring Thorsven Deluxe ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] Ring Ring, Här Är Svensktoppsjuryn Hootenanny Singers 7" 1970 [A1]
Ringeding Janne Lundkvists Orkester 7" 1978 [A1] Ringtone Tunes In The Style Of ABBA _Various CD 2009 [A1*]
Riot Josh Charm CDS 2020 [A1] Ripsnorter _Various LP 1978 [A1*]
Rise Of Tonight Blend CD 1999 [A1] Ritmo De Cumbia La Cumbia CD 2014 [A1*]
Rmv Publishing Playlist Rmv Publishing CD 2021 [A1] Roads Joakim Molitor+Franky CDS 2021 [A1]
Robert Wells Trio Robert Wells CDS 1995 [A1] Robinson Crusoe Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1968 [A1]
Rock & Pop Vol. 2 Guitar Melody CD 2010 [A1*] Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2010 (Book) ABBA (Books) Book 2010 [A1*]
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2010 _Various CD 2010 [A1*] Rock 'N Roll Band (7'') ABBA 7" 1973 [A1*]
Rock 'N' Roll Biznis (Single) Mats Ronander 7" 1989 [A1] Rock 'N' Roll Biznis Mats Ronander CD 1989 [A1]
Rock 'N' Roll Circus ABBA (Books) Book 2019 [A1*] Rock And Rhythm In Hi-Fi Raymond Lefevre And His Orchestra LP 1977 [A1*]
Rock Around The Bunker Serge Gainsbourg LP 1973 [J1] Rock Case Studies ABBA DVD 2007 [A1*]
Rock Goes On Bonnie Saint Claire LP 1974 [A1] Rock Me ABBA 7" 1974 [A1*]
Rock Me Brendon 7" 1977 [A1*] Rock Me Brinkenstjärna 7" 1989 [A1*]
Rock On Breakout Years ABBA CD 2005 [A1*] Rock Your Baby George Mccrae 7" 1974 [A1*]
Rock'N'Roll Mutation Vol I Riff Raff CD 2006 [A1*] Rock-Olga Today Rock-Olga LP 1971 [A1]
Rockbandet 1 Jan Utbult+Pia Åhlund CD 2016 [A1*] Rockin' Billy Ria Valk 12" 1961 [A1]
Rockin' Out With Hot Jams, Vol. 49 Instahit Crew CD 2014 [A1*] Rocki´N Yodle Kikki Danielsson CD 1979 [A1]
Rockola Digital Instrumentales Del Mundo _Various CD 2019 [A1*] Rocktåget Tomas Ledin+Anders Glenmark CD 1993 [A1]
Rock´N´Reelin (English Version) Ted Gärdestad 7" 1975 [A1*] Rock´N´Reelin Ted Gärdestad 7" 1975 [A1*]
Rojo Fama Contrafama _Various CD 2003 [A1*] Rolling Home Rednex+Annika CDS 1995 [A1]
Rolling In The Deep _Various CD 2012 [A1*] Rolls-Royce Svenne & Lotta LP 1980 [C2]
Romance And The Stage Elaine Paige CD 1993 [J1] Romantic Collection _Various CD 2008 [A1]
Romantic Moments André Rieu CD 1998 [A1] Romantic Moments II André Rieu CD 2018 [A1*]
Romantic Panpipes Pan Pipes CD 2009 [A1*] Romantic Panpipes Addicted To Love Pan Pipes CD 2004 [A1*]
Romantic Panpipes And I Love Her Pan Pipes CD 2004 [A1*] Romantic Panpipes Candle In The Wind Pan Pipes CD 2004 [A1*]
Romantic Panpipes Flying Without Wings Pan Pipes CD 2005 [A1*] Romantic Panpipes Let'S Stay Together Pan Pipes CD 2004 [A1*]
Romantic Panpipes She'E The One Pan Pipes CD 2004 [A1*] Romantic Paradise André Rieu CD 2003 [A1]
Romeo Och Julia (Norwegian) Inger-Lise Rypdal 7" 1968 [A1] Romeo Och Julia Inger-Lise Rypdal 7" 1968 [A1]
Romeo Und Julia Peggy March 7" 1967 [A1] Ronander Live Mats Ronander CD 2006 [A1]
Ronja Rövardotter Tommy Körberg 7" 1984 [J1] Rooftop Bracelet CDS 2015 [A1]
Rose Marie Hootenanny Singers 7" 1970 [A1] Rosen Aus Dem Süden André Rieu CD 2010 [A1*]
Rosso Amore Deluxe Filippa Giordano CD 2002 [A1] Rosvikskören Qvinnokören Lapponica CD 2008 [A1*]
Rowing On The Serpentine ABBA CD 2009 [A1*] Rso Goes To The Movies Roma Symphony Orchestra CD 2020 [A1*]
Rso Performs ABBA Roma Symphony Orchestra CD 2020 [A1*] Rubb & Stubb Rubb & Stubb LP 1976 [A1]
Rubber Soul The Beatles CD 1965 [J1] Ruby Slippers Big Money CDS 1992 [A1]
Rumble In The Jungle Fugees CDS 1996 [A1*] Run Away Christian Laine 7" 1964 [A1]
Run For Cover Hair Force One CD 2020 [A1*] Runeson Nils-Åke Runeson CD 1974 [A1]
Running Wild Charlie Grönvall CDS 2016 [A3] Rusar Vidare Wizex CD 1975 [A1]
Räkna De Lyckliga Stunderna Blott _Various CD 2003 [A1] Rétrospective Sheila CD 2016 [A1*]
Röster The Real Group CD 1992 [C2] Rør Ved Mig - 16 Hits Lecia & Lucienne CD 2013 [A1*]


S. O. S Leo Zodiac CDS 2018 [A1*] S.O.S Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1975 [A1*]
S.O.S. (7'' Single Bootleg) ABBA 7" 1975 [A1*] S.O.S. (7'') ABBA 7" 1975 [A1*]
S.O.S. (The Best Of ABBA) ABBA CD 2001 [A1*] S.O.S. ABBAcadabra CDS 1992 [A1*]
S.O.S. Bengt Alexsander CDS 2020 [A1*] S.O.S. Lena Andersson 7" 1975 [A1*]
S.O.S. Anna-Maria 7" 1976 [A1*] S.O.S. Another Class CDS 1992 [A1*]
S.O.S. Les Blue Belles CDS 1991 [A1*] S.O.S. Johnny Carver 7" 1981 [A1*]
S.O.S. Dildorado+Janne Schaffer CDS 2013 [A1*] S.O.S. Julie Forsyth CDS 2009 [A1*]
S.O.S. Jana Giergielová 7" 1977 [A1*] S.O.S. Christina Harrison 7" 1978 [A1*]
S.O.S. Jessy K CDS 1993 [A1*] S.O.S. Kuusimaki CD 2007 [A1*]
S.O.S. Marie 7" 1976 [A1*] S.O.S. Mike Massé CDS 2018 [A1*]
S.O.S. Nene Y Tessy 7" 1975 [A1*] S.O.S. Pmc All-Stars CD 2011 [A1*]
S.O.S. Power Sport Team CDS 2016 [A1*] S.O.S. Alexandra Rubin 7" 1975 [A1*]
S.O.S. Linda Sundblad CDS 2013 [A1*] S.O.S. / Dancing Queen Angeleyes CDS 2003 [A1*]
S.R.O. Ludvig Andersson CD 2004 [A1] S04e17 - Guilty Pleasures Glee Cast CD 2013 [A1*]
Sa Iubesti Cît Traiesti Angela Similea 12" 1978 [A1*] Sacré Dollar Gérard Loussine 7" 1983 [A1]
Sacré Dollar Les Missiles CDS 2007 [A1] Sacrée Série! Franck Pourcel CD 1990 [A1*]
Sad Songs _Various CD 2013 [A1] Sad World Without You Tommy Körberg 7" 1969 [J1]
Saga Och Äventyr Michael B. Tretow+Lena Klefelt CD 1974 [A1] Sagan Om ABBA ABBA (Books) Book 2014 [A1*]
Sagan Om Lilla Sofi The Hep Stars 7" 1968 [A1] Sahara Seppo Rannikko LP 1976 [A1*]
Sakk Chess The Musical Hungarian Concert Chess CD 2010 [A1*] Saknad Anna-Lotta Larsson CD 2010 [A1]
Saknar Du Något Min Kära Björn Ulvaeus 7" 1969 [A1] Sakta Stiger Solen Helen Sjöholm+Anders Widmark CDS 2003 [C2]
Salig Blanding Fredrikstad Domkirkes Jentekor CDS 2019 [A1*] Saltwater Julian Lennon CDS 1991 [A1*]
Saltwater 25 Julian Lennon CDS 2016 [A1*] Salut Les Copains (DVD) _Various DVD 2009 [A1]
Salut Les Copains (Volume 1) _Various CD 2009 [A1*] Salut Les Copains La Musique Du Spectacle _Various CD 2013 [A1]
Salute To ABBA Bobbs LP 1977 [A1*] Salute To ABBA Norman Gunston 7" 1976 [A1*]
Salute To ABBA Krista CD 1979 [A1*] Salute To ABBA _Various CD 1997 [A1*]
Salvatore Adamo Chante Becaud Salvatore Adamo CD 2014 [A1] Samarkand Eva & Torbjörn LP 1982 [A1]
Samba The Ballroom Band CD 1995 [A1*] Samba Loelek Lasse Wellander CDS 2017 [A1]
Same Ein Marleen Rutten CD 2013 [A1*] Same Tree Different Fruit Anders Wihk+Steve Gadd+Svante Henrysson CD 2012 [A1*]
Samedi, Dimanche Et Fêtes Karen Cheryl 7" 1976 [A1*] Samma Ensamma Jag Wizex CD 1997 [A1]
Samma Himmel Molly Sanden CD 2009 [C2] Samtliga Grammofoninspelningar 1921-1970 Evert Taube CD 2006 [A1]
Samtliga Hits Björn Skifs CD 1995 [G3] San Valentin 2009 ABBA CD 2009 [A1*]
Sand Dancing Lenore Troia CD 2002 [A1*] Sandy Svenne & Lotta 7" 1973 [A1]
Sankta Klara Klocka - Single Malena Ernman+Helen Sjöholm CDS 2017 [C2] Sans Attendre Céline Dion CD 2012 [J1]
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Bjorn Again CDS 1992 [C2] Santa Lucia-En Klassisk Jul Malena Ernman CD 2010 [A1]
Santa Rosa ABBA CD 2013 [A1*] Santa'S Favorite 80'S Hits 80'S Disco Band CD 2018 [A1*]
Sarah Brightman Sings Andrew Lloyd Webber Sarah Brightman CD 1992 [A1] Sas Band Sas Band CD 1999 [A1*]
Satan I Gatan Veronica Maggio CD 2011 [A1] Sateiset Kadut Piritta Perälä LP 1975 [A1*]
Sateiset Kadut - Kootut Levytykset 1974-1976 Piritta Perälä CD 2013 [A1*] Satellit (Svensk Version) Ted Gärdestad 7" 1979 [A1]
Satellite (English Version) Ted Gärdestad 7" 1979 [A1] Saturday Night Disco _Various CD 2012 [A1*]
Saturday Night Fetish _Various CD 1999 [A1*] Saturday Night Live The Complete 1st Season _Various DVD 2006 [A1*]
Save Your Heart For Me The Hep Stars 7" 1969 [A1] Saving All My Love For You Zlata Dzardanova CD 2017 [A1*]
Sax Avec Elan Philippe Elan+Amstel Quartet CD 2015 [J1] Sax Melodies Classics Yovani Mayora CD 2020 [A1*]
Saxofon Kim & Hallo CD 2007 [A1*] Saxparty 5 Ingmar Nordströms LP 1978 [A1*]
Sbi Superstars - Mamma Mia & The Producers - 42nd Sbi Audio Karaoke CD 2015 [A1*] Sbi Superstars ABBA Vol 1 Sbi Audio Karaoke CD 2010 [A1*]
Sbi Superstars ABBA Vol 2 Sbi Audio Karaoke CD 2010 [A1*] Sbi Superstars Karaoke In The Style Of ABBA Sbi Audio Karaoke CD 2015 [A1*]
Sbi Superstars Karaoke In The Style Of Erasure Sbi Audio Karaoke CD 2015 [A1*] Sbi Superstars Mamma Mia Sbi Audio Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*]
Sca Manskör Qvinnokören Lapponica CD 2007 [A1] Scarborough Fair Lena Andersson 7" 1971 [A1]
Scarlet Wings Regina Klein CD 2015 [A1*] Scatola A Sorpresa ABBA CD 2001 [A1*]
Scatola A Sorpresa 2 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Scatola A Sorpresa 3 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Scatola A Sorpresa 4 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Scatola A Sorpresa 5 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Scatola A Sorpresa 6 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Scatola A Sorpresa 7 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Scatola A Sorpresa 8 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Scatola A Sorpresa 9 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Scatola A Sorpresa Nº10 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*] Scatola A Sorpresa Nº11 ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Scatola A Sorpresa Nº12 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*] Scatola A Sorpresa Nº13 ABBA CD 2003 [A1*]
Scatola A Sorpresa Nº14 ABBA CD 2005 [A1*] Scatola A Sorpresa Nº15 ABBA CD 2005 [A1*]
Scatola A Sorpresa Nº16 ABBA CD 2007 [A1*] Scatola A Sorpresa Nº17 ABBA CD 2007 [A1*]
Scatola A Sorpresa Nº18 ABBA CD 2007 [A1*] Scatola A Sorpresa Nº19 ABBA CD 2007 [A1*]
Scatola A Sorpresa Nº20 ABBA CD 2007 [A1] Scatola Vcd 1 ABBA VCD 2003 [A1*]
Scatola Vcd 2 ABBA VCD 2003 [A1*] Schiffz! Björn Skifs CD 1975 [A1*]
Schlager Kidz Heartquake CD 2009 [A1*] Schlager Metal Black Ingvars CD 1998 [A1*]
Schlager Momente Marianne Rosenberg CD 2008 [A1*] Schlager-Dauerbrenner Folge 2 Schlager Träumer CD 2011 [A1*]
Schlagerkungens Krig ABBA (Books) Book 2016 [A1*] Schlagerkungens Kris _Various CD 2016 [A1*]
Schlagers Pa Vag Wizex CD 2014 [A1] Schwabadaba Ding Ding Joe Harris 7" 1970 [A1*]
Schwabadaba Ding Dong Dan & Jonas 7" 1971 [A1] Schwungvoll Und Charmant Polizeimusikkorps Karlsruhe CDS 2015 [A1*]
Schyssta Bananer Electric Banana Band CD 2014 [A1] Score One For The Good Guys Last Avenue In Palatine CDS 2020 [A1*]
Scènes D'Amour Isabelle Boulay CD 2000 [J1] Se Grootste Treffers Glenys Lynne LP 1978 [A1*]
Se Me Esta Escapando (7'' Argentina) ABBA 7" 1982 [A1*] Se Nu Tittar Lilla Solen In Igen Ricke Löws Orkester LP 1979 [A1]
Search And Destroy Sid Vicious CD 2019 [A1*] Season'S Greetings From Agnetha Agnetha Fältskog CD 2002 [A1*]
Second Mc Eric & Barbara CD 2001 [A1*] Second Best To None ABBA CD 2012 [A1*]
Second Carneval Björn Jayson Lindh LP 1975 [A1] Secrets Demos And More ABBA CD 2005 [A1*]
Secrets Des Enfoirés (DVD) Les Enfoires DVD 2008 [A1*] Secular Haze Ghost CDS 2013 [A1*]
Sedaka'S Back Neil Sedaka LP 1974 [A1] See How I Came Into Town Frida Hyvönen CDS 2007 [C2]
See You In September The Symbols 7" 1966 [A1] Seguimos Teniendo Exitos Los Rancheros De Plata CD 2020 [A1*]
Seidat Seidat LP 1973 [A1*] Seitensprung Claudia Jung CD 2015 [A1*]
Seleccion Musica Espanola Anos 60,70,80 _Various CD 2013 [A1] Selections Ann Christy CD 2009 [A1*]
Selections From Mamma Mia Guy On Piano CD 2019 [A1*] Self Erection Sound Of Music 7" 1986 [A1]
Senegambian Sensation Super Eagles CD 2001 [A1] Senior Gonzalez Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1968 [A1]
Sensual Disco Dance _Various CD 2014 [A1*] Sensuella Isabella Tomas Ledin 7" 1981 [A1*]
Sentimiento Alma Ritano+Gérard Ferrer CD 2012 [A1*] Feeling Sentimiento Vol 5 Daniel Herrera CD 2008 [A1*]
Serenata André Rieu CD 1984 [A1] Serie Dorada The Zalchichos CD 2015 [A1*]
Ses Grands Succes Richard Anthony CD 2012 [A1] Ses Grands Succès Jeane Manson LP 1980 [C2]
Ses Plus Belles Chansons Jeane Manson CD 1994 [A1*] Ses Plus Grands Succès Jeane Manson CD 2002 [A1]
Ses Plus Grands Succès Nicoletta CD 1995 [A1*] Sessions Acoustiques Sylvie Vartan LP 1994 [A1]
Set Yourself Free Little Great Things CDS 2014 [A1] Sevdim Bir Genç Adami Sehrazat CD 1981 [A1*]
Seven Shirel CD 2015 [A1] Seventies Covers Mabbamia CD 2015 [A1*]
Seventies Covers 1973-1975, Vol. 1 _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Seventies Covers 73-75, Vol. 2 _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Seventies Covers 76-79, Vol. 1 _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Seventies Covers 76-79, Vol. 2 _Various CD 2008 [A1*]
Seventies Covers 76-79, Vol. 3 _Various CD 2008 [A1*] Sexton Favoriter Ur Kristina Från Duvemåla Kristina Musical CD 2000 [A1]
Señor Gonzalez Manuela 7" 1968 [A1] Sgt. Pepper'S Lonely The Beatles CD 1967 [J1]
Shades Of Night - Musical Goes Rock _Various CD 2011 [A1] Shadow Dancing Margriet Eshuijs CD 1996 [C2]
Shaka Shaka Na Na Count Five 7" 1969 [A1] Shang Shang A Lang Sylvie Vartan LP 1974 [A1*]
Shape Up With Dance Fit 'N' Fun CD 2019 [A1*] Shapes Josefin Nilsson CD 1993 [A1]
Shapes -The Extended Versions Josefin Nilsson CD 2004 [A1] She Denies Roger Molander 7" 1983 [A1]
She Will Love You The Hep Stars 7" 1967 [A1] She'S My Kind Of Girl Björn & Benny 7" 1970 [A1*]
Sheet Music Ten Cc LP 1974 [A1*] She´S My Kind Of Girl (Ep) Björn & Benny 12" 1972 [A1*]
Shine (Album) Frida CD 1984 [A1] Shine (Fantasy Remasters) Frida CD 1984 [A1]
Shine (Remastered) Frida CD 2005 [A1] Shine (Single) Frida 7" 1984 [A1*]
Should I The Hep Stars 7" 1965 [A1] Should I Laugh Or Cry (7'' Canada Promo) ABBA 7" 1984 [A1*]
Showcase ABBA LP 1979 [A1*] Showstoppers In Brass Brass Band Willebroek CD 2005 [A1*]
Showtime London Gay Men'S Chorus CD 2003 [A1*] Si Kristina Karali 7" 1974 [A1*]
Si Elle Te Disait Oui Dick Rivers 7" 1974 [A1*] Si Loin Des Yeux Si Loin Du Cour Lilianne Saint Pierre 12" 1969 [A1*]
Si Tu Aimes Ma Musique Sttellla 7" 1982 [A1] Sid Sings Sid Vicious CD 1979 [A1*]
Sidewalk Sidewalk 7" 1985 [A1*] Siempre Te Amaré La Muchachada CD 2000 [A1*]
Signaturmelodin Till Rymdpatrullen Peter Thomas Sound 7" 1967 [A1] Signerat Peter Nordahl Ted Gärdestad CD 2017 [A1*]
Silence Is Wild Frida Hyvönen CD 2008 [C2] Silver Eagle Rankarna LP 1978 [A1]
Silver Soul Dan Pessell CD 2018 [A1*] Silvertoner Sanna Nielsen CD 1996 [A1]
Simone Albert West 7" 1974 [A1*] Simple Gifts Bryn Terfel CD 2005 [A1*]
Simple Plan Simple Plan CD 2005 [A1] Simplemente Los Mejores Exitos Grupo Klazykeroz CD 2014 [A1*]
Simply Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad About The Loser'S Lounge _Various CD 1999 [A1*] Simply The Best Of The 70´S _Various CD 2011 [A1*]
Simsalabim Frida 7" 1968 [A1*] Sing A Long Karaoke (DVD) _Various DVD 2003 [A1*]
Sing ABBA Children Of Sweden CD 2010 [A1*] Sing C'Est La Vie Sonny & Cher 7" 1965 [A1]
Sing Gimme Gimme Gimme Like ABBA Karaoke Channel CDS 2014 [A1*] Sing In The Style Of ABBA! Stingray Music Karaoke CD 2018 [A1*]
Sing It Like An Idol: ABBA, Vol. 2 Original Hit Makers CD 2009 [A1*] Sing Like ABBA Prosound Karaoke Band CD 2008 [A1*]
Sing Like ABBA Vol 1 Karaoke Crew CD 2010 [A1*] Sing Like ABBA Vol 2 Karaoke Crew CD 2010 [A1*]
Sing Like Chess (Musical) _Various CD 2013 [A1*] Sing Like Mamma Mia! _Various CD 2013 [A1*]
Sing Like Me Karaoke La-Le-Lu CD 2021 [A1*] Sing Me A Rainbow Zamba 7" 1973 [A1]
Sing My Song Sounds Good CD 2010 [A1*] Sing Sing Sing The Young Talent Team 7" 1977 [A1*]
Sing Super Trouper Like ABBA Karaoke Channel CDS 2014 [A1*] Sing Thank You For The Music Like ABBA Karaoke Channel CDS 2014 [A1*]
Sing The Hits Of ABBA (Karaoke Version) Pro Choice Karaoke CD 2012 [A1*] Sing The Hits Of ABBA All Star Tribute Band CD 2012 [A1*]
Sing The Hits Of ABBA Cooltone Karaoke CD 2014 [A1*] Sing The Hits Of ABBA Deluxe Karaoke CD 2018 [A1*]
Sing The Hits Of ABBA Power Hits Karaoke CD 2017 [A1*] Sing The Hits Of ABBA Stagesound Karaoke CD 2017 [A1*]
Sing The Hits Of ABBA, Vol. 2 Deluxe Karaoke CD 2018 [A1*] Sing The Hits Of ABBA, Volume 2 Stagesound Karaoke CD 2017 [A1*]
Sing The Songs Of ABBA Charttraxx Karaoke CD 2010 [A1*] Sing To ABBA Karaoke Doowammastermixers CD 2013 [A1*]
Sing To ABBA Karaoke _Various CD 2013 [A1*] Sing, Wenn Du Mal Traurig Bist Milan, Paul & Ela 7" 1975 [A1*]
Singalong Doris Malachy CD 2009 [A1*] Singalong To Mamma Mia The New Musical Cast CD 2008 [A1*]
Singe-Linge-Lisco-Disco Electric Banana Band 7" 1981 [A1] Singen Wie Die Stars The Rock Kidzz CD 2019 [A1*]
Kuldsed Singid Kuldsed Singid CD 1998 [A1*] Singlar Och Andra Sidor Agnetha Fältskog CD 2004 [A1*]
Single Artist ABBA Sunfly Karaoke CD 2011 [A1*] Single Hits ABBA CD 2002 [A1*]
Singles Peter Jöback CD 2019 [A1] Singles Collection Edurne CD 2014 [A1*]
Singles Collection 1972-1982 (CDs) ABBA CDS 1999 [A1*] Singles, Duets Y Others Missing Songs Frida CD 2017 [A1*]
Singles, Jimmy Sommerville & Bronski Beat & Commun The Communards Video 1980 [A1*] Singles- Six Decades Of Hot Hits And Classic Cuts ABBA (Books) Book 2006 [A1*]
Sings ABBA Hazell Dean CD 2011 [A1*] Sings German Favorites Connie Francis LP 1964 [A1]
Sings Olivia Newton-John Patricia Lewis CD 2002 [A1*] Singt ABBA Und Stellt Fest Carolin Fortenbacher CD 2017 [A1*]
Sing­A-Long Collection ABBA Star Party All Night CD 2011 [A1*] Sister Eve And The Schmieds Sister Eve CDS 2018 [A1*]
Sjunde Ön Görel Crona CD 1997 [A1] Sjung Denna Sång (Album) Agnetha Fältskog LP 1986 [A1]
Sjung Denna Sång (Single) Agnetha Fältskog 7" 1968 [A1] Sjung Tills Du Stupar (Svensk Audiobook) Tommy Körberg CD 2012 [J1]
Sjung Tills Du Stupar Tommy Körberg CD 2012 [J1] Sjung, Lek Och Dansa Inger  Öhman+Storängsbarnen LP 1971 [A1]
Sjunger Andliga Country & Western-Sånger Torbjörn Lantz LP 1974 [A1] Sjunger Andliga Skillingtryck Gyllne Morgon Mats Paulson LP 1973 [A1]
Sjunger Arior Nicolai Gedda LP 1980 [A1] Sjunger Av Hjärtat Sjung Mats Paulson LP 1975 [A1]
Sjunger Evert Taube Mats Paulson+Rutger Gunnarssons Orkester CD 1979 [A1] Sjunger Stikkan Anderson-Melodier Brita Borg+Rolf Bengtsson LP 1969 [A1]
Sjunger Sverige Av Wilhelm Stenhammar Radiokören+Eric Ericson LP 1981 [A1] Sjunger Till Nationalmusei Kammerorkester Nicolai Gedda LP 1980 [A1]
Ska Du Hänga Mé The Saints LP 1975 [A1] Ska Du Komma Loss Wizex LP 1985 [A1]
Skifs Hits Björn Skifs CD 2004 [A1] Skillingtryck Hootenanny Singers CD 1970 [A1]
Skin Mollie Minott CDS 2019 [A1] Skjortbekymmer Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt+Siv Eriks+Gus Dahlström+Gunnar Lindkvist 7" 1978 [A1]
Skratta Och Le Wizex CD 1974 [A1] Skruk Triptykon CDS 2020 [A1]
Skuggan Bakom Dig One More Time CDS 1997 [A1*] Skulle Vilja Va'  Pilot Biggles 7" 1981 [A1]
Skye Boat Song Steam Jenny CD 2003 [A1*] Skynda Att Älska Ainbusk CD 2002 [A1]
Skärgårdsfrun Giovanni Jaconelli+Göte Lovén 12" 1968 [A1] Skönheten Och Odjuret (Version 2016) Tommy Körberg CDS 2016&nb